Martial Peak

Chapter 246 – Trapped

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Listening to her speak, Yang Kai had some concerns, “Your Senior Brother Chi Xue isn’t with them right? If he is, then we will have a big problem.”

Chi Xue was a master at the True Element Boundary seventh stage and had enslaved a Sixth-Order Monster Beast, both of them would be difficult to deal with.

Zi Mo sighed, “I hope that’s the case.”

After an hour, the trio finally arrived near their destination and Zi Mo slipped down from Yang Kai’s back, gratefully nodding at him as she fixed her clothes and messy hair, steeling her determination before walking forward.

A short distance away, Yang Kai saw a lot of Monster Beasts, and more than a dozen people gathered together.

Two of them were dressed similar to Zi Mo and stood close together, obviously Sen Luo Temple’s Yao He and Yao Xi. This young man and woman were happily staring back at them with faces that did not show the slightest sense of guilt. Silently, they ordered their hundred Monster Beasts to spread out and encircle Zi Mo’s enslaved beasts.

“Senior Sister finally decided to meet with us.” Yao He quipped frivolously, clearly not putting Zi Mo in his eyes, chuckling as he greeted her while Yao Xi also let out a giggle, sneering as she looked towards Zi Mo dismissively.

“Did you give me any choice?” Zi Mo glared at them coldly, standing about ten meters apart.

As these three Sen Luo Temple’s disciples confronted each other, the air was slowly filled with an unstable atmosphere.

Yang Kai, who stood behind Zi Mo, quickly swept his eyes over the other people present, spotting a lot of old acquaintances.

A few tens of meters away, the Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s four teenage girls were sitting on the ground along with Asura Sect’s Ye Qing Si and Zhou Ba and Reflecting Moon Sect’s Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu. In addition to these familiar faces, he also spotted many disciples from various other forces, such as Gemini Island, Water Moon Hall, Pure Heart Palace, Soaring Feather Pavilion, and so on.

After seeing Yang Kai, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu both smiled wryly towards him, a kind of desolate feeling of comradery appearing on their faces.

Yang Kai nodded towards them slightly, noticing that the group now only had sixteen or seventeen people left; the number should have been higher than that so obviously these past few days a lot of deaths had occurred.

“You two, roll to the side!” Yao He casually ordered Yang Kai and Leng Shan then no longer spared them a glance.

Zi Mo quickly signaled them to comply.

Receiving these instructions, Yang Kai and Leng Shan both walked over to Chen Xue Shu and the others.

As soon as the two sides converged, one of the young girls from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace looked towards Yang Kai, sighed and said, “Seems like you’ve had bad luck too.”

Yang Kai smiled back at her leisurely, “Seems like, may I ask young lady’s name?”

During their last encounter, when Wu Cheng Yi had embarrassed him and it was this girl from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace had spoken a few words in his defence. After such an act, Yang Kai had a relatively good impression of her. These four sisters each had outstanding looks, each one exuding a different kind of attraction. Them all sitting together created a truly beautiful picture.

Laughing warmly, the girl replied, “Han Xiao Qi!”

Another of the palace girls with gave off a sassy air suddenly pursed her lips, “Hey you, we’ve all been reduced to prisoners, yet you’re still trying to casually ask a girl for her name? Seems like you’re quite a scheming person.”

(Silavin: :D. Honestly, I wish he was more scheming…)

Yang Kai grinned as he looked towards his accuser, “Has this young lady never heard of a man’s instincts before? I also haven’t heard your name yet have I?”

Pouting at his glib attitude, the girl still responded, “Ye Han!”

(Silavin: their surname is Han)

Seeing this, Ye Qing Si laughed lightly, “Since we share the same surname, if we make it out of this alive, little sister Han and I should become sworn sisters.”

Han Xiao Qi quickly introduced her other two Junior Sisters, a timid quiet girl called Hua Ruo Yin, and the other a flirtatious girl named Liu Qing Ru.

Even having fallen into such a dire situation, everyone still gave Yang Kai some face and introduced themselves.

Water Moon Hall’s Feng Qian Hen, Pure Heart Palace’s Zuo Fang and Li Xin Yuan, Soaring Feather Pavilion’s Chu Jing Shan…

The elite disciples of these various factions gathered together to enjoy a moment of levity. The many days of pent up anxiety and worry being swept away for the time being.

