Martial Peak

Chapter 1266 - Going Around The Sun To Reach The Moon

Chapter 1266, Going Around The Sun To Reach The Moon

Yang Kai had heard of other people being able to smell the scent of a woman on a man, but he had never heard of someone being capable of smelling a medicinal or pill fragrance on another person. What’s more, Dai Yuan had just said was incredibly accurate. Half a year ago, he really had refined some Origin Condensing Pills and Blood Jasmine Pills. Of course, there were other pills he had refined before then, but perhaps because it was too long ago or the scent had dissipated, Dai Yuan didn’t smell them or didn’t bother mentioning them.

This special ability greatly surprised Yang Kai.

“Of course, if that was all the evidence I had, I wouldn’t have suspected that Junior Brother Yang was an Origin Grade Alchemist. There may have simply been a powerful master here that Junior Brother Yang was around frequently and picked up those pill fragrances from, but…” Dai Yuan smiled mysteriously, “Since I came here one month ago, I didn’t discover any such powerful master. On top of that, the last time you gave the Shadow Moon Hall disciples a few healing pills in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, I noticed that they had only been recently refined so I made a bold guess that Junior Brother Yang was an Alchemist. Those pills were all also of extraordinary quality, so the level of the one who refined them was obviously not low.”

Yang Kai did not try to make any denials.

With Dai Yuan possessing such a peculiar ability, even if he were to deny it, it would be useless. However, at the same time, Yang Kai felt relieved; after all, this ability was probably unique to Dai Yuan so it was impossible for other to use such a method to infer that Yang Kai was an Origin Grade Alchemist.

Dai Yuan also seemed like a trustworthy person, so Yang Kai was not worried she would betray him.

Taking all this into consideration, Yang Kai calmed down and smiled gently, “Does Sister Dai Yuan first confirming my identity as an Alchemist mean you want my help with Alchemy?”

He could only make such a conjecture, as it was the only way to explain everything.

How could he have anticipated that Dai Yuan would shake her head though, “It’s not about Alchemy, but it is related to Alchemy, otherwise I wouldn’t have come here.”

Yang Kai showed a faint smile, “Although I don’t know what it is you want me to do, but there should be others who can help you on Shadowed Star. I will not conceal it from Sister Dai Yuan, I am currently just an Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemist. Your status in Coloured Glass Sect should not be low; isn’t there an Origin Grade Alchemist in your Sect? Even if Coloured Glass Sect does not have one, couldn’t you ask the Grandmasters from Medicine Pill Sect to take action? I cannot match any of them in terms of Alchemy accomplishments.”

Last time Yang Kai had also learned that there were five Origin Grade Alchemists in Medicine Pill Sect, each of whom was a highly respected master. Besides, Coloured Glass Sect was one of Shadowed Star’s most powerful sects, it was impossible for them to now have at least one Alchemist of this level.

Dai Yuan running over to Dragon Cave Mountain to find him was like going around the sun to reach the moon, raising Yang Kai’s curiosity.

“If that were possible, why would I embarrass myself in front of Junior Brother Yang?” Dai Yuan had a bitter smile on her face, “There is indeed a Grandmaster Xiao in my Sect who is an Origin Grade Alchemist, but there are inconvenient issues with me asking for Grandmaster Xiao’s help.”

“Grandmaster Xiao…” Yang Kai raised his brow as the old kind face of Medicine King’s Valley Xiao Fu Sheng surfaced in his mind. He did not expect that the Grandmaster Alchemist of Coloured Glass Sect would also be surnamed Xiao.

“As for the Grandmasters from Medicine Pill Sect…” Dai Yuan frowned, “Four of them are difficult to ask for the same reason as Grandmaster Xiao. The last one is actually a suitable candidate, but the price to hire them is too high, I don’t have the ability to pay it.”

Yang Kai gave her a stunned look.

This woman’s cultivation and strength were not low, and her means were quite good, so he thought that she must hold a high position in Coloured Glass Sect, but from her words, Yang Kai sensed that things were more complicated than that.

She probably did not have the ability to summon the wind and rain in Coloured Glass Sect as he had previously suspected.

Thinking back on what happened at the mountain valley in the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field while waiting for the Red Candle Fruit to mature, the nearby Coloured Glass Sect disciples all clearly saw Dai Yuan, but none of them had gone to greet her. From beginning to end, she had been acting alone while all the other Coloured Glass Sect disciples stuck together with Yin Su Die, their treatment as different as Heaven and Earth… Yang Kai suddenly felt like he had understood something.

“Therefore, I could only look for Junior Brother Yang for help,” Dai Yuan suddenly said while staring at Yang Kai earnestly, her star-like eyes showing a pleading intention.

Yang Kai brow furrowed as he pondered for a while before asking, “Can you tell me what it is you want me to do for you?”

Dai Yuan bit her red lips and embarrassedly said, “Before Junior Brother Yang agrees, telling you is somewhat inconvenient.”

Yang Kai’s face sank as a touch of annoyance filled his expression. This woman came here to ask for his help but refused to tell him what it was she wanted him to do, so even though Yang Kai had a good impression of her, he would not just stupidly agree.

