Martial Peak

Chapter 245 – Changing Allies And Enemies

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Hearing what she said, Yang Kai’s excitement died down significantly as he frowned. “How many?”

“Six! All of them died instantly, one Fifth-Order and five Fourth-Order!” Zi Mo’s expression was somewhat ugly, her brow thoroughly furrowed, scrambling away from Yang Kai as she tidied up her clothes, quickly covering her bare upper body.

Thinking back on what had just happened, her spring-like eyes secretly glanced towards Yang Kai’s lower half before rapidly turning away, her face a bright shade of crimson, glowing with an alluring luster.

“Do you know who attacked them, and how many of them there are?” Yang Kai continued.

Zi Mo controlled Monster Beasts through her Soul Controlling Insects, allowing her to sense if they were dead or alive within a certain range, but any other information was harder to grasp, after all, she was not seeing through their eyes.

“I’m not sure.” Zi Mo shook her head.

“Then we’ll have to go take a look!” Yang Kai said decisively.

“There may be danger.” Zi Mo hesitated, “If it was that master who escaped before…”

She naturally suspected the culprit was Wu Cheng Yi. In this isolated world, anyone who could instantly kill six Monster Beasts would certainly be very strong.

“It’s best if it is him.” Yang Kai couldn’t help looking forward to it, Wu Cheng Yi had previously sent his Junior Brother to kill him, something Yang Kai had not forgotten about, sooner or later he had to settle this grudge, not to mention, Wu Cheng Yi likely had more Brilliant Flame Liquid on him.

Whether it was killing for revenge, or robbing treasures, Yang Kai had many reasons to confront him.

Seeing Yang Kai so determined, Zi Mo knew not to dampen his mood, not to mention, even if it really was Wu Cheng Yi, with her Monster Beast army in tow, by himself he wouldn’t be their opponent.

Soon after, Zi Mo led the rest of her Monster Beasts to the scene. With Leng Shan hurrying to keep pace with her, the two of them deliberately put some distance between them and Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t mind, taking up the rear while maintaining vigilance around them for any sudden movement.

“What happened?” Leng Shan whispered, unable to hold back any longer, keenly aware of the changes in Zi Mo’s mood.

“What?” Zi Mo, who seemed to be lost in thought, didn’t quite hear what she had asked.

“You’re acting strangely.” Leng Shan said as she looked at her curiously, “Weren’t you trying to seduce him, in order to embarrass him? Why did you…”

Leng Shan thought for a long time before she found the words to express her thoughts, “Why did you seem so into it?”

Zi Mo could not wait to find a hole to burrow into, blushing a deep red from her neck to her ears as she whispered under her breath, “Don’t mention that again, and later don’t try to seduce him, or else… playing with his fire might get you burnt…”

“Ah…” Leng Shan stumbled.


Believing that Yang Kai wasn’t really a man, Zi Mo didn’t have any reservations towards him. [So what if you kiss me? Since you’re disabled down there, even if you wanted to, what more could you do? Even if I were to strip off all my clothes and lie in front of you, at most you’d be able to molest me a bit.]

However, she never dreamed that Yang Kai’s situation was not what she had thought.

The sensation she had the moment she made contact with “that” was still lingering in her mind, causing her intense shame any time she recalled it. While she seemed bold and unrestrained on the surface, at heart, Zi Mo was still quite shy.

[But… if he has always been a real man, why was he so indifferent all those days ago when Leng Shan and I stripped half naked in front of him? How could he refuse such incredible temptation delivered straight to his fingertips? Was he really just being a gentleman back then?]

(PewPewLaserGun: Ahem, very gentlemanly… yes…)

(Silavin: … well, he has a lover or two… so…)

Cranky and confused, Zi Mo soon arrived at the place where her six Monster Beasts had died.

There was still some blood on the ground, but the Monster Beast’s bodies had long since ceased to exist. Obviously they had been condensed into Blood Beads and were taken away, leaving behind only a pile of dust.

Scanning the surroundings, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown.

While he did so, Zi Mo walked over, squatted down next to a pile of dust, and began sifting through it, her expression growing dark soon after.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Leng Shan.

“My Soul Controlling Insect… it’s gone.” Zi Mo’s face was now pale, quickly moving to the next pile of dust, but after thoroughly searching all six piles, she did not find a single Soul Controlling Insect.

“You won’t find anything; the one who killed you Monster Beasts was not that elite disciple from the Nine Star Sword School!” Yang Kai directed a knowing look towards Zi Mo, “There are no traces of Sword Qi around here.”

“What are you trying to say?” Zi Mo looked at him uneasily, already having guessed what happened, but not daring to, or rather, not wanting to confirm her suspicions.

“In your heart you already know, what else do I need to say?” Yang Kai sneered.

“No, that’s not possible…” Zi Mo shook her head, her voice quivering and her blood turning cold.

Suddenly, Zi Mo looked up again in a new direction, “More of my Monster Beasts have been killed!”

Yang Kai sneered again, now almost certain of his guess. Tilting his head slightly, he grinned at Zi Mo, “Do you want to go take a look?”

Zi Mo struggled and hesitated for a long time before finally nodding weakly.

However, this time she no longer dared to disperse her Monster Beasts to scout the periphery, instead recalling all of them before hurrying to the second place.

Half an hour later, Zi Mo once again stood up, disappointed. The four piles of dust here should have had four Soul Controlling Insects buried within them, but after a thorough search, she had failed to find them.

“Was it your two fellow disciples?” Leng Shan also finally understood, looking towards Zi Mo in surprise.

The Soul Controlling Insects were a unique method of the Tian Lang cultivators, so if her Monster Beasts were killed by Wu Cheng Yi, her insects would still be here.

