Martial Peak

Chapter 1150 - Should Be Delivered Soon

Chapter 1150, Should Be Delivered Soon

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Just as Yang Kai was wondering what to do, a figure ran over to him and bowed politely, “Luo Qing greets Young Master Yang, greets the Young Ladies.”

Yang Kai looked over at this newcomer and discovered that he was the same Origin Realm master who had been invited by the Xu Family to deal with him but had recognized Yang Kai in time and reported to Qian Tong.

Grateful to Luo Qing for his efforts back then, Yang Kai politely greeted, “So it is Brother Luo. Where is Elder Qian now?”

“Elder Qian is currently attending to some matters and cannot step away, so he ordered this disciple to wait here for Young Master Yang. Young Master Yang may rest assured that Elder Qian has made all necessary arrangements for you, if you will just follow me.”

“Understood. Lead the way,” Yang Kai nodded.

Since Treasure Trove Pavilion was holding an auction in Heavenly Fate City, and Qian Tong was one of the senior Elders in charge of in Heavenly Fate City, it was normal for him to have many things to deal with, so Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t think much about this.

Follow Luo Qing, the trio went straight up to the third floor. Pushing open the door to a certain room, Luo Qing walked inside and explained, “Young Master Yang, this is the private room Elder Qian arranged for you, is it to your satisfaction?”

Yang Kai entered the room and found that although it was a bit small, it was well furnished with comfortable chairs to sit on and good-quality spirit fruits laid out on a decorative table. A pot of hot spirit tea was brewing and there were two beautiful maidservants standing by. These two maids had bright eyes and slender figures and upon seeing Yang Kai and the two young women enter, they immediately welcomed them.

Yang Kai didn’t know if other private rooms came with maidservants, but he was certain these two had been specially arranged by Qian Tong, because both were wearing Shadow Moon Hall uniforms, indicating their status as disciples.

“Elder Qian’s arrangements are quite attentive, I’m very satisfied,” Yang Kai nodded with a smile.

“Young Master Yang being satisfied is good,” Luo Qing seemed relieved. He had heard about Qian Tong killing Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother in order to become maintain a friendly relationship with Yang Kai, so although he still didn’t know what made Yang Kai worthy of such efforts, having received Qian Tong’s orders Luo Qing dared not show any neglect.

“I beg your pardon Young Master Yang, but Elder Qian instructed this disciple to bring the items you wish to auction off today to him as soon as possible so that Treasure Trove Pavilion can evaluate their starting price and where to position them in today’s lineup.”

“En, understood,” Yang Kai sent a wink to Wu Yi, who immediately took out two beautifully packaged jade boxes from her Space Ring and handed them to Luo Qing. These two jade boxes naturally held the two Origin Grade artifacts Yang Yan had refined.

“This as well,” Yang Kai said as he took out a jade bottle and handed it to Luo Qing.

“Thank you. Please feel free to relax here for the moment, Young Master Yang, the auction should start in about half an hour, this Luo Qing will take his leave first,” Luo Qing bowed and turned around to leave, ordering the two female Shadow Moon Hall disciples to attentively entertain Yang Kai, to which the two girls nodded respectfully.

“Seems we’re in room C13,” Wu Yi walked over and closed the door, instantly blocking out all the noise from outside.

“The Spirit Arrays here are well arranged,” Yang Yan walked around, examining a few places, seemingly quite interested in the Spirit Arrays inside the room. “Others’ Divine Senses won’t be able to penetrate this room, the only downside is that it’s a little far from the auction stage.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “This is Treasure Trove Pavilion after all. It probably took Elder Qian a great deal of effort to even get us this private room. Looking at the people who came here today, all of them seem to be powerful characters with famous names.”

As Yang Kai spoke, the two female Shadow Moon Hall disciples couldn’t help smiling even more brightly, as if they were pleased to hear Elder Qian receive such high praise.

“You two don’t need to act restrained, just sit down. We’re not wealthy or influential people, we’re just here to watch the fun this time,” Yang Kai said to the two maids as he saw them acting slightly nervously.

The two women quickly waved their hands frantically, saying they didn’t dare.

Yang Kai did not force them after seeing them refuse, instead sitting down on one of the chairs and pouring himself a cup of tea, tasting it slowly as he waited.

Wu Yi still couldn’t believe what was happening here. She had never imagined she would one day be able to participate in this grade of auction. Let alone her, even Patriarch Yi En of the Hai Ke Family wouldn’t be eligible to attend this auction or even enter Treasure Trove Pavilion at such a time.

But now, she was actually sitting in a private room, enjoying treatment reserved for powerful masters from first-class Sects, making her feel quite complicated in her heart. The gap between people was really too big. Her biggest wish before was to work hard make Yi En look at her with high esteem so that she may later inherit the position of Matriarch and take command of the Hai Ke Family; but now, she no longer had such thoughts.

So what if she became Matriarch? The Matriarch of such a small family wasn’t even worth as much as a common disciple of Shadow Moon Hall. Take for instance the two maids who were current standing nearby, waiting to serve them. Although these two only had Third Order Saint Realm cultivation, if they had arrived at the Hai Ke Family, Yi En would still have to treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy.

This was the insurmountable gap between the great forces and small families.

A few days ago, when Yang Kai was still in retreat, Yi En had come to the cave once more along with many of the family’s Elders and Foreign Elders to request Wu Yi return and assume the position of Patriarch, but Wu Yi had immediately declined. Since she had chosen to separate from the family, she would not go back.

Suddenly feeling something flying towards her, Wu Yi’s eyes quickly shifted to the side and she lifted her hand to catch this object. Upon grasping it, she noticed that it was one of the spirit fruits from the table.

