Martial Peak

Chapter 1314 - Qian Yue’s Bitter Experience

Chapter 1314, Qian Yue’s Bitter Experience

The surrounding World Energy, which had been disturbed by Yang Kai’s surge in aura, quickly settled and returned to normal.

“Why would you give up such an opportunity?” Qian Yue asked with a slight look of pity in her eyes.

Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, “It’s fine, I will have another one sooner or later. Right now, I’d rather learn more about your current situation, like how you wound up separated after entering the Star Field.”

Qian Yue heard this and couldn’t help flashing a bitter smile, nodding after a moment of silence and agreeing, “Alright, your mood is unstable right now so it’s not the best time to break through anyways.”

After collecting her thoughts, Qian Yue began explaining what happened after she and the other Elders of Ice Sect entered the Star Field.

Through Qian Yue’s narration, Yang Kai realized that the initial journey she and the others had through the Star Field was far more dangerous than his own, especially when it came to Starry Sky Storms and vast Asteroid Seas.

In terms of physical strength and Soul cultivation, none of the Ice Sect survivors could match Yang Kai, so after entering the Star Field, they were immediately beset by crisis. If not for Qing Ya and the other Saints doing their utmost to protect her, with Su Yan’s cultivation, she would have quickly fallen.

Even so, two Saint Realm Elders of Ice Sect had failed to withstand the impact of a particularly harsh Starry Sky Storm and fallen, leaving behind only Sect Master Qing Ya, Su Yan, Qian Yue, and Qian Hao.

These four had continued wandering destitute through the Star Field for several years before they stumbled upon a Void Corridor.

Although they had no idea what kind of dangers might lie beyond this Void Corridor, if they gave up this opportunity, they would soon be unable to support themselves.

So, after some discussions, the four dove into the Void Corridor, but this particular Void Corridor seemed to be a little unstable and actually had many internal forks, causing their group to inadvertently be dispersed. After Qian Yue passed through this Void Corridor, she found herself on Shadowed Star.

As for the others, she could not tell where they went.

Yang Kai’s expression became much heavier after hearing this.

If they had simply been separated after passing through the same fork in this Void Corridor, then Sect Master Qing Ya, Elder Qian Hao, and Su Yan must have also arrived on Shadowed Star, but if they had taken different forks, who knows where they could have been sent?

Moreover, Yang Kai was at least ninety percent certain that the other three weren’t on Shadowed Star, because if they were, he would have been able to faintly sense Su Yan’s presence, and as he grew stronger, this link would have become easier to detect.

Yang Kai had used a drop of Golden Blood and circumnavigate all of Shadowed Star, so if Su Yan was really here, he would definitely have been aware of it.

[Void Corridors could have multiple branches!] This concept startled Yang Kai quite a bit, but he soon felt that with the world being so vast, such things should not really be a surprise. He was still just a small Second-Order Saint King, so there were obviously many things he could not understand yet.

The Ice Soul Beads indeed showed that the other three were still alive, but it did not provide any clues as to where in the Star Field they might be.

When Qian Yue arrived on Shadowed Star, she appeared near Black Crow City. At that time, she had just passed through an unstable Void Corridor and been seriously wounded, with almost no power to protect herself. Unfortunately, soon after, she encountered several heinous cultivators who, after seeing her extraordinary appearance, immediately had ill intentions towards her. Fortunately, a nearby Origin Returning Realm master happened to pass by, rescued her, and brought her back to Joyous Union Pavilion.

Since then, Qian Yue had lived in Joyous Union Pavilion and cultivated the Dual Cultivation Technique given to her by the Origin Realm master who saved her.

As time passed, Qian Yue gradually understood what kind of place she had been brought to and what fate would be waiting for her. Fortunately, her cultivation was not low and after quickly reaching the First-Order Saint King Realm, no ordinary person would be able to afford her. Occasionally, several distinguished guests who paid a lot of money had come here, but none of them had selected her, allowing her to retain her freedom until now.

Today though, when she received word that an Honoured Guest would soon be visiting her boudoir and that she would need to give him her innocence, Qian Yue’s heart had been thrown into turmoil, but to her great surprise this VIP actually turned out to be Yang Kai.

While Qian Yue told her story, Yang Kai did not interrupt and simply listened attentively.

It seemed that recalling all her bitter experiences made Qian Yue a bit emotional and she would sometimes wipe a few tears that leaked from her eyes as she spoke. Before, she had been an Elder of Ice Sect, and although her reputation wasn’t resounding, she was still one of the top masters in all of Tong Xuan Realm, but after entering the Star Field, before she could even see any of its wonders, she had encountered several life threatening disasters and when she finally settled down, she had actually been put under house arrest and degenerated into a prostitute.

Her circumstances before and after could only be described as worlds apart.

Yang Kai did not know how to comfort her. In a certain sense, Qian Yue could barely be considered his Elder, but as one’s cultivation rose, they would pile up many different experiences, making it impossible to judge one’s true age from their appearance and demeanor. If Yang Kai tried to comfort her as a peer, it would instead feel more like he was overstepping himself.

After Qian Yue had settled down somewhat, Yang Kai asked, “Do you still remember the scenes of the Star Field you saw before you entered that Void Corridor?”

“I can’t be certain, but I do still have some impressions of the nearby star patterns,” Qian Yue gently nodded.

“Okay…” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Then another day you’ll have to describe those star patterns to me!”

