Martial Peak

Chapter 1132 - Someone to Test The Spirit Array’s Might

Chapter 1132, Someone to Test The Spirit Array’s Might

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Three days later, Yang Kai was still immersed in Alchemy when he suddenly heard Yang Yan called out excitedly, “Start!”

The next moment, the ground shook and some dust fell from the roof of the stone chamber, but soon, everything stabilized again, and a huge cheer rose from outside.

[What happened?] Bewildered, Yang Kai put away his pill furnace, herbs, and refined pills, and went outside to investigate.

Just outside the cave, Yang Kai saw several dozen people standing around cheering, seemingly having encountered something worth celebrating. Even Wu Yi, who had been somewhat depressed these past few days, had a big smile on her face. As for Yang Yan, she was wearing an even more amazing look, standing there triumphantly as if beneath the Heavens only she was supreme. Yu Feng was standing nearby as flattery flowed from his lips like a river, causing Yang Kai to frown deeply, unable to understand how these two could act so shamelessly.

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai walked over to Wu Yi’s side and asked.

“Oh, Yang Yan just finished arranging the defensive Spirit Array,” Wu Yi replied with a smile.

“Finished?” Yang Kai turned to look around but was unable to discover anything out of the ordinary, it could even be said that nothing was different from half a month ago. Despite that, Yang Kai could somehow sense that this place had undergone some kind of change, but what the change was, he couldn’t say.

Yang Kai’s expression immediately became dignified as he discovered that he had still been underestimating Yang Yan’s accomplishments in Spirit Arrays. The defence Spirit Array she had arranged couldn’t even be detected by him.

“Yang Yan, how powerful is this defensive array?” Yang Kai called out to her.

“Would you like to give it a try?” Yang Yan’s beautiful eyes flashed a sly light as she encouraged Yang Kai, “Go on in, I’ll let you clearly understand.”

Yang Kai stared at her for a moment before shaking his head, “If I go in, wouldn’t I lose a lot of face?”

“That’s not certain. Aren’t you very fierce? Can’t you kill Third Order Saint Kings? Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to easily break my Spirit Array,” Yang Yan shook her head, pretending to be mysterious.

Yang Kai just smiled and observed more intently.

Spirit Arrays couldn’t be judged with conventional knowledge. While Yang Kai was indeed capable of killing Third Order Saint King cultivators, once he fell into a profound Spirit Array, he might still have no way to escape.

Although Yang Yan was speaking ambiguously, anyone would be able to see how confident she was, and Yang Kai was certain that once he entered this Spirit Array, all he would be able to do was embarrass himself.

With so many eyes watching, he wasn’t about to do something so foolish.

Seeing Yang Kai go back to observing, Yang Yan spat disdainfully but didn’t pay it much mind. She had enormous self-confidence in the Spirit Array she had arranged. If someone not proficient in Spirit Arrays were to fall into it, no matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be able to stir up any trouble.

The only thing Yang Yan felt was a pity was that she was a bit short on time and materials, so the Spirit Array she just finished arranging could only be used for defence and had no lethality to it. If she had enough time and materials though, she was confident she could transform the entire Dragon Cave Mountain into a fortress that would slaughter anyone who tried to enter without her permission like helpless lambs.

Yang Kai obviously didn’t understand this type of Spirit Array, but with his experience, he could obviously see how profound it was, so Yang Yan wasn’t worried in this regard.

Yang Kai truly couldn’t see through this Spirit Array. Every time he sent out his Divine Sense, he would feel like he was tossing rocks into the ocean, unable to create any waves, surprising him greatly. It was as if this space was capable of devouring his Divine Sense!

One had to know that Yang Kai’s Soul was far different from that of an ordinary cultivator. Although in terms of cultivation he was just a newly promoted First Order Saint King, the intensity of his Divine Sense was definitely not lower than an average First Order Origin Returning Realm master. If even his Divine Sense was unable to detect anything here, it was obvious how amazing this Spirit Array was.

His complexion became even more dignified upon realizing this and Yang Kai quickly condensed a drop of blood on his fingertip before wiping it across his left eyelid.

Since completely refining Great Demon God’s Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai had only used it once. It was during the final battle with the Bone Race’s leader back on Tong Xuan Realm. Yang Kai hadn’t expected the next time he would use it would be to spy on Yang Yan’s Spirit Array.

As the Golden Blood dissolved into his pupil, Yang Kai’s left eye suddenly turned a brilliant golden colour and took on a majestic aura which made it seem capable of swallowing Souls. Yang Yan and Wu Yi, who were standing close beside Yang Kai, both shrank back instinctively as they felt a cold chill wash over them.

Using the Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai was finally able to discover some traces of the Spirit Array.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation was one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities and was said to be capable of seeing through all forms of illusion. Yang Yan’s Spirit Array arrangement was indeed brilliant and subtle, but it was not completely traceless.

When Yang Kai swept his eyes around, he could see various hidden energy streams forming a barrier roughly a thousand meters outside the cave. These energy ripples weren’t visible to the naked eye or even the Divine Sense, but it could not escape the perception of the Demon Eye of Annihilation.

Yang Kai felt a dangerous aura coming from those hidden energy ripples!

While Yang Kai could now perceive the existence of the Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, he still had no clue how he would go about opening or bypassing it, astonishing him greatly. His evaluation of Yang Yan immediately rose again as he realized he hadn’t just picked up a treasure, but a priceless treasure!

“Yang Kai, are you going in or not? Hurry up and decide, I also want to know how powerful the Spirit Array is,” Yang Yan saw Yang Kai still not moving and couldn’t help urging him.

