Martial Peak

Chapter 363 – Do not blame the ignorant

In these circumstances, no one was able to remain calm.

Although a Young Lord of the Yang Family was present, how were they supposed to distinguish who it was?

Even those from the so-called first-class families weren’t qualified to associate with the Eight Great Families; what’s more, the Yang Family was the head of the Eight Great Families so its status was even more aloof.

The Young Lord from the Yang Family here had a chance to become the future Patriarch of the Yang Family, so now, while his strength was still low, was an excellent chance to befriend him, and doing so would naturally lead to many future benefits, so who would want to offend such a character at this time?

Unconsciously, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng both converged their imposing air as they gazed around the crowd. It was like they had suddenly become shorter.

On the other side, everyone from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall couldn’t help glancing over at Yang Kai with gazes filled with a mix of surprise and anticipation. They were all familiar with Yang Kai’s name and abilities and easily linked him with the identity of a Young Lord from the Yang Family, but it was still not convenient to directly inquire about it, so all of them were subtly trying to gleam some clues from his expression.

Yang Kai’s face, though, remained relaxed, as if everything happening had nothing to do with him, which conversely made him more suspicious.

Xiang Chu wore a forced grin as he cupped his fist and asked towards the crowd, “Who here is Young Master Yang?”

Not that he didn’t know Yang Kai’s name, but he did not dare to assume that he was the Yang Family’s Young Lord. Xiang Chu only prayed that the hidden Yang Family Young Lord was amongst his own camp now.

A simple query, yet no one answered.

Yang Kai was surprised for a moment before laughing dryly.

*Ha Ha Ha Ha…*

Immediately, everyone’s eyes fell upon him, and under these watchful gazes, the black dragon that had been hovering above his head suddenly withdrew.

In the blink of an eye, a one hundred meter long dragon disappeared into Yang Kai’s body.

At the same time, the Heaven shaking Evil Qi also dissipated, and the youth pictured in everyone’s eyes once more took on the appearance of an ordinary True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator.

The people from the Xiang and Nan Family both looked unnerved.

Yang Kai voluntarily relaxing his combat stance only served to increase their worries, rather than diminish them.

Looking up into the sky at the still hovering Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle, a grin slowly appeared on Yang Kai’s face.

Lifting his fingers to his mouth, Yang Kai let out a loud whistle.

As if it had received an order, the circling Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle swiftly responded, folded its wings and dove down towards the ground.

In an instant, it arrived atop the heads of the crowd. Its pair of bright eagle eyes stared with vigilance and hatred at the Nan Family trio as it slowly perched atop Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Spreading its wings wide, the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle cried out angrily at the Nan Family members.

Everyone from the Nan and Xiang Family immediately paled. Xiang Chu also stared at Yang Kai, dumbstruck and not able to believe what his eyes were seeing.

The moment the Yang Family’s unique Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle landed on Yang Kai’s shoulder, his true identity no longer required any speculation.

The Hu Sisters stared at Yang Kai blankly too, as if he had suddenly become a stranger.

Xie Rong of Thunder Light Sect and Li Fu of Soaring Rainbow Court went limp and collapsed to the ground. Both of them had willingly become Xiang Chu’s lackeys, helping him to abuse and shame, even attempt to murder Yang Kai, yet now, it seems they had only been scrambling for seeds while missing the melon in front of them. The one they had offended actually turned out to be a man who even Xiang Chu wouldn’t dare to offend.

This is a severe case of having eyes but failing to see!

Both of them had received extremely serious injuries, and one Immortal Ascension Boundary Elder from each of their Sect’s had died at Yang Kai’s hands. They had placed all their hopes on Xiang Chu to take revenge for them, and then in exchange for their loyalty, gain the support of the big tree that was the Xiang Family, but now…

Everything was in vain. Forget revenge, now that they had thoroughly offended a Young Lord from the Yang Family, they’d be lucky if they managed to keep their lives.

It was no wonder he had said that their Sects couldn’t afford the price of offending him.

They really couldn’t afford this!

“Young Master Yang?” Xiang Chu looked at Yang Kai hesitantly, his back covered in cold sweat. He was extremely unwilling, but unable to avoid asking.

Nan Sheng also opened his mouth, but no words came out, and his head was filled with feelings of regret.

He was supposed to have been an innocent bystander in all of this. He had only stopped here on his way back to the Nan Family, and had inadvertently been drawn into this situation, but now, unexpectedly, he had brought such massive trouble to himself. Had he only known, he would have rode his Cloud Treading Colt back to Nan Family as quickly as possible, not involving himself with any of this.

In response to Xiang Chu’s stuttered inquiry, Yang Kai only gave him a faint glance and then focused his attention on the feathers of the Silver Blood Golden Feathered Eagle on his shoulders.

This Fifth-Order flying Monster Beast was quite special. Its golden feathers seemed to radiate a golden sheen giving it a majestic appearance, and it had obviously been in the Yang Family for many years. It had also been raised with great care, as each of its feathers was sharp like a blade, and their hardness and sharpness was no less than an average Earth Grade Mid-Rank artifact. Along with its hook-like beak and razor sharp double claws, an ordinary True Element cultivator wouldn’t be its match. At the very least, one would need a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation to win against it.

Although Yang Kai didn’t speak, Xiang Chu didn’t dare reveal any displeasure even if he felt wronged and resentful, and instead he just stood there with his fists cupped and his head slightly lowered.

Nan Sheng’s face switched between white and red as he muttered unsteadily, “Young Master Yang, this Nan had eyes but failed to see. The matters just now were all this one’s misunderstanding. This humble one asks Young Master Yang not to take it to heart.”

