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Chapter 1341 - Cloud Beasts

Chapter 1341, Cloud Beasts

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Suddenly, Yang Kai saw Lian Guang send his puppets to intercept one of the Eighth-Order Cloud Beasts Fei Zhi Tu and the other masters let past them. Completely made of clouds, this Cloud beast was incredibly unpredictable and after rushing in, it quickly entangled several of Lian Guang’s puppets.

Yang Kai did not hesitate either, leaping forward to block another one of the Eighth-Order Cloud Beasts.

Fei Zhi Tu and the other masters had let these two Eighth-Order Cloud Beasts through deliberately. Firstly, there were too many of these Cloud Beasts to deal with, so the ones they were holding off were their limit as it was. Secondly, they wanted to know what kind of combat effectiveness Yang Kai and Lian Guang possessed so they could judge whether they would be an asset or a burden going forward.

The Eighth-Order Monster Beast stopped by Yang Kai had the appearance of a giant tiger with a majestic aura about it. Its long tail looked like it was made of cold steel that flashed dangerously and its body overall was more than ten metres high; however, this tiger was completely green in colour, making it appear quite strange.

As it moved, a foul scent wafted from its body, making anyone who smelled it feel like vomiting. Yang Kai immediately understood that this Cloud Beast had been fused with a highly toxic substance.

Yang Kai did not wait for it to act, taking the initiative to send out a Golden Thread from his finger and slice apart the tiger’s body. Angry roars continued to ring out as the giant tiger was chopped to pieces, easily falling apart in the next instant.

However, this scene did not cause Yang Kai any joy as the aura of this tiger had not decreased in the slightest, even after it was cut to pieces. Instead, its momentum became even more violent.

After Yang Kai took back his Golden Thread, the cut up pieces of the giant tiger burst into puffs of green clouds then quickly fused together. Within a couple of breaths, the giant tiger reappeared without a scratch on it, apparently not even slightly weakened.

These Cloud Beasts were incredibly difficult to kill. If this tiger had been an ordinary Eighth-Order Monster Beast, after experiencing Yang Kai’s attack it would definitely have died, but this Cloud Beast didn’t have a traditional physical form so even if it was cut apart, it could quickly fuse back together. It seemed that what Du Si Si said earlier was not an exaggeration.

After understanding this, Yang Kai put away his Golden Thread and with a flash of his Divine Sense, a crisp bird cry rang out. In the next moment, the crimson Firebird Artifact Spirit appeared, spreading its wings wide as it grew to several tens of metres in length before diving towards the giant tiger under Yang Kai’s orders.

The tiger’s eyes flashed a trace of fear as it instinctively felt that the Artifact Spirit was not an existence it could face, the arrogance and disdain it had on its face when hunting Yang Kai disappearing completely. Inhaling deeply, it spat out a green poisonous mist that rapidly engulfed and concealed its body.

The Artifact Spirit flashed a disdainful look before letting out a crisp cry and charging into the poisonous fog without a moment’s hesitation.

For a time, the green and crimson lights became entangled as tiger roars and bird cries sounded one after another, all while Yang Kai stood back with his arms folded, observing fixedly.

Wisps of green fog were rapidly being evaporated by the extremely high-temperature flames and soon, the poisonous mist which had been concealing the giant tiger grew thin, revealing its figure once more.

Very quickly, the Artifact Spirit got the upper hand completely in this battle and the hot flames it sprayed from its beak continued to burn down the giant tiger’s poisonous mist, suppressing it to the point where it couldn’t even fight back. Every time it was burned by these flames, the giant tiger would show a terrified expression.

The Firebird seemed unsatisfied with the progress it was making though and increased the heat and intensity of its flames, clearly intent on ruthlessly eliminating the giant tiger.

This scene made the cultivator surnamed Wen, who was protecting Cai He and Du Si Si nearby, stare at the Firebird with deep envy.

Word of Yang Kai causing trouble in Heavenly Fate City and even executing an Origin Returning Realm master of the Xie Family had quickly spread and many people now knew he had an amazingly powerful fire attribute Artifact Spirit.

This was also the reason why the old man named Ning Xiang Chen and the other three Origin Realm masters kept showing goodwill to Yang Kai.

Almost every Origin Returning Realm would possess at least one Origin Grade artifact, but over many years of use, these artifacts would become damaged and lose spirituality in battle. If one wanted to repair such an artifact, an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner would be necessary.

However, on Shadowed Star, how scarce were Origin Grade Artifact Refiners? In Shadow Moon Hall, a great sect, only Grandmaster Ge Lin was an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner, but after he passed away six months ago, all of these Origin Realm masters who wanted to repair their artifacts now had nowhere left to turn.

When these masters learned that Yang Kai possessed a Firebird Artifact Spirit, they immediately took an interest.

If Yang Kai allowed them to borrow this Firebird Artifact Spirit for a period of time, with their own strength, it may not be impossible for them to repair some of the damage to their artifacts. Even if they could not restore them to their peak state, it would certainly be of great benefit.

If not for this, how could three Origin Returning Realm masters have lowered themselves to fawning over Yang Kai so obviously? It could not be more apparent they had a reason for acting so.

Now that the cultivator surnamed Wen saw the power of this Firebird Artifact Spirit with his own eyes, he was even more overjoyed. When Yang Kai was running amok in Heavenly Fate City, he had summoned a furnace-like artifact.

If things were as he expected, this Firebird should be the Artifact Spirit of that furnace. The Artifact Refining Furnace such an Artifact Spirit was born from was not low in grade.

