Martial Peak

Chapter 1360 - Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea Defences

Chapter 1360, Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea Defences

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Four days ago? Yang Kai raised his brow thoughtfully. Four days ago was exactly when the changes in Fallen Emperor Mountain had occurred and the Emperor Garden had appeared. Why would Yang Yan’s sudden collapse coincide with those events?

What was the relationship between the two events? After thinking for a while, Yang Kai shook his head as he felt that his speculations were too absurd.

Fallen Emperor Mountain and the Emperor Garden were both related to the Starry Sky Great Emperor, so how could that have anything to do with Yang Yan?

“Yang Kai, what happened to her?” Wu Yi asked anxiously, concern filling her pretty face.

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai raised his eyes to meet hers, “Have Foreign Elder Chang and Foreign Elder Hao examined her?”

“En, but the two Foreign Elders were also helpless. Should we send her to Medicine Pill Sect for treatment?” Wu Yi bit her thin lip lightly and proposed. Although Medicine Pill Sect was famous for its Alchemy techniques, there was also no one on Shadowed Star who better understood Alchemy and medical treatment than masters. If they sent Yang Yan there, they might be able to help her.

Wu Yi came up with this idea a while ago, but since Yang Kai was not around, she didn’t act on it immediately.

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Forget about how long it would take to bring her there, even if we did, we may not be able to have one of their Elder level characters act.”

“What should we do then?” Wu Yi was as anxious as an ant on a hot wok. In Dragon Cave Mountain, Yang Kai was the hidden dragon who showed his tail but never his face, often in a state of secluded retreat or out on some adventure, so in his absence, everything about this place’s development and management had been handed over to her and Yang Yan. Yang Yan was also the one Wu Yi got along with best, so now seeing Yang Yan suffer like this, Wu Yi felt helpless and anxious.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to help her,” Yang Kai comforted, before casually explaining, “I just performed a check on her condition, and there appears to be nothing wrong with her physically. Since that is the case, the reason she’s remained unconscious obviously has something to do with her Soul. If I can break into her Knowledge Sea, I should be able to determine what’s wrong with her.”

“Then be careful, don’t hurt her.”

“I know, you should go out first!” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Wu Yi and Qian Yue exchanged a glance before the two both walked out with worried expressions.

In a blink of an eye, only Yang Kai and Yang Yan remained inside the loft. Seeing Yang Yan’s pale complexion, Yang Kai sighed slightly, stretched out his hand to support her head, then sat her up in a cross-legged sitting position facing him before slowly touching her smooth forehead with his finger.

Immediately after, Yang Kai closed his eyes and began pouring his Divine Sense into Yang Yan’s forehead.

Currently, Yang Yan was in a coma, so her Knowledge Sea had sealed itself off automatically. If Yang Kai wanted to break into Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea, he first had to break through her Knowledge Sea defences. Doing so may cause some damage to Yang Yan, but Yang had great confidence in his methods, so he was not worried about permanently harming her.

After all, after so many years of being nourished by the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation far exceeded other cultivators in his realm.

A moment later, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar left his body and appeared outside a barrier inside Yang Yan’s mind. This barrier was Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea defence. At a glance, Yang Kai couldn’t help showing some surprise as he hadn’t expected Yang Yan to have such powerful protections around her Knowledge Sea even while in a coma. Yang Kai felt like he was staring at a strong, solid and thick city wall, one that would not allow him to go one step further.

Not only that, but there were also glowing runes flowing across this giant wall that gave off an uncomfortable aura.

Yang Kai frowned slightly. He found that he had underestimated Yang Yan’s strength. Since encountering this woman, Yang Kai had never been able to discover her true cultivation and had never taken the initiative to ask. Yang Kai had thought that she carried a special artifact that blocked others from investigating her, but now it seemed that her cultivation was actually much higher than expected.

Sure enough, she was a woman full of mystery! Yang Kai was not totally surprised and instead looked up at this great barrier with a grin. In the next moment, his Divine Sense burst out, forming a powerful Soul attack which he launched.

The runes on the wall flashed brightly as Yang Kai’s attack landed and was subsequently dispersed like a rock sinking into the sea, leaving no trace.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he increased the power behind his attack and began repeatedly bombarding the barrier. During this process, Yang Kai was careful, not only to ensure the effectiveness of his attacks but also to make sure he maintained absolute control so that he would not cause Yang Yan any harm after breaking through the barrier.

This was no easy task to accomplish.

The runes on the barrier shone continuously and several of them often flew out to meet and counter Yang Kai’s Divine Sense attacks.

However, Yang Yan was in a coma, so even though her Knowledge Sea defences were not weak, they couldn’t withstand Yang Kai’s persistent bombardment. After an hour, Yang Kai finally tore a hole in the great barrier.

Seeing this, Yang Kai smiled happily and was just about to rush into Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea when three beams of light suddenly flew out to cover this opening.

