Martial Peak

Chapter 1149 - Disturbance in Front of the Building

Chapter 1149, Disturbance in Front of the Building

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Yang Kai also turned his head to look at this newcomer, wondering who dared act so arrogant in front of Qu Chang Feng.

At first glance, Yang Kai was a little surprised. The clothes this young man wore weren’t anything special, and could even be described as crude, but the aura he gave off was even stronger and forceful than Qu Chang Feng’s; on top of that, this aura was filled with sharpness. Yang Kai even faintly felt a surge of lightning coming from him.

This young man obviously cultivated some kind of Thunder Attribute Secret Art and had already achieved high accomplishments in it. He wasn’t a robust figure, but he was definitely a master. This was because, like Qu Chang Feng, he was also Third Order Saint King!

This young man was also followed by two Origin Returning Realm masters, both dressed in azure robes with a distinctive lightning bolt emblazoned on their chests. This lightning bolt was quite lifelike and radiated a shocking presence.

“I was wondering who it was, turns out it was Brother Fang of Thunder Typhoon Sect. Long time no see! I see you still dress so shabbily, aren’t you afraid your appearance will damage Thunder Typhoon Sect’s face?” Qu Chang Feng chuckled without a smile.

Yang Kai’s brow rose as he immediately understood who this simply-dressed man was.

Fang Tian Zhong of Thunder Typhoon Sect! Like Qu Chang Feng, he was also one of Shadowed Star’s famous young talents, the first genius of Thunder Typhoon Sect’s younger generation.

Geniuses always had extremely high pride and refused to sit on par with others. These two young men were the greatest talents of their respective Sects, so naturally, there was friction between them. Once they encountered one another it would always result in a tit-for-tat mockery match.

The two guards of Treasure Trove Pavilion stood helplessly next to each other. If ordinary people dared act so wildly in front of Treasure Trove Pavilion, they would have already taught them a lesson, but Qu Chang Feng and Fang Tian Zhong weren’t characters they dared to offend.

Even Yang Kai, who was standing nearby, became nothing but a foil.

“What I cultivate is the Martial Dao, what I study is the Heavenly Way. I’m not like you who worries about dressing up and showing off all day long,” Fang Tian Zhong said coldly.

Qu Chang Feng also let out a snort as he pushed his fighting intent towards Fang Tian Zhong. Fang Tian Zhong naturally refused to back down and also released his aura.

As if two storms had suddenly appeared and collided with one another, the atmosphere in front of Treasure Trove Pavilion suddenly descended into chaos and many masters already inside the building who noticed this released their Divine Senses to probe the situation. However, after learning that this was a conflict between Qu Chang Feng and Fang Tian Zhong, all of them quickly took back their Divine Senses and no longer interfered.

Seeing these two geniuses confront each other with no regard to their surroundings, Yang Kai’s eyes grew cold, and his originally good opinion of Fang Tian Zhong shattered. Yang Kai had felt that this guy wasn’t pretentious like Qu Chang Feng, but now that trace of goodwill had completely disappeared.

If the one standing here had been an ordinary First-Order Saint King, they would definitely have gotten caught up in this invisible conflict and even if they hadn’t been injured, they would certainly be quite uncomfortable.

These two obviously didn’t care about him or Wu Yi and Yang Yan, all they wanted was to put the other one down.

When their two imposing manners reached a peak, Yang Kai let out a cold snort and waved his hand casually.

A sound as if something was torn apart resounded and Yang Kai stood in place like a mountain, not a single ruffle apparent on his clothes or hair. Yang Yan and Wu Yi hiding behind him also felt nothing.

“Em?” Qu Chang Feng and Fang Tian Zhong converged their own imposing manners at the same time and turned to look at Yang Kai, both of them showing a tinge of surprise.

Although they had not been aiming their fighting intent towards Yang Kai just now, it was still not something a First-Order Saint King should have been able to resist, but now, this unknown youth had actually easily broken apart their conflict, shocking them slightly.

However, it was just a bit of surprise; in their opinions, Yang Kai’s current cultivation wasn’t worthy of their attention.

“Two Senior Brothers have such a good relationship, whenever you meet you get along so well, it’s really quite enviable,” A clear and sweet laughter like the sound of a silver bell rang out as a young woman stepped forward. Her creamy white skin and tender features, paired with her aura that seemed delicate, caused anyone who laid eyes on her to give birth to the desire to protect and care for her. The woman’s figure, however, was enchanting and her lavender dress perfectly outlined her luscious curves, contrasting and amplifying her graceful bearing.

When she approached, a fragrant scent wafted about, making people feel refreshed while at the same time causing their pulses to race.

Although her words were clearly mockery, neither Fang Tian Zhong nor Qu Chang Feng showed any anger, with the latter even smiling happily as he stared at this young woman with a burning look.

“Su Die greets two Senior Brothers,” The woman elegantly greeted, her face filled with a light blush that made her cheeks seem so soft one couldn’t help wanting to reach out and caress them.

“So it is Junior Sister Yin, it’s been too long since we last met, it makes Elder Brother here sad,” Qu Chang Feng no longer had any interest in Fang Tian Zhong and said with a laugh.

Fang Tian Zhong also nodded slightly to this young woman, offering his greetings.

These three were all geniuses on Shadowed Star, so naturally they knew each other.