Just as he was about to refuse though, Dai Yuan hurriedly said, “But I can guarantee that it is something Junior Brother Yang can do, and it will not take very much time or effort. If everything goes well, just three days of time will be enough. After it is finished, I will also be sure to compensate Junior Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai naturally didn’t care about whatever compensation she could offer. Dai Yuan already admitted she could not afford to move one of the Grandmasters from Medicine Pill Sect, so how could she have anything good to offer him as payment? However, if whatever it was would only take three days, he could still consider it.

“But…” Dai Yuan looked at Yang Kai cautiously, as if even she didn’t have confidence in persuading him, and weakly said, “If Junior Brother Yang agrees, he will need to accompany me back to Coloured Glass Sect.”

Yang Kai raised his eyes and stared at Dai Yuan, who fell silent and bit her lip, waiting for his reply.

After a moment, Yang Kai smiled calmly and said, “Let me consider this matter. Dragon Cave Mountain has some nice scenery, so if Sister Dai Yuan wishes, she can take a walk around and enjoy it. As for your request, I will give you a reply three days from now.”

Dai Yuan’s eyes dimmed, knowing that Yang Kai had not directly refused her purely out of politeness. How could she have missed the perfunctory tone in his voice though?

Him saying he would reply three days from now was almost as good as him saying no.

Sighing faintly, although she felt quite forlorn, Dai Yuan still squeezed out a smile, “Then Dai Yuan will wait for good news from Junior Brother Yang.”

Having finished their discussion, Yang Kai said goodbye and left.

After Yang Kai left, Dai Yuan turned around and walked back up to the second floor with an anxious look upon her face. She knew that she was acting unreasonably here. Since she had come to ask for a favour, naturally she should make the details of her request clear, but some things were not easy to discuss, making her feel quite troubled.

Dai Yuan even thought about quietly leaving, so as not to make things difficult for Yang Kai; after all, sticking around for three days just to get rejected would only make things awkward for both of them, but strangely, Dai Yuan couldn’t bring herself to leave and decided to wait out these three days.

Perhaps she was still holding out some faint hope in her heart.

Yang Kai left the loft and walked back to the original building he had come from, a slight frown upon his face. Yang Kai had not rejected Dai Yuan on the spot to avoid embarrassing her; if it had been someone else, he would not have bothered acting polite.

Returning to the original loft he had tea in, Yang Kai was surprised to find that Wu Yi and Yang Yan had not left yet, the two of them smiling at the entranceway, seemingly having waited for him to return.

Yang Kai thought that the two women would immediately ask him what had happened, but to his surprise, they simply watched him pass between them silently.

After Yang Kai entered the loft, Yang Yan and Wu Yi followed him inside. Immediately, Yang Yan took out a token identical the one she had given Yang Kai, and after pouring her Saint Qi into it, a ray of light shot out from it and in the next moment, the entire loft seemed to be wrapped by the invisible barrier which not only cut off the sound and sight from the outside, even Divine Sense was blocked.

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai asked in amazement.

Yang Yan walked over with a big grin on her face, sitting in a chair nearby, exchanging a glance with Wu Yi before asking him, “Are you going to agree to her request?”

Yang Kai’s expression now turned to shock. He looked at Yang Yan, then at Wu Yi, then back again. After noticing the twinkle in the eyes of these two women, he immediately understood, “Were you eavesdropping?”

Wu Yi’s face turned red and did not deny the charge, silently admitting her guilt.

Yang Yan, on the other hand, said frankly, “Eavesdropping? Nonsense, I was just testing out the power of a newly researched Spirit Array.”

“What kind of effects does this new Spirit Array of yours have?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

When he was talking with Dai Yuan just now, he had not noticed anyone trying to eavesdrop on them, but now it seems their entire conversation had been heard by these two. The Spirit Arrays arranged by Yang Yan were simply too mysterious.

“You wouldn’t understand if I explained it to you, it’s better for you to see for yourself,” Yang Yan said before taking a large plate side disc. This disc was made from some unidentifiable black material, but when Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to examine it, he could not help calling out in surprise as he was able to hear Dai Yuan’s sighing coming from it.

However, besides this, there was no other information coming from this disc, so obviously it was connected to a Spirit Array that was monitoring the sounds inside Dai Yuan’s loft.

Yang Kai really didn’t know when Yang Yan had arranged this, but he could guess that she had set it up a long time ago and was simply waiting for some foreign guests to arrive before experimenting with this Spirit Array.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s complexion changed as he stared at Yang Yan and asked, “Is there something like this in my cave mansion?”

“No!” Yang Yan denied flatly, her small head shaking like a rattle, “Why would I need to arrange something like this in your cave mansion?”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodding in satisfaction before his expression suddenly became strict, “Highly improper! Don’t do this kind of vulgar matter again, if it were to be noticed, it would be a great disgrace!”

Yang Yan and Wu Yi looked at each other before sticking out their tongues playfully.

Yang Kai saw this, rubbed his forehead, and moved the conversation forward, “But since you overheard, you should understand why I didn’t agree to her request, so why does it look like you have a different opinion?”

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