Martial Peak

Chapter 1265 - Dai Yuan Visits

Chapter 1265, Dai Yuan Visits

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After listening to Yang Kai’s question, Wu Yi smiled and gave him an ambiguous look, “I don’t know. She has not spoken much since she arrived here, it seems she does not like communicating with others. I’ve visited her a few times, but she hardly speaks, aside from inquiring about you, that is, hehe…”

Like Wei Gu Chang, it seems Wu Yi had some kind of misunderstanding.

Yang Kai was too lazy to explain and instead just said, “Forget it, I’ll go and see her. If it isn’t something important, she wouldn’t have come here in such a hurry.”

Saying so, Yang Kai went straight out.

Yang Kai wanted to get some information from Wu Yi and Yang Yan so he could prepare himself in advance, but he had not expected that after an entire month, Dai Yuan hadn’t even disclosed her purpose in coming here.

Yang Kai secretly felt a headache coming on. Dai Yuan was not the kind of person to simply visit someone on a whim. Since she had come here, she must have something she wanted to ask of him. If it was just another stranger here to ask him a favour, Yang Kai would refuse to even meet them, but this woman was very close to Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er, and Yang Kai had spent time fighting by her side in the Flowing Flame Sand Field. To simply refuse her outright would be too boorish.

He could only ask her what she wanted and then take things from there.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived at another exquisite loft about a thousand meters away from the one he had been sitting in. He had checked with his Divine Sense in advance and naturally knew that Dai Yuan was currently staying here. At this moment, Dai Yuan’s aura seemed quite tranquil, probably indicating she was in meditative cultivation.

Yang Kai could only call out, “Sister Dai Yuan, it’s Yang Kai.”

There was a momentary fluctuation in the tranquil aura and then Dai Yuan’s surprised voice called out from the loft, “Junior Brother Yang, please come in. I was just meditating so it is a bit inconvenient for me to welcome you right now. I’ll be down after I finish this last cycle.”

Yang Kai gently nodded and strode in.

This loft was divided into two floors. When Wu Yi and the others built it, they had taken into consideration that anyone who lived here might need to receive guests, so the first floor was set up for entertainment purposes while the second floor was for the owner to cultivate.

Yang Kai entered the first floor of the loft and found a chair to sit down on. If one were to really think about it, this was his site, making Dai Yuan the guest, therefore Yang Kai saw no need to act overly polite.

After waiting quietly for a short time, the sound of footsteps came from the stairs and Dai Yuan walked down from above in a light blue dress, a smile upon her face.

Her dress vividly outlined her perfect figure, emphasizing her rich peaks and slender waist. Looking at her though, Yang Kai could not help a look of pity flashing across his face, because if not for her disfigured face, this woman would definitely be a great beauty. Unfortunately, this one shortcoming destroyed her charms.

Although this look only flashed across the depths of Yang Kai’s eyes for an instant, it was still noticed by Dai Yuan. This woman was both beautiful and intelligent, so how could she not understand what Yang Kai was regretting? In her heart, she felt hurt, but on her face she maintained her warm smile, offering a light apology for making him wait before sitting down on a chair across from Yang Kai. Next, with a wave of her jade white hand, she summoned a plate of delicate spirit fruits and placed them onto the table between them.

“This is the Purple Mist Fruit I picked from Purple Mist Mountain in Coloured Glass Sect. No place on Shadowed Star grows this spirit fruit other than my Coloured Glass Sect. Although it is not comparable to the spirit fruits and spirit medicines which grow in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, this Purple Mist Fruit is of great help to cultivators who wish to purify their Saint Qi. Please have a taste, Junior Brother Yang,” Dai Yuan introduced it with a smile as she wore a look of anticipation.

Yang Kai grinned, “Since Sister Dai Yuan has offered, this Yang will not refuse.”

Although he was muttering to himself that this woman was looking for a favour from him, Yang Kai still picked up one of the small purple fruits and observed it slightly.

This was the first time he had heard of the Purple Mist Fruit, but from its crystal-like appearance and the sweet fragrance it gave off, Yang Kai could tell that this was not something ordinary disciples of Coloured Glass Sect could ever taste. Since Dai Yuan had specially brought it here though, naturally Yang Kai would sample it.

Tossing the little purple fruit into his mouth, he chewed it a few times, releasing a sweet juice which caused his brow to rise.

The taste of this fruit was excellent, and the sweetness seemed to penetrate directly into one’s mind, making anyone who consumed it feel very comfortable.

After swallowing this Purple Mist Fruit into his belly, Yang Kai felt heat spread from his abdomen and spread out to his limbs. Although the purification effect on his Saint Qi was not great, it also wasn’t insignificant.

Yang Kai said nothing as he picked up another Purple Mist Fruit and ate it, eating a third after that before offering some words of praise.

Dai Yuan was very pleased seeing this.

Next, Yang Kai talked happily with Dai Yuan about what happened after they separated in the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

However, what frustrated Yang Kai was that Dai Yuan really seemed intent on just chatting with him, never once mentioning her true purpose in coming here. Regardless of what Yang Kai said, she would have some kind of follow up, allowing the conversation to continue on harmoniously, as if the two were old friends who had not seen each other in years and were now revelling in their long life experiences. Dai Yuan’s pleasant laughter that rang out from time to time made the time pass by quickly.