With an Artifact Refining Furnace that had an Artifact Spirit, even if one wasn’t proficient in Artifact Refining it would still be possible to make decent repairs to their artifact; however, wanting to borrow this kind of treasure would certainly not be easy. To convince someone to loan you such a precious treasure, a life-long, life and death friendship would be required.

While the cultivator surnamed Wen was looking after Cai He and Du Si Si, he was actually looking for an opportunity to assist Yang Kai, wanting to sell him a favour, but how could he have known that Yang Kai wouldn’t need any help fighting these Cloud Beasts? Seeing that there was no need for him to intervene made him pleasantly surprised at the power of this Artifact Spirit while at the same time caused him some slight regret.

While he was mulling over these complicated thoughts, the body of the giant tiger had shrunk by a third. After suffering the pursuit of the Artifact Spirit, half of the cloud that formed its body had been evaporated.

Being the fusion of a cloud and the Soul of a Monster Beast, after noticing its precarious condition, the giant tiger roared loudly and its huge body suddenly swelled up, emitting a dangerous aura.

Yang Kai’s expression sank, and the Artifact Spirit’s eyes flashed intelligently, immediately flying up high to avoid the giant tiger.

In the next moment, the giant tiger suddenly burst into pieces, sending out scattered green mist and light. This mist and light however quickly transformed into many miniature green tigers that fled in all directions.

The Artifact Spirit was startled for a moment before flying into a rage. It had thought this giant tiger wanted to detonate its own Soul and had withdrawn to a safe distance to avoid taking damage, but it turned out the other party actually was just putting on a show in order to escape.

With its wings spread wide, the Firebird sent out a barrage of scorching fireballs towards these miniature tigers, rapidly burning them down.

However, after the giant tiger’s body exploded, it released far too many of these miniature green tigers and the Artifact Spirit could not take all of them out, allowing a few of them to avoid this barrage of fireballs and survive.

Yang Kai saw this and grinned wryly, waving his hands to send out a large net formed from Demonic Flame to surround the escaping tigers.

In an instant, all the miniature green tigers that had escaped the Firebird’s attack were wrapped up in this giant net.

Capturing Heaven Net was one of Yang Kai’s Nine Heavens Divine Skills and just so happened to be suitable for this occasion.

Although the Nine Heavens Divine Skills were a set of Martial Skills from Tong Xuan Realm, with the improvement of Yang Kai’s strength, the power they could display had also grown rapidly, not to mention this net was formed from his Demonic Flames.

A sizzling sound rang out and no matter how these miniature green tires struggled, they were unable to break free of the Capturing Heaven Net, instead quickly burning down under the scorching hot Demonic Flames.

A moment later, the giant tiger Cloud Beast disappeared without a trace.

Yang Kai let out a light sigh as he realized that, without the Firebird Artifact Spirit’s power, if he wanted to kill this Cloud Beast, it would have been too difficult. Although his Demonic Flames could also restrain its poisonous mist, Yang Kai wasn’t impervious to this poison like the Artifact Spirit. If he were to have fought it alone, he would have had to act more cautiously, lest he have an accident.

Calling back the Artifact Spirit, Yang Kai turned to see what was happening on Lian Guang’s side, catching him looking over towards him as well. Apparently, he had also concluded his battle with the Cloud Beast, his puppets having thoroughly destroyed it.

Looking at each other, both showed looks of surprise, Yang Kai not knowing what method Lian Guang had used to kill the Cloud Beast in such a short time while the other party was thinking the same about Yang Kai.

However, after seeing the Firebird Artifact Spirit perching on Yang Kai’s shoulder, preening its feathers, a look of understanding appeared on Lian Guang’s face and a trace of disdain flashed across his eyes. Obviously, he thought that the elimination of the Cloud Beasts was all thanks to the Artifact Spirit.

Immediately after, the two young men looked up to see how the battle the Origin Realm masters was going.

Straightaway, both of their expressions became gloomy.

Because when the two of them had killed their respective Cloud Beasts, one of the wandering clouds began transforming into a Cloud Beast and was exuding the aura of a Ninth-Order Monster Beast.

After noticing this, not only did Yang Kai and Lian Guang’s expression become ugly, even Fei Zhi Tu and the others felt headaches.

Teaming up with the old lady and old man, the three of them were finally able to hold back the remaining Cloud Beasts, but if another Ninth-Order Monster Beast were to join the fray, how were they supposed to resist?

The cultivator surnamed Wen saw this too, but his job was to protect Cai He and Du Si Si, so even though he wanted to help, he did not dare leave these two easily. If these two were to have an accident, there would be no one left to break this Spirit Array.

And seeing that there are still so many clouds around, even if he were to go all out and quickly kill this newly emerging Cloud Beast, another would certainly take its place.

This Spirit Array was clearly designed to ruthlessly consume its victim’s strength before killing them.

Everyone understood the sinister intentions of the master who arranged this array, allowing them to see a trace of hope only to crush it brutally. It was truly malicious.

As the cultivator surnamed Wen was wavering, Yang Kai simply pointed his finger and ordered the Artifact Spirit to meet this Cloud Beast head-on, turning his head to Lian Guang with a laugh and saying, “Brother Lian, how about we hold it down together? Looking at the situation, there’s no need to keep killing, stalling for time will work just as well.”

“You don’t need to tell me of this kind of thing!” Lian Guang snarled coldly before sending out his puppets to join the Artifact Spirit.

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