“Hmph, facing imminent death, you’re still in the mood to exchange greetings, it’s not like it’d be too late to do that after they decide if they want to keep us alive as slaves.” A mocking voice abruptly interrupted the crowd’s spirited atmosphere.

Turning his head, Yang Kai saw a young man snickering at him contemptuously.

After staring at this person for a moment, Yang Kai no longer paid him any mind.

On the other hand, Ye Qing Si retorted, “Bi Xiu Ming, since the day we were captured, you’ve constantly been spewing the same negative crap. What exactly are you trying to say now?”

Bi Xiu Ming sneered back, “Nothing much, just wondering why you’re all so happy about this waste joining us. You don’t actually expect him to save us do you?”

Chen Xue Shu frowned and shot back, “If you feel like there’s no hope of keeping your life, why not just end it? Why linger around just to pick on others? Don’t go slandering brother Yang just because his realm is a bit lower than your own.”

Before Bi Xiu Ming could respond, the person next to him laughed disdainfully and said, “His cultivation is weak, therefore he’s a waste! Hah, I really can’t understand how such trash managed to survive till now; he should have died a long time ago.”

This guy was probably from the same Sect as Bi Xiu Ming and clearly had a good relationship with him; naturally he would take the same side.

Han Xiao Qi said coldly, “You’ve said too much.”

Ye Han, Hua Ruo Yin, and Liu Qing Ru all stared angrily at the pair as well.

Although Bi Xiu Ming and his brother disciple thoroughly looked down on Yang Kai, they also didn’t want to completely fall out with the group, so instead of continuing to argue they just coldly snorted, turned around, closed their eyes and kept quiet.

With these two throwing cold water on everyone, the originally happy atmosphere was suddenly destroyed, leaving everyone’s hearts feeling a little heavy.

Ye Han quickly patted her cheeks before saying a few words of comfort, “Yang Kai was it? Don’t worry about those two, they’ve have been nothing but pessimistic ever since that day, they just don’t want others to feel any better than them.”

Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, “It doesn’t bother me when a dog barks in the background.”

Hearing what he said, Han Xiao Qi was surprised for a moment before she quickly tried to stifle her laughter.

“What did you say?” Bi Xiu Ming and his fellow disciple turned around and opened their eyes at the same time, glaring towards Yang Kai,

“You’re not deaf are you? You should’ve heard clearly, right?” Yang Kai stared back at them calmly.

“You court death!” Bi Xiu Ming roared furiously, jumping to his feet.

“Do you want to die?” Standing a short distance away, Yao He grunted angrily. “If you’re tired of living I can put you out of your misery now!”

Bi Xiu Ming glanced towards Yao He nervously, quivering slightly before looking away; however, unwilling to simply sit down after having lost face, he angrily grimaced towards Yang Kai, “Just you wait, sooner or later I’ll make you pay!”

“Good, I’ll be waiting!” Yang Kai replied offhandedly.

While the Great Han Dynasty’s side had a strained atmosphere, the three disciples from the Tian Lang Dynasty were also in the midst of a delicate situation.

Since Zi Mo had arrived, Yao He and Yao Xi both continued staring at her and smiling, not saying a word.

After a long silence, Zi Mo finally let out a deep sigh and coldly asked, “Why are you doing this?”

Yao He chuckled, “Why? Senior Sister Zi doesn’t already understand?”

“Is it because in the Sect, Master valued me more?” Zi Mo smiled back contemptuously.

Yao He and Yao Xi’s faces suddenly went stiff, their expressions quickly becoming cold.

However, Zi Mo ignored this change and continued, “The two of you both entered the Sect earlier than me, but your cultivation’s are both still lower than mine, so even though you’re unwilling to, you have no choice but to call me Senior Sister. Is that what you’d like to say?”

“You really think your talent is better than ours?” Yao Xi laughed dismissively, “If our master hadn’t given you more resources, how could you have surpassed us so easily? In terms of aptitude, just where are we not comparable to you?”

