Martial Peak

Chapter 1315 - Redeeming

Chapter 1315, Redeeming

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Qian Yue was able to become an Elder of Ice Sect, and had also cultivated to the Second-Order Saint Realm on Tong Xuan Realm, so naturally, she was an intelligent woman. After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, how could she not understand the circumstances surrounding his situation?

After pondering for a while, she nodded, “If it is as you say, you really do have a reason for coming here, but that Wang Yu Han is quite the schemer, the plan he came up with fulfils his objective while allowing him to remain hidden. He’s not someone to be underestimated.”

Yang Kai smiled faintly and said, “If him plotting against me like this is just to discredit me in Chen Shi Tao’s eyes, then so be it, but if he has other malicious intent, heh…”

Although he had guessed what Wang Yu Han’s plan was, Yang Kai didn’t intend to leave here right away. Originally, he had been planning to wait here and force Wang Yu Han to reveal his true intentions, but after seeing Qian Yue’s figure on those silver mirrors, he had naturally pushed the plot along and come to this Snow and Ice Pavilion.

“It seems you’re still as fearless as ever,” Qian Yue muttered absent-mindedly, the scene of Yang Kai breaking into Ice Sect alone and running amok suddenly flashing across her memories. Whether it was at that time or now, Yang Kai’s strength hadn’t been very high, but he dared to do things ordinary people would never even dream of. After pondering for a while, Qian Yue continued, “But since you dare to do this, you must have some degree of confidence, so I won’t try to persuade you otherwise; however, you have to be careful. I don’t want to have to collect the dead body of an old acquaintance I managed to encounter after so long.”

“Rest assured, if I cannot win, I can still escape,” Yang Kai grinned, “However, you have to tell me first, what kind of background does this Joyous Union Pavilion have?”

“Background?” Qian Yue’s brow furrowed slightly, “I don’t know much about the specific situation; after all, since I came here, I haven’t had much contact with outsiders, but occasionally I overheard some gossip from the maidservants. There are three Origin Returning Realm masters who oversee this place, and Joyous Union Pavilion itself seems to be the hidden industry of a Sect called Imperial City Sect. They also seem to have the support of the City Lord here.”

“Imperial City Sect?” Yang Kai froze for a moment, feeling like he had dealt with members of this Sect somewhere before, but even after thinking about it for a while, he was unable to remember.

Since he couldn’t remember though, it shouldn’t have been anything important, so Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind. Stroking his chin for a moment, he began pondering out loud, “Three Origin Returning Realm masters standing guard here, its not a weak lineup.”

Seeing the strange light flashing across his eyes, Qian Yue beautiful face changed and she hurriedly asked, “What do you want to do?”

Yang Kai waved his hand lightly and smiled, “It’s not what you think. I have no grudge or grievance with this place, so I don’t plan on stirring up trouble, I simply want to take you away from here.”

“Take me away?” A look of joy flashed across Qian Yue’s face; however, her expression quickly dimmed and she said with a bitter smile, “Leading me away from here won’t be easy.”

“Is there some kind of problem?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“Naturally there are problems, and not small ones at that! Since you can come to Snow and Ice Pavilion, you must have paid a lot of Saint Crystal, yes? I don’t know where you obtained those Saint Crystals from, but just one night with me already costs so much, so the price to take me away from here must be at least ten times as high. Do you have that many Saint Crystals?” Obviously in her opinion, it was impossible for Yang Kai to have so many Saint Crystal. Just the fee for a night of passion here was already an astronomical figure in Qian Yue’s eyes.

However, Yang Kai just smiled happily and replied, “You don’t need to worry about this, I can take out a trivial few Saint Crystals.”

“A trivial few…” Qian Yue couldn’t help covering her red lips as she stared at Yang Kai in amazement, as if she wanted to confirm it was really him once more. No matter how she thought about it, she wasn’t able to figure out how Yang Kai could possess such great wealth.

“I just don’t know if the Joyous Union Pavilion will let you go. It stands to reason that a woman like you, after receiving an Honoured Guest and losing your Primordial Yin, wouldn’t be too important to Joyous Union Pavilion,” Yang Kai thought out loud, but upon saying these words a hint of embarrassment flashed across his face, “This Yang’s words were too crass, I hope Elder Qian Yue won’t take offence!”

Qian Yue’s pretty face blushed lightly, giving her quite a charming appearance, but she quickly recovered and calmly said, “It’s fine, what you said is true, but do you think that Joyous Union Pavilion’s people won’t be able to see I still have my Primordial Yin? While I still retain it, you wanting to purchase me might be a bit difficult.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown, “That will probably be the case. I’m afraid that Joyous Union Pavilion will use this point to try to raise the price, but that’s fine. There’s nothing that can’t be negotiated in this world, it all depends on whether an appropriate price can be paid. Both you and I are from Tong Xuan Realm, and encountering each other here is nothing short of divine intervention, so no matter what I can’t just leave you here.”

Hearing this, Qian Yue’s face flashed a trace of gratitude and didn’t say anything more; instead, she began looking forward to the future in her heart. If there was a chance for her to leave here, how could she choose to remain? Yang Kai’s arrival today had finally given her a glimmer of hope, and if she missed this opportunity, all that would await her was a destitute life as a product sold to men for dual cultivation.

