Martial Peak

Chapter 1948 - Thrashing

Chapter 1948, Thrashing

The shopping district was extremely lively, with people coming and going constantly, so although the store rented by Yang Kai was located in a remote corner, the incident here naturally attracted countless onlookers.

The ones who arrived later did not know the whole story and only saw the miserable appearance of the cultivator surnamed Jiang. After realizing how dark his future would be, they all felt sorrowful and glared at Yang Kai as if he really was a fraud. Many even swore that they would warn their friends not to trust this sham Alchemist when they left.

Of course, some people realized that the situation was not as simple as it first appeared, but in Blue Feather Sect, most disciples were indifferent to others, and since none had any friendship with Yang Kai, they didn’t take the initiative to stand up and draw fire towards themselves.

Yang Kai saw how the situation was developing and knew that if this matter wasn’t resolved properly today, he would never be able to earn Source Crystals from Alchemy here again. That in and of itself was not a great misdemeanour, but what the other party was planning as a follow-up to this conspiracy was not something Yang Kai could simply ignore.

“You… do you have any evidence to prove that this Senior Brother Jiang’s Cultivation Dissonance was caused by the Spirit Pill refined by Brother Yang?” Liu Xian Yun asked through gritted teeth, but even her attempts here seemed quite feeble and desperate.

Chu Fei sneered, “With Junior Brother Jiang in this condition, what more evidence is needed?”

Liu Xian Yun was speechless for a moment as she turned anxiously to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Five days ago, this Senior Brother Jiang came to me to refine an Emperor Blood Yang Pill. This kind of Spirit Pill is used to supplement one’s vitality, perhaps it is related to some Secret Technique Senior Brother Jiang is cultivating. I gave him four Spirit Pills at that time. Might I ask if there are any of those pills remaining? If there are, we can simply ask another of the Sect’s Alchemy Grandmasters to confirm whether my Spirit Pill has any problems.”

Liu Xian Yun’s beautiful eyes lit up and quickly nodded, “That’s right, if there are any remaining Spirit Pills, we can verify their efficacy.”

Chu Fei snorted, “All the Spirit Pills were taken by Junior Brother Jiang, how do you want to handle things now?”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “Since Senior Brother Chu cannot produce any evidence to back up his claims, then it is pure slander. As such, forgive Junior Brother for not being able to do anything. Senior Brothers, please take your leave now, it won’t be too late to discuss this again when you have some kind of proof.”

Saying so, Yang Kai turned around to enter the shop.

The other party was clearly trying to make trouble for him, so Yang Kai did not want to bother dealing with them again.

“You want to just walk away?” When Chu Fei saw the attitude of Yang Kai, he was furious and shouted, “Murder must be paid for with one’s life, and all debts require their due, you think you can harm Junior Brother Jiang like this and just leave? How can something so outrageous act possibly be allowed?”

Yang Kai turned his head, looked at Chu Fei with a smile, and said coldly, “What does Senior Brother Chu think we should do then?”

“Follow me back to Protector Zhu to accept your punishment!” Chu Fei shouted.

“Nonsense, I am one of Protector Bian’s disciples! Even if punishment is due, it would be up to Protector Bian to mete it out, what business is it of Protector Zhu?”

“Bold! How dare you speak so disrespectfully of Sir Protector! If such arrogance is tolerated just after you joined the Sect, how wild will you be later? This Senior Brother will teach you a good lesson about how to behave like a proper Junior Brother!”

Chu Fei had come here in order to make trouble, and now he had finally found a reason to act, so how could he hold himself back? After shouting righteously, he charged at Yang Kai, reaching out to seize him.

A powerful Origin King Domain burst out and completely enveloped Yang Kai, trying to suppress him in place and causing the surrounding space to become extremely viscous.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he also pushed his Domain to resist his opponent’s while at the same time a golden light flickered from his hand as dozens of Golden Blood Threads shot out and condensed into a whip that slashed through the air towards Chu Fei.

Space seemed to be split in half as the shocking vitality contained in the gleaming Golden Blood Whip shot out like a viper, causing all who witnessed it to shiver unconsciously.

Chu Fei was also taken aback.

He thought that the other party was just a Second-Order Origin King Junior Brother who had only entered the Sect recently and could be easily dealt with by a Third-Order Origin King like himself. However, the instant Yang Kai fought back, Chu Fei realized something was wrong.

Not only was his opponent’s Domain not weaker than his own, it actually seemed stronger, able to completely nullify the suppression of his own Domain.

What’s more, the surging aura which came from this seemingly casual counterattack showed that this Junior Brother had transformed a significant amount of his Saint Qi into Source Qi, otherwise, it would have been impossible for Chu Fei to feel such pressure against a cultivator who was a Minor Realm lower in cultivation.

The Golden Blood Thread whip that was rapidly approaching him caused a chill to shoot up Chu Fei’s spine and without even hesitating he opened his palm in front of him and summoned out a mirror-like artifact. A profound light shone from this mirror and formed a light shield between Chu Fei and the Golden Blood Thread whip.


With a snap, the Golden Blood Thread whip impacted the light shield and was deflected, failing to injure Chu Fei at all.

[This mirror can actually divert my attack?]

[But if that’s all…]

A smirk appeared at the corner of Yang Kai’s lips.