After two hours, Yang Kai finally could not help it any longer, coughed, and asked, “Did Sister Dai Yuan come to Dragon Cave Mountain for something specific? If you have something you need my help with, please speak clearly. As long as I am able to, I will definitely not refuse.”

Yang Kai did not make too grand of a promise. If it were just some minor matter that wouldn’t cost him much time, he was willing to help her, but if Dai Yuan wanted to ask him to do something dangerous, Yang Kai wasn’t prepared to accept.

He did not want to make too many enemies on Shadowed Star, that Lu Ye from Flowing Cloud Valley was more than enough to give him a headache.

Yang Kai really could not figure out why Lu Ye seemed to have a grudge against him, even going so far as to secretly then openly attack him back in the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. Although Yang Kai cut off one of Lu Ye’s arms with his Space Blade, without killing this strange enemy, Yang Kai could not rest easy.

When Yang Kai asked this question, Dai Yuan immediately fell silent, nibbling her red lips as if hesitating.

Yang Kai did not urge her, instead just sitting and waiting quietly while at the same time raising his wariness. Dai Yuan hesitating like this obviously meant the favour she wanted to ask was not something small.

In fact, Yang Kai was already thinking about what to say to reject her.

Finally, Dai Yuan raised her head, stared into Yang Kai’s eyes with her own, and asked a shocking question, “Junior Brother Yang, are you an Origin Grade Alchemist?”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as sharp light flashed across their depths, but he quickly let out a laugh, “Why would Sister Dai Yuan ask such a thing?”

Him being an Origin Grade Alchemist was something that no one on Shadowed Star knew. Even Yang Yan and Wu Yi did not know about it. Yang Kai had told them once, but neither of them had taken him seriously and simply wrote it off as a bad joke.

So how could Dai Yuan know?

There was an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner on Dragon Cave Mountain, which was enough to draw people’s attention, so if not for there being a profound protective Spirit Array here and Qian Tong sheltering them so doggedly, how could Dragon Cave Mountain have remained so tranquil? If news that an Origin Grade Alchemist also resided here were to leak out, it would cause a massive uproar.

“Junior Brother Yang does not need to deny it. Since I’ve made such an assertion, I naturally have enough confidence to back it up.” Dai Yuan smiled slightly, reaching out and brushing her hair loose back behind her ear as she stared at Yang Kai confidently, “But Junior Brother Yang may rest assured, no one other than me knows about this. If Junior Brother Yang does not feel at ease though, you can kill me to silence me. En, I didn’t tell anyone where I was going before I left Coloured Glass Sect and tried my best to conceal my movements along the way, so even if I die here, no one other than the few people here will know anything so you don’t have to worry about Coloured Glass Sect coming to seek revenge.”

Silencing her by killing her was obviously impossible for Yang Kai. If Dai Yuan was an enemy, he wouldn’t care about such things, but there was neither enmity nor resentment between them, so how could he kill her simply for finding out that he was an Origin Grade Alchemist?

Moreover, since she had brought this up on her own, and even proposed silencing the witness to the crime, Dai Yuan had shown enough sincerity.

Yang Kai’s expression became indifferent as he pondered for a while before knitting his brow and asking, “How did you find out?”

“You really are?” Dai Yuan’s eyes remained calm, but a flash of surprise still appeared in their depths as she stared at Yang Kai for a moment.

Yang Kai gawked for a moment before smiling bitterly and cupping his fists, “Sister Dai Yuan is sinister enough, this Yang admits defeat!”

How could he have not understood what had just happened? Dai Yuan’s words had all been a trap! Seeing her act so confidently, Yang Kai thought he had really been exposed and had not imagined that she was simply just suspicious.

Yang Kai estimated that if he had vigorously denied the charge and refused to admit it, Dai Yuan would not have suspected him.

Dai Yuan smiled awkwardly, stood up, and bowed to Yang Kai elegantly before offering an apology, “Forgive me, Junior Brother Yang, I could only use this small deception to confirm my theory. If you feel that to be intolerable, feel free to curse me.”

“There’s no need for that,” Yang Kai shook his head, knowing that Dai Yuan wanted to resolve his grievances, but he was the one who had walked into a trap because he let his guard down, so how could he scold her?

“Many thanks for your magnanimity, Junior Brother Yang,” Dai Yuan expressed her deep gratitude before sitting down once more.

“How did you come to suspect I was an Origin Grade Alchemist?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“I only knew that you were an Alchemist, but as for what grade you were, I couldn’t be certain,” Dai Yuan looked her head slightly and smiled, seemingly in a good mood.

“That alone is quite strange, though,” Yang Kai looked at her, hoping she could explain further.

“It’s quite simple actually. Because of some special reasons, I am overly sensitive to the medicinal fragrances of pills, and Junior Brother Yang always had a variety of pill fragrances about him, so I knew you were an Alchemist. Even now, you have a light pill fragrance on you. If I were to guess, I would say you refined an Origin Condensing Pill and Jasmine Blood Pill correct? And the refinement should have been about half a year ago or so.”

This time, Yang Kai was truly shocked!

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