Martial Peak

Chapter 1310 - Joyous Union Pavilion

Chapter 1310, Joyous Union Pavilion

This scene stunned Yang Kai as he realized that the ‘interesting place,’ Chen Fan Lei wanted to bring himself was just as he had guessed.

This was clearly similar to the brothels in cities where ordinary mortals lived!

However, this place was countless times bigger than an average brothel, because the people who came and went from here were all cultivators, and the women who accompanied them were also cultivators. At the very least, when Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to sweep the crowd in front of him, he found no one with a cultivation lower than the True Element Boundary. The women, however, did not have very high strength, the strongest being just Immortal Ascension Boundary Third or Fourth Stage.

While it was slightly different for the male guests, no one had a cultivation higher than the Saint Realm, which was only slightly higher than the cultivations of the women accompanying them.

Chen Fan Lei being interested in this kind of place surprised Yang Kai.

Turning his head and glancing at him, Yang Kai could not help feeling dumbstruck once again.

The current Chen Fan Lei seemed like he had lost his soul, his jaw dropped as he stared at the exaggerated scene in front of him, the mere visual impact apparently having been enough to make him lose the ability to think or act. On top of that, his face was now a bright shade of crimson.

Yang Kai shook his head wryly and was just about to wake him up when a young woman suddenly walked over to them. This woman wore a gorgeous formal dress and had a face the colour of peach blossoms. Her beautiful eyes shimmer like stars and her twin peaks were rich and full, contrasting greatly with her slim, graceful waist and long slender legs. Arriving in front of the two young men, this young woman bowed elegantly and spoke, “This Mistress greets two Young Lords.”

After she spoke, she glanced over at Chen Fan Lei lightly, covered her mouth with her hand and tittered sweetly.

However, it was obviously not the first time she had witnessed such a reaction so she didn’t pay him much mind, instead quickly continuing, “Two Young Lords look unfamiliar, could it be this is your first time visiting our Joyous Union Pavilion?”

Yang Kai shot a glance over at Chen Fan Lei and saw that he was still in a daze. Sighing slightly as he realized he couldn’t expect anything from him for a while, Yang Kai gently nodded and replied, “Yeah, we are indeed the first time patrons, but we have long heard rumours of your famous establishment, so as we were passing through Black Crow City, we specially came here to see it for ourselves.”

“So that’s how it is,” The young woman heard these words and nodded lightly, brushing her hair behind her ear in what seemed to be an unintentionally flirtatious manner before smiling and saying, “I hope we have not disappointed two Young Lords’ expectations. If you are satisfied, would you like this Mistress to arrange a private room for you?”

She could tell that Yang Kai and Chen Fan Lei had strong cultivations and knew they would not be content to simply remain in this open square, so she took the initiative to make such a proposal.

Of course, Yang Kai had no objections, nodded, and allowed her to make appropriate arrangements.

The young woman responded with a nod and quickly led the two through the square and into an exquisite loft a slight distance away.

At the same time, in a chamber deep inside the Joyous Union Pavilion, an old man and a young man sat cross-legged across from each other. The old man had a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation while the young man was a Third-Order Saint King.

The old man sat calmly as he quietly circulated his Secret Art, not showing the slightest signs of anxiousness; however, the well-dressed young man seemed to be distracted and would frown from time to time, looking outside.

“Yu Han, you need to temper your heart and mind again,” The old man’s eyes did not open but he still spoke authoritatively.

The youth opposite him trembled slightly and showed a look of embarrassment on his face, respectfully nodding as he said, “What Seventh Grandfather said is correct, Yu Han is still too immature.”

The old man smiled slightly and opened his eyes to look at the youth opposite him, “You don’t have to rebuke yourself too harshly; after all, this matter is related to your future, naturally you should act careful about it. Although our Wang Family is not a small family, it is not a big one either. In the current younger generation, you are the most talented and the only one able to join Extreme Path Sect. Now that you have cultivated to the Third-Order Saint King Realm, as long as you have enough opportunity, breaking through to the Origin Returning threshold is not impossible. When that time comes, you and I will be the pillars of our Wang Family. Additionally, your background is also much better than this old master’s, so you will probably be able to go further than this old master in the future.”

“Seventh Grandfather thinks too highly of me. Yu Han was only able to have his current achievements thanks to the family’s great blessings. If I can rise up in the future, I certainly will not bring shame to our Wang Family.”

“Hearing you say so makes me feel reassured. If it were not you but some other clansman who asked this old master for such a favour, I would have immediately refused. Although I was able to become a manger of this Joyous Union Pavilion, you should also know that this place is secretly supported by Imperial City Sect and has the backing of the City Lord. If some kind of accident were to happen here, the consequences would not be something my Wang Family could afford.”

“Yu Han understands, but this time the one I need to deal with is just a Second-Order Saint King and there is no need to confront him directly, just tarnishing his reputation will be enough. There should be no problem.”

“If not for this, how could I have agreed to your request?” The old man snorted before shifting the topic with a chuckle, “Does that woman you fancy truly come from a big force like Clear Sky Sect?”

“Yes!” The youth opposite him nodded as his spirit seemed to rise, immediately following up, “Not only does she come from Clear Sky Sect, she also has extremely high status and possesses a great amount of wealth. At least a million Saint Crystals!”