Yang Kai laughed, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Wu Yi shook her head, picking up another spirit fruit before standing up and giving them to the female disciples of Shadow Moon Hall.

The two girls didn’t refuse this time, thanking Wu Yi politely as they received the fruits in a graceful manner.

The auction wouldn’t start for some time but the atmosphere in the private room was already quite harmonious. The two female disciples of Shadow Moon Hall also seemed to understand that Yang Kai, Wu Yi, and Yang Yan didn’t possess great backgrounds and were quite kind to others; Yang Yan even chatted with them like they were little sisters. Yang Kai couldn’t even get in a word, so he simply picked up the illustrated catalogue on the table and browsed through the items being auctioned today.

At the same time, in a back room of Treasure Trove Pavilion, a black-faced old man with a short goatee spat at Qian Tong with dissatisfaction, “Old Qian, things are about to start, when are those things you want to sell going to arrive?”

Qian Tong glanced towards the door and said hesitantly, “They should be delivered soon, just wait a moment.”

“Wait a moment? Treasure Trove Pavilion has its own rules. If not for the two of us sharing some friendship, do you think I would break those rules and allow you to insert items just moments before the auction starts?”

“Not at all, not at all,” Qian Tong met this rebuke with a smile, but in his heart, he was muttering uncomfortably. Wu Yi had come to him a few days ago and said that they would be bringing some items to auction, but she had not said what these items would be, only that they were artefacts. Out of consideration for Yang Kai’s face, Qian Tong had assured Wu Yi that as long as the items were delivered before the auction he would take care of the rest, but how could he have anticipated the items to not be delivered even now? With no other choice, he could only eloquently persuade, “Brother Yan Pei, just a bit longer, the items will definitely come.”

Yan Pei’s black face became even darker, like the bottom of a pot, and he grumbled for a moment before nodding, “Don’t say that this brother didn’t show you any consideration. Half an incense stick, if your items aren’t delivered in the next half an incense stick, no matter how precious they are, I won’t include them in the auction.”

“I know, I know, I’ll have to trouble Brother Yan Pei with this,” Qian Tong smiled helplessly, Treasure Trove Pavilion really had its own rules so he couldn’t argue any further. Just after he’d reached this agreement though, Qian Tong’s communication artefact vibrated and a Divine Sense Message reached him. It was from Luo Qing, causing Qian Tong to smile and say, “They’re here.”

Saying so, he immediately left the room.

A moment later, holding a jade bottle and two jade boxes, Qian Tong returned.

Yan Pei spat unhappily, “Are these the things you want to auction?”

“They should be,” Qian Tong hadn’t opened the boxes to see what was inside as time was short. He had simply accepted them from Luo Qing and brought them inside.

“Open them so we can have appraise their value and see if they’re even worthy auctioning,” Yan Pei said coldly, waving his hand and summoning in a number of Origin Realm masters who proceeded to circle around the jade boxes and jade bottle which were now laid out on a nearby table.

Seeing Qian Tong still somewhat on edge, Yan Pei sneered, “Brother Qian, don’t tell me you’ve brought some worthless items to be auctioned? If that’s the case, you’d best take them back now.”

“How could that be,” Qian Tong sneered, “Are Saint King Grade High-Rank artefacts not worthy of being auctioned?”

Because it was Wu Yi who had spoken to him earlier, Qian Tong was somewhat lacking in confidence. If Yang Kai had met with him personally, Qian Tong won’t be worrying about anything. Behind Yang Kai was an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, protecting him from the shadows, that was also the reason Qian Tong thought Saint King Grade High-Rank artifacts would be sent because he couldn’t imagine a powerful Artifact Refining Grandmaster intentionally damaging his own face by putting out anything less.

“Saint King Grade High-Rank artefacts…” Yan Pei’s complexion immediately became better but he still said solemnly, “Naturally such items are worth auctioning; but Brother Qian, this is not a precedent, if items arrive this late again even I won’t be able to take responsibility for adding them to the auction, if such things were discovered by others it wouldn’t be easy to explain.”

Although Saint King Grade High-Rank artefacts weren’t too valuable, they could still be considered the most mainstream high even artefacts on Shadowed Star. There weren’t many Origin Grade Artifact Refiners so most Saint Kings and even Origin Realm cultivators would use this grade of artefact. As such, Saint King Grade High-Rank artefacts were easy to sell. Treasure Trove Pavilion had also prepared many such artefacts for this time’s auction, so having two more wouldn’t change things much.

While the two old men were talking though, a cry of surprise rang out from the side.

“What happened?” Yan Pei turned his head and looked over.

“Sir, this is an Origin Grade Low-Rank offensive type artefact!” An Origin Returning Realm master immediately came over and showed the twin daggers inside the jade box to Qian Tong and Yan Pei.

Qian Tong’s eyes narrowed and suddenly felt his heart clench slightly.

Although he had long guessed that the master behind Yang Kai was an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner, he hadn’t expected him to actually bring out this grade of artefact to the auction. If Qian Tong had known, he would have directly bought it from Yang Kai. He had already bought artefacts from Yang Kai twice before, and each time both sides had left happy, but now that this precious Origin Grade artefact was in Treasure Trove Pavilion’s hands, if Qian Tong wanted it, he could only participate in the auction.

Buying this artefact in the auction would obviously be much more expensive than directly purchasing it from Yang Kai, and it wasn’t even a certainty he could obtain it. Those who attended this Treasure Trove Pavilion auction didn’t lack wealth or influence, so it would be a bloody battle to acquire such a good treasure.

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