Martial Peak

Chapter 1291 - Grand Burial Valley

Chapter 1291, Grand Burial Valley

Seeing this, Yang Kai smiled bitterly; knowing that Yang Yan wanted to study this Spirit Array, his plan to quickly leave had been foiled and he could only resign himself to talking with Chen Shi Tao with a smile while waiting for Yang Yan to finish.

During the conversation, Chen Shi Tao naturally introduced her companions to Yang Kai with great enthusiasm.

The other young woman was someone Yang Kai had bet before as she had been part of Chen Shi Tao’s group in the Flowing Flame Sand field, Clear Sky Sect’s Lu Ying.

As for the other two, the male with bright eyes but lower cultivation was called Chen Fan Lei and was Chen Shi Tao’s younger brother. After listening to her introduction, Yang Kai suddenly understood why there were some subtle similarities between the two, it turned out they were blood siblings.

The last Third-Order Saint King cultivator was called Wang Yu Han.

To Yang Kai’s surprise, this Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei were not disciples of Clear Sky Sect. The two of them belonged to Extreme Path Sect, which was a different force from Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying.

However, cultivators who had friendships or familial ties would commonly travel together even if they did not belong to the same force, so Yang Kai wasn’t too shocked after learning this information.

However, the name ‘Extreme Path Sect’ sounded familiar to Yang Kai, as if he had heard about it somewhere before.

After some brief introductions, Chen Shi Tao smiled and asked, “Little Brother Yang, why are you here in Grand Burial Valley?”

Her voice was sweet and soothing, and combined with a mature temperament and outstanding looks, her natural appeal almost made her more attractive than Yin Su Die when she was using her Beguiling Technique. Yang Kai quickly noticed that the man named Wang Yu Han had some intentions towards Chen Shi Tao.

But when Yang Kai heard the words ‘Grand Burial Valley’, his face changed slightly as he asked hesitantly, “This is Grand Burial Valley?”

Chen Shi Tao was surprised by this reaction and immediately covered her mouth to stifle her laughter, smiling as she asked in amazement, “Little Brother Yang, you couldn’t have really inadvertently stumbled into this place without knowing what it was, could you?”

When Yang Kai had explained his presence before, Chen Shi Tao had naturally not believed his excuse; after all, this place was several days away from the outermost edge of Grand Burial Valley, so even if someone had wandered inside accidentally, they shouldn’t have arrived at such a deep place. However, Yang Kai’s reaction and expression didn’t seem fake, making her wonder if he had actually been telling her the truth earlier.

“Haha,” Yang Kai’s lips twitched, “I really didn’t know what this place was.”

After thinking for a while, he asked, “This is the Grand Burial Valley that was left behind after the Ancient Yang Sect was destroyed?”

“Yup,” Chen Shi Tao nodded lightly, pursing her lips as she smiled, “It seems that you’re not ignorant about this much at least.”

“En, I’ve heard some rumours about this place before.”

The reason why Yang Kai knew about Grand Burial Valley was that Dai Yuan had told him about it in the Flowing Flame Sand Field. At that time, while waiting for the Red Candle Fruit to mature, he had asked Dai Yuan about the disciple of the Star Emperor Sect, which had eventually led to this topic.

According to Dai Yuan, Grand Burial Valley was originally the site of a great Sect with power equal to Thunder Typhoon Sect and Heaven Battling Union called the Ancient Yang Sect, but over two thousand years ago, this Ancient Yang Sect had killed a disciple from Star Emperor Sect that had left Star Emperor Mount for life experience, thoroughly offending this behemoth. As a result, one month later, Ancient Yang Sect had been razed to the ground and its headquarters became this strange place known as Grand Burial Valley.

Moreover, Dai Yuan also said that since then, many cultivators liked to come here to look for opportunities, because it was rumoured that although Ancient Yang Sect had been destroyed, there is still a Secret Cave left behind where most of this former great Sect’s accumulated wealth was hidden. Such rumours were enough to draw in treasure hunters from all over the world.

However, there are many still active Spirit Arrays in this place and the Yin Qi was incredibly thick, so many who came here seeking wealth actually lost their lives instead and the so-called Secret Cave had never been found. Over time, fewer and fewer people came here to try their luck.

Whether the Ancient Yang Sect had truly been wiped out by Star Emperor Sect was true or false, there was no conclusive proof.

Dai Yuan had personally visited this place but hadn’t gained anything. Instead, her body had suffered the invasion of an unusual cold aura that took much time and effort for her to resolve after returning to Coloured Glass Sect.

Yang Kai recalled what Dai Yuan said at the time as his expression fluctuated.

If this was really the Grand Burial Valley, then he would need to increase his vigilance. The people who came here in the past were not just Saint Kings, there were even Origin Realm Masters who had explored this place and fallen as a result. Yang Kai did not dare act carelessly even if he was confident in his own strength.

Could it be that ancient map fragments Yang Yan possessed was leading them to the location of Ancient Yang Sect’s Secret Cave? Considering this possibility, Yang Kai’s heart jumped, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit excited.

If this was really the case, they would really be able to solve the current poverty-stricken situation of Dragon Cave Mountain. After all, the treasury of a large Sect would undoubtedly contain amazing wealth.

While thinking so in his heart, Yang Kai maintained a calm look on his face.

Chen Shi Tao and others seemed to see that Yang Kai was thinking about something but didn’t interrupt his thoughts. Only after a long pause did Yang Kai take a deep breath and cup his fists to Chen Shi Tao, “Many thanks, Sister Chen. If I had not met Sister Chen this time, my companion and I might still be ignorant of where we were.”

