Martial Peak

Chapter 1131 - Yang Yan’s Power

Chapter 1131, Yang Yan’s Power

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Ba Qing Yan felt quite bitter. He was putting forward his best offer in an incredibly straightforward manner. If it had been anyone else, how could he have spoken so frankly? He was an old fox with a silver tongue and knew what should be said and what should not be said during a negotiation.

But when facing Yang Kai, Ba Qing Yan had no choice but to flatly list all the conditions the Hai Ke Family was willing to offer, because he found that this young man’s temper was short and his patience even shorter. Perhaps it also had something to do with Wu Yi that Yang Kai’s opinion of the Hai Ke Family was so poor. No matter the case, Ba Qing Yan knew if he turned around and left now, he wouldn’t get another chance.

Presenting his offer so sincerely, Ba Qing Yan secretly thought that as long as Yang Kai wasn’t a fool, he would certainly accept the proposal.

As such, he directed a look of anticipation towards Yang Kai.

“You only have five breaths left!” Yang Kai remained indifferent though, not showing the slightest interest whatsoever.

Ba Qing Yan’s expression cramped up as he cursed in his heart while grinding his teeth, “Little friend, my Hai Ke Family and the Xu Family are both peripheral forces of Shadow Moon Hall. Although there is some friction between us, we are still considered allies. There is an agreement between us to go forward and retreat at once, to live and die together. If not for this, small forces like ours may have already been eaten up by Shadow Moon Hall. Has little friend Yang not considered this?”

These words carried a clear threatening undertone to them, implying that if Yang Kai did not accept the Hai Ke Family’s asylum, once the Xu Family decided to act against him, he might have to face aggression from the Hai Ke Family as well.

Yang Kai nodded indifferently, “You’re all welcome to come together, just see if you’re able to leave the same way!”

Saying so, without waiting for Ba Qing Yan to react, Yang Kai turned around and walked back towards the cave.

Ba Qing Yan was trembling with anger. Although his strength wasn’t too high, he was still an Elder of the Hai Ke Family. He had been ordered to recruit Yang Kai, but how could he have known this little brat would be so uncompromising? Arrogant to the point of disregarding him altogether.

Did he really think so highly of himself? Even if his combat power was unreasonably high, as a single trivial Saint King, did this boy really think he could block the entire Xu Family? He was simply overreaching himself!

“Little friend Yang!” Ba Qing Yan had become exasperated with Yang Kai’s attitude and shouted out coldly, “Dragon Cave Mountain is the property of my Hai Ke Family, outsiders are not welcome here, little friend Yang must find somewhere else to live!”

Yang Kai, who had just arrived at the entrance of the cave, heard this and turned back to glare coldly at Ba Qing Yan.

Ba Qing Yan, however, wasn’t afraid and simply sneered, “I know this place was supposedly given to you by Wu Yi before, but now that Wu Yi has announced she is leaving the family, she has no right to this Dragon Cave Mountain unless she returns to the family to receive discipline from the Family Law! Even if she does though, my Hai Ke Family still cannot accept outsiders loitering on our land. Anyone found doing so will be punished accordingly!”

“Scram!” Yang Kai snorted as he sent out a powerful burst of Spiritual Energy.

Ba Qing Yan let out a pitiful scream as he was sent flying backwards, his face going pale as he vomited a mouthful of blood mid-air. By the time he landed, his expression was filled with fright.

He was a Third-Order Saint King master, but in terms of Soul strength, it was apparent he was vastly inferior to Yang Kai, a newly promoted First Order Saint King, as his Knowledge Sea was currently shaking uncontrollably.

If this boy wanted to take his life right now, how easy would it be?

“I won’t kill you this time because I need you to deliver a message to your Hai Ke Family for me. If you dare try to make trouble for me, I’ll slaughter everyone in your Hai Ke Family down to the chickens and dogs! Wu Yi and her followers are my people now, and Dragon Cave Mountain is mine as well. Without my consent, anyone who sets foot within fifty kilometres of here will be considered my enemy and I will handle them as such!”

“You…” Ba Qing Yan pointed at Yang Kai, his finger shaking, extreme rage filling his heart, almost coughing up blood again, but ultimate not daring to say anything more, summoning his Star Shuttle and swiftly flying away.

Outside the cave, when they heard Ba Qing Yan say that everyone here would be punished, the cultivators who had followed Wu Yi here gave her low-spirited looks. All of them were well aware of the punishments meted out under the Family Law and that it was not something most could bear. Of those who had suffered the Family Law’s punishment, seven out of ten had become cripples, two would directly die, and the last would be permanently bed-ridden, unable to even take care of themselves in the future.

But in the blink of an eye, Ba Qing Yan, the Elder they all feared and respected, had been injured so severely he spat blood and fled, not even daring to bring up the Family Law again.

None of them understood what had just happened, but after a moment of stunned silence, they all directed looks filled with admiration and worship towards Yang Kai. They had all left the family because of the unfair treatment Wu Yi had suffered, including Ba Qing Yan’s intentions to punish her with the Family Law, so now they were all quite happy to see the same Ba Qing Yan suffer a loss.

These low-level cultivators only feared Elder Ba, none of them respected him, so naturally, they didn’t care if he lived or died. The only one they cared about was Wu Yi.

Back inside, Yang Kai found a very dispirited Wu Yi and quickly comforted, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t want to return to the family, they won’t be able to force you back.”

