Martial Peak

Chapter 1349 - Three Great Divine Waters

Chapter 1349, Three Great Divine Waters

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Surprisingly, while everyone acted very careful along the way, they didn’t encounter any kind of danger, and after spending about half an hour, they arrived at the source of the fragrance.

Unexpectedly, what lay in front of their group was a large rockery, one that was over ten metres high and several tens of metres wide. No one knew what material this rockery was built from, only that it seemed to be quite uniformly constructed.

Yang Kai squinted at this rockery with interest. He noticed that whatever this rockery was constructed from was a rare Artifact Refining material. If he was able to bring it out from this place, it could definitely be refined into several powerful artifacts! Unfortunately, this rockery was far too large. Even if a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master came here, they wouldn’t be able to take it away, causing Yang Kai to sigh helplessly.

Inside the rockery was a small pool only about a metre in diameter. This pool seemed to be only a finger deep, but the liquid inside it was a milky white, making it impossible to see the bottom.

The fragrance everyone smelled was coming from this pool.

Just above the pool, there were trances of flowing liquid, so it seemed that the water here was collecting from some unknown place. However, after not being maintained for countless years, there still only being the accumulated liquid in this pool clearly indicated how slowly this accumulation process was.

“This is…” The old woman stared at the finger deep pool as her expression changed from serious to excited, and from joy to hesitation.

“Is this Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk?” Cai He exclaimed.

“It really is Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk?” Du Si Si was also excited. Although they had never seen Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk before, both of them had heard its name before. Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk was extremely rare but had some incredible uses.

It was said that when used in Alchemy, it could produce a wondrous healing remedy that could bring a cultivator back from the brink of death. It was a rare treasure for any cultivator.

Yang Kai initially thought this was Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk as well; after all, the appearance of the liquid in this pool was very similar to the records he had read, practically identical in fact. However, upon closer inspection, he felt this was wrong, because Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk was rumored to be milky white with a touch of light gold, but this pool of liquid was only milky white.

If it wasn’t Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk though, what was it? Although Yang Kai was an Alchemist, and had read many ancient books about herbs and pill recipes, it didn’t mean he recognized all the medicines in the world.

He couldn’t help turning his eyes to the old woman, hoping she would recognize what this was.

The expression of the old woman had been changing constantly, but after much pondering, she gently exhaled and said, “Whether it is Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk or not, we’ll know after giving it a try!”

Saying so, she dipped her finger into the pool of liquid, extracted a drop, then placed it into her mouth.

In the next moment, the old woman’s eyes bulged as an incredible vital energy suddenly burst out from her aging body, causing her old face to flush bright red.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, the wrinkles on her face began to diminish and her rickety back slowly straightened up.

After a dozen breaths, the old woman’s expression returned to normal, but her appearance had undergone a dramatic change. She seemed to be a lot younger, and although she would still be classified as an old woman, it was far better than before.

The three Saint Kings were stunned.

The old woman also couldn’t believe the change she just experienced. Quickly taking out a mirror from her Space Ring, she held it in front of her face as she stroked her cheek with her free hand. After seeing her new appearance, a few tears leaked from her old eyes and her body trembled visibly.

Yang Kai and the others didn’t disturb her, standing to the side and waiting for her to calm down, hoping she could give them an explanation.

It took a while before the old woman let out a burst of laughter and began nodding repeatedly, “So that’s how it is!”

“Senior, what kind of elixir is this to have such magical effects?” Cai He asked anxiously.

“What kind of elixir is this…” The old woman glanced over at him, “This isn’t a mere elixir, it is a long-lost supreme treasure that no amount of money can purchase!”

When she said this, Yang Kai frowned slightly and secretly began circulating his Saint Qi preparing to take action at a moment’s notice. Men die for wealth just as birds die for food, so although this old woman had been showing him much goodwill during this expedition, if this treasure truly was as precious as she described it, there was no guarantee that this old woman wouldn’t try to kill all of them in order to keep it for herself.

There were only four of them in this place with her strength being the greatest and, judging from her reaction just now, this pool of liquid was apparently worth her taking some risks.

Yang Kai even noticed a light flash across this old woman’s eyes. Obviously the other party was weighing such thoughts, but for some unspoken reason, she ultimately decided not to act on his impulse and instead slowly answered Cai He’s repeated questions with a question of her own, “Have you ever heard of the Star Field’s Three Great Divine Waters?”

“Three Great Divine Waters?” Cai He and Du Si Si both wore confused looks.

Yang Kai on the other hand raised his brow.

“It seems Little Friend Yang has heard of them,” The old woman saw Yang Kai’s reaction and smiled.

“I have heard the term, but as for what these Three Great Divine Waters are, I don’t really know,” Yang Kai answered honestly.

He really had heard of the Three Great Divine Waters; after all, the pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water back in the Flowing Flame Sand Field was one of them! Soul Cleansing Divine Water could remove the impurities in a cultivator’s Soul and greatly increase their Soul cultivation.

However, the conditions for the creation of Soul Cleansing Divine Water were extremely demanding. First, an Origin King Realm master needed to die inside a Spirit Spring or Spirit Well, then the Spiritual Energy of that dead Origin King needed to blend together with that Spirit Spring; finally, after thousands of years, there was a chance a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water would form.

