Martial Peak

Chapter 364 – This Is Just The Punishment For Harming The Young Eagle

If there was any suspicion left about the authenticity of the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle, now that two Yang Family Blood Warriors had appeared, there was no longer any room for doubt

This Monster Beast was indeed the Yang Family’s unique Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle and Yang Kai was really a Young Lord from the Yang Family.

“Where is the Young Lord?” The middle-aged man’s eagle like eyes swept over the crowd, his expression not changing in the slightest when it examined those from the Nan and Xiang family, as if they were no more consequence than anyone else here.

When he asked this question, the beautiful woman also scanned the crowd, trying to identify the Young Lord they had been sent to retrieve.

Almost everyone’s eyes immediately fixed on Yang Kai.

The next moment, the two Blood Warriors also cast their eyes towards him, but after seeing Yang Kai’s face and judging his age and cultivation, a tinge of suspicion crept into the expressions.

As Blood Warriors, they had naturally met with all of the Yang Family’s Young Lords, so even if they didn’t interact with them much, they would still be able to vaguely recognize them.

Both had assumed that with the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle, as soon as they found the place where their Young Lord currently resided, as soon as they found a familiar face, they would be able to determine his identity.

But when they saw Yang Kai, they couldn’t help feeling a sense of incongruity!

Among the Young Lords whom the Yang Family had sent out for life experience this time, was there one at such a young age? And this appearance, he didn’t seem familiar to them.

It was no wonder they would suspect Yang Kai’s identity, after all, he was only around twelve years old when he left home and at the time was still no different from an ordinary mortal with no cultivation, but after five years in the outside world Yang Kai had undergone massive changes.

It was only after a long time that the exquisite looking woman suddenly exclaimed, “Little Lord?”

The middle-aged man’s vision also contracted tightly, and a wave of shock swept across his heart.

The Little Lord! For this time’s life experience, he was the youngest direct descendant sent out, the son of the Yang Family’s Fourth Master. But… wasn’t it said that the Little Lord was born with a congenital defect and was incapable of cultivating?

When they had left the Yang Family this time, the Blood Warriors had all been informed that if they were to meet the Little Lord, they had to be especially careful when escorting him back because it was highly likely that he would still be no stronger than an ordinary mortal.

The Yang Family had enemies everywhere, so it wouldn’t be impossible for someone to take this opportunity to assassinate these scattered Young Lords.

But now that they had found him, how could he be considered an ordinary person? Clearly, this youth was a True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator! Such a realm, although not top tiered amongst his generation, couldn’t be considered weak either.

The middle-aged man and the beautiful woman both glanced at each other before their images flashed and they suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai, immediately sending out an invisible pressure that forced everyone around Yang Kai back several dozen meters.

The Yang Family’s overbearing attitude could be seen clearly!

The Hu Sisters who had been forced to retreat couldn’t help twitching their lips in annoyance.

“The ones beside me are all my friends.” Yang Kai lightly said to the two people before him.

The middle-aged man and the woman both maintained dull expressions, seemingly not taking Yang Kai’s words to heart.

Before Yang Kai’s true identity was confirmed, the two Blood Warriors wouldn’t display any unnecessary courtesy.

“Are you really the Little Lord?” The middle-aged man frowned at Yang Kai and asked firmly.

Yang Kai simply nodded slightly, lifted his hand, and pricked his finger tip with his True Qi, allowing a few drops of blood to immediately leak out.

The woman’s eyes flashed before she quickly took out a piece of jade and respectfully held it out with both her hands, accepting a drop of blood with it.

When the drop fell onto the jade, it disappeared instantly, like it had been inhaled. The originally unremarkable jade talisman began emitting a gorgeous glow immediately after.

Only when the blood of a direct descendant of the Yang Family was absorbed by this piece of jade would it radiate such a light.

It has been confirmed!

The middle-aged man and the beautiful women glanced at each other for a moment before kneeling respectfully, “Blood Warrior Tu Feng…”

“Blood Warrior Tang Yu Xian …”

““Have come to receive the Young Lord!”


Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian quickly stood up, and when they looked at Yang Kai again, clear signs of appreciation and respect could be seen on their faces.

If it were any of the other Young Lords from the Yang Family before them with a True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivation, they wouldn’t display any great change in expression.

But the Little Lord was different.

Because the Yang Family’s Fourth Master had been severely wounded that year, the Little Lord had been born with a congenital defect, and the first ten years of his life in the Yang Family had been passed as an ordinary person with no cultivation to speak of, but now he had actually grown to this point.

This meant that in only five years, without any assistance from the Yang Family’s resources, he had managed to cultivate to the True Element Boundary Sixth Stage!

Such cultivation speed made even Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian sigh in admiration. Who would look down upon this Little Lord again?

What’s more, this Little Lord was in a very dangerous place right now. This was the front lines of the war with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. He, as a Young Lord of the Yang Family, dared to come here. His fortitude and courage were obviously not ordinary.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had secretly thought to themselves that this assignment would be boring and uneventful, but instead, the Little Lord had given them a pleasant surprise the moment they had met him.