Hu Jiao Er couldn’t help letting out a laugh seeing how Nan Sheng, who was extremely arrogant and overbearing when facing the dozen or so disciples from their second-class Sects just now, but currently had to humble himself in the face of a super-force like the Yang Family and all but bow down and beg Yang Kai for forgiveness.

Nan Sheng’s change in attitude was so great that it made people wonder if he hadn’t somehow been replaced by another person in that instant.

When Jiao Er’s laughter reached Nan Sheng’s ears, he felt even more unpleasant in his heart, and his face twisted into an ugly forced grin as he hastily said, “Young miss, this Nan had previous offended you and apologizes for it.”

“Hmph!” Hu Jiao Er sneered, not giving him the slightest face since she knew he wasn’t really apologizing to her.

The four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Nan and Xiang Family also wore forced smiles and cupped their fists respectfully, “Young Master Yang, please forgive our prior rudeness!”

Yang Kai breathed out a tired sigh and stared at them indifferently before grinning lightly, “I do not blame the ignorant.”

Hearing him speak such words, everyone from the Xiang Family and Nan Family smiled in relief.

Right now, as long as Yang Kai didn’t intend to pursue it, everything would be fine, and with the Yang Family Inheritance War about to begin, Yang Kai, a Young Master of the Yang Family, would naturally need to gather various powers to help him in his bid to become the next Patriarch, so this was a good opportunity for both sides.

After all, the Xiang Family and Nan Family were both first-class families! With such a powerful boost to his strength, as long as Yang Kai wanted to, he could certainly win the Inheritance War. As the saying goes, there were no permanent enemies, only permanent benefits. Yang Kai hadn’t suffered any real losses today, so in the face of such enticements he would naturally be willing to let some things slide.

If they played their hand right, they might even have a chance to forge a friendship with the Yang Family’s Young Lord today.

With such thoughts swirling about their heads, their moods took a rapid turn for the better; both Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng wore expression filled with happiness and expectation.

But just as they were silently celebrating, the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle on Yang Kai’s shoulder suddenly let out a mournful screech, like it had just been injured, before throwing open its wings and soaring back up into the sky

“What just happened?” Xiang Chu asked unconsciously as he turned a blank stare towards Yang Kai, his expression filled with confusion.

The same was true of everyone else too.

What they saw there though was Yang Kai holding two golden feathers in his fingers. The two feathers flashed a golden light like finely-polished blades. They were long, thin, and smooth in shape. Clearly they had been freshly plucked from the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle.

No wonder the eagle suddenly flew up in fright.

After plucking these two feathers, Yang Kai didn’t even look at them before casually dropping them on the ground.

“Young Master Yang, what are your intentions?” Nan Sheng’s head was filled with fog as he cautiously inquired to Yang Kai.

This Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle was born noble and possessed fierce combat ability. It was an extremely valuable beast. On top of that, it could even be considered the auspicious messenger that sought out and saved Yang Kai’s life. Even if he wasn’t fond of it for some reason, Yang Kai shouldn’t have had a reason to harm it so.

[What does he want to do?] Nan Sheng couldn’t understand.

Xiang Chu, whose thoughts were far more devious than Nan Sheng’s, couldn’t help wrinkling his brow. He looked at the two gold feathers that had been dropped by Yang Kai and began to feel nervous; however, before he had enough time to figure out exactly what was happening, two figures suddenly appeared on the horizon and rapidly approached.

The speed of these two was extremely fast, and the auras permeating from them were formidable. At a glance, it was obvious that they possessed great strength.

The few thousand meters that separated the two groups closed in a flash.

The newcomers were a man and a woman. The man had an imposing figure and cold eyes. A long scar across his face coupled with his imposing impression to give him a sturdy and aggressive look, like a veteran warrior of countless battles.

The woman had a majestic appearance and graceful stature that made it impossible to tell her how old she was. She was a dignified and beautiful woman, with a pair of sharp eyes that seemed to flash with piercing light. There was no melancholy or joy apparent on her perfectly shaped face, only a look of cold indifference.

Both of these two were Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, but the imposing manner they radiated as far stronger than those of the Xiang Family and Nan Family.

The instant they saw them, everyone instinctively compared them with the four Immortal Ascension Elders from the Nan and Xiang Family, but all of them soon came to the same conclusion. Among the four old men, not a single one was a rival of either of these two.

Every one of the Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagles would be followed by masters from the Yang Family so that, once the Yang Family’s Young Lord was found, he could be escorted home safely.

These two newcomers were obviously the ones accompanying this Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle.

Both of them had a jade talisman on their waists with a blood red “Yang” character inscribed on it.

“Yang Family Blood Warriors!” Fang Lao could not help shouting.

The Yang Family’s Blood Warriors had served the Yang Family for many generations and were their most trusted servants. Every one of them was exceptionally talented and had innumerable resources used to train them since birth.

Although their bloodlines weren’t as noble as the Young Lords and Young Ladies of the Yang Family, their position and importance was definitely not lower than any of these direct descendants.

The Yang Family had a Grand Elder who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary who was once one of these Blood Warriors. But now, the Yang Family treated him more as a respected protector. Even if a direct family descendant was to meet him, he would have to greet him respectfully.

Each Yang Family Blood Warrior represented a powerful fighting force, and all of them had the ability to fight ordinary cultivators at least one stage above their own cultivation. Within the same realm, they were basically invincible.

Their most important trait, however, was their undying loyalty; for the Yang Family, none of them would hesitate to give their life.

After all, since childhood, the Yang Family had given them ideological indoctrination to ensure they held the family’s benefit above all else. In order to cultivate these warriors, the Yang Family had truly paid an immense price.

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