Martial Peak

Chapter 334 – How Can It Be You

“That’s right, don’t go.” Leng Shan also kindly objected, “What if you get entangled by the Evil Spirits and can’t break free?”

Tao Yang also frowned, “Brother Yang, we should at least discuss this matter some more first.”

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion!” Yang Kai shook his head lightly, “My True Yang Yuan Qi cultivation technique can greatly restrain these Evil Spirits, they won’t even be able to approach me.”

“But what if those two girls don’t understand what’s happening either, wouldn’t you be doing all of this in vain then?” Chen Yi still had reservations as he shook his head solemnly. The situation was simply too dangerous, even if he knew Yang Kai’s True Qi could effectively restrain these Evil Spirits. If anything went wrong, not only would he lose his life, even their own group’s defensive strength would be greatly reduced.

For now, as long as they remained on top of these pillars, the surrounding Evil Spirits seemed to be ignoring them, but who could say for certain it would stay that way?

At that time, if Yang Kai was with them, even if a desperate battle ensued, their chances for survival would nonetheless be higher.

“Then… why don’t we ask them to come here?” Treasure Instrument Sect’s Zhao Rong asked innocently.

Immediately, everyone looked towards her awkwardly.

“… What?” Zhao Rong asked, her big eyes blinking in confusion.

Tao Yang could only smile wryly, “There seems to be some kind of grudge between those two girls and Brother Chen’s group, so asking them is probably impossible.”

“In order to display our sincerity, I still have to make the trip.” Yang Kai said, his mind made up, “Regardless of anything else, the two of them possess formidable strength, if we can win them over and have them join us, it will increase our odds of survival!”

“En, that’s right.” Leng Shan’s cold eyes flashed brilliantly, “If you can convince them to join us, I can swear to you that our Ghost King Valley will no longer hold any hostility towards them, as for those Free And Unfettered Sect bastards, under these circumstances we have no need to be polite with them.”

Chen Yi also nodded slightly and seriously reminded, “Brother Yang, be careful, if you feel like things are too dangerous you must immediately return!”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded firmly, leaped up, and then shot forward towards the two girl’s position.

Seeing him use such a swift and powerful Movement Skill, everyone couldn’t help but feel a burst of admiration.

In an instant, Yang Kai had crossed several hundred meters and rapidly approached the plateau the two girls were resting upon.

Aware of his approach, the two girls suddenly stood up and their True Qi surged. Their eyes contained a look of vigilance, as they prepared to defend themselves.

While mid-air, Yang Kai rapidly circulated his True Qi and sent out a pure Yang aura while he dodged the floating Evil Spirits. Fortunately, at the moment, the thick Evil Qi seemed more attractive to these Evil Spirits than himself, so he didn’t encounter any major trouble.

After brief flight, Yang Kai shouted out the other side, “Two young ladies, don’t misunderstand. I just came to inquire about the current situation and bare you no malicious intentions.”

As his voice rang out, the two girls suddenly twitched, and their vigilance dropped significantly, apparently shocked by what they heard.

Unaware of what these two were thinking and in order avoid making them feel nervous, Yang Kai didn’t immediately press the issue, and he hovered nearby as he tried to sound as sincere as possible, “Two youn …”

But before he could finish, the other side called out, “Yang Kai, is that you?”

Nearly choking on his words, his face filled with disbelief, as Yang Kai was immediately dumbstruck.

“Impossible…” Yang Kai muttered out loud as he heard this familiar voice. The image of a certain pair of girls involuntarily popped up in his mind. Quickly he took a closer look at the two girls atop the plateau. Sure enough, the two young girls standing side by side matched perfectly with the ones he was thinking of.

These two girls seemed to have been carved from the same mold, and regardless of their looks or their auras, they were perfect mirror images of one another.

Both of them had the same elegant and refined style that perfectly complimented their graceful appearances. There was some hidden fatigue upon their oval shaped faces, but their two pairs beautiful eyes still shone with a radiant splendor.

At such a close distance, the two sides stared at each other.

“It really is you!” One of the girls called out, obviously extremely happy.

