Martial Peak

Chapter 335 – Has Some Ability

The sisters had travelled for many days through the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land and never had a moment of rest as they were pursued by the disciples of Free And Unfettered Sect. If not for their enhanced True Qi recovery speed, they likely would have been caught long ago.

Upon entering the Evil Cavern, the pair had to also deal with Evil Spirits, which further exhausted them, so now their True Qi really was completely depleted.

“If we wait for you to restore your True Qi it’ll be at least half a day.” Yang Kai smiled wryly.

“There’s no way I’ll agree to come with you without at least recovering our True Qi.” Hu Jiao Er said firmly, and her small red lips pouted in an adorable way.

“I have a solution then.” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully and extracted a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid directly from the Black Book space, then he stretched his finger out towards Hu Jiao Er, “Open your mouth!”

Almost instantly, Hu Jiao Er obediently opened her cherry red lips.

This casual reaction showed that despite her harsh words, she wasn’t actually too alert around Yang Kai.

Putting his finger into her mouth, Hu Jiao Er reacted with surprise and suddenly realized what was happening. Her round almond coloured eyes immediately bulged as she blushed bright red with a mix of anger and embarrassment on her face; however, Yang Kai quickly cut off her stray thoughts, “Hurry up and absorb it.”

Hu Jiao Er frowned lightly but still followed his instructions, and a sweet and refreshing taste spread across her tongue. As she swallowed this sweet liquid, a surge of warm energy burst forth and spread from the centre of her chest to the tips of her fingers in a flash, and her dried up True Qi recovered at a phenomenal rate.

Her expression changed rapidly. Unable to hide her surprise, she looked at Yang Kai suspiciously but upon finding not the slightest indecent light in his eyes, she put down her final worries.

Hu Jiao Er understood that whatever Yang Kai had given her was undoubtedly a very precious elixir, so she definitely couldn’t afford to waste it just because she was shy. She quickly curled her tongue and lightly sucked on Yang Kai’s finger.

After a few gentle licks, her pair of beautiful eyes quickly became watery as her whole face took on a light pink flush.

Yang Kai couldn’t hold back an awkward laugh as he slowly pulled his finger out, which brought a silk crystal thread with it.

“Enn… delicious…” Hu Jiao Er suddenly muttered and an ambiguous moan leaked from her lips.

Yang Kai felt the hair on his nape stand up, and he did his best to hide his own embarrassment to her intense reaction, but his mind relived the moment Hu Jiao Er’s soft little tongue wrapped around his finger over and over again in his head.

Quickly steadying himself, he dried his finger on his clothes and then once again brought out a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid for Hu Mei Er. “Your turn.”

Hu Mei Er, however, couldn’t help but shake her head and blush bright red, as she stuttered in a nearly inaudible voice, “I… I’m still… not prepared…”

[This little…]

At a time like this she was actually still thinking such random thoughts!

“Mei Er, he’s giving us something to complement our True Qi, it’s not what you think.” Hu Jiao Er hurriedly sat cross-legged and began refining this drop of liquid. The two of them were practically identical, so how could she not know what her younger sister was thinking?

“It’s a rare treasure, quickly accept it.” Hu Jiao Er emphasized.

Hu Mei Er glanced back and forth between her sister and Yang Kai before gently nodding. She opened her cute tiny lips and wrapped them around his finger. Compared to her elder sister, she was significantly shyer, unable to act as boldly as she accepted the drop of liquid.

“You two quickly refine it, I’ll stand guard.” Yang Kai lightly coughed and boldly turned his back to them.

“En.” The charming twin flowers nodded and quickly ran their Secret Art to restore their True Qi.

On the other stone pillar, Chen Yi, Tao Yang and the others kept watching over the Evil Spirits in their surroundings.

“Brother Yang has been gone for so long, why hasn’t he come back yet?” Chen Yi frowned somewhat suspiciously.

However, Tao Yang simply chuckled, “It looks like Brother Yang is having a detailed conversation with them. On top of that, those two girls don’t seem to be wary of him at all.”

Looking over from where they were, although they couldn’t see their faces, it was still easy enough to make out their respective figures.

From what they could see, Yang Kai and the pair of beautiful twins were only standing about a meter or so apart. If they were at all wary of him, how could they have allowed him to be so close?

“Impressive! It looks like Brother Yang’s charm isn’t small ,” Chen Yi couldn’t help but admire.

“Hmph!” Leng Shan snorted unhappily.

Originally, in that isolated world, she and Zi Mo had suffered no small loss at Yang Kai’s hand, but they were also quite clear how potent his ability to charm a woman was.

Both she and Zi Mo had done their best to torment Yang Kai, making him experience a life like death, but in the end, not only was their hatred towards him essentially eliminated, on the contrary, they both felt a good deal of goodwill towards him.

If he didn’t have a strong charm, how could he have done that?

“They’re coming back!” Chen Yi suddenly exclaimed, which caused everyone to look up to see Yang Kai and the two girls flying towards them, side by side.

“Amazing!” Tao Yang was also sincerely impressed.

After only a few moments of talk, the two girls had willingly decided to join him; as Tao Yang thought about it, he was certain that he wouldn’t have been capable of eliminating their hostility and vigilance so quickly.

Not far away, on the other stone pillar, Yu Qing’s pupils shrank and instantly stared at the charming twin flowers. His eyes flashed an obscene light, and the edges of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

As the three of them reached the halfway point, an accident suddenly happened.

