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Chapter 1197 - Soul Warming Lotus’s Evolution

Chapter 1197, Soul Warming Lotus’s Evolution

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After the Soul Warming Lotus absorbed so much of the golden energy, its six-coloured light kept flickering, and it seemed that if it were allowed to swallow even a bit more, it would evolve.

This sight made Yang Kai quite depressed. He knew how difficult it was for the Soul Warming Lotus to continue evolving.

When he first obtained this unparalleled treasure, the Soul Warming Lotus was only five-coloured, but after taking so many pills that enhanced Spiritual Energy, it didn’t show any signs of change. Only after Yang Kai consumed a Saint Grade High-Rank pill that had formed Pill Clouds and was several thousand years old did the Soul Warming Lotus evolve from five-coloured to six-coloured.

Previously, Yang Kai had suspected that trying to make it evolve into its final seven coloured form was all but hopeless and it had become a goal he would be satisfied completing before his life ended.

But now, this seemingly impossible goal actually seemed to be within his reach, both exciting and depressing him greatly.

Yang Kai was already contemplating about refine some pills specifically meant for Soul cultivation to see if they could help the Soul Warming Lotus evolve after the Flowing Flame Sand Field closes.

How much benefit he could obtain from wantonly taking such pills didn’t matter, as long as they could help the Soul Warming Lotus, even if he had to spend an enormous amount of Saint Crystals and waste numerous pills, it would be worth it.

Letting his imagination run wild for a moment, Yang Kai’s mood lifted significantly.

He was looking forward to what kind of benefit the Soul Warming Lotus would bring him in its final form. Before, when his strength had been low, although he could feel the effects of the Soul Warming Lotus somewhat, he wasn’t able to understand its benefits thoroughly, but as his realm had improved, Yang Kai became increasingly aware of the importance of the Soul Warming Lotus.

He had never deliberately cultivated his Soul, but his Divine Sense and Spiritual Energy were both far stronger than cultivators in his own realm. Eighty percent of the credit for this was owed to the Soul Warming Lotus while the rest was thanks to the Demon Eye of Annihilation.

Without his Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to swallow others’ perceptions of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao so smoothly, nor would he have been able to continue cultivating without any bottlenecks or obstacles or allow his Soul cultivation to far exceed his Saint Qi cultivation.

Putting aside these thoughts for a while, Yang Kai next took a certain object out of his Space Ring.

This thing was the unknown object he had found in the pool. At the time, Yang Kai wasn’t able to investigate it and simply stuffed it into his Space Ring. It was only now that he was able to examine it. Taking a look, Yang Kai discovered that it was actually a glittering, translucent cube about the size of an egg.

It seemed to be crafted from the finest jade.

However, aside from being pretty, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. When Yang Kai touched it in the pool, it had first felt slightly warm, and then a cold energy had leaked out of it and poured into his body.

Now though it seemed completely ordinary; Yang Kai also didn’t feel any energy inside of it. Frowning as he observed this cube, Yang Kai tried burning its surface with his Demonic Flame, but no matter how hard he tried, the cube didn’t show any signs of change at all.

This actually surprised Yang Kai quite a bit. His current Demonic Flame could even melt ordinary Origin Grade artefacts, let alone a seemingly ordinary decorative stone.

He couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations, nor could he burn it with his Demonic Flame, so Yang Kai next tried to probe it with his Divine Sense.

Who could have guessed that the moment his Divine Sense touched it, the colorless crystal cube would suddenly disappear from his hand.

At the same time, a refreshing feeling spread from his mind.

Yang Kai’s face changed slightly and he quickly sent his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai saw the fiery red flames and brilliant ocean water roil, and the six-coloured glow of from the giant lotus island had increased in intensity manifold. In the sky above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, the colourless crystal cube had suddenly appeared.

Yang Kai’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

As far as he knew, Knowledge Seas were intangible, so even if one was to open up a cultivator’s skull, they wouldn’t be able to see their Knowledge Sea. Except for some special Soul type artifacts, no external object should be able to enter this ethereal ocean.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation barely counted as a of Soul type artifact, and the Soul Warming Lotus was also a Soul type treasure, so them existing inside his Knowledge Sea wasn’t a problem.

But what was this colourless crystal cube? Why had it entered his Knowledge Sea the moment his Divine Sense touched it?

However, after observing it for a moment, Yang Kai found that nothing seemed to be wrong; in fact, it wasn’t just harmless, it actually brought him an unimaginably refreshing sensation.

Yang Kai wanted to carefully examine the cube; after all, anyone who had something inexplicable enter their Knowledge Sea would need to take precautions.

But before he could take any action, the six-coloured island suddenly transformed into a six-coloured beam of light, shot out like a great rainbow, wrapped up the colourless crystal cube. Then, under Yang Kai’s dumbfounded gaze, dragged it back to the island.