Yang Kai no longer hesitated and rushed straight to their side. Landing right in front of them atop the stone pillar, he asked in disbelief, “How can it be you?”

Earlier, he had heard Ghost King Valley and Free And Unfettered Sect say they were chasing a pair of beautiful twins, and that these two had killed more than a dozen Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

At the time Yang Kai hadn’t thought too much about it, after all, although the number of twin sisters in the world weren’t too many, they also weren’t too few.

On top of that, among the people he knew, none of them were twins, and although this pair of enchanting Blood Battle Gang sisters had identical appearances, they weren’t actually twins.

So, he had never imagined that it was actually them whom Free And Unfettered Sect were hunting.

Hu Jiao Er, Hu Mei Er!

It had been quite some time.

The last time he had seen them was during the struggle inside the Heaven’s Inheritance Cave. Back then, the three of them had walked side by side as they ascended the Yin and Yang ladder; each time the Yin energy hit them, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er both snuggled up to Yang Kai to stay warm.

Remembering back, the fond memories came flooding back to him and gave him a warm feeling inside.

In a flash, it had been nearly two years.

Yang Kai had grown from an inexperienced Initial Element Stage cultivator to a True Element Boundary Fifth Stage expert.

It was also clear to him that these twin flowers had also made great progress!

One of the two girls stared happily towards Yang Kai. Her beautiful eyes overflowing with joy at their long awaited reunion, the other of the pair was gnashing her teeth, her brow furrowed as she called out, “That’s what I’d like to know! How come you’re here you smelly brat?”

Upon suddenly meeting them again, at first, Yang Kai hadn’t been able to tell them apart, but upon hearing this he quickly wore a smile, “Jiao Er!”

The older sister immediately blushed red as she grit her teeth even harder, “You little bastard, you still recognize me.”

“Haha, if you hadn’t said anything I really wouldn’t have been able to tell you apart.” Yang Kai laughed happily, after the past few years, these two sisters now were more similar than ever. If it weren’t for their vastly different temperaments, it would be impossible to tell them apart, but Hu Jiao Er was undoubtedly the more aggressive of the pair, and only she would call Yang Kai smelly brat.

That year, Yang Kai had said that one side of her bottom was slightly bigger than the other and had also taken quite a few liberties with her, gaining some unwarranted advantages.

“Mei Er!” Yang Kai nodded to the younger sister.

“En.” Hu Mei Er nodded and smiled happily, and her eyes watered slightly, which placed her cuteness on full display.

“Hmph! Calling out so affectionately, your face is really thick!” Hu Jiao Er quipped, but it was obvious to anyone that she was also quite happy.

When one met a friend from their hometown it was probably always like this.

Sweeping her pretty eyes up and down Yang Kai, Hu Jiao Er said in amazement, “It’s been a long time, it seems like you’ve become quite strong.”

Before, Yang Kai had the appearance of an emaciated kid, quite pitiful, but now he had a firm heroic air to him.

An embarrassing memory of Hu Jiao Er’s surfaced when she mentioned that. All those years ago when she had been teasing Yang Kai, her soft peaks had smacked again Yang Kai’s bony ribs and it had caused her quite a bit of pain afterwards.

(TL note: What a random excuse to talk about boobs…)

“You two have also become more beautiful.” Yang Kai replied in kind.

The two beautiful flowers exchanged a glance and giggled, while the fatigue and weariness on their faces seemed to drift away, which restored some of their vitality.

“Your mouth has gotten quite sweet!” Hu Jiao Er glanced at him. “You can fly as well, so you must have reached the True Element Boundary too.”

“En…” Yang Kai nodded lightly as he swept the sisters with his Divine Sense, and his expression suddenly became shocked as he stared towards Hu Mei Er.

“What is it?” Hu Mei Er asked as she blushed slightly, feeling somewhat embarrassed being stared at so intensely.

“Your cultivation…”

“True Element Boundary Fourth Stage!” Hu Jiao Er laughed impishly, with a playful and proud look upon her face.

There was no need for her to say anything, Yang Kai had already clearly felt it.