Chen Shi Tao giggled, “You’re really quite carefree aren’t you, not even inquiring about where you before diving in to explore? Fortunately, your luck is quite good. Entering this place is quite dangerous, even for an Origin Returning Realm masters.”

A look of rebuke flashed across her face as if she was blaming Yang Kai for not cherishing his life.

Yang Kai could only let out a hollow laugh.

Seemingly just remembering something, Chen Shi Tao asked Yang Kai with utmost seriousness, “Little Brother Yang, don’t judge this place by the dangers you’ve encountered up until now. This place was once the site of the Ancient Yang Sect, and these grounds are just the outer periphery, so the Spirit Arrays here aren’t too powerful, but if you go deeper inside, the barriers will become far more powerful and won’t be so forgiving like the one which trapped my group of four.”

“Sister Chen,” Wang Yu Han suddenly cut in, “This friend just inadvertently broke into this place, so how could he intend to go deeper? Telling him these things is useless.”

Chen Shi Tao’s brow furrowed slightly, not even turning to address him as she continued looking at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai said with a smile, “Since I now know that this is Grand Burial Valley, I will naturally not delve any deeper. En, I assume that you’ve come here for something important, so this Yang won’t delay you any further, goodbye!”

“Take care, Brother Yang!” Wang Yu Han smiled at Yang Kai, changing the way he addressed him to a friendlier one immediately, seemingly quite eager for him to depart.

Yang Kai shot him a glance out of the corner of his eye before curling his lips upwards slightly and calling out to Yang Yan and setting off together with her, his figure gradually fading away into the mist.

Looking at his increasingly estranged back, Chen Shi Tao opened her mouth and seemed to want to say something, but she eventually held her tongue, only letting out a sigh after he completely disappeared.

“Em, this Brother Yang indeed has some good luck,” Wang Yu Han nodded with a sneer, “Without knowing anything at all, he actually wandered into Grand Burial Valley. Fortunately, he ran into Sister Chen, otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.”

“Senior Brother, you don’t seem to like him very much,” Chen Fan Lei asked in an almost naively honest tone.

Wang Yu Han chuckled, “It has nothing to do with like or dislike, I just can’t help looking down on people who rely solely on luck to survive. Senior Brother said before, luck can only get a person so far, next time, his luck might not be so good and result in his death.”

Saying so, he glanced over at Chen Shi Tao seemingly unintentionally, wanting to persuade her to agree with him, but Chen Shi Tao currently had an obviously unhappy look on her face, making Wang Yu Han feel extremely helpless.

Chen Shi Tao was naturally upset. It was quite rare to encounter a person like Yang Kai who carried a great destiny, so she had wanted to try inviting him to accompany them. After all, although the reason the four of them had come to Grand Burial Valley this time should not be too dangerous, there was always the chance of an accident happening. If Yang Kai was with them, they might able to rely on his luck to reduce this risk to a minimum.

How could she have known though that before she could ask, Yang Kai would depart. Wang Yu Han’s follow up only made her feel more annoyed.

“Ah, Senior Sister Chen,” Lu Ying, who hadn’t spoken until now, suddenly called out, “You forgot to ask where he came from again.”

When Chen Shi Tao heard this, her nose cramped and her rich peaks heaved up and down in exasperation.

Last time, she had wanted to ask Yang Kai about his origins, hoping it would give her more opportunities to become friends with him; however, after she had collected enough Saint Crystals, she found that Yang Kai had disappeared at some point and asking Chang Qi hadn’t produced any results. Chang Qi knew better than to disclose Yang Kai’s background clearly.

This was something Chen Shi Tao regretted deeply.

Now, after a rare coincidence had allowed her to meet him again, Chen Shi Tao should have asked Yang Kai clearly about his origins so she could pay him a visit later. If Wang Yu Han had not interrupted and distracted her, she definitely wouldn’t have missed this opportunity.

If she knew where Yang Kai lived at least, the next time Chen Shi Tao wanted to go out, she could have invited him to accompany her.

Rather than acting with others, she was more willing to work with Yang Kai, who was lucky.

Wang Yu Han constantly interrupting her conversation with Yang Kai and making her forget about this matter, annoyed her greatly, causing Chen Shi Tao to shoot him a harsh glare. However, the other side simply welcomed her gaze, and even put on a somewhat flattering appearance, causing Chen Shi Tao to quickly lose interest and wave her hand, “Let’s go, we need to find that Thunder Pond as soon as possible so Fan Lei can break through his bottleneck.”

Saying so, she set out again. Lu Ying naturally understood why Chen Shi Tao was so disgruntled right now and shot Wang Yu Han a disapproving glance before hurriedly following her Senior Sister.

Chen Fan Lei seemed a bit airheaded and did not notice anything wrong, just following after his sister happily while Wang Yu Han stood in place and glared in the direction Yang Kai had departed.

Although the Extreme Path Sect he and Chen Fan Lei came from was not a small force, compared to Clear Sky Sect it was still somewhat dwarfed, that was why he had long been interested in the sister of his Junior Brother. Chen Shi Tao had outstanding looks, especially her watery, enchanting eyes which seemed capable of capturing one’s soul. Every time Chen Fan Lei returned to his family home; Wang Yu Han would find an excuse to tag along so he could meet Chen Shi Tao. He wanted to appeal to her in hopes of moving her heart.

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