“Naturally, that’s not a problem, but with that alone, how do you plan on determining that location?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I naturally have my ways. Right, you mentioned just now that there was a restriction placed on you, correct? If it is convenient, can you show it to me?”

“It should be fine for you to examine it, but don’t act rashly. That seal was placed on me by the Origin Returning Realm master who rescued me, one of the managers of this Joyous Union Pavilion. She spends most of her days in a secret room in this compound meditating, so if she is alarmed, the consequences will definitely be dire.”

“En, I understand,” Yang Kai nodded lightly before reaching out and placing two fingers on Qian Yue’s wrist. Injecting a thread of his Saint Qi into her body, Yang Kai began examining the seal placed on her.

As he investigated this restriction, Yang Kai’s expression gradually became dignified.

After some time, Yang Kai withdrew his fingers, revealed a thoughtful expression, and said, “It’s not too vicious a seal, it seems its only purpose is to stop you from running away.”

“En, I tried to escape a few times, but every time she activated this seal, I became too weak to even move. If it were not for me breaking through to the Saint King Realm in the past few years, she wouldn’t have been so forgiving towards me.”

A few years ago, Qian Yue was just a Saint Realm cultivator, but to the Joyous Union Pavilion, the worth of a Saint Realm woman was incomparable to that of a Saint King Realm woman. It was for this reason that even though Qian Yue tried to run away multiple times, she only received a bit of light punishment.

After Qian Yue successfully broke through to the Saint King Realm, she was immediately pushed into becoming a Dual Cultivation partner for rich cultivators.

It was obvious now that the reason that Origin Realm master had rescued Qian Yue at that time was because of it. After all, Qian Yue seemed to be all alone, had decent cultivation, and had her innocence intact. Rescuing and cultivating her was undoubtedly more cost-effective for the Joyous Union Pavilion than training a girl from scratch.

“I’ve told you my story now, but what about yours? What is the situation in Tong Xuan Realm? Did the Bone Race wreak havoc?” Qian Yue sorted out her appearance and asked nervously.

Although she had come to the Star Field, Tong Xuan Realm was still her home and she could not help worrying about it.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Don’t worry about the Bone Race, they’ve been annihilated. Tong Xuan Realm was quite prosperous when I left, and the relationship between the Demon Race, Monster Race and Human Race was also much more harmonious after they worked together to defeat a common enemy.”

“The Bone Race has been annihilated?” Qian Yue was shocked to hear this and quickly asked, “How did it happen?”

Yang Kai explained briefly about how all of Tong Xuan Realm’s races banded together to fight the Bone Race. Qian Yue listened with a fascinated look, and after understanding the events of that great battle, Yang Kai also explained to her about his experiences in the Star Field.

Compared with Qian Yue’s experience, Yang Kai’s was far more fantastical but also far more dangerous.

After Yang Kai entered the Star Field, he had quickly been captured and imprisoned in the Power Room of a Starship where his Saint Qi was continuously extracted to replenish its energy reserves. Soon after, the Starship he was aboard was caught in the Chaotic Abyss’ domain eruption and was destroyed, resulting in him being stranded on the strange floating continent with Gui Zu. Eventually escaping from the floating continent, Yang Kai then went to Water Moon Star where he had inexplicably drawn the attention of Xue Yue Third Young Master of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and taken a perilous journey filled with unexpected twists and turns to Rainfall Star.

After unlocking the Soul Chains, Yang Kai had then escaped from Rainfall Star and been trapped in a deep sleep inside the strange blood-red crystal for several years, eventually drifting all the way to Shadowed Star where he was fished from the Starry Sky by Wu Yi and the others from the Hai Ke Family.

Only after explaining everything up until and including his recent exploration of the Flowing Flame Sand Field did Yang Kai stop.

Of course, Yang Kai intentionally brushed over the strange ‘battle’ he had fought with Xue Yue Third Young Master on that unnamed Dead Star, as well as the fact that Xue Yue was a woman.

After listening to his story, Qian Yue could not help feeling a sense of envy, as well as admiration. What she envied was the free and unconstrained life Yang Kai had while what she admired was how he had crossed so many dangerous roads after entering the Star Field. His original intentions of entering the Star Field to Su Yan also improved Qian Yue’s impression of him greatly and she even felt that Su Yan had not entrusted herself to the wrong person.

On top of that, seeing his concern about Su Yan just now, it was obvious that even after so many years had passed, Su Yan’s weight in his heart had not diminished in the slightest.

After falling silent for a moment though, Qian Yue suddenly smiled meaningfully as she stared at Yang Kai and said, “Seeing you like this, it seems you’ve really led an unrestrained life, you even have the time and mind to come to a place like this!”

Gawking for a moment, Yang Kai quickly understood that she was speaking to uphold justice for Su Yan and quickly waved his hands, “Elder Qian Yue misunderstands, I have a reason for coming here.”

“Of course you have a reason, every man who comes here says the same when he’s asked, but in light of your performance just now, on behalf of Su Yan, I will give you a chance to explain yourself. If you really have some important reasons to come here, then so be it, but if not… hmph, don’t blame this Elder for speaking a few malicious remarks to Su Yan the next time we meet,” Qian Yue said with a faint grin.

Yang Kai’s eyes swam as his heart clenched but he quickly regained his composure and began explaining about Chen Fan Lei inviting him to come here as well as his suspicions about Wang Yu Han’s interference.

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