Martial Peak

Chapter 1348 - Two Choices

Chapter 1348, Two Choices

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Two completely different circular doors, one black, one white; a difficult choice had appeared in front of everyone. In general, most people would tend to choose the white door because black always represented evil and death, but one could not make such an arbitrary judgement as none of them knew where these two Space Array Gates led.

Perhaps one represented life and one death, or perhaps it did not matter either way…

Fei Zhi Tu could only pin his hopes on Cai He and Du Si Si.

Hearing this question, the two Array Masters exchanged an awkward look with Cai He eventually replying, “Although we’ve both studied Spirit Arrays all our lives, we know nothing about the Dao of Space or Space Force, nor have we ever come into contact with something like a Space Array Gate. However, Spirit Arrays are still Spirit Arrays, if Senior Fei is willing to allow us, Si Si and I can study this Space Array Gate to see if we can determine which path is the suitable one.”

Fei Zhi Tu gently nodded, “Good, don’t worry, the two of you just study it carefully. If you discover anything, be sure to inform me right away.”

Cai He and Du Si Si nodded and stepped forward, spreading out their tools to begin their examination of the two Space Array Gates.

Everyone else present could not provide any assistance to these two so they had no choice but to sit or stand on the sides and observe. Even Yang Kai, who cultivated the Dao of Space, could not help. The situation right now was quite simple. Both Space Array Gates could be used, but where they lead, no one knew, so everyone could only pin their hopes on Cai He and Du Si Si.

It was a pity that although these two had been trained by their families since they were young and had decent attainments in Spirit Arrays, this situation was essentially completely foreign to them. In the beginning, everything proceeded smoothly, but soon the two young Array Masters began arguing. It seemed one of them favoured entering the white Space Array Gate while the other was convinced the black Space Array Gate was the correct choice. Neither could persuade the other as their decisions were based on their own intuition rather than substantive facts.

Although Cai He was interested in Du Si Si, this was a matter of great importance, so he refused to compromise on his opinion.

Seeing this, Yang Kai sighed slightly.

These two certainly had exceptionally good attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, but compared with Yang Yan, the difference was still immense. When they fell into Spirit Arrays along the way, Yang Kai was able to estimate that, if Yang Yan were here, it would not take her longer than a quarter of an hour to find their cores and crack them. On the other hand, these two working together would often take many times longer than that.

If Yang Yan were here, which gate would she choose?

Yang Kai squinted at the two Space Array Gates for a moment before smiling wryly, secretly thinking that if Yang Yan encountered this situation, she would choose the black one.

The reason was simple, that girl was always wearing a black robe, even going so far as to wrap it around her head and face, so obviously she had a liking for the colour black.

Just as he was thinking this, an intense suction force suddenly erupted from the black and white Space Array Gates, their surfaces changing in appearance from the surfaces of calm lakes to massive vortices in the shape of funnels, drawing in everything around them.

It seemed that after being probed by the Array Tools arranged by Cai He and Du Si Si, the two Space Array Gates had been inadvertently activated and were now running out of control.

The power of this suction force caused everyone to pale because when it appeared they all felt themselves being pulled towards the black and white Space Array Gates uncontrollably.

Fei Zhi Tu and the other Origin Realm masters furiously pushed their Saint Qi but were still unable to resist this suction. Seeing himself being dragged towards the Space Array Gates, Fei Zhi Tu hurriedly shouted, “Cai Boy, Du Girl, which choice is the right one?”

Cai He and Du Si Si, who were arguing a moment ago, were currently panicking, so there was no way they would be able to reach a consensus within a short time, each of them shouting out their own choice.

Hearing this, Fei Zhi Tu immediately understood he couldn’t count on them for an answer but he didn’t blame them, no one had expected such a strange incident to suddenly occur.

“I can’t hold on!” Ning Xiang Chen shouted and consciously stopped resisting, turning his head back to shout, “Brother Fei, this old master will be going on ahead.”

As soon as his words fell, he rushed towards the white gate and his figure disappeared through it in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, the old woman was being drawn into the black gate. Seeing Ning Xiang Chen rush to the other gate, she struggled violently but to her dismay, she was unable to escape the black gate’s pull and was sucked into it with a pitiful cry.

In a flash, two Origin Returning Realm masters were pulled into two different Space Array Gates, causing everyone to no longer know which choice they should make.

Moreover, at this moment, even if they wanted to make a choice, they were unable to. The cultivator surnamed Wen and Fei Zhi Tu were also pulled towards the white gate and seeing that their resistance was pointless, Fei Zhi Tu grit his teeth and shouted, “Go in!”

As he said so, he and the man surnamed Wen disappeared into the white gate.