An elegant purple glow, a flawless white glow, and a deep blue glow.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he instinctively sensed great danger from these three glows. It seemed that if he didn’t withdraw his Soul Avatar, he would quickly face disaster, so he hurriedly retreated.

Looking back, Yang Kai could not help being dumbfounded.

These three brilliances turned out to be three differently shaped artifacts.

The purple glow was a dagger-like artifact whose image sometimes morphed into a twisting snake with vicious fangs which gave off a thick malicious intent.

The white glow was a loop made of pure white jade which seemed both big and small at the same time and gave off a terrifying restrictive force.

The last sky blue light was a profound looking seal. The azure light which radiated from this seal made Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar feel like a snowflake under the hot summer sun, melting away the Spiritual Energy which composed his Soul Avatar at an incredible rate.

Yang Kai paled.

Although he had long known that Yang Yan was a powerful Artifact Refiner and had many artifacts on her person for her own protection, he had not imagined she would have three Soul type artifacts this powerful in her Knowledge Sea.

And from the way these three artifacts moved, it was obvious they could act independently to protect her.

With the situation becoming troublesome, Yang Kai’s face became ugly.

Although he had successfully torn open a hole in Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea defences, if he could not resist the attacks of these three Soul type artifacts, he couldn’t enter Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea.

Judging from the energy fluctuations coming from these three Soul type artifacts though, it would be no simple matter to overcome them! If Yang Kai really fought against these three artifacts, either he would be injured or Yang Yan would be. Whatever the result, it was not what Yang Kai wanted to see.

With a solemn look on his face, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar hovered in front of Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea defences, not daring to act hastily.

But after delaying like this, Yang Kai saw Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea defences begin to repair themselves, and he estimated it would only be a few breaths before they completely recovered.

When that happened, all his previous efforts would have gone to waste.

The opening continued closing at an increasing rate, but with the three Soul type artifacts focused on him, Yang Kai did not dare move forward to launch an attack. Suddenly, however, Yang Kai thought of a solution.

Sending out a burst of Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai silently sent a message straight into Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea.

Finishing this, he watched nervously.

To his disappointment, Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea defences continued repairing themselves and had been completely restored in the blink of an eye, as if Yang Yan had not heard his call at all.

Just as Yang Kai let out a sigh and was about to give up this attempt, the city-wall like Knowledge Sea defences suddenly took the initiative to open on their own and the three artifacts silently flew back inside.

Yang Kai stood on the spot for a moment before noticing that this crack showed no signs of immediately closing. Overjoyed, his figure flickered as he rushed into Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea through this opening.

Yang Yan had really heard his call! Clearly, she had taken the initiative to open a hole in her Knowledge Sea defences to let him enter.

Yang Kai had only sent out that Divine Sense Message as a shot in the dark, not actually expecting it to succeed, but it seemed Yang Yan was not unaware of what was happening to her at the moment, but rather her Soul was deeply immersed in her Knowledge Sea and had no ability to react to the outside world.

Entering Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai stood mid-air and looked around, a trace of surprise soon flashing across his face.

Because he found that the situation in Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea was extremely similar to his own. The water that rolled below was like a sea of flames and extremely hot, even the sky was dyed crimson. Standing here was like standing in a furnace.

Conflagrated Knowledge Sea!

When Yang Kai brought back nine Flowing Flame Flying Fires from the Flowing Flame Sand Field, he had given a couple of them to Yang Yan. Flowing Flame Flying Fires were precious treasures that could allow one to obtain a mutated Knowledge Sea, but after Yang Kai gave her these, he had not asked her about them again.

Now, it seems that Yang Yan had successfully refined them. Not only that, but her Conflagrated Knowledge Sea wasn’t much different from his own. Even if there was a gap in power between them, that was simply the result of a difference in accumulation.

After all, Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea had formed long before Yang Yan’s.

Inside this Knowledge Sea filled with tumbling flames, many transparent bubbles were suspended mid-air. These bubbles were filled with images of Yang Yan’s life experiences and the memories she had created over the years.

Yang Kai was not so crass as to intentionally spy on Yang Yan’s secrets; but he still noticed that many of these bubbles exuded a special kind of aura, something that surprised him greatly.

No such profound aura existed in his Knowledge Sea.

Shaking his head, Yang Kai put aside the doubts in his heart and looked up into the sky. Spotting what he was looking for, he quickly flew over.

Somewhere in the sky above this burning Knowledge Sea, a figure curled up into a ball, with her hands clasped around her knees and her long hair flowing down to her hips was wrapped in the inexplicable transparent energy barrier.

It was Yang Yan’s Soul Avatar!

At this moment, she looked like a baby in a mother’s womb, seeming somewhat vulnerable, her eyes closed tightly, her lashes fluttering gently.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai inexplicably felt a sense of sadness, causing him to frown. Even though Yang Yan’s Soul Avatar was without a wisp of covering right now, with every part of her body exposed to his eyes, he couldn’t feel even a single wicked thought, only a great impulse to awaken her and comfort her.

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