Martial Peak

Chapter 1342 - Brain Damaged

Chapter 1342, Brain Damaged

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Although a Ninth-Order Cloud Beast possessed extraordinary might, neither Yang Kai nor Lian Guang were ordinary Third-Order Saint Kings. Yang Kai could defeat opponents above his own realm while the several puppets operated by Lian Guang were also not to be underestimated, so together with the Firebird Artifact Spirit, holding down a single Ninth-Order Cloud Beast was not a problem.

If not for them having scruples about what changes the Spectral Cloud Array would undergo, the two Saint Kings would have been able to destroy this Ninth-Order Cloud Beast in short order.

Seeing that the two Saint King Juniors could easily handle the situation, Fei Zhi Tu and the other masters were overjoyed and quickly regained their composure. After seeing what happened after they destroyed some of the first Cloud Beasts to appear, they also understood that, in this Spirit Array, stalling for time was the best solution and immediately changed their tactics from killing them to suppressing them.

As a result, the pressure on the group was greatly reduced and they were able to cope with the current situation more easily.

During this period, Cai He and Du Si Si continually poured their Saint Qi into their array tools to spy on the mysteries of this Spectral Cloud Array, trying to find where its Array Core and Array Nodes were located. However, this Spirit Array was quite ancient and exotic, so even though the two of them had good attainments in Spirit Arrays, for a short time, they were rendered helpless as cold sweat dripped from their foreheads.

Despite Yang Kai, Lian Guang, and the three Origin Returning Realm masters led by Fei Zhi Tu seemingly having an easy time dealing with the current situation, once it dragged on, all of them would definitely begin to tire and lose ground. Not to mention, Heaven knows how many more Cloud Beasts were sealed inside this Spirit Array.

Therefore, Du Si Si and Cai He both had to hurry, taking everything they had learned in their lifetime to continuously unravel the structure of this Spirit Array.

An incense stick of time passed…

Half an hour passed …

An hour passed…

The cultivator surnamed Wen’s complexion gradually grew dignified while Fei Zhi Tu and the other Origin Realm masters also began showing signs of unease. On the other hand, Yang Kai and Lian Guang both seemed quite refreshed as they freely and liberally fought.

For Yang Kai, his main contribution to this battle was the Firebird Artifact Spirit while he personally displayed his Nine Heavens Divine Skills only occasionally to contain the Ninth-Order Cloud Beast. In terms of Saint Qi consumption, Yang Kai was using the least. On the other hand, Lian Guang was primarily using his puppets to meet the enemy, so although his Divine Sense consumption was quite high, after taking some pills to supplement his Spiritual Energy, he remained calm and steady.

However, after being entangled in this fight for so long, Fei Zhi Tu and the other Origin Realm masters were getting slightly overwhelmed since their Saint Qi consumption was truly enormous. If they continued on in this way, the situation would soon become worrying. Fei Zhi Tu couldn’t help feeling anxious as he kept glancing over at Cai He and Du Si Si, hoping to see how they were progressing.

Seeing this, the cultivator surnamed Wen also opened his mouth to urge Cai He and Du Si Si. Fortunately, the two of them lived up the group’s expectations and, only an hour into their analysis, they finally found a flaw to exploit.

A strong light suddenly burst from Du Si Si’s and Cai He’s array tools and, after circling them for a moment, it shot off into the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the flash of light hit a particular fiery-red cloud. After being struck by this light, the fiery red cloud that was originally gently drifting suddenly froze in place.

Du Si Si’s pretty face beamed with delight as she quickly shouted, “The Array Core is there, if it’s broken, the Spectral Cloud Array will also collapse!”

Hearing this shout, everyone showed a happy expression. All of them had already speculated the Array Core was hidden amongst the countless clouds in their surroundings, but none of them had dared to touch these clouds as there was no guarantee something terrible wouldn’t happen. Now that they had identified exactly where the Array Core was though, this concern naturally disappeared.

“Brother Wen!” Fei Zhi Tu shouted.

“Leave it to me!” The cultivator surnamed Wen’s face showed a severe look as he glared towards the cloud which was struck by the flash of light. Lifting his hand, he summoned a half metre long golden needle between his fingers and poured his Saint Qi in, causing it to release a radiant, golden light before shouting out, “Go!”

As soon as his voice fell, his hand shook and the golden needle shot forward. Mid-air, the golden needle seemed to transform into a glowing golden snake that bared its fangs fiercely as it struck out.

Just as the golden needle was about to hit the red cloud though, a surprising scene took place.

This cloud unexpectedly changed into a fiery red beast that looked like a squirrel, its tiny eyes narrowing slightly as it revealed a disdainful look before its figure flickered and it completely disappeared.

The golden snake’s fangs hit only thin air.

The cultivator surnamed Wen’s expression turned ugly as he saw this. Although he knew that the cloud would certainly undergo some kind of change when it was attacked, he had never expected that the Cloud Beast would suddenly just disappear. Worse yet, releasing his Divine Sense, the man surnamed Wen was unable to find any trace of this red squirrel’s aura.

Just as he was feeling annoyed though, he saw Yang Kai’s figure shoot out, arriving directly at the place where the small Cloud Beast vanished, stretch out his hand coldly, and grab something.


Yang Kai’s huge hand seemed to have caught something, but no matter how the cultivator surnamed Wen looked, he was unable to see anything. Instead, only a kind of squeaking noise rang out.

Immediately after, a flash of light erupted and the little Cloud Beast which had disappeared a moment ago unexpectedly reappeared in the grip of Yang Kai’s hand.