“I’m not worried about myself, it’s you I’m worried about. Yang Kai, you went too far this time. Although Elder Ba’s words weren’t said in good faith, the agreement between the Hai Ke Family and the Xu Family really does exist. Once the Xu Family openly takes action, even if the Hai Ke Family is unwilling, they will have no choice but to ally themselves with them. On top of that, after how you treated Elder Ba today, I’m afraid the family will only pull closer to the Xu Family.”

“I have a sense of discretion. In any case, this place won’t be seized by others and none of you will be harmed as long as you stay here!”

Yang Kai truly didn’t fear these two small families. He still had nearly a hundred drops of Golden Blood, and if he really found himself ganged up on, after summoning a drop of Golden Blood, he could kill as many Saint Kings as he wanted.

Yang Kai had already verified the power of the Golden Blood and was confident than an ordinary Saint King wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance when facing it; after all, a drop of Golden Blood was equal to three months dedicated cultivation. It was just that the Golden Blood was too precious, so Yang Kai was unwilling to use it unless absolutely necessary.

“That’s right, as long as I’m here, forget about the Xu Family, even if a few Origin Returning Realm masters were to come, they’d have no way to take us,” Yang Yan suddenly interjected.

Yang Kai and Wu Yi both turned surprised looks towards her, neither of them having realized when she had appeared.

Yang Yan smiled mysteriously, “Three days, just wait three days and you’ll see!”

Seeing her confident look, Yang Kai also felt a sense of anticipation. He wanted to know just how powerful the defensive Spirit Array Yang Yan arranged would be after consuming all those precious materials.

Seemingly infected Yang Yan’s confidence, the haze between Wu Yi’s brow was swept away and she became cheerful and lively as well.

Although there were only a few people here on Dragon Cave Mountain, everything was quite stable. The money and materials were under Wu Yi’s management and with the help of her forty subordinates and the Stone Puppet, Yang Yan was quickly able to arrange a grand Spirit Array.

Yang Kai returned to his stone room again only to discover that a new stone door had been added to the entrance. This stone door was thin but incredibly solid, so much so that when closed it, Yang Kai was surprised to find that no sound from the outside could reach him. The stone door seemed to have a sound insulation effect as well as a shielding effect that prevented outside Divine Senses from penetrating it. However, his own Divine Sense was able to extend beyond the stone room if he wanted to see what was happening outside.

This stone door was quite a good piece of work and Yang Kai was certain it had stemmed from Yang Yan’s hand. With this stone door, when he wanted to go into seclusion in the future, it would be much simpler. At least people outside wouldn’t be able to disturb himself when they were passing in and out of the cave and no one would be able to see what he was up to either.

Yang Yan had asked him to find a way to earn some more Saint Crystals, not just to arrange the Spirit Array around Dragon Cave Mountain, but also to supply everyone here with cultivation resources. Although these people didn’t really have anything to do with Yang Kai, they had all left their family to support Wu Yi and were currently helping him out with a number of tasks he didn’t have time to attend to. As such, Yang Kai couldn’t treat them poorly. In the future, they would need Saint Crystals for cultivation while pills and artefacts would all cost money to acquire.

If he wanted to accumulate a large amount of Saint Crystals in a short period of time, selling Space Spirit Crystals was the most efficient method, but it was also the stupidest choice he could make, so naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t do this.

Once a large number of Space Spirit Crystals flowed out from here, it would surely attract others’ attention.

Since he couldn’t sell Space Spirit Crystals, Yang Kai could only rely on Alchemy.

Yang Kai was a high-grade Alchemist, so he never really needed to worry about money.

There were countless spirit grasses and spirit medicines inside his Black Book Space, so of which he had acquired from the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce branch warehouse on Rainfall Star, some of which he had collected on the floating continent, and some of which he had seized from others like Gui Che.

The number of spirit grasses and spirit medicines owned by Yang Kai was almost equivalent to the reserves of a medium-sized force, and they were of very high grade, including Origin and Origin King Grade.

Taking out some herbs and his pill furnace, Yang Kai began performing Alchemy in his stone room.

Now that his strength had improved again, he could break through the current bottleneck in his Alchemy level as well. Yang Kai tried refining several Saint King Grade High-Rank pills and found that he could do so without any difficulty. Although the probability of forming Pill Veins wasn’t too high, it still reached about twenty percent.

And with the passage of time, that percentage chance gradually increased, soon becoming twenty-five, then thirty percent…

Yang Kai estimated that he should now be an Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemist, that is to say, he could successfully refine Origin Grade Low-Rank pills! However, if he forces himself to refine such a pill now, there was a decent chance he would fail and waste a set of Origin Grade materials.

Yang Kai didn’t need to force himself right now and was performing Alchemy right now mainly to earn money. A Saint King Grade High-Rank pill that formed Pill Veins was even more valuable than the ordinary Origin Grade Low-Rank pill, so he there was no need for him to take risks with the precious Origin Grade materials.

Forgetting about sleeping or eating, Yang Kai totally immersed himself in the world of Alchemy, and by performing Alchemy, he was able to further consolidate his new Saint King Realm cultivation.

Saint King Grade pills were refined in an endless stream, with jade bottles soon pilling up all around his stone room.

For other Alchemists, they would need to take some time to restore themselves after such an intense period of Alchemy, but Yang Kai didn’t need to do so. He had an incredible amount of Spiritual Energy and with the constant nurturing of the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, his Divine Sense intensity was on a completely different level to others in the same realm. The rate at which Yang Kai’s Alchemy consumed his Spiritual Energy was basically equivalent to the rate his Soul Warming Lotus would restore it.

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