Martial Peak

Chapter 1198 - A Man of Great Destiny

Chapter 1198, A Man of Great Destiny

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When the beautiful woman asked this, her four companions were stunned silent. All of them had experienced for themselves how unbearable the Flame Area was. At that time, the five of them had to work hard together to traverse it and arrive at the Treasure Area, so how did a weak First-Order Saint King manage to make it here all on his own?

“Senior Sister Chen, do you know why?” The four turned to the beautiful young woman curiously.

Shaking her head slightly, the beautiful woman replied, “I don’t know exactly, but I think he is a man of great destiny!”

“A man of great destiny…” The four men and women behind her all exchanged strange looks.

The beautiful woman surnamed Chen giggled as she smiled, “You may think it sounds ridiculous; but personally, I believe in such things. Some people are born blessed with good fortune while others are fated to have bad luck. This affects how many opportunities they encounter in life compared to others with similar aptitude, allowing them to develop at a different pace than their peers. Over the years, I’ve met a few people who carry such great destinies and by associating with them, I’ve been able to obtain some small benefits.”

The burly youth couldn’t help his face from twitching slightly before hesitantly asking, “Senior Sister Chen, you mean, if we allow him to come with us, we may get some unexpected benefits?”

“Exactly. If you think about it, it’s already a miracle that a First-Order Saint King was able to pass through the Flame Area all on his own. I don’t think he relied on his own strength to do that but instead was able to find a safe path to travel on all the way to the Treasure Area. If this wasn’t the case, just depending on his own cultivation, it would be impossible for him to cross the last section of the Flame Area. What he relied on should be his great luck,” The beautiful woman explained gently, and although her words weren’t enough to make her fellow Sect Brothers and Sisters believe here completely, they were still thought-provoking enough. “Of course, this alone isn’t enough to determine he carries a great destiny; however, what happened in the stone cavern just now you all saw with your own eyes.”

“In the stone cavern…” Everyone thought back for a while and naturally recalled bits and pieces of Yang Kai’s performance at that time, all of them soon feeling everything about him had been a bit strange.

“Do you remember? At that time, I thought that after Qu Chang Feng finished dividing up the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, it would be impossible for him to gain anything, so I urged him to not waste his time and leave as quickly as possible. But through a series of twists and turns, everyone ended up soaking in that pool. No matter how small the benefits he managed to obtain there, it was still far more than he should have been able to acquire. Far more than ten thousand cultivators entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field, yet only three or four thousand managed to reach the Treasure Area, but the ones who managed to obtain benefits from that stone cavern only numbered thirty. Among those thirty though, he was the only First-Order Saint King!”

“When Senior Sister Chen puts it that way, his luck really seems to be extraordinarily good,” The burly youth felt the stubble on his chin and gently nodded, seemingly thinking what this beautiful young woman had said was reasonable.

Fated luck and destiny were vague concepts, difficult to see or understand, but no matter how one looked at it, the luck of that First Order Saint King was strangely good.

“Senior Sister, there’s a saying that the night is darkest before dawn. If his destiny was all used up just now…” Another female cultivator in the group was secretly worried, there was no such thing as endless wealth or endless luck in this world.

“It doesn’t matter. It won’t hurt us to bring him along either way. If we can really find something good because of him, giving him a share isn’t a problem. If we can’t, it just means our luck was too bad to begin with,” The beautiful young woman smiled freely.

“Since Senior Sister has decided, let’s take him with us,” The burly youth saw that the beautiful young woman was insistent and didn’t raise any more objections. It was indeed as she had said, there wasn’t any loss in allowing him to join them, at worst, they would need to give him some small benefits, but as a trivial First-Order Saint King, even if they only gave the leftovers of their harvest, would he dare to complain?

If they were to encounter any danger, they would simply let him fend for himself. In any case, if it was true what Senior Sister Chen said and he was a man of great destiny, he shouldn’t die easily.

As soon as the burly youth agreed, everyone stopped talking and simply followed the beautiful young woman’s lead.

Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense and wore a strange look upon his face.

A man of great destiny? He couldn’t help chuckling to himself.

Being able to find that stone cavern indeed had a little bit to do with luck, but it was more so because Yang Kai had confidence in his own abilities. He wasn’t afraid of Qu Chang Feng in the first place, so he had stuck around, if it had another First-Order Saint King, they would likely have left at the first chance they could without obtaining any benefits at all.

As for crossing the Flame Area… did that even count as difficult? What did that have to do with luck?

Now that he had figured out their intentions though, the hostility on Yang Kai’s face dispersed. They didn’t have any malicious intent and could even be considered good-natured.

However, that didn’t mean Yang Kai was willing to act together with this group. While they felt he would only be a hindrance, Yang Kai also felt the same about them. Moving on his own was both easier and more convenient for Yang Kai, on top of which, anything he found belonged solely to him.

The beautiful young woman and her group weren’t far from Yang Kai; perhaps they had begun chasing after him immediately after the spirit liquid had been divided up. As such, it wasn’t long before the group of five appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision.

In order to avoid Yang Kai’s misunderstanding their intentions, when they were still quite far away, the beautiful young woman surnamed Chen shouted enthusiastically, “Little brother!”