It hadn’t gone anywhere; it had instead concealed its figure using some kind of extremely profound method that was capable of even deceiving the Divine Sense of the man surnamed Wen!

But how did this boy find it then? The cultivator surnamed Wen looked at Yang Kai in amazement, wondering if it was just a case of a blind cat hitting a dead mouse or if Yang Kai had actually been targeting it from the beginning.

Just as this thought crossed his mind though, black Demonic Flames covered Yang Kai’s hand and burned down the little beast mercilessly.

Regardless of how the little beast struggled to resist, it was unable to free itself from Yang Kai’s clutches. It seemed this Cloud Beast which served as the Array Core had no fighting power at all and was only capable of concealing itself. Perhaps it did have some other profound abilities, but it simply didn’t have any time to display them.

In the blink of an eye, the little beast was incinerated by the Demonic Flames and transformed into a wooden token-like object that floated strangely in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai showed a look of surprise as he grabbed the Wooden Token.

At the same time the little beast was destroyed, all the Cloud Beasts that had been entangled with Fei Zhi Tu and the others, the one which was being tied down by the Firebird and Lian Guang, and even the countless clouds floating in the group’s surroundings, all transformed into streaks of light that poured into the Wooden Token.

It was as if there was an amazing suction force coming from this Wooden Token that pulled in all the surrounding clouds.

After just three breaths, the crisis was lifted, and the originally cloud-filled world suddenly shattered. After everyone recovered their wits, they actually found themselves standing once again beside the flower bed where the purple Sword Soul Grass still stood straight like a sword.

The Spectral Cloud Array was completely broken!

However, no one called out for joy at the moment as they were all standing there staring blankly at the Wooden Token in Yang Kai’s hand, revealing envious expressions; even Fei Zhi Tu was no exception.

The look on Cai He’s and Du Si Si’s faces could even be described as fanatical.

At this moment, this Wooden Token-like thing was releasing a powerful white light which made it impossible for others to look at it directly. At the same time, it was releasing a powerful energy fluctuation clearly identifying it as a great treasure.

“Array Plate! This is actually a legendary Array Plate!?” Du Si Si screamed out, drawing everyone’s attention.

“It really is an Array Plate!” Fei Zhi Tu’s voice rose in pitch greatly as his expression became a bit complicated. Although he had guessed this just now, he wasn’t certain, but after hearing Du Si Si shout, he immediately knew his hypothesis was correct.

It turned out to be an extremely rare and precious Array Plate!

Everyone present had obviously heard about the rarity and preciousness of an Array Plate, and when the cultivator surnamed Wen remembered that this kind of exotic treasure had actually slipped through his fingers and landed in Yang Kai’s hand, he couldn’t help feeling bitter.

Just now, if he had taken action directly to catch that little squirrel, this Array Plate might be his own. Such an Array Plate was undoubtedly more precious than an ordinary Origin Grade artifact.

“Brother Yang…” Cai He began to call out, but the moment he began speaking, he saw Yang Kai calmly and relaxedly put the Array Plate into his Space Ring, causing him to stand there and stare blankly.

*Ahem…* Fei Zhi Tu lightly coughed, “Since Yang Boy obtained it, that is his opportunity. It’s his now.”

Listening to this, Ning Xiang Chen pondered for a moment before letting out a hearty laugh and saying, “Congratulations for obtaining this rare treasure, little friend. It seems your strength has greatly increased.”

The old lady and the cultivator surnamed Wen thought about it and also offered their congratulations, obviously agreeing with Fei Zhi Tu’s decision and not showing any intention to snatch this Array Plate from Yang Kai.

After all, the main purpose of their journey this time was to rescue Qian Tong, so it would obviously be unwise to fall out over this Array Plate right now.

What’s more, these three Origin Returning Realm masters all wanted to forge a friendship with Yang Kai in order to borrow his Firebird Artifact Spirit.

With the opinions of the Origin Returning Realm masters having been unified, the remaining three Saint Kings didn’t dare voice any objections.

Nevertheless, Du Si Si pouted openly as she glared towards Yang Kai. In her opinion, this guy did not understand anything about Spirit Arrays, let alone how truly precious an Array Plate was, yet he was the one who actually managed to obtain it. It was completely unreasonable.

If she could acquire this Array Plate and bring it back with her, perhaps her Du Family’s attainments in Spirit Arrays would advance a level and allow them to completely suppress the Cai Family.

Cai He mulled over the issue for a moment before also offering his congratulations to Yang Kai; however, the smile on his face was clearly quite bitter. If it was some other kind of treasure, he wouldn’t have cared, but this Array Plate’s significance to him and his family were just too great.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai just frowned slightly. Although he had never heard of an Array Plate before, from the reactions of the people around him, he was at least certain he had obtained something amazing.

However, he had no intention to ask these people about it and was simply planning on waiting until he returned to Dragon Cave Mountain to ask Yang Yan what this Array Plate was.

After this incident with the Sword Soul Grass, everyone deeply understood that this Ancient Ruin was not as peaceful or safe as it appeared on the surface, and was instead filled with crisis. One small slip up had actually trapped them in a deadly Spirit Array.

Everyone naturally raised their vigilance.

“Let’s first restore ourselves. If we encounter anything on the road from now on, don’t act hastily,” Fei Zhi Tu said a moment later before sitting down to meditate.

Everyone nodded their heads before taking out some Saint Crystals and pills to restore themselves.

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