Yang Kai dismissed the Demon Eye of Annihilation, smiled, and shook his head, “There’s no need for me to go in, some people to test this Spirit Array’s might are about to deliver themselves.”

Saying so, he turned his gaze towards a certain spot on the horizon.

“Who’s come?” Yang Yan asked curiously.

“It’s the Xu Family’s people!” Wu Yi pretty face sank as she too discovered a group of cultivators rapidly approaching from afar. After seeing the appearance of the leaders, she couldn’t help calling out in alarm, “Xu Family Patriarch Xu Zhi Kun, their five Elders, and four Foreign Elders have all come!”

“Quite the luxurious lineup,” Yang Kai sneered.

Yang Kai has essentially stumbled into this dispute with the Xu Family. It all started when he had gone to Heavenly Fate City to buy and sell a few things. While he was away, Yang Yan had caught the eye of the Xu Family’s waste of a Young Master, leading to a series of events that culminated in the current situation.

However, since they were his enemies now, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid to face them.

“Yang Kai, don’t underestimate these people. Although Xu Zhi Shen’s strength in the Xu Family was good, he wasn’t the strongest. I’ve heard that the Xu Family Patriarch, Xu Zhi Kun, is on the brink of breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm, so he is definitely much stronger than Xu Zhi Shen. Those Elders and Foreign Elders are all also Third Order Saint Kings, facing all of them at once…” Wu Yi warned in a worried tone.

Although she knew that Yang Kai was very strong, a lone tiger could not defeat a pack of wolves. The Xu Family had deployed all of their strongest masters, so they were obviously prepared to fight a decisive battle.

“I’m not underestimating them. The Hai Ke Family’s people have also come, interesting!” Yang Kai stared coldly towards a different direction.

From the direction Yang Kai was staring, another group of people were rapidly flying over. This group’s strength was no less than the Xu Family’s, every member a Saint King with several of them having reached the Third Order.

Wu Yi followed his gaze and her face paled as she muttered, “The Patriarch has also come…”

The two families had clearly reached an agreement to come together. The Xu Family clearly had hostile intent towards Yang Kai, but the intentions of the Hai Ke Family weren’t apparent yet.

Last time, Yang Kai had chased away Ba Qing Yan, causing the Hai Ke Family to lose face. When that happened, Ba Qing Yan had threatened him that the Hai Ke Family would ally themselves with the Xu Family.

If this was really the case, then whether they were members of the Wu Yi’s family or not, Yang Kai wouldn’t show mercy. Yang Kai was thankful to Wu Yi, but he did not have any warm feelings towards the Hai Ke Family at all.

The masters from the two families quickly gathered together and began discussing something, but neither side immediately moved forward.

After a moment, it became apparent the two sides were having some kind of disagreement as their discussion was becoming quite heated. The Xu Family Patriarch Xu Zhi Kun eventually waved his sleeve angrily before leading the Xu Family masters towards Yang Kai’s side while the people from the Hai Ke Family stood in place without moving.

Seeing this, Wu Yi couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief.

She really didn’t know what to do if her former Patriarch and Elders acted against them as well. No matter what had happened, she was once a member of the Hai Ke Family, so seeing her former family’s Elders and Foreign Elders led by the Patriarch arrive here with ill intentions left a bad taste in Wu Yi’s mouth. Fortunately, they seemed to not want to immediately get involved.

This was the best result that Wu Yi could hope for right now.

Even Yu Feng and the couple dozen cultivators visibly relaxed when they saw this scene, as if a great stone had been lifted from their hearts.

“Qing Yan, you know the strength of that Yang Kai the best, what do you think his end will be this time?” Patriarch Yi En of the Hai Ke Family turned to the slightly pale Ba Qing Yan and asked.

A few days ago, Ba Qing Yan had been injured by Yang Kai and returned to the Hai Ke Family. The Elders and Foreign Elder were all surprised when they learned about this. They had been trying to overestimate Yang Kai as much as possible but hadn’t imagined they were actually still underestimating him.

According to Ba Qing Yan’s description, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was no weaker than that of an Origin Returning Realm master. None of them understood how Yang Kai achieved this, but it was just one more example of how this young man wasn’t simple.

Yang Kai’s attitude towards them and their attempt to recruit him had upset the Hai Ke Family greatly, so this time they had joined forces with the Xu Family to find trouble with him. However, Yi En did not make their stance clear and wasn’t willing to immediately send his forces forward. He was content to stand by and watch from the sidelines, allowing the tigers to fight amongst themselves.

Hearing Yi En’s question, Ba Qing Yan looked gloomy and said, “Although he is very strong, I don’t believe he can emerge victorious this time. For the Hundred Mountains Picture, almost all the top masters from the Xu Family have arrived here today. He can probably kill one or two of them, but two fists can’t block four blows. He will definitely die.”

“Good!” Yi En’s eyes flashed, seemingly quite satisfied.

“Patriarch, why don’t we join in now? Since that Yang Kai is certain to die, and his attitude towards my family is extremely bad, there’s no need for us to try to recruit him anymore. Fighting him now will allow us to sell a favour to the Xu Family. We might also have a chance to snatch the Hundred Mountains Picture from Yang Kai when he dies!” Elder Wa Lun asked in a low voice.

“That’s right, Patriarch, the Xu Family has already lost the Hundred Mountains Picture, so if we snatch it now, even if we can’t hold onto it, we can demand a lot of compensation from the Xu Family for it. For the Hundred Mountains Picture, I think the Xu Family will be very generous,” Foreign Elder Huang Juan also added, obviously thinking a good opportunity had been served up to them.

“Patriarch wouldn’t be thinking of waiting for one side to be defeated then reaping the fisherman’s benefits, right?” Someone with more flexible thoughts suddenly asked.

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