Pretending he had only just discovered them, Yang Kai put on a look of vigilance as he assumed a defensive stance.

“Little brother doesn’t need to be startled!” The beautiful young woman seemed to have expected this and flashed a charming yet kind smile, her eyes crystal clear as she said in as genuine a tone as possible, “We have no malicious intent.”

Saying so, she led the other four behind her over towards Yang Kai quickly.

After they closed the gap between them, Yang Kai asked flatly, “What intentions do you have then?”

“Hehe, it’s nothing much, we just saw that little brother was all alone, so we wanted to ask you a few questions,” The beautiful woman replied with a smile, “Did you come here alone?”

“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“Impressive,” The beautiful woman remarked enthusiastically in a crisp and clear voice, nodding her head in approval. According to her previous conjectures, Yang Kai should be from a small family that had sent at most three disciples into the Flowing Flame Sand. Field’. The other two probably hadn’t been able to cross the Flame Area, but Yang Kai had actually managed to reach the second layer, it was an amazing accomplishment.

“Girl, if you have something to say, just say it.” Since he knew their purpose, Yang Kai was disinclined to waste time with them and was just waiting for this young woman to say it out loud so he could refuse.

“Your temper isn’t small!” The burly youth couldn’t help smirking. In his opinion, Senior Sister Chen’s willingness to accept him into their group was also a direct manifestation of his so-called ‘great destiny’, but he hadn’t expected this kid to act so rudely in return.

“Girl…” The beautiful young woman heard Yang Kai call her this and couldn’t help smiling. She hadn’t heard anyone call her like this for a long time, so she kindly explained, “Alright. We’re from the Clear Sky Sect…”

After reporting her Sect, the beautiful young woman looked at Yang Kai elegantly, seemingly believing her Sect’s strength wasn’t bad and should have some impact on him, but to her surprise, Yang Kai remained completely indifferent, making her feel somewhat embarrassed. Lightly coughing, she quickly continued, “My name is Chen Shi Tao and these are my Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters. Seeing how you are all alone here, Little Brother might not be aware of the dangers on this Treasure Area, yes? Not only are there many Monster Beasts, but there are also many inexplicable arrays and traps. It’s dangerous for someone with cultivation like yours to wander here all by yourself, if you’re not careful, it’s possible you might even die.”

At this point, according to the expectations of the beautiful woman, the other party should become panic-stricken and fearful, then she would say a few words of comfort before smoothly recruiting him into her team, but she hadn’t anticipated that Yang Kai would still wear a dull, uninterested look upon his face.

Chen Shi Tao groaned to herself, even more thinking that this guy came from a very small family and was thus completely ignorant about the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

With no other recourse, she could only get straight to the point, “If you want, you might as well act together with us. Although the five of us aren’t the strongest around, it’s still better to work together as a group than take risks all on your own. Of course, if we find something good, we won’t treat you unjustly. Outside, my Clear Sky Sect’s disciples have always maintained an upright and honourable reputation, never using our strength to bully others. Is little brother interested?”

Outright rejecting her wasn’t a good idea, so Yang Kai pretended to think it over for a moment but just as he was about to decline, his brow furrowed, and he turned towards a certain direction.

Not far away, in the direction he was staring, a fiery red light was rapidly approaching, and a moment later is zipped right past their group.

[A Flowing Flame Flying Fire?] Yang Kai’s first thought was that this thing was another Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

But soon, he thought otherwise, because this fiery red light wasn’t the same as the Flowing Flame Flying Fire he had seen before. Although its speed wasn’t slow, it definitely wasn’t as fast as that Flowing Flame Flying Fire. Yang Kai Divine Sense was even able to catch a trace of it.

What’s more, this was the Treasure Area, how could there be Flowing Flame Flying Fires here?

Wei Gu Chang had said that Flowing Flame Flying Fires only existed in the Flame Area and it was impossible to see them in the Treasure Area.

At the same time, Yang Kai discovered this fiery red light, Chen Shi Tao’s group also took notice of it.

The burly youth stared in the direction the red light disappeared, thought about it for a moment, then quickly exclaimed, “A World Spirit Treasure?”

The others in Chen Shi Tao’s group also changed continence upon hearing this.

Yang Kai had also concluded that it was a World Spirit Treasure, but as to what kind it was, he couldn’t tell. All he knew was that a moment ago, when that red light flashed in front of him, Yang Kai had clearly noticed a trace of vitality from it, so what else besides a World Spirit Treasure could it be?

Before Yang Kai could start chasing it, from the direction the red light flew, a figure came rushing over.

“Oh?” Yang Kai couldn’t help grinning when he saw this man’s appearance and stayed in place to wait for his arrival.

The man quickly arrived in front of the crowd with a vigilant look upon his face; after all, he was chasing after a treasure when suddenly six people appeared in his path. This man was feeling quite anxious, but when he saw that one of these six people was actually Yang Kai, he immediately relaxed and walked over.

“Foreign Elder Chang!” Yang Kai hurriedly greeted him. The one who had come was none other than Chang Qi of Hai Ke Family.

“Yang Kai, you’re here too,” Chang Qi said excitedly, laughing happily as if he had just reunited with a long-separated family member.

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