Martial Peak

Chapter 1292 - Continuing Deeper

Chapter 1292, Continuing Deeper

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If he could really obtain this woman, Wang Yu Han would not only have a beautiful flower to accompany him in the future, perhaps he could even use her to enter Clear Sky Sect.

However, after meeting several times, and making clear his intentions towards her, Chen Shi Tao still did not show any favour towards him. Gradually, Wang Yu Han lost heart and no longer planned to get entangled with her again, lest he truly annoy her.

But the last time he chatted with his Junior Brother Chen Fan Lei, he accidentally heard some shocking news from him.

Chen Shi Tao now had a net worth in the millions of Saint Crystals and also possessed several high-quality Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts!

It seemed that she obtained these riches when she entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field. According to Chen Fan Lei, his sister had gotten extremely lucky and discovered a Saint Crystal lode, allowing her to collect a massive quantity of Saint Crystals. Later, although she had to turn over the vast majority to her Sect, she still managed to retain a hefty sum and the Clear Sky Sect Elders also rewarded her for her contribution with many artifacts and pills.

In particular, the Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts were given to Chen Shi Tao by the Great Elder of Clear Sky Sect personally!

Chen Fan Lei was not one to have hidden intentions and was seemingly born carefree. His relationship with Wang Yu Han was good, so he had not had any reservations speaking about this subject with him; however, the latter was a different story, and after hearing about her sudden rise in status and wealth, Wang Yu Han once again decided to aim for Chen Shi Tao.

The purpose of this trip was actually for Chen Fan Lei to use a Thunder Pond to help him break through a bottleneck he was facing in his cultivation, but when Wang Yu Han heard about this, he urged his Junior Brother to invite Chen Shi Tao along. Everything had gone smoothly; hearing that her little brother needed help breaking through his bottleneck, Chen Shi Tao, as a supportive older sister, naturally agreed to help, even bringing along Lu Ying from Clear Sky Sect as backup. All four of them met up outside Grand Burial Valley before entering this place together.

Initially, things were going well, but then their group had accidentally fallen into the reflecting barrier and been trapped for two days. It was then that the little brat named Yang Kai had appeared and seeing Chen Shi Tao pay so much attention to him, Wang Yu Han naturally became vigilant and even targeted him slightly.

But now it seems that his way of doing things had irritating Chen Shi Tao, so Wang Yu Han stood in place somberly for a moment before helplessly shaking his head and following after the other three towards the Thunder Pond while secretly pondering what method he should use to impress Chen Shi Tao and win her affection.

After a moment, he indeed came up with an idea, and one that he thought would go well, immediately smiling while he began looking for an opportunity to implement his new plan.

On the other side, after separating from Chen Shi Tao and her group, Yang Kai took Yang Yan back along the route they had travelled and only stopped after withdrawing a couple of dozen kilometres.

“This is Grand Burial Valley?” After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, Yang Yan not only did not panic but instead showed a joyful, eager look.

“What do you want to do?” Yang Kai asked with a frown, suddenly having a bad premonition.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking that if this is really the former site of a great Sect, it must be covered with many powerful barriers and Spirit Arrays!” Yang Yan’s beautiful eyes lit up with a strange light as she shot a look of excitement towards Yang Kai.

Gently rubbing his forehead, Yang Kai said, “Since we’re already here, I don’t have any intentions of just leaving, but what about the directions on those two map fragments? If it doesn’t point to the inner recesses, then there’s no need for us to take unnecessary risks.”

“Hehe, then I’ll have to disappoint you, the direction these fragments indicate really is towards the depths of this place, but you can rest assured that there is no barrier or Spirit Array in this world I cannot break. If there were people still living here tending to these Spirit Arrays, I wouldn’t be able to make any guarantees, but only dilapidated barriers that cannot display their full might remain now, so how could they pose any problems?” Yang Yan said with great confidence.

Seeing this, Yang Kai also felt somewhat inspire and nodded, “Fine. Since you’re so confident, let’s continued deeper and see if the place marked on the map fragments is the so-called Secret Cave of the Ancient Yang Sect. If it is, then we should be able to find enough riches to allow you to purchase any Artifact Refining and Spirit Array materials you want!”

Yang Yan’s eyes lit up and immediately began urging Yang Kai to lead the way.

The pair took a long detour so they would not run into Chen Shi Tao’s groups before continuing deeper into the ruins.

Chen Shi Tao was right about one thing though. Around the periphery, the barriers and Spirit Arrays they encountered were not very powerful; in fact, the strongest Spirit Array in the vicinity was likely the one that had trapped their group of four. However, all of these Spirit Arrays were easily dismantled by Yang Yan, taking anywhere from a dozen breaths to the time it would take to burn a stick of incense.

Yang Kai and Yang Yan could basically walk about unimpeded.

Five days later, the pair seemed to enter the inner reaches of Ancient Yang Sect, because here, broken walls and ruins could be seen everywhere. It seemed that there were once many, many buildings here but at some point, all of them had been destroyed.

The barriers and Spirit Arrays here were also much more powerful than before, so Yang Yan had to spend some time to carefully crack them.

On top of that, these Spirit Arrays were quite old, and some had become very unstable, causing Yang Yan to run into some unexpected situations when taking them apart. Yang Kai was responsible for her safety during this time.

