Martial Peak

Chapter 1124 - Hundred Mountains

Chapter 1124, Hundred Mountains

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The force of the spear’s rotation whipped the surrounding air into a tornado as it barreled towards Yang Kai with stunning momentum.

The Nether Shadow Soul Silk spear pierced forward with extreme speed and in the blink of an eye arrived in front of Yang Kai. What surprised everyone thought, was that in the face of such a horrible attack, Yang Kai didn’t show any intention to dodge and instead reached out his hand to grab the spear.

Demonic Flames tumbled on his palm as a dignified expression filled Yang Kai’s face. Clearly he was also exerting his full strength.


A harsh screech rang out the moment Yang Kai grabbed the spear as the rotational force kept it spinning in his grip. Struck by this blow, Yang Kai was forced backwards at a frightening speed.

Golden blood splattered from his hand.

But soon, the speed of Yang Kai’s retreat decreased and his blurry figure which had seemingly disappeared became clear once again and eventually came to a halt.

From the tumbling Demonic Flames covering his hand, the smell of charred flesh wafted and it was obvious Yang Kai had suffered some minor injuries.

However, Yang Kai paid this no mind. Xu Zhi Shen’s thin black thread was truly difficult to stop or guard against. Even the Demonic Flame couldn’t burn it, so no matter the cost, Yang Kai was going to snatch it first and worry about the consequences later.

Otherwise, with the threat of this treasure looming over him, Yang Kai would have to divert a significant amount of attention during the fight to protect himself from it.

Yang Kai’s body had just stood still when Xu Zhi Shen flew over. Yang Yan and Wu Yi both let out panicked screams as a violent power condensed on Xu Zhi Shen’s palms then swiftly transformed into all kinds of attacks that rained down on Yang Kai.

Yang Kai tightly held the black spear in one hand as Spiritual Energy burst from his forehead and rushed into it, burning the Soul mark left behind by Xu Zhi Shen, destroying his ability to control it. Simultaneously, Yang Kai used his free hand to send out another Heaven Covering Hand to meet Xu Zhi Shen’s assault.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

As the ground cracked below them, Xu Zhi Shen was sent hurtling back the way he came like a paper kite in a violent storm. As he flew back, Xu Zhi Shen coughed up a mouthful of blood and his face paled again.

Yang Kai also backed up a dozen steps and the arm he had used to meet the enemy temporarily went numb. His vitality tumbling, Yang Kai was also forced to cough up Golden Blood.

However, his condition was obviously much better than Xu Zhi Shen’s and there was also an excited smile on his face as he glanced down at the countless silk threads scattered in his grip and directly stuffed them into his Space Ring.

“You… you were able to erase my Soul mark in an instant?” Xu Zhi Shen’s expression changed drastically as it flickered between anger and disbelief. His body shivered as he stretched out his hand towards Yang Kai while coughing up another mouthful of blood.

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai laughed wildly as he wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and proudly declared, “Old dog, since I said I wanted this thing, I’ll certainly take it!”

Wild! Overbearing! Domineering!

The audience was in an uproar.

Then everyone remembered. Just now, Yang Kai had said something similar, but how could they have known within only ten breaths of time he had actually accomplished such a feat?

A Saint Realm cultivator robbing an artefact from a Saint King, on top of that erasing the Soul mark of that Saint King in an instant, just how powerful did his Spiritual Energy have to be to do this?

“Holy shit!” Yu Feng could not help shouting as his eyes flashed violently.

Not only did Yang Yan and Wu Yi wear relieved looks on their faces, but even the young women from the Hai Ke Family also let out sighs of relief as their eyes lit up and they directed somewhat hot gazes towards Yang Kai.

They had suddenly discovered that all the so-called young talents they had previously encountered weren’t remotely comparable to this man of unknown origin. Those young masters were simply trash.

Even Ba Qing Yan’s pupils shrank as a tinge of fear and panic appeared in the depths of his heart.