True Element Boundary Fourth Stage! Although it was not too high, strangely enough, the two sisters were both now at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage.

Yang Kai and the younger sister Mei Er were almost the same age, and after such a long time and across a variety of experiences where he had gained all kinds of opportunities, he had only managed to reach the True Element Boundary Fifth Stage.

But now, Hu Mei Er was only inferior to him by a single Minor Realm. This cultivation speed could only be described as terrifying!

What was of more concern to Yang Kai though was Hu Jiao Er’s realm.

She was about the same age as Su Yan and was one of the Three Sects’ most elite disciples, but now, Su Yan had reached True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, and even if she hadn’t yet broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he estimated that it wouldn’t be long until she did.

However, Hu Jiao Er now was still at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage; a big gap had opened up between them.

The younger sister’s cultivation was lightning fast, while the elder sister’s had slowed to a crawl. This situation was obviously strange!

Considering Hu Jiao Er’s aptitude, it was completely unreasonable for her cultivation to have all but stagnated for the past two years.

“Is it related to the opportunity you gained in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave?” Yang Kai suddenly thought.

“En.” The older of the sisters didn’t conceal anything as she nodded and explained, “The inheritance we obtained is called the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Secret Art, it’s a cultivation technique specifically suited for twins, and although Mei Er and I aren’t really twins, because we’re so similar we have no problem practicing it. When we circulate this magical Secret Art together, our cultivation speed is doubled, but since Mei Er’s starting point was so much lower than mine, when we began most of the benefits went to her, it was only recently that our cultivations became equal at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage.”

“Hee… that’s amazing!” Yang Kai laughed happily.

“How about you?”

“True Element Fifth Stage.”

“You’re not so bad yourself!” Hu Jiao Er giggled and did not ask any more. She could naturally guess that Yang Kai had obtained the Heaven’s Cave’s final inheritance.

After the three chatted for a moment, Hu Jiao Er’s expression suddenly changed and immediately became wary towards Yang Kai as she said, “That’s right, I almost forgot to ask you what you’re doing with those bastards! It can’t be that after High Heaven Pavilion was destroyed you went and joined that damn Free And Unfettered Sect, right?

“You’re thinking too much,” Yang Kai smiled wryly.

“Stop, don’t come any closer!” Hu Jiao Er immediately stood in front of her younger sister, as she gnashed her teeth, “Then why are you together with that group of scum? Don’t think I didn’t see you arrive with those bastards! They’ve been chasing after us sisters for quite some time now; if you don’t give me a good explanation, I won’t forgive you and I definitely won’t let you come near us sisters!”

“Elder Sister… he’s not that kind of person!” Hu Mei Er tried to object.

“Knowing someone’s surface doesn’t mean you know their real selves, hmph!” Hu Jiao Er scolded her sister, “If you don’t dig deep enough into their heart you can’t be sure if they’re good or evil.”

“Okay okay, I can explain,” Yang Kai said helplessly and briefly recanted his experiences since he arrived at the Evil Cavern.

“Really?” Hu Jiao Er tilted her head and stared at Yang Kai, seeming to be unwilling to miss the slightest change in his expression.

“Why would I lie to you?” Yang Kai said, “When I first approached you, I had obviously only asked if you knew what was happening here. I never expected that it would actually be the two of you, but since things have turned out like this, I think it’s best if you come back with me to the other side so we can all help each other through this crisis.”

“Elder Sister, I trust him, let’s go.” Hu Mei Er firmly stated. Obviously, she completely trusted Yang Kai.

Hu Jiao Er, on the other hand, seemed to hesitate slightly, as she was still very much unwilling to associate with those ugly Free And Unfettered Sect men, but she knew that the two of them staying here by themselves wouldn’t lead to a good end. However, she thought that Yang Kai’s proposal was reasonable, so after a moment of consideration she nodded, “Good, we’ll come with you, but Mei Er and I need to restore our True Qi first before we head over.”

Obviously, she didn’t fully trust the Ghost King Valley group, so she needed to at least make this much preparation.


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