Martial Peak

Chapter 1361 - All Is Well

Chapter 1361, All Is Well

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Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s arrival, Yang Yan slowly opened her beautiful eyes and glanced at him through the transparent energy barrier.

When their eyes met, Yang Kai felt startled.

Because at that moment, he was shocked to find that Yang Yan’s eyes were a little strange, involuntarily giving him the illusion that he was nothing but a small, humble ant in front of her.

But when he looked again carefully, Yang Yan had returned to normal, as if everything just now was his mind playing tricks on him.

After Yang Yan glanced at him, she closed her eyes again, her look not changing in the slightest. Yang Kai tried to call out to her several times, but never once received a response.

The next instant, Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea seemed to boil as an orange bubble suddenly appeared from below the sea of flames. This bubble slowly rose towards Yang Yan before bursting right below her. When this bubble burst, Yang Kai sensed some kind of strange energy pour into her Soul Avatar.

As soon as this happened, Yang Yan’s expression filled with pain, as if she was experiencing great suffering, her brow furrowing tightly as her tender body trembled violently, her arms clinging even tighter to her knees.

Yang Kai’s heart clenched as uncertainty and confusion filled his face.

He did not understand what had happened to Yang Yan, but at this moment, he finally realized the reason she was in this state was related to these bubbles in her Knowledge Sea.

[Didn’t these bubbles contain Yang Yan’s life experiences and memories? Why would they cause her so much discomfort?]

Suddenly, Yang Kai remembered something. Yang Yan once told him that no one had taught her about Artifact Refining or Spirit Arrays and that all her knowledge was innate, as if it had been buried in her subconscious and she could unlock them through studying Spirit Arrays and Artifact Refining.

Could it be that knowledge of these two fields Yang Yan had yet to master was what was sealed inside these orange bubbles? But where did this knowledge come from? Why would they be stored in her Knowledge Sea? Why would all of them suddenly become unlocked?

Yang Kai could not figure it out.

Yang Yan’s current situation was like she was forcefully accepting a massive amount of information, far more than she could immediately digest, resulting in her Soul Avatar closing itself off in her Knowledge Sea to protect itself.

Although all of this was just Yang Kai’s guess, he was certain they were correct.

If this was really the case, Yang Kai couldn’t help her unless he stole away some of the knowledge sealed in those bubbles to share the burden with Yang Yan, but this knowledge was Yang Yan’s wealth, so without her permission, Yang Kai would naturally not do this.

Doing so now would be nothing short of robbing Yang Yan.

Although she seemed to be suffering a little right now, as long as she could endure this, her gains would be unimaginable.

Understanding this, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. Now that he had found the source of the problem and it was nothing bad like he had imagined, he was naturally no longer worried.

However, for the time being, Yang Kai was not in a hurry to leave, planning on watching over Yang Yan’s Soul Avatar so he could intervene quickly if a real accident happened.

After making up his mind, Yang Kai whispered a few words to Yang Yan, informing her of his intentions, before immediately withdrawing a short distance and sitting down cross-legged in the air while carefully observing her condition.

Yang Kai did not know if it was an illusion or not, but Yang Yan seemed somewhat encouraged because he was close by. For some time after, the bubbles in Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea continued to rise and pop around Yang Yan, flooding her with all the information sealed within them when they burst.

Even though Yang Yan’s expression was filled with pain, her reaction seemed much better than before.

And as time passed and the number of bubbles that appeared decreased, Yang Yan’s expression gradually stabilized.

In a blink of an eye, about half a month passed. During this period, Yang Kai did not withdraw an inch or even close his eyes for a moment, paying constant attention to Yang Yan’s state at all times.

Finally, the last bubble rose from her Knowledge Sea and burst, and the information sealed inside of it was quickly absorbed by Yang Yan. When this was finished, the transparent barrier around Yang Yan’s body also broke and she slowly opened her eyes. Slowly stretching out her body, Yang Yan used one hand to cover her chest while the other blocked her most precious place. As she rose into a standing stance, her long hair flowed out widely despite there being no wind.

Her entire Knowledge Sea suddenly became calm at this moment.

Yang Kai stared blankly. This beautiful scene made him feel that Yang Yan was like an awe-inspiring goddess.

Until now, Yang Yan had always worn black robes that covered her completely, so even if Yang Kai had wanted to see her whole face, he had never had an opportunity. Now, although he had somewhat expected it, he was quite shocked at how attractive she was. If Yang Yan dressed better, she would certainly be able to drive countless men crazy for her.

While Yang Kai was staring, a dazzling light suddenly burst from Yang Yan’s Soul Avatar. Not only was this light blinding, it was accompanied by an aura that caused Yang Kai to pale slightly.

When that aura struck him, he could not help trembling.

[Emperor Pressure!] Yang Kai’s eyes widened instantly. He had experienced this kind of aura before in Fallen Emperor Mountain, so it was naturally impossible for him to mistake it for something else.

This strange Emperor Pressure disappeared quickly and, when the light faded and Yang Kai regained his sight, he saw Yang Yan’s Soul Avatar had donned her signature black robe and was currently staring towards Yang Kai with a somewhat apologetic look.