As the countless Evil Spirits fought amongst themselves, the jet black Evil Qi became disturbed suddenly, and for some unknown reason a dragon-like projection of Demonic Qi burst up from the ground and engulfed the space around Yang Kai and the two girls.

“Be careful!” Chen Yi couldn’t help but call out in alarm.

But before his voice had faded, a brilliant burst of light emerged from within the darkness as Yang Kai’s whole body suddenly radiated like the sun with True Yang Yuan Qi pouring out into his surroundings.

As this pure True Yang Yuan Q burst forth, it created a resplendent three meter wide oval light curtain.

When this wave of warmth washed over them, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er relaxed, and the chill they felt upon their skin quickly receded as they withdrew their prepared counterattack.


As the Evil Qi came into contact with this light curtain, a crackling, hissing noise rang out, like salt being thrown into boiling oil, but it was ultimately repelled and unable to penetrate this defence in the slightest.

“Good… too good!” Cheng Ying praised unceasingly, and his eyes stared in shock at the scene taking place before him.

“Brother Yang’s True Yang Yuan Qi is so effective against this Evil Qi!” Tao Yang gazed towards Yang Kai with excitement, “But how is his True Qi so pure?”

Although none of them had actually touched that rich and potent stream of Evil Qi, they could all imagine how serious the consequences of doing so would be, but Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi actually being able to directly repel and evaporate it had far exceeded their expectations.

Didn’t that mean that Yang Kai was essentially free to move around inside that mass of darkness, so long as he was careful not to be attacked by those Evil Spirits of course?

Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er also took the initiative to rely on Yang Kai and practically leaned against him as they flew forward.

Yang Kai was even blunter and directly hugged them both as he pushed his True Yang Yuan Qi in order to return even a moment quicker.

After returning to the high pillar, Hu Jiao Er quickly broke free from his embrace and glared at him bitterly, while muttering under her breath, “Just you wait, I’ll make sure you pay for your frivolousness!”

“Haha…” Yang Kai laughed dryly but knew better than to answer back.

With the arrival of the two sisters, the group’s morale climbed great. Each on their own was a strong, beautiful, and enchanting young woman, but paired side by side, they seemed to shine even brighter.

When Leng Shan secretly compared herself with these two, she couldn’t help but let out a light sigh.

She found that compared with them, whether it was appearance or temperament, they had far exceeded her. Each of them was a first-class stunning beauty.

“Greetings Young Ladies!” Chen Yi cupped his fists politely.

“Hmph!” Hu Jiao Er snorted back dismissively. Although they had never actually fought one another, but the two sisters knew well that in addition to the disciples of Free And Unfettered Sect, this group from Ghost King Valley had also been chasing after them, so naturally she wouldn’t forgive them so easily.

Palpably feeling Hu Jiao Er’s indifference, Chen Yi wryly shook his head in embarrassment and was not sure of what to say next.

“Jiao Er, since you arrived here first, did you notice any strange anomalies? Something to explain what happened here?” Yang Kai asked, skillfully changing the conversation’s direction.

Although Hu Jiao Er still continued to frown, she quickly replied, “Mei Er and I were fighting with the Evil Spirits when all of a sudden a great flow of Demonic Qi seemed to bubble up from underground. When this Demonic Qi showed up, all of the Evil Spirits started to behave a bit abnormally. When Mei Er and I noticed something was wrong, we quickly tried to escape, but with so many Evil Spirits arriving from all directions , before we know it we somehow wound up here.”

“Wait, the Demonic Qi seemed to gush from underground?” Chen Yi’s expression suddenly twitched, “Do you know where it started from?”

Hu Jiao Er, taking their current crisis into account, no longer rebuffed him and quickly pointed in one direction, “Over there, do you see the roiling Demonic Qi? The burst of Demonic Qi came from there.”

Shifting their gaze in the direction she pointed, everyone quickly noticed that there really was a place where the Demonic Qi seemed to be more violent, like it was flowing out from a fountain.

In addition, as more Demonic Qi erupted from that spot, the surrounding Demonic Qi beneath them was also gradually rising.

“No way…” Chen Yi’s face went pale, “We can’t be so unlucky, can we?”

“What is it?” Yang Kai’ swiftly asked, and his brow furrowed when he realized that Chen Yi knew something about what was happening.

“It’s the center of the Evil Spirit Spring!” From afar, an old voice answered before Chen Yi could explain.

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, and all of them turned around to look, only to find a new group of people rapidly approaching them with a horde of purple Evil Spirits hot on their tails.

It seems another group of people had been driven here!

The number of people in this new group was small, only one old man with four juniors, but the old man was undoubtedly an Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

Aware of his strength, everyone revealed a mix of fear and hope; Immortal Ascension masters generally didn’t appear here. They would normally be deeper inside the Evil Cavern.

The old man’s body was like a father eagle, sheltering the four young people in front of him as he waved his artifact around, repelling the surrounding Evil Spirits as his eyes darted back and forth, until they eventually stopped on the Free And Unfettered Sect group’s platform. Then he hurriedly roared, “Stand aside!”

Yu Qing and his companions wore bitter expressions, but didn’t dare disobey, and they quickly huddled together to allow the old man and his juniors up.

The old man quickly carried his four juniors and leapt up onto the plateau, as he faintly glanced towards Yu Qing, “Free And Unfettered Sect is it? You have no complaints, right?”

Under the old man’s hawk-like stare, Yu Qing could only laugh, “Senior must be joking, this pillar has more than enough room!”

“Good!” The old man nodded, apparently very satisfied with Yu Qing’s response.

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