Martial Peak

Chapter 1125 - Disintegrate

Chapter 1125, Disintegrate

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“Are you an Array Master?” Wu Yi paused for a moment as she stared at Yang Yan in shock. Although she knew Yang Yan had just arranged some kind of Spirit Array, she hadn’t expected it to be so powerful. This was far beyond Wu Yi’s realm of experience.

Yu Feng also stared at Yang Yan with a look of amazement and worship.

On the other side, Xu Zhi Shen, who had summoned out four peaks, seemed to be a bit dispirited at the moment, but looking down at the shattered domain below him, he couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

Even after living for so many years, he had never encountered anyone like Yang Kai. He didn’t even understand how Yang Kai had avoided his first attack as there were simply no signs of him moving, it was as if he ignored the bounds of space and directly moved from one place to another.

But none of that mattered now, this boy was undoubtedly dead. Xu Zhi Shen was both physically and mentally exhausted, but a hearty smile still filled his face, him going all out had not brought shame to the Xu Family’s name.

Suddenly though, a strange sense of crisis rose from his heart. Xu Zhi Shen was a veteran of many battles and didn’t even think about it before sending the four phantom mountains towards the source of this feeling.

Turning his gaze to the side, Xu Zhi Shen almost let out a scream.

The young man who he had assumed had died without a complete corpse was stood there completely unharmed, slashing a giant sword forged from black Demonic Flames and filled with destructive aura down towards him.

Xu Zhi Shen almost swallowed his tongue as he instinctually responded to this attack.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

The huge black sword slammed into one of the illusionary mountain peaks and was intercepted, but the contradictory hot and cold auras overflowing from it left cold sweat dripping from Xu Zhi Shen forehead.

Xu Zhi Shen was certain that if he was contaminated by these black flames, he would definitely be unable to repel them and would soon be burnt to a crisp! What kind of freak was this boy?

Not only was Xu Zhi Shen in a state of panic, but even the other cultivators from the Xu and Hai Ke Families were alarmed, Ba Qing Yan’s eyes bulging with confusion.

Even with his level of eyesight, he hadn’t been able to see how Yang Kai had avoided the four peaks just now.

Ba Qing Yan knew that if it was him, if he hadn’t been preparing to flee beforehand, he wouldn’t have been able to escape unharmed from that last attack, but this young man had done just that. Ba Qing Yan was shocked to find that he was still underestimating the strength of this young man. He wasn’t just a freak, he was a complete monster!

Xu Zhi Shen roared and surrounded himself with the four phantom mounts, forming a solid defense barrier.

He was scared, so scared that he refused to expose himself to Yang Kai for fear that if he moved carelessly, he would be struck dead.

A subtle Divine Sense and Saint Qi attack combined with Yang Kai’s comprehension of the Dao of Space flew towards Xu Zhi Shen, but to the former’s surprise, the four phantom mountains not only physically guarded Xu Zhi Shen, but even blocked the surrounding space, preventing Yang Kai’s strike from reaching its target.

The fifth and sixth peaks emerged from the Hundred Mountains Picture, both more majestic than the previous four. Xu Zhi Shen next bit his tongue and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto the Hundred Mountains Picture and his feeble aura rapidly inflated as the light of madness filled with eyes and he drove the two newly summoned peaks towards Yang Kai.

All of Dragon Cave Mountain trembled violently and numerous new craters and pits were added to the ground as wanton destruction was wrought in all directions.

Yang Kai immediately became furious, “Old man, how dare you ruin my home!”

If he continued to pester with Xu Zhi Shen, Dragon Cave Mountain would definitely be destroyed, and once the ground collapsed in, the Space Spirit Crystal lode that was hiding below would likely be exposed.

Yang Kai’s murderous intent soared.

Yang Kai shot out a wave of Demonic Flame towards Xu Zhi Shen, but unlike before, these Demonic Flames did not disappear after reaching their target but instead condensed and rapidly expanded into a burning cloud of fire.

Engulfed by this cloud of Demonic Flame, Xu Zhi Shen and the four peaks guarding him were unceasingly burned down. Yang Kai did not relent and continue to pour in more Demonic Flames to strengthen the power of this cloud.

“No… nooo…” Xu Zhi Shen screamed in horror as the four illusionary mountains protecting him grew dimmer under the burning heat of the cloud of fire, all of them seemingly on the verge of collapsing.


Once these phantom mountains disappeared, Xu Zhi Shen would die.

“What are you still gawking at? Hurry up and help me kill this little beast!” Xu Zhi Shen hurriedly yelled to the other Xu Family Saint Kings who were watching the battle in the distance.

He had been fighting Yang Kai with only his own strength because he wanted to showcase his power and dignity as an Elder, but how could he have known that he was completely not this young man’s opponent? Right now, facing certain death, Xu Zhi Shen couldn’t be concerned about face anymore and ask for help from his family’s other cultivators.

In the distance, the Saint King Realm cultivators who had followed Xu Zhi Shen heard this shout but only two of them rushed over without hesitation. All of the others actually unconsciously retreated a few steps.

Xu Zhi Shen had even brought out the Hundred Mountains Picture but still wasn’t able to match Yang Kai, how could they step forward just to die?