Seeing this, Yang Kai frowned slightly, stood up, and quickly flew towards her, sticking close as he swept his eyes over her a few times.

Yang Yan seemed to be the same Yang Yan he had always known, without any kind of change, but everything he had witnessed still caused Yang Kai to become suspicious.

“Are you all right?” Yang Kai asked after a long silence.

“En, I’m fine now,” Yang Yan brushed her hair behind her ear and smiled at Yang Kai.

This smile was filled with immense self-confidence! It was a look Yang Kai had never seen on Yang Yan before. Until now, she had always seemed as timid as a mouse, only showing her confidence when it came to Artifact Refining or Spirit Array arranging.

“I’ve made you worry,” Yang Yan whispered gratefully.

“As long as you are alright, everything is fine. Wu Yi and Qian Yue were very worried, they had no idea what happened to you. En, since you’re fine now, I’ll take my leave.”

“En, you go first, I have to stay here for a while, there are some things I need to take care of!” Yang Yan bit her red lips.

Yang Kai looked at her and nodded, “Alright, just come out after you finish what you need to.”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and disappeared out of Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea.

After Yang Kai left, Yang Yan’s face suddenly showed a complicated expression that made it impossible to understand what she was thinking. There seemed to be a haze covering her beautiful eyes, but after a while, she let out a gentle sigh, sat down cross-legged, closed her eyes and began sorting through all the information in her head.

Inside the loft, Yang Kai opened his eyes and glanced towards Yang Yan who was sitting cross-legged in front of him. Seeing that her face had become much rosier and her breathing was much smoother, Yang Kai understood that she really was out of danger. Right now, her Soul Avatar was simply immersed in her Knowledge Sea, so she wouldn’t regain consciousness for some time.

No matter what she suffered or what she obtained, Yang Kai did not try to ask. To him, as long as Yang Yan was still Yang Yan, that was all that mattered. If she was willing to tell him, she would do so on her own.

After carefully laying Yang Yan down on her bed and covering her with her bedding, Yang Kai left.

Outside the door, Wu Yi and Qian Yue were still anxiously waiting. Yang Kai had remained inside Yang Yan’s room for half a month, silent the entire time, so naturally they were quite worried.

They did not dare to disturb him at will, but that didn’t mean they weren’t anxious.

Hearing the door opening, the two women were overjoyed, and after seeing Yang Kai, Wu Yi hurriedly asked, “How is she?”

“Everything’s fine now, don’t worry. She will probably wake up in a few days.”

Hearing Yang Kai say this, Wu Yi and Qian Yue could not help exchanging a joyful glance and breathing sighs of relief.

“Putting aside Yang Yan’s matter, after the Emperor Garden appeared, has our Dragon Cave Mountain been affected?”

“You also know about the Emperor Garden’s appearance?” Wu Yi showed a trace of surprise. After all, the Emperor Garden had only appeared recently and during this period Yang Kai had been with Yang Yan, so it was quite strange he would have obtained this news so quickly.

The reason why Wu Yi knew about the Emperor Garden’s appearance was because news had come from Shadow Moon Hall.

But soon, Wu Yi sorted out her thoughts and replied, “There are more strange faces around the area, and the number of cultivators in Heavenly Fate City has also skyrocketed, but it hasn’t had much impact on our Dragon Cave Mountain yet. However, if things continue like this, that may not be the case for much longer.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. What Wu Yi had said was exactly what he was worried about.

The Emperor Garden had coincidentally appeared right above Dragon Cave Mountain, attracting the attention of many foreign cultivators this past fortnight. As more time passed, more masters would arrive and at that time this place would be swarmed by many hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

“Elder Qian sent you a message a few days ago, would you like to see it?” Wu Yi quickly remembered and asked.

“Oh? What message?” Yang Kai looked towards her.

Wu Yi immediately took out a letter from her Space Ring and handed it over. Yang Kai took it, but after opening it, he found that there wasn’t anything written on it. However, this did not surprise Yang Kai as he quickly used his Divine Sense to scan it and soon collected all the information it contained.

The news from Qian Tong was quite simple. There were only two points. Shadow Moon Hall’s internal strife had subsided. It was not difficult to imagine that, since the other party only made a move after Qian Tong disappeared for half a year, they were quite wary of him. Now that Qian Tong had returned safely and brought with him an Artifact Refiner highly likely to reach the Origin Grade level, all of the internal turbulence had quickly been suppressed.

What’s more, now that the Emperor Garden had appeared, everyone inside Shadow Moon Hall didn’t have the liberty to fight anymore. The Sect Master had issued a firm command and the battle had ceased, with only a few people being disposed of to warn others not to act up.

With the end of this internal struggle, Qian Tong made sure to mention to Yang Kai that Shadow Moon Hall would not intervene in any way in the grudge between Dragon Cave Mountain and the Xie Family. He also said that the trade relationship between Dragon Cave Mountain and Shadow Moon Hall would be fully restored and that Shadow Moon Hall would lower its selling price on materials by an additional ten percent as an apology.

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