“Nothing about you is comparable to me!” Zi Mo didn’t hold back, ruthlessly insulting the two of them

Yao He face twitched before putting on a look of disdain, “Is that so? Then I’d like to ask our dear Senior Sister, did you ever imagine you’d fall into a situation like this before?”

“It’s true I didn’t think you two would be so vicious and underhanded, plotting against me like this!” Zi Mo face suddenly filled with hatred.

Yao He sneered, “Well let’s just forget about all that, there’s no need to get so worked up about it, after all, you’re our Senior Sister, right? The reason we invited you here was quite simple, since we’re stuck in this damned place for the time being, and we essentially have no other enemies left, you shouldn’t have any use for those Monster Beasts of yours, correct?”

Zi Mo expression quickly turned ice cold, “You want my Monster Beasts?”

“Yes!” Yao He nodded, “Xi’er and I are about to break through to the Fifth Stage, but we’re both somewhat reluctant to slaughter our own Monster Beasts so we were hoping Senior Sister would be generous enough to help us a little bit.”

Hearing all this, Zi Mo couldn’t help feeling sorrowful, “For such a petty reason, you even decided to crush my thread of Divine Sense?”

Yao Xi grinned haughtily, “Isn’t it Senior Sister’s fault for going around hiding? If you hadn’t been avoiding us, we wouldn’t have done so, if you had stayed with us, we could have just challenged Senior Sister and your Monster Beasts to a hunting contest, but it seems the Heavens had a different plan in mind, this is simply the result of you forcing us.”

“Good!” Zi Mo said painfully, her eyes showing a touch of sadness, “If you want my Monster Beasts, then I’ll give them all to you!”

Yao He laughed happily, “I knew Senior Sister wouldn’t disappoint us, please ordered them not to resist, if they struggle, I’m afraid things might end badly!”

Zi Mo closed her eyes, and tried to calm her ragged breath.

Although before she came here, she had already taken back her Divine Sense threads from her Soul Controlling Insects they had captured, so she didn’t have to worry about Yao He or Yao Xi destroying them, the other side still had an overwhelming advantage, even if she didn’t count the vast difference in the number of Monster Beasts they respectively controlled, just the dozen or so Great Han Dynasty cultivators were a very powerful combat force.

If she really fought with them directly, Zi Mo had basically no chance of winning; even escaping would be near impossible, so although she was extremely unwilling, she had no choice but to temporarily compromise.

Staring at Zi Mo’s rising and falling chest, Yao He’s eyes flashed a hidden trace of wicked desire, involuntarily licking his lips.

“It’s done!” Zi Mo opened her eyes and said unemotionally.

Yao He and Yao Xi glanced at each other before silently issuing an order.

Suddenly, the sound of countless howls rang out, blood splattered, and Zi Mo’s Monster Beasts, who truly offered no resistance, were thrown to the ground and had their necks bitten and snapped, slaughtered like cattle.

Seeing this scene, the Great Han group looked aghast, instinctively clenching their fists.

After a mere ten breaths of time, thirty to forty Monster Beasts were killed.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yao He burst into laughter.

With these thirty to forty Blood Beads, he and Yao Xi could successfully break through their current realm and promote themselves to the True Element Boundary Fifth Stage.

After that, as long as they extracted the inheritances of these Great Han Dynasty cultivators, they could then slaughter them too, once again obtaining a big batch of Blood Beads.

In particular, Yao He was focused on the numerous beauties amongst the Great Han Dynasty cultivators. Each one held a different appeal, some graceful and elegant, others sensuous and enchanting, these days he had constantly thought of having his way with them, but since Yao Xi was keeping a close eye on him, he was unable to make a move.

Although the two of them were cousins, their relationship couldn’t be described so simply…

[I have to find a way to occupy Xi’er’s attention, and then do whatever I want with these women.] Yao He thought as he swept his eyes over Han Xiao Qi and the others.

[En, I’ll let her use these Blood Beads first; refining and absorbing them, as well as breaking through to the True Element Fifth Stage should take her quite some time, more than enough for me to have some fun.]

The more Yao He thought about it the more excited he became, wanting nothing more than to immediately grab those Great Han beauties and viciously ravage them, tasting all the sweet flavours they had to offer.

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