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Chapter 1309 - Chen Fan Lei’s Invitation

Chapter 1309, Chen Fan Lei’s Invitation

An uneventful night passed, and the next day Yang Kai and Yang Yan took advantage of this opportunity to wander around Black Crow City; after all, it was their first time here, so they wanted to see if there were any local special products. If they were lucky, they might even find some useful materials.

A day of shopping with Yang Yan yielded some good results as the pair was able to buy some materials and ores that were difficult to come by in Heavenly Fate City.

The price they paid was naturally not a discounted one like when they purchased from Shadow Moon Hall, but inside Grand Burial Valley, Yang Kai and Yang Yan had obtained quite a few Saint Crystals, so naturally, they wouldn’t care about such small expenses.

By the end of the day, Yang Yan had purchased nearly fifty million Saint Crystals worth of Artifact Refining materials.

Although Yang Kai did not object, he was still shocked to witness this. At the rate Yang Yan was spending, the Saint Crystals they harvested this time may not be able to last very long; however, judging from the materials she purchased, Yang Kai vaguely felt that she really wanted to refine something astonishing.

While panicking slightly inside, Yang Kai was also quite looking forward to what the end result would be.

If not for Yang Kai worrying about drawing unwanted attention, Yang Yan would have continued dragging him around, buying up everything she was interested in. Yang Kai had not failed to notice several people paying attention to them already, quite interested in both him and Yang Yan.

This was not a surprise though, as they were clearly just a young man and woman but had spent tens of millions of Saint Crystal in a single day. This would inevitably cause some people to get ideas about them. Fortunately, these people were only curious at the moment and did not make any moves, simply following them around stealthily.

In the evening, Yang Kai and Yang Yan returned to Flying Spirit Palace, but as soon as they entered the Floating Snow Moon Pavilion, Yang Yan went straight to the third floor and secluded herself in the Artifact Refining Room there.

Helpless, Yang Kai went to the second floor to meditate.

After about two hours though, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and looked outward with a slight frown. Waving his hand, the door was opened silently by a beautiful young girl in a green dress standing outside. She was one of the two maidservants responsible for this Floating Snow Moon Pavilion.

She first greeted Yang Kai elegantly before softly explaining, “Young Lord, you have a guest. Would Young Lord like to meet with them?”

“Who is it?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“He said he was your companion and that his surname was Chen!”

“Chen?” Yang Kai was surprised, pondering for a moment before asking, “Is he by himself?”

“Yes,” The maidservant nodded gently.

Yang Kai’s lips curled into a slight smile hearing this and without waiting for the maidservant to ask again, he waved his hand lightly, “I understand, let him wait downstairs for a while, I’ll be down in a moment.”

The maidservant bowed gracefully before turning around and gracefully walking downstairs.

Yang Kai did not get up immediately, but instead sat on the spot, his eyes flashing slightly as his thoughts turned. Only after a moment of contemplation did he stand up and walk out.

On the first floor inside the hospitality room, Chen Fan Lei sat with his back straight like a sword, his well-groomed brow and bright eyes highlighting his face. Although he could not be considered incredibly handsome, he seemed to have been born with a heroic temperament, especially his eyes which always seemed to burst with life.

The two maidservants of this Floating Snow Moon Pavilion seemed quite taken with him and would casually sneak glances at his face from time to time, blushing slightly as they did so.

Chen Fan Lei had apparently noticed this but pretended not to, instead choosing to sit up straight with a serious look upon his face. However, one did not need to look too closely to notice that he was constantly fidgeting, as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

Sometime later, when Yang Kai finally came down from upstairs, Chen Fan Lei felt as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and quickly got up, cupped his fists, and said, “Brother Yang, I’ve taken the liberty to pay you a visit but it seems I’ve disturbed your cultivation, I hope Brother Yang won’t take offence.”

Hearing him say this, Yang Kai wore a stunned look but soon smiled warmly and said, “Brother Chen is too polite. I was also just filling the time, so you haven’t disturbed me at all.”

Saying so, he ordered the two maidservants to prepare some tea.

The maidservant in green who had gone upstairs to inform Yang Kai of Chen Fan Lei’s arrival nodded and immediately got to work.

Not long after, not only was tea served, put a platter of exquisite spirit fruits was laid out as well.

Yang Kai didn’t know why Chen Fan Lei had suddenly run over to see him, so he didn’t rashly inquire; however, it seemed Chen Fan Lei didn’t want to explain his purpose directly and instead began talking about random things.

But Yang Kai could clearly feel that Chen Fan Lei was acting very different from usual, and for some reason the presence of the two maidservants seemed to be stressing him. Instead of his usually free and unfettered speech, Chen Fan Lei was now picking his words carefully, even speaking somewhat incoherently at times.

Whenever he would trip over his words, the two maidservants would let out a light giggle, embarrassing Chen Fan Lei even further.

Seeing this, Yang Kai seemed to understand something and lightly instructed the two maidservants, “There’s no need for you to remain here, you may go back and rest. I will call for you if I require your service.”