At that time, back in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Yang Kai had obtained many benefits from the pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water which eventually led to the Soul Warming Lotus evolving to its Seven Coloured form. Yang Kai also comprehended his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique from that opportunity.

At that time, Yang Kai had heard people talk about the Star Field’s Three Great Divine Waters and had made a note to ask Yang Yan about them when he returned, but after many twists and turns he had forgotten to do so.

Now hearing the old woman mention the Three Great Divine Waters, Yang Kai naturally paid attention.

“Is this one of the Three Great Divine Waters?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“Yes, if this old woman isn’t wrong, this is Life Revitalizing Jade Cream!” The old woman declared.

“Life Revitalizing Jade Cream!” The three Saint Kings all called out in shock. Although they weren’t clear just how precious this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream was, since it could be classified as one of the Star Field’s Three Great Divine Waters, and after witnessing the changes the old woman just underwent, they could at least tell it was indeed a priceless treasure.

“Heh heh,” The old woman chuckled, “Our luck is really quite good, actually finding Life Revitalizing Jade Cream here. This is a once-in-a-hundred-thousand-year opportunity!”

“Senior, what exactly is this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream used for?” Cai He asked excitedly.

“The number of wondrous uses for it is countless, but the primary one is to enhance the vitality of a cultivator. It can even extend the life of the cultivator. This old woman only swallowed a drop of it yet I already feel decades younger! It is no different from restoring one’s youth! Compared to Ten Thousand Year Stone Milk, this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream’s value is many times higher,” The old woman explained excitedly.

Because her aptitude had been insufficient, she had remained stuck at the First-Order Origin Returning Realm for many years, and with her remaining lifespan growing shorter, she felt it was impossible for her cultivation to rise any further.

But all of a sudden, this Heaven defying Life Revitalizing Jade Cream had appeared in front of her.

With this treasure, not only could she restore her youthful appearance, she could greatly extend her lifespan. With these additional years, she would have ample opportunity to break through her own bottlenecks and reach the peak of Shadowed Star’s Martial Dao in time.

Listening to her explanation, how could Yang Kai and the others not understand how valuable this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream?

On Shadowed Star, the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm was the highest cultivation one could reach and their lifespan was also limited to the peak of this realm. Many shocking talents were crushed by this immutable reality that forever shackled them, but if they could obtain some Life Revitalizing Jade Cream and increase their lifespan, they would also be increasing their chances of breaking through those very limits.

Once word of such a treasure’s existence leaked out, it wouldn’t be long before all of the masters on Shadowed Star came to try to snatch it.

Thinking of this, everyone fell silent.

The old woman glanced around at the three juniors and said solemnly, “I hope all of you can keep silent regarding this treasure. Even when you return to your families, it would be best to not let irrelevant people hear of this.”

“Junior understands!” Cai He and Du Si Si echoed in unison.

Yang Kai also nodded his head. He knew the significance of this matter and naturally wouldn’t cause unnecessary trouble for himself.

“Senior, if I may ask, you just referred to this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream as one of the Three Great Divine Waters, so what are the other two?” Cai He asked curiously. Naturally he was unwilling to let an opportunity to gain some important insight slip by. Although the Three Great Divine Waters were no doubt extremely difficult to obtain, since they were able to discover one of them, there was no reason to believe they wouldn’t have an opportunity to obtain the other two in the future.

Hearing this, the old woman nodded and explained, “The other two are equally valuable once-in-a-hundred-thousand-year existences. One of them is Soul Cleansing Divine Water, and I heard that this treasure actually appeared a few years ago.”

“It did?” Cai He and Du Si Si exclaimed.

“Yes, it appeared in the Flowing Flame Sand Field. If neither of you went in, it’s reasonable you didn’t know about it. Unfortunately, no Origin Realm cultivator can set foot into the Flowing Flame Sand Field, otherwise this old woman might have had a chance to obtain some of it.”

“What about the last one?” Du Si Si asked.

“That last one, heh, the last one is the Immortal Source Liquid!” The old woman’s face revealed a fascinated look as she slowly said, “Soul Cleansing Divine Water can help a cultivator wash and purify their Soul while improving their Soul cultivation. Life Revitalizing Jade Cream can increase one’s vitality and lifespan. Finally, Immortal Source Liquid can help a cultivator strengthen their physique and is the ultimate Body Tempering treasure. If one has truly Heaven defying luck, they may even be able to refine the Immortal Divine Tree and gain an immortal and indestructible body!”

“Immortal Divine Tree?” Yang Kai’s expression changed and he unavoidably became very excited when he heard the old woman say that Immortal Source Liquid was the ultimate Body Tempering treasure. Although he had the Five Element Indestructible Sword Tempering Art, a high-grade Body Tempering Secret Art that, when cultivated to its highest level, could produce an immortal and indestructible physique, in the end, he had yet to cultivate it, so there was no way of knowing what its true efficacy was. On top of that, he was still lacking two of five elemental treasures and was not anticipating obtaining them any time soon. Now hearing that this Immortal Divine Tree actually had such a wondrous effect, of course he would take an interest.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of relationship there was between the Immortal Divine Tree and the Immortal Source Liquid, but since the old woman had mentioned it, there must be a reason.

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