The deflected Golden Blood Thread whip suddenly twisted and transformed into a golden python with glowing red eyes and fangs. Hissing furiously, this golden python shot towards and rapidly wrapped around Chu Fei, capturing him in an instant before it bit into his neck.

Chu Fei cried out in pain, and before he could compose himself, Yang Kai had already arrived right in front of him. Covered in five-coloured light, Yang Kai brought down his fist onto Chu Fei’s face like a great hammer.

Chu Fei instinctively tried to resist but was shocked to discover he was powerless to do so. His opponent’s strange golden python Secret Technique and extremely overbearing Domain had fully suppressed him, making it difficult for him to even circulate his strength.


With a muffled bang, Chu Fei was sent flying, tumbling several times through the air before smashing into the ground.

The audience immediately went into an uproar! Everyone’s heart shook wildly as they stared dumbfounded at this battle.

The fight between Yang Kai and Chu Fei started and ended so fast that they might have missed it if they blinked. Even Liu Xian Yun, who was standing right beside Yang Kai, was unable to help because Chu Fei had already been knocked out by the time she assumed an attacking stance.

There was simply no room for her to intervene!

Her heart filled with shock as her beautiful eyes stared at Yang Kai tremblingly. She was stunned to discover that, Yang Kai was much more powerful compared to when she saw him in the Starlight Corridor!

She never doubted that Yang Kai could defeat Chu Fei; after all, he had caused Yin Le Sheng to suffer a huge loss back in the Starlight Corridor.

Although Chu Fei was also a Third-Order Origin King, the Saint Qi in his body had certainly not been fully transformed into Source Qi, so he was definitely weaker than Yin Le Sheng.

Yang Kai was able to cause serious trouble to Yin Le Sheng, so he would certainly be able to beat Chu Fei.

But she did not expect Yang Kai’s victory to come so easily.

Was his opponent really a Third-Order Origin King? If people didn’t know any better, they would likely assume he was only a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator.

Did this man really come from a low-level Star Field? If it were not for her encounter in the Starlight Corridor, Liu Xian Yun wouldn’t be able to believe it.

While Liu Xian Yun was immersed in her shock, the surrounding Blue Feather Sect disciples were also stunned to the point where their jaws were hanging loose.

This was especially true of the cultivators who knew that Yang Kai was also a skilled Alchemist; they were simply unable to believe their eyes!

One had to know that although Alchemists also cultivated, their cultivation was generally lower than their Alchemy Grade because they spent most of their time on Alchemy, and even their strength would generally be lower than average for their realm.

Yang Kai was able to refine the Origin King Grade Spirit Pills and was himself an Origin King Realm cultivator, which was unbelievable enough, but now he was able to use his Second-Order Origin King to easily crush a Third-Order Origin King Senior Brother!

The scene in front of them could not even be called a fight, it was more appropriate to call it a thrashing.

Yang Kai’s bizarre performance was beyond their ability to comprehend!

A disciple with such extraordinary combat power, capable of overwhelming opponents a Minor Realm higher than himself, and who was also proficient in Alchemy… it was difficult to even imagine. The spectating Blue Feather Sect disciples now looked at Yang Kai like a monster who would foreseeably receive great attention from the Sect and be cultivated vigorously. As for the injuries to Senior Brother Chu… why would Blue Feather Sect care about him?

Several people were already making plans in their hearts about how to build a good relationship with Yang Kai so that once he rose to prominence one day, they would be able to drink some of the leftover soup.

The other two Origin Kings who had come together with Chu Fei turned pale at this moment.

When the battle between Chu Fei and Yang Kai began, they had wanted to go up and help just like Liu Xian Yun, but in the blink of an eye, Chu Fei had been laid out on the ground with his face punched in, a scenario completely beyond their expectations.

They had thought it would be Yang Kai who was severely beaten by Chu Fei and forced to beg for mercy, allowing them to do what they pleased with him…

But reality was cruel to them, to the point where it robbed them of the ability to think.

Yang Kai’s sharp eyes drifted towards these two next, causing them to involuntarily take a step back.

One of them was a First-Order Origin King while the other was a Second-Order. The two of them together would not have been Chu Fei’s opponents, so how could they dare challenge Yang Kai?

Fortunately, Yang Kai did not seem interested in dealing with them and instead just walked towards Chu Fei step by step, narrowing his eyes slightly as he smiled warmly, “Senior Brother Chu, we have never met before today, nor do we know anything about one another. Why don’t we have a seat and talk about this Senior Brother Jiang’s Cultivation Dissonance like good brothers?”

When Chu Fei heard this, he did not dare continue to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead. Leaping to his feet, he tried to put up a strong front as he shouted, “What do you want to do?”

“Senior Brother is too serious, Junior Brother only joined the Sect recently, how could he have any malicious thoughts towards you? En, Junior Brother simply wants to have a nice chat,” Yang Kai smiled very amiably, but in Chu Fei’s eyes, he only saw the wicked grin of the grim reaper.

As he spoke, Yang Kai cracked his fists lightly.

Chu Fei’s face went pale as his eyes stared out from the swollen and bruised face, angrily shouting, “This time, I acknowledge the punishment is deserved, but don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!”

“Don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch?” Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became cold, “Senior Brother maliciously smeared my good name as an Alchemist today. If this matter is not resolved properly, how will I be able to offer Alchemy services here ever again?”

“What do you want?” Chu Fei grit his teeth and asked.

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