Sure enough, the Young Lords of the Yang Family were all incredible talents, not a single one of them could be judged by common sense.

For a moment, both of them stared in admiration.

After observing Yang Kai for a while, Tu Feng took his vision back and lifted his eyes, asking in a deep voice, “Who is in charge here?”

A shiver running up his spine, Xiang Chu hastily stepped forward, smiling as hard as he could while cupping his fists, “Replying to Senior, this place is under the management of my Xiang Family!”

“The Xiang Family…” Tu Feng raised his brow before nodding slightly, “The decisive battle concluded two days ago, so if there are no further problems here we will be leaving together with the Young Lord, if there are still some issues left to be resolved, you may request the Little Lord to have us offer our assistance.”

“Junior wouldn’t dare!” Xiang Chu was now incredibly anxious to send these Yang Family members far away as quickly as possible, how could he dream of asking them to stay? “There are no remaining issues here and we were also just about to withdraw, Senior does not need to bother with us!”

“En.” Tu Feng nodded at Xiang Chu, quite satisfied with the youth’s respectful manner, but just as he wanted to take Yang Kai and leave, his eyes suddenly contracted, an explosion of murderous intent suddenly erupting from him.

Tang Yu Xian’s pretty face also became ice cold as her eyes fell towards a certain pair of objects on the ground.

The Xiang and Nan Family members who didn’t know what had suddenly gone wrong all trembled in fear when this aura enveloped them.

“Heh heh…” Tu Feng snickered twice, the scar on his face warping to become even more terrifying as he spoke in an icy voice, “I wondered why the eagle was frightened and kept hovering in the sky instead of landing. I understand now!”

Hearing these words, the Xiang and Nan Family members all jumped in fright.

Xiang Chu eyes also shot up, suddenly looking towards Yang Kai, finally understanding why Yang Kai had plucked two feathers from the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle seemingly for no reason, only to drop them on the ground.

He clearly wanted to frame them!

“Who attacked my Yang Family’s eagle?” Tang Yu Xian’s expression became even colder as her piercing gaze swept over the Nan and Xiang Family members loudly ordering, “Step forward!”

Tu Feng also showed a fierce grin as he added, “Each of the Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle is extremely precious and have not come out for quite a long time, now it seems some fools dare harm one of them. Interesting… truly interesting!”

“Respected Senior!” Xiang Chu stepped forward unsteadily, cold sweat dripping down his forehead, only now realizing the depths of Yang Kai’s scheme but helpless to avoid it, stuttering as he tried to explain, “It… it was we who had eyes but failed to immediately recognize this Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle, but I swear to Senior we did not hurt it.”

“Didn’t recognize it?” Tu Feng coldly snorted, “What use are you eyes even if you have them!?”

Tang Yu Xian followed up, equally aggressively, “Didn’t hurt it? Then why are two of its feathers lying here?”

“Uh… that is…” Xiang Chu was speechless.

He knew he couldn’t say that it was their Yang Family’s Young Lord who pulled them out himself and dropped them there. Never mind if they would even believe such an explanation, it was already an established fact that they had attacked the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle. With so many witnesses here, they couldn’t deny it even if they wanted to.

The Yang Family’s domineering arrogance was well known, and now that they had ‘injured’ one of their precious eagles, how could they possibly escape here unharmed?

Seeing the Xiang and Nan Family members faces filled with indignation, unwillingness and regret, the formerly oppressed Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall juniors couldn’t have been happier.

Sure enough, they were suffering the karma of their actions, the Heavens were just!

Just as they had used the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court to frame Yang Kai, now the tables had been turned on them.

It was like all the injustices and smears they had pushed onto Yang Kai now had to be choked down by them.

Xiang Chu wasn’t resigned to such a fate and wanted to speak a few excuses, but Xu Lao beside him simply shook his head slowly.

Trying to defend themselves to the Yang Family was tantamount to trying to reason with a beast, utterly pointless.

Wearing a dispirited expression, Xu Lao said, “This was all a misunderstanding; can we not try to resolve this civilly?”

“Hmph, you know what we expect!” Tu Feng sneered dismissively.

The four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all went white.

After a few moments of hesitation, all of them sighed deeply, knowing that today they had kicked an iron plate.

The two Immortal Ascension Elders behind Nan Sheng walked out and glanced at each other, their expression incredibly gloomy. Immediately afterward, they each extended two fingers and shaped their True Qi into a blade.

The two masters from the Nan Family’s eyes were full of sadness, and they couldn’t help but slight quiver, hesitating as they stood there unsteadily…

Tu Feng coldly snorted as he stared at them, his own True Qi surging forth wildly. Tang Yu Xian ’s pretty face also wore a ruthless expression, as if to say that if they hesitated any further they would immediately kill them.

“Haa…” A faint sigh came from the two old men as they both closed their eyes with helplessness painted all over their faces.

Slashing their True Qi blades, with a flash of light, two arms from the elbow down were severed as blood splashed out onto the ground.

As soon as the deed was done, the two old men’s faces became pale as they quickly used their True Qi to seal their wounds, one of them trembling as he looked towards Tu Feng, “Sir, is this to your satisfaction?”