Following up, Yang Kai asked for more details about Joyous Union Pavilion. Qian Yue naturally told him everything she knew; unfortunately, her limited knowledge wasn’t much help to him.

After an hour or so, Qian Yue summoned a maidservant of Joyous Union Pavilion, and after giving her some instructions, the maidservant showed a shocked expression and directed a complex look towards Yang Kai before quickly leaving.

After the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, the young woman who had dealt with Yang Kai before appeared and looked towards him with a smile, a strange light flashing across her eyes, apparently having heard some information from the maidservant.

Qian Yue personally offered tea before standing beside Yang Kai, a slightly nervous expression on her face.

The young woman took a few sips of the tea before lightly opening her lip and exhaling an orchid scent while asking, “I heard that the Young Lord intends to redeem Yue’er and present her freedom?”

“It is as you heard,” Yang Kai nodded calmly, getting straight to the point, “I am very satisfied with Lady Yue’er, so I want to take her out of here. I wonder if your noble establishment is willing to part with her?”

The young woman giggled and looked at Qian Yue with a hint of surprise in her eyes before saying, “If this Mistress isn’t mistaken, Yue’er’s Primordial Yin is still intact. Since Young Lord has not yet savoured her most precious possession, why do you want to take Yue’er away?”

Yang Kai frowned, “I naturally have my reasons, does your noble establishment insist on inquiring into such matters?”

“Please forgive me, Young Lord, it’s just that there is little precedent for girls from Joyous Union Pavilion to be redeemed. This Mistress has to be a bit cautious.”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying, “Since that’s the case, it seems I really should give your noble establishment an explanation. Good, I have indeed not partaken of Lady Yue’er’s innocence, what I am interested in however is her Ice Attribute Secret Art. It has some use for my future cultivation.”

“Her Ice Attribute Secret Art? If that is the case, then this Mistress is even more confused. Those who cultivate such Secret Arts are innumerable, why does Young Lord insist on needing Yue’er specifically?” Saying so, the young woman fixed her beautiful eyes on Yang Kai’s, seemingly wanting to see into the depths of his soul.

Yang Kai chuckled, “There are indeed a lot of cultivators who cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts, but those who I feel intimate with are not many. If I said I fell in love with Lady Yue’er at first sight, would you believe it?”

The young woman couldn’t help giggling, and Qian Yue standing beside Yang Kai also showed a high of blush on her face, giving her a shy and embarrassed look.

“Whether you believe it or not, it is the truth. I have nothing to hide,” Yang Kai argued strongly, as if he would go to his death swearing it was the truth.

The young woman’s brow furrowed as she suddenly stood up and walked over to Qian Yue, holding the other’s arm intimately as she smiled elegantly to Yang Kai, “Please don’t be upset, Young Lord. It’s not that this Mistress is trying to make things difficult, it’s just that Yue’er is a disciple Joyous Union Pavilion has cultivated since childhood and invested a great number of resources into. Moreover, this Mistress and Yue’er have a bond of sisterhood, so I am truly reluctant to part with her. I truly hope that she can stay here with me forever.”

“Cultivated since childhood, a bond of sisterhood…” Yang Kai smiled faintly, but the smile on the young woman’s face didn’t diminish as she stared back confidently at him.

If Yang Kai hadn’t known Qian Yue from before and has been aware of her origins, he would likely have been deceived here. This young woman’s ability to talk nonsense was quite astonishing.

Yang Kai’s look suddenly became serious and he waved, “Name your price. Since you haven’t directly refused, there’s obviously room for negotiation. Give me a number and I will see if it can bear it. As long as we can reach an agreement, this transaction can be completed.”

The young woman curled her lips before turning and returning to her seat, saying lightly, “Since Young Lord wants to get straight to business, this Mistress won’t delay any further. Indeed, our Joyous Union Pavilion has precedents for girls being redeemed, but there has never been a Saint King girl among them. If Young Lord wishes to set such a precedent, the price you will have to pay will not be small.”

“Go on,” Yang Kai looked at her lightly.

The young woman’s brows furrowed slightly as she glanced over at Qian Yue and said, “If Yue’er had lost her Primordial Yin, it would be a different matter entirely, but since she still retains her innocence, her price will naturally be higher. “

“Haven’t you made a mistake?” Yang Kai sneered suddenly, “I already paid quite a few Saint Crystals for tonight, so in principle, Lady Yue’er’s Primordial Yin already belongs to me, yet you actually want to take it as a chip to bargain with?”

“There is indeed some truth to that,” The young woman pursed her lips and smiled, “But does Young Lord really wish to claim Yue’er’s Primordial Yin? If not then it must be taken into account. However, if Young Lord wishes to unite with Yue’er now, this Mistress won’t interfere. When your dual cultivation sessions finishes, we can discuss this matter again. How about it?”

She seemed to understand that Yang Kai wouldn’t do this, so she fully intended to take advantage of this point.

Yang Kai’s face went cold, while Qian Yue’s expression also became quite bitter. Being forced to watch others bargaining back and forth over her like she was some kind of item for sale, even discussing the matter of her purity like it was a selling feature, caused Qian Yue’s face to turn sour.

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