“A million?” The old man was truly surprised, and a hint of greed flashed across his eyes, “She is just a trivial Third-Order Saint King, how can she possess such wealth?”

“Her luck was incredibly good. When she entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field, she discovered an underground Saint Crystal lode where she spent five months collecting several tens of millions of Saint Crystals. After returning to Clear Sky Sect, most of those were handed over to the Sect, but she was still allowed to keep a portion of them.”

“I see!” The old man’s doubts were cleared instantly, and he nodded, “If that’s the case, then you absolutely cannot let go of her easily. You must do whatever it takes to win over that woman; as long as you can obtain her heart, your future cultivation path will be smooth and you will never need to worry about having enough resources.”

“Yu Han also thinks so, otherwise I would not have had to deal with that little brat surnamed Yang. I know that little brat also has his eyes on Sister Chen, but as long as I can expose him coming to this place, Sister Chen will definitely disdain to see him again.”

“This method is truly good, but are you certain he will come here?” The old man asked again.

The young man smiled and declared, “I cannot say I am absolutely certain, but I am at least eighty percent confident.”

“Let me hear the details then…” The old man asked with interest.

The young man proceeded to explain his scheme, with the old man nodding from time to time, showing his approval.

A moment later, a soft voice suddenly came from outside and the old man’s eyes flashed. After listening to this message, the old man muttered, “They’ve come.”

“Really?” The young man asked joyfully.

“Yes!” The old man looked at the young man with a smile and tossed him something, “Your plan is sound. You can now carry out the next step. You can handle this yourself. This is my manager token. So long as you have it, others here will cooperate with you for most minor matters. “

The young man caught the token and quickly bowed, “Many thanks, Seventh Grandfather!”


In a separate lost inside Joyous Union Pavilion, Yang Kai and Chen Fan Lei had sat down casually while the young woman who had led them here had taken her leave. There was no one else inside this building except Yang Kai and Chen Fan Lei.

There was a pot of spirit tea set on the table, and while Yang Kai didn’t drink a drop, Chen Fan Lei had already poured himself several cups, seemingly wanting to use this spirit tea to extinguish the flames in his body.

While he was drinking this tea, Yang Kai just observed him with a smile.

After a while, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Brother Chen, could this be your first time visiting this kind of place?”

“En…” Chen Fan Lei nodded with a deep look of embarrassment on his face, a moment later suddenly looking up at Yang Kai and asking, “Looking at Brother Yang’s relaxed expression, could it be you’re very experienced with this type of thing?”

“Nonsense!” Yang Kai put on a serious face, “This is also my first time visiting such a place.”

“Haha…” Chen Fan Lei let out a dry laugh, not knowing whether to believe Yang Kai or not.

Yang Kai suddenly stared at Chen Fan Lei solemnly, “Brother Chen should not have wanted to visit this place for no reason. You do not seem like the type who indulges in these kinds of activities. Do you have a specific objective for coming here tonight? Could you explain to me?”

Chen Fan Lei smiled bitterly, “Did Brother Yang see through me?”

“I was simply speculating,” Yang Kai said in a non-committal tone.

“Since that’s the case, this Chen won’t try to act mysterious,” Chen Fan Lei took a breath and calmed himself down greatly before explaining, “Does Brother Yang believe this place is purely for seeking entertainment and pleasure?”

“It’s not?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“Naturally, it isn’t. If it was just about seeking pleasure, there are plenty of other places to do so in Black Crow City, there’s no need to specifically come here,” Chen Fan Lei said while quickly regaining his normal condition; after all, he was still a Saint King Realm cultivator so he had at least that much mental discipline.

“Oh? Is there something special here that can attract Brother Chen’s attention?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“Actually, this is an open secret. Anyone who visits Joyous Union Pavilion should have the same purpose as I. Although there is also a pure entertainment and pleasure seeking business here, there are also a number of specially cultivated women here who had trained in a special Dual Cultivation Technique that is said to be quite helpful for males hoping to break through bottlenecks!”

“A Dual Cultivation Technique used to break through bottlenecks?” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as immediately understood what Chen Fan Lei wanted to do here.

“Yeah,” Chen Fan Lei nodded lightly, “Last time I was going to take advantage of the Thunder Pond to break through my bottleneck, but unfortunately I was disturbed by that Silver Night Thunder Beast which resulted in my attempt failing. However, I was still able to soak in the Thunder Pond for several days and I can tell that I am just half a step away from breaking through. If I were to rely only on my own hard work, I don’t know how long it will take me to succeed, so I decided to take a chance here. If my luck is good, I will be able to save a lot of time, effort, and pills, and even if I wind up unlucky, it won’t cause any harm and I can simply return to the Sect and continue practicing.”

“So that’s it,” Yang Kai suddenly realized why when Chen Fan Lei first came to his loft and was being observed by those two maidservants he had seemingly felt intense stress. Originally, he wanted to come to this kind of place to try to break through his bottleneck.

“Did Brother Chen learn about this method on his own?” Yang Kai asked seemingly casually.

“No, it was actually Senior Brother Wang who told me about this secret place in Black Crow City when I was discussing with him about how to break through my bottleneck earlier today. I was hoping to come together with Senior Brother Wang but unfortunately he went out and didn’t inform me when he would return, so I could only ask Brother Yang to accompany me as I was too embarrassed to come by myself. I hope Brother Yang won’t blame me,” Chen Fan Lei said apologetically.

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