Before the two of them entered, Lian Guang had also disappeared. Everyone had been busy trying to save themselves, so no one had noticed when he had been sucked into the gate or even which gate he had entered. On the other hand, Yang Kai was still quite far away and struggling to resist. Cai He and Du Si Si were also putting up a last-ditch struggle with the help of the Array Tools they had previously deployed.

Seeing that most of the masters had rushed into the white gate, Du Si Si grit her teeth and shifted her figure, hoping to follow after them, but at that last moment she was actually pulled back by Cai He who hurriedly shouted, “We need to go this way!”

Du Si Si did not even have time to get angry before she and Cai He were sucked into the black gate.

Yang Kai was the last one remaining of the group and as he was being pulled towards the gates, he smiled wryly and muttered aloud, “Yang Yan, Yang Yan, don’t let me down!”

Saying so, he leapt into the black gate.

In the next instant, his body was swallowed by the black gate and, after a brief bout of dizziness, Yang Kai found himself in a completely different place. After looking around carefully, he spotted Du Si Si harshly scolding Cai He while the latter was frantically apologizing.

Fortunately, all of them had been transported to the same place and there did not seem to be any danger in their immediate surroundings. Realizing this, Yang Kai calmed down and immediately released his Divine Sense to scan the local region.

This place seemed to be another grand hall, one that was surrounded by open fields, a fact that relieved Yang Kai greatly.

The reason why he chose the black Space Array Gate was not entirely because of Yang Yan’s preference for black, Yang Kai also had his own thoughts about the issue. Although acting with most masters would probably increase his security, no one could say for certain what lay beyond the two gates, so the choice he made didn’t really matter.

On the other hand, the two Array Masters Cai He and Du Si Si would be able to play a huge role in exploring this Ancient Ruin and since they had entered the black gate, Yang Kai was naturally willing to follow.

This would allow him to avoid getting stuck inside some Spirit Array.

“Don’t quarrel!” The old woman who had come here a step faster suddenly shouted, interrupting Du Si Si’s tirade against Cai He. After glaring at the two young Array Masters for a moment, she turned to Yang Kai and asked, “What about the others?”

“All the others entered the other gate, I was the last one to come through,” Yang Kai glanced around but didn’t see any trace of Lian Guang’s figure, concluding he must have entered the other side.

“What…” The old woman’s complexion changed slightly as she did not seem to expect she would be completely separated from the other masters. When she looked at the three Juniors in front of her, she could not help feeling a bit frustrated and helpless. At this time, given her strength and status, if their group encountered danger, it would probably fall on her to deal with it, so the pressure she felt was quite unpleasant.

However, when she thought about the power of Yang Kai’s Artifact Spirit, the old woman relaxed slightly. While the two Array Masters probably would not be much use in a fight, Yang Kai was a different story.

After pondering for a while, the old woman said, “Regardless of the situation on their side, Du Girl, this old woman feels that our choice should be correct.”

Although Du Si Si’s anger was suppressed by the old woman’s words and she did not try to chastise Cai He for bringing her here against her will, she still asked in an unconvinced tone, “Why is that?”

“At the very least, it’s safe here. City Lord Fei’s side may not be as peaceful as this place. Don’t blame Cai Boy anymore, he had good intentions.”

“En,” Du Si Si nodded reluctantly. She still felt it would have been better to follow the other group which had more masters.

The old woman sank into thought for a while before turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Little Friend Yang, what do you think we should do now?”

She took the initiative to ask Yang Kai’s opinion.

Yang Kai chuckled and cupped his fists, “Senior is too polite. Junior is young and inexperienced, so he will defer to Senior’s knowledge. Senior need only lead, Junior will follow!”

Hearing this made the old woman’s wrinkled brow loosen slightly and a smile form on her lips, “Alright, let’s first leave here then.”

Cai He and Du Si Si naturally did not have any objections, so the three Saint King Realm juniors quietly followed the old woman out of the hall.

The outside of the hall appeared almost identical to the scene everyone had seen when they first entered these Ancient Ruins. There were flower beds all around with rare and exotic plants growing here and there, but in addition to these, there were several decorative rockeries.

Sniffing the air, Yang Kai suddenly showed a look of surprise.

At the same time, the old woman and the two young Array Masters also noticed something and could not help exchanging an excited glance.

Because there was an incredibly refreshing fragrance floating through the air. This fragrance was not fake or some kind of illusion, which could only mean that there was something good at the location it was originating from!

Considering all this, everyone’s pulse sped up.

“Obviously, you’ve also noticed!” The old woman smiled slightly, “Accompany this old woman to see what good thing it is, but be careful not to fall into another Spirit Array trap.”

The several Juniors nodded before quickly following behind the old woman to search for the source of the fragrance.

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