All the disciples from the various second-class Sects were astonished.

Although they had all long heard of the Yang Family’s overbearing nature, but they had never thought that they were aggressive to such a degree. A single question from one of their Blood Warriors had forced two masters to sacrifice an arm!

Those were two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage masters! Had they come from their Sects, they would have been honoured Elders who could stand shoulder to shoulder with their Sect Masters.

But now, they had actually been bullied to such an extent, yet didn’t dare to resist in the slightest.

It wasn’t until this moment that these second-class Sect talents truly understood. What was the Yang Family? What did the title of leader of the Eight Great Families mean? With such deep heritage and strength, even first-class Sects were simply trash before them.

However, Tu Feng only coldly replied, “I only see two arms, aren’t there four masters here?”

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Xiang Family suddenly became despondent.

Fang Lao and Xu Lao in fact hadn’t attacked the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle and Xu Lao had also taken the risk of offending the Nan Family trio by forcefully preventing their actions; however, the Yang Family’s Blood Warrior apparently didn’t intend to spare them.

“Respected Warriors, we two did not attack the eagle!” Xu Lao leaked cold sweat from his forehead as he quickly tried to explain.

The loss of an arm wasn’t a minor injury. If one were to suffer such a loss, their maximum combat efficiency would drop twenty percent or perhaps even more. In the future, it would be equivalent to them becoming half-wastes.

But to these overtures, Tu Feng seemed completely indifferent, glaring back at them coldly and firmly declaring, “An arm or your life, decide quickly!”

Fang Lao and Xu Lao both paled, not having expected Tu Feng to be so unreasonable.

“After three breaths you won’t have a choice anymore!” Tu Feng threatened, continuing to press the issue.

The eyes of Xu Lao and Fang Lao suddenly dimmed as they glanced at one another, both shook their heads as they grinned bitterly.

“Two Elders, take this as I, Xiang Chu, owing you a debt!” Xiang Chu let out a grief-stricken sigh as he promised.

What could these two masters do but agree? Although their Young Lord was nearby, and they knew that these Blood Warriors wouldn’t kill a potential heir of a first-class family for no reason, killing them was not a big problem.

“Understood, Young Master!” Xu Lao and Fang Lao both wore resigned expression and no longer hesitated as they gathered their True Qi, condensed it into a blade, and each sliced off an arm!

“Sir, is this enough?” Xu Lao asked palely.

“Was there no one else?” Tu Feng asked incessantly, his eagle-like eyes sweeping across the crowd.

When his glance landed on Nan Sheng, the latter involuntarily shrank his neck.

Seeing this, Yang Kai grinned happily at him.

Nan Sheng’s face immediately went ashen.

After all, Nan Sheng was the first person to engage the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle! The Xu Lao and Fang Lao of the Xiang Family hadn’t even attacked it yet ended up in such a state.

“Looks like there’s one more.” Tu Feng obviously saw through Nan Sheng’s guilty conscience and the panic in his eyes, knowing that this matter must be related to him and swiftly asked, “Will you do it yourself or do you want me to?”

The faces of the four masters from the Nan and Xiang Family all cramped up again.

The Blood Warriors had forcing them to sacrifice an arm was something they knew they couldn’t avoid, but now Tu Feng actually wanted to demand the same from Nan Sheng it was a completely different issue.

Nan Sheng wasn’t some ordinary youth, he was the Young Lord of a first-class family, he was also the successor to the Nan Family, and it would be a major problem if he were to lose an arm here.

Knowing this, even though the four Immortal Ascension masters knew that the Blood Warriors were more powerful than them, they still glared towards Tu Feng with resentment and vigilance, secretly circulating their True Qi in preparation.

If this man wanted to persecute them further, they could only fight back desperately!

Yang Kai, who had been silent until now, suddenly smiled and said, “Young Master Nan’s identity is noble, there’s no need for him to lose an arm.”

Tu Feng’s eyes flickered slightly but didn’t say anything whereas Nan Sheng who glanced over at Yang Kai showed a surprised yet grateful expression. Obviously he hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would let him off so easily.

“He only needs to offer two fingers instead!” Yang Kai smiled calmly as he casually continued.

The gratitude in Nan Sheng’s eyes quickly receded and was instead replaced with extreme anger and hatred.

“En, since the Little Lord has decided so, you only need to pay two fingers.” Tu Feng nodded deeply, as if he had just given Nan Sheng a precious gift.

“Good!” Nan Sheng was also a decisive person. Not bothering to speak any more nonsense, he quickly drew a dagger from his waist and with a flash of light two fingers fell to the ground. Throughout the whole process he didn’t even bat an eye.

“I, Nan Sheng, will remember you!” Nan Sheng gritted his teeth and looked coldly at Yang Kai, muttering under his breath.

However, Yang Kai simply chuckled and replied, “Young Lord Nan, I think you are mistaken, the two fingers were just the punishment for harming the young eagle, did you forget that the grudges between us still need to be settled?”

As if he had just heard a demon’s whisper, Nan Sheng’s face suddenly went white.

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