The six-coloured mass of light flickered and shivered for a moment before returning to its original Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus form, the brilliant light it was emitting also returning to normal.

Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed and his Soul Avatar immediately appeared above the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus. Looking down, as he expected, the colourless crystal cube was now quietly lying on the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, surrounded in a halo of multi-coloured light.

Immediately after, the petals of that Soul Warming Lotus closed up towards its centre, clenching like a fist into a bud-like state, seemingly returning to a point before it had blossomed.

Yang Kai’s expression filled with shock as his Soul Avatar trembled excitedly.

Although he didn’t quite understand what was going on, as the owner of the Soul Warming Lotus, he was able to tell that the Soul Warming Lotus had begun its evolution into its final form!

He no longer needed to enact his plan of ​​refining pills to nourish the Soul Warming Lotus.

And the cause of all this was that strange colourless crystal cube!

The last time the Soul Warming Lotus evolved, it hadn’t happened like this. At that time, after absorbing a massive amount of energy, its colours had gradually changed.

This time, as it evolved, it actually transformed into a flower bud. Yang Kai could almost foresee that when this flower bud fully blossomed again, it would be reborn as a full-fledged Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

Whatever that crystal cube was, it seemed to contain even more powerful energy than even the golden threads in the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, otherwise, how could it have allowed the Soul Warming Lotus to evolve in one fell swoop?

Yang Kai’s mood soared and his Soul Avatar’s face was filled with an indelible smile. The jubilant emotions he was feeling made the fiery Knowledge Sea surge about and waves dozens of meters high splashed up into the air, like a series of great volcanic eruptions.

Only after a long time was Yang Kai able to suppress his excitement and fix his eyes on the Soul Warming Lotus bud. Quickly, he discovered that brilliant light hallows were pulsing from it, spreading out across his Knowledge Sea. These pulses were very regularly, like a kind of heartbeat.

Also, with each pulse of light, Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was experiencing some subtle changes. The fiery red flames and blue sea water became both deeper and purer, both seemingly increasing in power and intensity. The golden threads from the Soul Cleansing Divine Water Yang Kai had yet to properly refine began melting away at this moment and soon fully integrated into his Knowledge Sea, strengthening Yang Kai’s Soul and Spiritual Energy once more.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. The Soul Warming Lotus was still in the process of evolving, but he had already begun to reap some benefits. This only made Yang Kai more and more eager to see what would happen when it finished its evolution.

Although Yang Kai wanted to stay here for a little longer, he couldn’t help frowning, his face a bit unhappy, because the part of his consciousness he had left outside to keep watch had noticed that several people were approaching him.

With no other choice, Yang Kai could only move his consciousness from his Knowledge Sea back to his body.

After quietly releasing his Divine Sense, and discovering who it was that was approaching him, Yang Kai was somewhat stunned.

The people on their way turned out to be the same beautiful young woman who had spoken to him back at the stone cavern and her companions.

There were five people in total, all of them Second or Third-Order Saint Kings. Yang Kai wasn’t clear which force they came from, but to be able to gather together so many people so quickly, it was definitely not a small family or Sect.

Why was she following him? Could it be that since he was alone, and had a low cultivation, she thought he would be an easy target?

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a cold light and he paid even greater attention to this group’s movements.

Throughout the entire Flowing Flame Sand Field, Divine Sense was suppressed greatly, but because Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was far more powerful than others, even with this suppression he could easily monitor other people’s movements undetected.

Yang Kai was even able to eavesdrop on this group’s conversation.

“Senior Sister Chen, why are we chasing after that guy? He’s just a First-Order Saint King. With such poor strength, letting him join us wouldn’t provide us with any benefits and would instead hinder our movements,” A burly looking youth asked with an unwilling expression on his face.

“That’s right Senior Sister Chen. That guy didn’t look very strong and probably comes from some small family force. Him even obtaining the qualifications to enter this place with such low strength must mean his family doesn’t have any stronger cultivators to send.”

“Furthermore, if you let him join us, once we find something good, we’ll have to give him a share. I don’t think it’s worth it.”

The four men and women behind this beautiful young woman didn’t understand why she wanted to recruit Yang Kai and assumed she was acting out of a sense of kindness, wanting to help him, but this was the Flowing Flame Sand Field. In this place, there was a crisis around every corner, and if one wasn’t careful, they could easily lose their life, how could they spare any effort to take care of others?

After the four men and women finished speaking, the beautiful woman sighed lightly before asking, “You all think that his strength is low and that he has no useful skills, right?

“En, isn’t that obvious? Could it be he’s playing the pig to eat a tiger?” The burly man’s eyes narrowed slightly as he thought up a possibility.

“He shouldn’t be,” The beautiful young woman shook her head.

“Since that’s the case, why take him along?”

“Hehe, you all know he doesn’t have much skill, so why was he able to come here? Why was he able to break through the Flame Area?”

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