“I didn’t expect Junior Sister Yin to come to this auction, it looks like my coming this time was the right decision. Would Junior Sister care to accompany me today? We can sit down and have a nice chat; Senior Brother isn’t talented but recently I have been diligently studying Shi and obtained some slight insights,” Qu Chang Feng enthusiastically invited, an obvious flavour of pride apparent in his last words.

Yang Kai secretly curled his lips when he heard this; he knew how difficult it was to comprehend Shi, and even after absorbing the insights of two Origin Returning Realm masters, he hadn’t been able to grasp anything about this profound type of strength. Qu Chang Feng may have a higher cultivation than Yang Kai, but it was still impossible for him to have comprehended anything of significance about Shi before entering the Origin Returning Realm. Qu Chang Feng saying all this was obviously just an excuse to get close to Yin Su Die.

Yin Su Die was naturally clearer about this than Yang Kai and simply flashed an enchanting smile while saying, “Although Junior Sister also wishes to talk more with Senior Brother Qu, Junior Sister came today as a representative of her Honoured Master. With such an important task at hand, Junior Sister must politely decline Senior Brother Qu’s invitation.”

“Of course. Of course, we both have long futures ahead of us, there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to chat,” Qu Chang Feng smiled freely, not showing any signs of annoyance at Yin Su Die’s rejection. It was clear he had bumped into such resistance from her more than once or twice already and built up a tolerance for it.

The three young talents stood in front of the door for some time, gathering the attention of many people who had come to attend the auction, but with them not entering, all the other Young Masters and Ladies could only stand by and wait.

Compared with these people, Yang Kai found that he, Wu Yi, and Yang Yan all seemed quite shabby. These Young Masters and Ladies were all dressed in exquisite robes, dazzling dresses, or powerful Artifact Armours.

Yang Kai on the other hand just wore plain clothes while Yang Yan was even more out of place, wearing her signature black robe with which she was trying to cover her face, seemingly feeling embarrassed. Wu Yi wasn’t as bad as these two, but she was still just wearing ordinary clothes, unable to compare with the high fashion of those around her.

These three stuck out like chickens among cranes and were obviously also drawing attention from the crowd.

Fortunately, the three talents didn’t continue chatting for long as the auction was about to start. They also wanted to go in early. After the Young Masters and Ladies offered greetings to Fang Tian Zhong’s trio, they quickly filed inside and quickly disappeared.

Before leaving, Fang Tian Zhong shot a brief glance over towards Yang Kai, but didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until Treasure Trove Pavilion’s calmed down once more that Wu Yi was able to let out a sigh of relief and whispered to Yang Kai, “That woman just now was Yin Su Die of the Coloured Glass Sect. She is a famous character and also the first beauty of Shadowed Star, countless young men are pursuing her.”

“The first beauty?” Yang Kai laughed, “You two aren’t any worse than her, her title is clearly undeserved.”

“How can I compare with her?” Wu Yi blushed. Regardless of whether Yang Kai was behind honest or not, such praise still made her very happy. No woman didn’t care about her appearance, but Wu Yi knew there was a huge difference between her and Yin Su Die, their backgrounds alone weren’t comparable.

“Let’s go in too,” Yang Kai said lightly. He came to the auction today to protect Wu Yi and Yang Yan, but he hadn’t expected to run into so many young geniuses here as well.

Whether it was Qu Chang Feng, Fang Tian Zhong, or Yin Su Die, none of them could be despised. Yang Kai realized he still had a long way to go and that he was far from invincible in this world.

The appearance of these three people reminded Yang Kai that even opponents in the same realm as him mustn’t be underestimated. They were the representatives of their respective Sects, so who knows what kind of profound skills or astonishing treasures they had on them? If they were to fight, who would win and who would lose wasn’t a certainty.

Wu Yi finally found the invitation in her Space Ring and handed it to the guard outside. The guard seemingly didn’t expect that three people like Yang Kai could actually obtain this invitation, but although he was surprised, he didn’t try to embarrass them and quickly ushered them inside.

Entering Treasure Trove Pavilion, the loud bustle of the crowd immediately washed over the trio as countless people gathered in groups, discussing various different topics.

“So this Treasure Trove Pavilion?” Wu Yi’s pretty face was filled with shock as her eyes darted back and forth, filled with curiosity and wonder. It was the first time she had ever entered this place.

The sight which greeted them was a huge circular half-arc hall with a dome roof lined with the most brilliant of light stones, all of which were emitting a soft glow that made the entire interior of Treasure Trove Pavilion no less bright than the outside.

At the lowest level of the hall, rows of seats were neatly arranged. Nearly eighty percent of these seats were already filled while the higher floors still had a large number of people walking back and forth.

At the front centre of the main floor was a high platform at least two meters above ground; it was clearly the stage on which the auctioning items would be presented.

This design allowed everyone participating in the auction to clearly see the items being auctioned.

When Yang Kai arrived here, he first tried to find where Qian Tong was, but he soon discovered that in this place it was very difficult to find a particular individual. If he was a Third Order Origin Returning Realm master, he wouldn’t need to have any scruples and could just search the premises with the help of his Divine Sense. However, in this place where so many masters had gathered, Yang Kai didn’t dare use his Divine Sense at will, lest he cause misunderstandings and draw unnecessary trouble to himself.

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