Martial Peak

Chapter 1949 - Summon

Chapter 1949, Summon

After recognizing the gap between himself and Yang Kai, Chu Fei lost his previous arrogance, but here in front of everyone’s eyes, he was unwilling to lose any more face. Otherwise, how would he be able to show himself in Blue Feather Sect in the future?

So even if he was frightened in his heart, he could only put up a front and growl back at Yang Kai.

“It’s quite simple actually,” Yang Kai looked at Chu Fei with a smile and raised a finger. “After Senior Brother caused such a scene, Junior Brother is afraid he won’t be able to continue performing Alchemy here in the future, so shouldn’t Senior Brother compensate for my loss?”

“Compensate for your loss?” Chu Fei’s eyes bulged as he never expected Yang Kai to be so shameless.

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Junior Brother doesn’t need too much, just a few hundred thousand Source Crystals.”

“A few hundred thousand… in your dreams!” Chu Fei snapped as his face distorted and shouted, “You dare ask for such an absurd amount!”

A few hundred thousand Source Crystals was a number that Chu Fei could not even dream about. From when he first began cultivating until now, even counting the ones he had used up, the total number of Source Crystals he had possessed did not exceed two hundred thousand, yet Yang Kai was asking him for several hundred thousand all at once? What difference was that from asking for his life?

Yang Kai’s face suddenly became cold as he said grimly, “It seems Senior Brother has no sincerity at all. Apparently, negotiations have broken down, and in that case…”

Before Yang Kai could finish what he was saying though, he suddenly turned his head slightly, as if listening to something that just reached his ear.

Seeing this scene, Chu Fei smiled happily and laughed, “Junior Brother, let us end matters here today. Senior Brother will remember you; perhaps we shall meet on some mountain or river in the future.”

Looking at Yang Kai’s expression, how could Chu Fei not understand that a master was sending a message to him? Now that Sect’s leaders were involved, he was safe.

Having said what he wanted to, Chu Fei waved his hand and shouted to his companions, “Let’s go!”

The other two did not dare to delay and quickly lifted up their Junior Brother Jiang, who was still struggling, and tried to quickly flee.

“You want to leave after soiling my reputation so? How could that be allowed?” Yang Kai’s coldly snorted, shocking Chu Fei. Turning around, Chu Fei saw Yang Kai charge towards him and swing a fist covered in five-coloured light.

A thick Domain pressed down on Chu Fei at that moment, completely suppressing his movements, and before he could even let out a scream, he was knocked to the ground again by Yang Kai.

As a Third-Order Origin King, Chu Fei was not weak, and even if he hadn’t completely transformed his Saint Qi into Source Qi, he should have still been able to put up a fight.

However, Chu Fei had deeply realized in the previous confrontation with Yang Kai that he was not this Junior Brother’s opponent at all, so he was unable to muster up the will to resist and instead just frantically pushed his strength to protect his vitals as Yang Kai’s fists fell on him like rain.

The onlookers watched this scene in utter shock.

Amid the muffled bangs, Chu Fei’s wails and moans rang out.

When Yang Kai got up, Chu Fei was already covered with blood and lay on the ground twitching, obviously having suffered serious injuries.

Yang Kai turned his head, glanced in a certain direction, then cursed under his breath before calling out to Liu Xian Yun, “Close up the shop!”

Liu Xian Yun was taken aback for a moment before quickly recovering and following Yang Kai back to their residence.

Wherever the two went, the other Blue Feather Sect disciples took the initiative to give way, all of them staring towards Yang Kai fearfully.


Liu Xian Yun followed after Yang Kai, staring blankly at his wide back, her thoughts still somewhat confused.

She had not expected that Yang Kai, who usually looked like a peaceful person, would actually act so cruel and merciless so suddenly. Back in the shopping district, if it were not for them being from the same Sect, Chu Fei would certainly have been butchered by Yang Kai.

However, after this incident, it was likely they would no longer be able to sell Alchemy services in the shopping district again, causing Liu Xian Yun to feel a little regretful; after all, the two of them had earned a lot of Source Crystals this past month.

Suddenly, as they were walking, Yang Kai came to a halt, causing Liu Xian Yun who was still in a daze to almost bump into him. After steadying herself, she quickly asked, “Brother Yang what happened?”

“You go back first, I’ve been summoned,” Yang Kai turned back.

“Summoned?” Liu Xian Yun frowned but quickly understood, “Does Protector Bian want to see you? The message you received just now…”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded. “It’s just a small matter, don’t worry about it.”

“Should I go with you?” Liu Xian Yun asked.

“Protector Bian didn’t summon you, so I’m afraid you will be sent back even if you came. Just return home for now,” Yang Kai finished speaking before flying off towards a nearby mountain peak.

Liu Xian Yun shouted from behind, “Be careful.”

Yang Kai simply waved his hand in reply.

Halfway up the mountain, a figure flashed in front of Yang Kai and stared at him with some dissatisfaction on his face.

“Senior Brother Kou!” Yang Kai greeted him indifferently as he cupped his fists.

The one who stopped him was none other than Kou Wu. It was also Kou Wu who had just sent his voice to Yang Kai to stop and to come to the mountain to see Protector Bian.

“Your courage isn’t small! Daring to disobey my order, didn’t I tell you to let Chu Fei go? Why did you still beat him after that?” Kou Wu snorted coldly.