The two Saint Kings who had rushed ahead had yet to understand the situation when two balls of Demonic Flame flew towards them. Both of them foolishly tried to block these flames but in the blink of an eye were engulfed by them. No matter what they tried, these two were unable to extinguish these black flames and soon fell to the ground, completely motionless.

Seeing this, the remaining Saint Kings of the Xu Family were unable to withstand the fear in their hearts anymore and turned around to run away, one of them even shouting, “Elder, hold on, we will return to the family to bring reinforcements!”

Upon hearing this, Xu Zhi Shen was so aggrieved he spat another mouthful of blood and his expression became thoroughly dispirited.

Turning to Ba Qing Yan this time, Xu Zhi Shen screamed with all his strength, “Brother Ba, if you help me survive today, I will give you this Hundred Mountains Picture!”

Ba Qing Yan’s eyes narrowed as a covetous light flashed across their depths.

Ba Qing Yan had long ago heard about the might of the Xu Family’s Hundred Mountains Picture and today he had personally witnessed this Origin Grade artefact’s power. He believed that if he could really obtain the Hundred Mountains Picture, he could become the first master of the Hai Ke Family! He might even have the qualifications to trade a few blows against a normal Origin Returning Realm master.

However, the young man in front of him was clearly not an existence he wanted to provoke. Even after observing this fight for so long, Ba Qing Yan had yet to ravel this young man’s bottom line, and so, for a moment, he hesitated.

“Brother Ba!” Xu Zhi Shen anxiously screamed once more; he was already an arrow at the end of its flight and could not hold on any longer.

Ba Qing Yan’s hesitant look suddenly became firm and he was just about to step forward when Yang Kai suddenly shot him a bone-chilling look and shouted, “If you dare to move, whether you’re Wu Yi’s clansmen or not, I’ll slaughter every last one of you!”

Ba Qing Yan’s body immediately went stiff as a cold chill shot up his spine.

At that moment, accompanied by Xu Zhi Shen’s screams, the four phantom mountains finally disintegrated, and the billowing cloud of black flames burned him to ashes.

All that remained was Xu Zhi Shen’s Space Ring and the Hundred Mountains Picture which fluttered down to the ground.

Countless greedy eyes instantly locked onto the Hundred Mountains Picture.

Yang Kai, however, stood in place, a pensive expression filling his face, not reaching out towards this precious artefact and his aura also showing no signs of weakening. On the contrary, the momentum from his body was growing fiercer and more vigorous by the moment.

Yang Yan clenched her wide black robe with both hands and rushed forward with a light steps, picked up the Hundred Mountains Picture and Xu Zhi Shen’s Space Ring, then ran back in a hurry to stand inside the Spirit Array she had laid down.

“Ha…” Ba Qing Yan let out a tired sigh. He hadn’t been able to summon the courage to grab the Hundred Mountains Picture, filling his heart was disappointed.

Dragon Cave Mountain suddenly became deathly silent.

The cultivators from the Hai Ke Family looked around at each other, none of them daring to say a word. They had never expected this battle would have such an end. The Xu Family had even taken out their much vaunted Hundred Mountains Picture but the result was a mere Third Order Saint Realm cultivator had killed Xu Zhi Shen.

None of them would have believed such a story if they hadn’t seen it for themselves.

Wu Yi and Yu Feng were equally shocked and couldn’t find their voices for quite some time.

They had heard of so-called genius cultivators before. There had even seemed to be several of them within Shadow Moon Hall’s younger generation. These people were all capable of fighting opponents above their realm and were quite famous as a result.

However, those so-called geniuses who received countless accolades and praises weren’t worth shit compared to Yang Kai.

This time, Yang Kai had fought an opponent an entire Great Realm above him and managed to win without suffering any injuries.

Could he be a genius among geniuses? Wu Yi and Yu Feng couldn’t help thinking this way, the sadness they felt from leaving their family diluted by their shock.

“Ya…” Yang Yan was playing with the Hundred Mountains Picture when she suddenly turned her attention to Yang Kai and let out a yelp of surprise, a thoughtful look soon spreading across her face as a pleasant light blossomed in her beautiful eyes. After a moment, she grabbed her black robe once more, ran over in front of Yang Kai, and pulled out a number of items from her Space Ring to quickly arrange a Spirit Array around him.

When she ran back, Wu Yi asked curiously, “What happened to Yang Kai?”

“He must break through.”

“Ah?” Wu Yi was startled.

“This…” Yu Feng also wore a speechless expression, one mixed with envy and shame. After a great battle, Yang Kai was about to break through. His current cultivation was Third-Order Saint Realm, so a breakthrough meant he would rise to the First-Order Saint King Realm, the same as both him and Wu Yi. Any trace of superiority Yu Feng felt disappeared at this moment, but when he recalled Yang Kai’s horrific fighting strength, his heart relaxed.

Such a person breaking through at this kind of moment wasn’t strange.

Since Yang Yan could discover this matter, Ba Qing Yan naturally could as well. At this moment, he was staring deeply towards Yang Kai from far away, his expression fluctuating between fear, worry, surprise, shock, and a variety of others.

A middle-aged man next to him whose face was somewhat pale quietly approached and whispered, “Elder Ba, this boy seems like he’s about to break through, should we…”

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