On top of that, being able to kill two groups of Zi Mo’s Monster Beasts in such a short period of time, the culprit either had to be very strong or have a lot of help.

Combined with the disappearance of her Soul Controlling Insects, the identity of the other party was obvious!

If it were her fellow disciples from the Sen Luo Temple, Zi Mo could understand how they had found and taken away her Soul Controlling Insect as well as how they had instantly killed so many Monster Beasts.

After all, in addition to their own Monster Beasts, they also had control of a lot of Great Han Dynasty cultivators.

It was just, Zi Mo couldn’t believe it, did not want to believe it! They were from the same branch of the same Sect, so how could they have such murderous intent towards her?

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Zi Mo spread out her perception, trying to find her lost Soul Controlling Insect’s whereabouts. However, no matter how she tried, it was futile.

A while later, when she finally opened her eyes again, all that could be seen in them was anguish and rage as they coldly glanced around the surroundings, a deep sneer appearing on her face.

“We should leave here!” Yang Kai said with a frown, and without any explanation pulled Zi Mo’s arm and dragged her away.

Two hours later, the trio had moved a hundred kilometers away. With ten of her Monster Beasts being killed, two of which were Fifth-Order, Zi Mo’s combat strength had been greatly reduced.

Stopping to rest, Zi Mo sat alone, her expression constantly changing, sometimes cold, sometimes confused, sometimes pained, while at other times, enraged. Leng Shan and Yang Kai glanced at each other but remained silent, knowing that her heart was currently engaged in a difficult struggle.

When Yang Kai gave Leng Shan a wink, silently telling her to say a few comforting words, Leng Shan simply turned a blind eye, ignoring him outright.

(Silavin: WTF? A wink? A GODDAM WINK?)

Yang Kai was speechless, only able to sigh and wait.

After a long silence, Zi Mo cried out bitterly, her breathing now ragged as she gazed towards Yang Kai with a pitiful look on her face, “Why are they doing this?”

“You’ll have to ask them,” said Yang Kai calmly.

“We all come from the same Sect! Although we all compete amongst one another, they don’t need to go this far, right?” Zi Mo said, unable to understand why things were happening this way.

“So what if you’re from the same Sect?” Yang Kai disagreed, “The harshest competition occurs within one’s own Sect!”

“So disciples in your Sects are willing to kill each other?”

Yang Kai and Leng Shan simply nodded.

Zi Mo was stunned silent, wrinkling her brow for a long time before sighing, “Maybe because we come from a small branch of the Sen Luo Temple, we don’t have many fellow disciples, so in the Tian Lang Dynasty we all took care of each other. Even if there was competition, nobody would do things to such extremes.”

“We’re not in the Tian Lang Dynasty, nor are we in your Sen Luo Temple.” Yang Kai said coldly.

“All the more reason we have to support each other.” Zi Mo argued back, still unable to accept the truth in front of her.

“Hah, I thought you were a ruthless and cruel woman, but it turns out you’re just a naive little girl!” Yang Kai sneered. Zi Mo probably only showed a strong, ruthless appearance in front of the Great Han Dynasty cultivators, but when it was the disciples from her Sect, she would still act kindly and relax her guard.

Zi Mo smiled wryly and tried to say something when suddenly she screamed out in pain, immediately dropping to the ground as she clutched her head, writhing in agony.

Both Yang Kai and Leng Shan’s expressions also changed, hurrying to her side.

Zi Mo seemed to be enduring some kind of nightmarish torture, both her hands gripping her head as she struggled back and forth, sweating profusely.

Her situation was exactly the same as when Yang Kai had punished her before.

Her Soul was clearly being attacked!

Yang Kai and Leng Shan glanced towards at each other, a shocked and aghast expression adorning both their faces.

The pain Zi Mo’s felt lasted for a long time before gradually subsiding, her clothes now dripping wet, and her body clearly exhausted, but her eyes had instead become cold and piercing.

“It’s them! They’re sending me a warning, telling me to come to them!” Zi Mo grit her teeth so hard that a grinding sound could be heard, her face filling with thick murderous intent, she grabbed Yang Kai’s clothes and solemnly gazed into his eyes, “Help me kill them!”

Yang Kai grinned, “I would have done so even without you asking.”

A few days ago, when Yang Kai had brought up this topic, Zi Mo had steadfastly refused, but now, the situation had changed. Zi Mo had her own principles and didn’t want to hurt her companions, but clearly her two fellow disciples did not feel the same way about her.

“Where are they?” Yang Kai asked.

“That way!” Zi Mo pointed, “Probably about an hour’s journey!”

“An hour… good, let’s go then.” Yang Kai frowned for a moment before lifting Zi Mo onto his back, carrying her as they rushed into the jungle.

Lying against Yang Kai’s back, Zi Mo was overcome with a strange feeling. The two of them were clearly enemies, but now they had to help each other in order to deal with her companions, who were enemies and who were friends was as impermanent as the clouds.

Along the way, Zi Mo explained briefly about her fellow disciples again.

The two of them were cousins from the same martial family and both had cultivations at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage.

One was called Yao He, while the other was called Yao Xi, each of them controlled about fifty or so Monster Beasts, a hundred in total; this amount of Monster Beasts alone was double what Zi Mo originally had. Not to mention, she currently had only about thirty or forty remaining.

If they attacked head on, there was almost no chance of success, but as long as they could kill one of them, that person’s Monster Beasts would regain their freedom creating a chaotic situation, and if there was chaos they had a hope of victory.

In her anger, Zi Mo no longer held back any information about two fellow disciples, so Yang Kai quietly listened, silently remembering everything he could while constantly searching for the best possible strategy to achieve their objective.

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