The two maidservants glanced at each other and, although they were a little disappointed, politely nodded before reluctantly departing, both secretly casting Chen Fan Lei a sincere glance before they left.

Yang Kai saw this and laughed dumbly despite trying not to.

After the two maidservants left and Chen Fan Lei and Yang Kai were alone, the former was obviously relieved, and his usual demeanour was instantly restored. No longer embarrassed or anxious, he began chatting freely with Yang Kai, sometimes laughing joyfully while at other times acting quite seriously as he argued over different topics related to cultivation that he disagreed with Yang Kai over.

This chat lasted for two hours, but even then, Chen Fan Lei showed no signs of saying goodbye or revealing his true intentions, so Yang Kai had no choice but to raise the subject.

[He couldn’t have forgotten why he came here, right?]

At this point, Yang Kai lightly coughed and asked, “Does Brother Chen have some specific purpose for coming to see me this time?”

Hearing this, Chen Fan Lei showed a stunned expression before immediately smacking his forehead.

[He really had forgotten!]

Seeing this, Yang Kai smiled bitterly but remained silent, waiting for him to speak.

“Actually, it’s nothing important, it’s just that Brother Yang rescued us twice in Grand Burial Valley, but after arriving here in Black Crow City, I’ve barely been able to reciprocate the favour, so I thought I should try to entertain Brother Yang.”

“Entertain?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

“Yes,” Chen Fan Lei nodded repeatedly, “I’ve heard there is a very interesting place in Black Crow City. This Chen has long been curious about it but has never had an opportunity to patronize it, but now that we are in this situation, I thought I’d invite Brother Yang to accompany me. I wonder if Brother Yang is interested?”

“An interesting place?” Yang Kai suddenly became curious, “What kind of place is it?”

Chen Fan Lei’s face suddenly showed a hint of embarrassment, but that soon disappeared and with a meaningful grin, he said, “Allow this Chen to keep that a secret for now. When we arrive, Brother Yang will naturally understand.”

Yang Kai looked at him with a smile and pondered for a while before nodding, “Sure, since Brother Chen has come to invite me, then I will accompany you. Should we also call Sister Chen and the others?”

“Absolutely not!” Chen Fan Lei’s complexion changed as he waved his hands frantically, “This matter can never be known by her, otherwise she’ll skin me alive! I wouldn’t have come to visit so late at night if it weren’t specifically to avoid her noticing.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed, suddenly guessing what kind of place Chen Fan Lei wanted to go to, but after thinking about it for a moment, he asked, “What about Brother Wang?”

“Senior Brother Wang, he went out during the day and said that he was visiting one of his family Elders here. I do not know when he will return. We don’t have to wait for him.”

Yang Kai gently nodded, “Since that’s the case, let’s go.”

Chen Fan Lei saw Yang Kai agree and his spirits lifted, immediately nodding before leading the way.

Together, the pair left Flying Spirit Palace and quickly blended into the crowds of Black Crow City.

At night, Black Crow City seemed livelier than during the day as even more cultivators were now coming and going. Chen Fan Lei had apparently made preparations before, so he quickly led Yang Kai down a series of roads with great familiarity.

Soon, the pair arrived at a seemingly inconspicuous mansion. At the door of this establishment were two Saint Realm cultivators in black armour holding spears, their eyes coldly glancing around their surroundings.

At first glance, there was nothing special about this place, and it truly seemed to be an ordinary mansion, but when Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to investigate it, he was surprised to find that many barriers had been arranged here and he was actually unable to learn anything about its internal situation.

However, from time to time, some cultivators would swaggeringly enter this building. These cultivators had uneven cultivations, but regardless of their strength, the two guard-like cultivators at the door turned a blind eye to them, without even asking any questions.

This inevitably aroused Yang Kai’s curiosity as he wondered what exactly this place was for it to be so lively.

After arriving here, Chen Fan Lei did not proceed any further, his eyes staring at this mansion seriously, but also with a faint feeling of excitement. Yang Kai clearly noticed that Chen Fan Lei’s temperature had risen slightly, and his pulse had become faster.

Casting him a suspicious glance, Chen Fan Lei simply smiled back at Yang Kai and said, “This is the place, let’s go inside.”

Saying so, just like the cultivators who had entered previously, the two of them walked right inside, the two guards out front not trying to block or interrogate them in the slightest.

Upon entering the mansion and crossing a short black stone path, then turning a few corners, the pair were suddenly greeted by a very lively scene with a strong fragrance of wine and women lingering in the air. Bursts of crisp and sweet laughter echoed about as a wondrous melody played in the background.

There was actually an earthly paradise inside this place!

Yang Kai looked around in amazement and quickly saw an open-air courtyard with countless banquet tables where guests where constantly coming and going while drinking and celebrating. Most notably though was that on the arms of each of these guests were charming young women who were clearly flattering and flirting with them. These women all had different styles and temperaments, and they were all dressed quite diversely as well, some wearing tight-fitting highly exposing dresses while others were dressed up as noble young ladies, but without exception, all of them were great beauties.

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