Yang Kai sneered, “Someone spat on my face and I have to just choke down the insult? Protector Bian’s faction is not so weak, right? If that is really the case, Senior Brother Kou disappoints me greatly.”

“How long has it been since you joined the Sect? What do you know? Do you think what happened today was just Chu Fei coming to stir up trouble?” Kou Wu questioned coldly.

“Of course I know he was instigated,” Yang Kai sneered. “I was just trying to make some Source Crystals by performing Alchemy but it seems I’ve cut into someone’s interest, yes? Let me guess, Protector Zhu? And Protector Bian doesn’t want to have any conflict with Protector Zhu right now? Is that why you wanted me to compromise?”

Kou Wu looked at Yang Kai in surprise but soon nodded, “Seems you’re not stupid! Yes, although Chu Fei’s actions today were not directed by Protector Zhu personally, they can still be regarded as involving the interests of Protector Zhu. If you want to make money through Alchemy, why not enter the Treasure Yuan Hall? You should know that Treasure Yuan Hall has a Pill Hall inside the shopping district and will protect its Alchemists if something happens.”

Yang Kai spread his hands and shrugged, “I’m poor. If I entered the Treasure Yuan Hall, I’d have to turn over sixty percent of my income to them. Senior Brother knows I just came to the Star Boundary and don’t have a single Source Crystal.”

“Fair enough,” Kou Wu knew that Yang Kai was telling the truth, so he didn’t press this topic much, instead shifting to the next issue. “But you beating Chu Fei today has only given Protector Zhu an excuse to find fault. Do you want to be punished by the Sect’s laws? Regardless of anything else, Chu Fei is your Senior Brother, what you did was akin to defying orders from your Senior!”

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Isn’t that why Protector Bian has summoned me? I believe an old master like her will solve this appropriately.”

Kou Wu’s face turned dark as he quickly muttered, “Don’t mention the words ‘old master’ in front of Lady Protector, or you’ll lose your dog life!”

“I understand, Lady then!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Forget it, come with me, I hope Lady Protector is in a good mood today, otherwise… well, best of luck,” Kou Wu shook his head and did not continue to scold him, instead just leading Yang Kai towards the top of the mountain.

Kou Wu led Yang Kai into the same palace he had visited once before and escorted him to a certain room.

Inside this room, there were luxurious and elegant furnishings everywhere that obviously belonged to a woman’s boudoir.

Bian Yu Qing lay languidly on a sofa, her exquisite curves on full display as she rested her cheek on one hand, her eyes closed lightly, her posture suggestive and enchanting.

The sofa itself was covered in the pelt of some powerful Monster Beast and beside her, there were a few young women in thin robes. These maids were either fanning Bian Yu Qing lightly or peeling grape-like spirit fruits and feeding them to her lips. Still others were gently kneading Bian Yu Qing’s beautiful legs…

When Yang Kai entered this room, the first thought that popped into his mind was ‘extravagance’…

As always, Kou Wu lowered his head and stared straight at his toes while cupping his fists and saying, “Protector Bian, I’ve brought the little brat you requested.”

“Greetings, Lady Protector!” Yang Kai, unlike Kou Wu, stared straight ahead, his eyes clear and limpid, without the slightest trace of obscenity or desire.

Because he knew that a woman like Bian Yu Qing was definitely not someone he could socialize with right now, he made sure to eliminate any trace of distraction in his heart, lest she ruthlessly punish him for his impropriety.

Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Bian Yu Qing, who had been closing her eyes and resting, lightly opened them. From her majestic phoenix eyes, a sharp light flashed, causing Yang Kai to feel quite uncomfortable, as if he had been cut by a sharp knife.

The moment Yang Kai’s eyes met hers, he felt as if he was staring into a bottomless vortex that was trying to pull out his Soul and consume it.

Yang Kai was shocked and hurriedly bit his tongue to restore his consciousness.

When he looked again, Bian Yu Qing’s eyes had been restored to their original state.

“Boy, your courage isn’t small. Just a few days after entering the Sect, you actually dared cause trouble for this Queen!” Bian Yu Qing’s voice was sweet and pleasant to the ear, but her tone was quite cold and sharp.

“Lady Protector, please understand,” Yang Kai resisted the uncomfortable coercion and quickly said. “It’s not that this disciple was causing trouble, he was simply struggling to resist after being bullied.”

“Struggling to resist? Haha, I heard that you beat your Senior Brother into a pulp and that it will take at least three months for him to recover. Is that your definition of ‘resistance’?” Bian Yu Qing looked at Yang Kai lightly.

“This disciple may have been a bit heavy-handed, but he only acted so to ensure that others don’t dare underestimate Lady Protector’s faction. If this disciple had silently born such disgrace, others would begin to think our faction was weak and easy to bully!”

“Oh?” Bian Yu Qing raised her brow slightly and said with a smile, “Then, according to what you said, should this Queen gather all the disciples and praise you in public, using you as an example?”

“This disciple only did what was necessary, Lady Protector need not pay it any mind!”

“Impudence!” Bian Yu Qing snapped and with a wave of her hand released a burst of force that sent Yang Kai flying into the rear wall.

“Milady, please calm yourself!” Kou Wu quickly soothed.

But a moment later, Bian Yu Qing actually giggled happily, making it impossible for Kou Wu to understand exactly what she was thinking.

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