Yang Kai originally wanted to search through these ruins to see if there was anything of value left, but he soon gave up on this unrealistic idea.

Grand Burial Valley had existed for over two thousand years and, during this time, countless cultivators had searched through this place, so even if there had been treasures left here at one point, anything good must have already fallen into other’s hands.

On this day, Yang Yan stared at a huge open space in front of her for a moment before suddenly raising her hands and taking out two strange-looking artifacts which quickly flew forward and seemingly disappeared into thin air.

Yang Kai didn’t find this strange though as he had witnessed similar scenes multiple times already. Standing behind Yang Yan, he quietly circulated his Saint Qi and prepared to act at a moment’s notice.

Yang Yan closed her eyes for a while but soon a smile appeared at the corner of her lips and she turned around to Yang Kai and said, “There’s a big Spirit Array here, I’m afraid it will take some time to crack.”

“Can we go around it?”

“No!” Yang Yan looked at Yang Kai imploringly, “Well, yes, we can go around it, but this is a rare type of Spirit Array and I really want to study and crack it. I told you before that as long as I keep arranging Spirit Arrays and Artifact Refining, I will be able to unlock more and more knowledge about these subjects from my memories, yes? This is a good opportunity then, because breaking through these Spirit Arrays benefits me just as much as refining my own Artifacts or arranging Spirit Arrays. Doing it this way will save us a lot of money and materials don’t you think?”

Yang Kai shook his head helplessly and asked cautiously, “Will there be any danger?”

“Absolutely not!” Yang Yan swung her head like a rattle.

“Alright… how long will it take you to crack it?” Yang Kai asked

“Two or three days. You can do whatever you like during that time,” Yang Yan spat out her tongue before immediately ignoring Yang Kai and immersing herself in studying the big Spirit Array in front of her.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai didn’t go to disturb her and after thinking about what to do for a moment, he took out the Origin King Grade High-Rank Artifact Refining Furnace and in a flash made it expand to three metres or so in diameter.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged in front of this furnace and sent his Divine Sense into it. Soon after, a high-pitched cry rang out and the Firebird Artifact Spirit flew out of the Artifact Refining Furnace, circled it a few times, then came to a hover just above it and began spraying out pure Fire Attribute energy from its mouth in order to assist with refining the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead inside.

Yang Kai did not remain idle either and actively poured his Saint Qi into the Artifact Refining Furnace to enhance its power while at the same time he split his attention to continue cultivating his Golden Blood Threads.

Whether it was cultivating his Golden Blood Thread technique or refining the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead, both were incredibly time-consuming processes so having found a spare moment now, Yang Kai was not about to waste it.

So, he didn’t object to Yang Yan cracking the Spirit Array here, if he didn’t have anything to do, he wouldn’t have agreed.

Time passed by, yet Yang Kai barely noticed. At some point though, while immersed in cultivating his Golden Blood Threads, a slight noise suddenly came from beside him, causing him to look up and see some fluctuating rays of light and a disturbance in the ambient World Energy. Yang Yan was smiling as she stood nearby, putting away the tools she had been using until now one by one.

A short time later, all the lights faded, and Yang Kai felt that something had disappeared from the open space nearby, immediately understanding that the large Spirit Array arranged here had been cracked by Yang Yan.

With a thought, he received his Artifact Refining Furnace and Artifact Spirit, got up, and asked, “Done?”

“En, let’s move on. I’m beginning to like this place more and more. Last time, I should have entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field with you. I heard that there were many Spirit Arrays there.”

“If you had come in with me, you would probably be disappointed. Although there were some barriers there, there weren’t many… En, I did see a giant ruin of an ancient Sect though, one that seemed nearly completely intact at that. It probably would have met your requirements.”

Yang Yan sighed, “Unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity, and there’s no telling how many years it will be until the next time the Flowing Flame Sand Field opens.”

The two continued walking while talking.

As they continued deeper into the ruins, the Spirit Arrays and barriers they encountered really became much stronger and the time it took Yang Yan to crack them also grew longer, unlike in the periphery where she could dismantle them with ease.

Even so, Yang Kai could not help feeling quite shocked. Although they had been left unattended for many years, these Spirit Arrays were still the crystallization of a great Sect’s knowledge and resources, yet they were continuously being broken by Yang Yan. Yang Kai really wondered what the people who had arranged these barriers would think if they were to learn about this.

On top of that, Yang Kai noticed that each time Yang Yan deciphered one of these Spirit Arrays, she would wear a giant smile; obviously, she was gaining many benefits from this process.

This point alone made the trip they had taken worthwhile; after all, Yang Yan cracked these Spirit Arrays not only allowed her to unlock more of her memories, it also saved Dragon Cave Mountain a lot of money.

Although Yang Kai did not obtain anything, he also didn’t lose anything, and he could even take advantage of this opportunity to work on his own projects.

Yang Kai even secretly thought that if they weren’t able to earn enough Saint Crystals to buy materials for her in the future, he could always take Yang Yan out to look for similar places to let her crack Spirit Arrays.

With Shadowed Star being so enormous, there should be many places like this Grand Burial Valley.

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