What kind of strength Xu Zhi Shen possessed, he knew better than anyone else present. If Ba Qing Yan was to be honest, he wasn’t necessarily a worthy to be Xu Zhi Shen’s opponent, yet this young man in front of him had not only taken two moves from the latter, he had even managed to injure him in the process. Since that was the case, what would happen if this young man was to fight with him?

Suddenly, Ba Qing Yan felt a slight headache as it became difficult to breathe.

Yang Kai laughed happily, not just because he had snatched Xu Zhi Shen’s artefact, but because he found that his current combat power could indeed compete with those in the Third Order Saint King Realm. Although Xu Zhi Shen was clearly not the strongest amongst this realm, he was still a genuine Third Order Saint King.

Moreover, Yang Kai had yet to go all out.

Dao of Space, Golden Blood, Demon Eye of Annihilation… Yang Kai hadn’t used any of his trump cards yet and had only been relying on his baseline strength.

“Elder!” One of the Xu Family’s Saint King Realm cultivators saw Xu Zhi Shen suffer a loss and couldn’t help calling out.

Xu Zhi Shen waved his hand though, stopping anyone else from coming forward, a fierce look of madness quickly filling his face as he shouted hysterically, “Good good good, my respect to the young, this old master never dreamed someone like you existed in this world, but that matters not! Today, if this old master does not kill you, he will no longer be a man!”

Saying so, Xu Zhi Shen suddenly summoned a seemingly plain picture scroll into his hand. From this picture scroll though, a thick and solid momentum burst forth, causing everyone in the surrounding to feel a little breathless, as if they were under some kind of great pressure.

“Hundred Mountains Picture!” Ba Qing Yan clearly recognized this picture scroll and his face changed greatly as he shouted, “Retreat!”

The Hai Ke Family unconditional obeyed these words and immediately withdrew while those from the Xu Family naturally understood what this scroll was and also turned to flee.

When they saw everyone run away, Wu Yi and Yu Feng immediately became uneasy, with Wu Yi hurriedly urging, “We also need to retreat!”

“No need!” Yang Yan waved her hand though and summoned out a few strange looking objects which she tossed out around the trio. In an instant, Yang Yan had finished her arrangements and nodded lightly, “This is a good location, we can see what happens with ease from here.”

Wu Yi looked at her, a little speechless, wondering if she was hare-brained or simply ignorant.

However, it was too late to retreat now. After Xu Zhi Shen summoned the Hundred Mountains Picture, he immediately condensed an illusory mountain image from it. This mountain was over a hundred meters tall and with heaven destroying, earth-shattering momentum, it slammed down towards Yang Kai’s.

An incredible sense of crisis rose from the bottom of Yang Kai’s heart as his expression changed greatly. Not even thinking about it, Yang Kai quickly condensed a number of Grand Heavenly Shields above his head.

“Watch as this old master explodes your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” Xu Zhi Shen roared as the phantom mountain pounded towards the ground.


The just condensed Grand Heavenly Shields had no effect at all and were instantly crushed by the illusionary mountain, not slowing its pace in the slightest as it continued to press towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai struggled to move as he silently cursed to himself.

Xu Zhi Shen’s Hundred Mountains Picture artefact was clearly Origin Grade, and although it was clearly just a phantom image, the mountain which was falling towards Yang Kai right now carried with it the weight of the genuine article. If he was really crushed beneath it, Yang Kai estimated that even with his intrepid physique, he would not be able to survive.

With no other choice, Yang Kai could only use his Space Force.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and disappeared.

The mountain directly crushed the afterimage Yang Kai left behind, causing the ground to tremble and split in a giant spider web pattern. Even the distant mountain peaks shook noticeably as countless birds flew up into the sky to scatter in all directions.

After Xu Zhi Shen stared stunned for a moment, he couldn’t help bursting into a mad laughter, “Junior! Now you understand this old master’s power! Daring to fight with me? Naive!”

“Ah!” Wu Yi went pale as she thought Yang Kai had been killed.

“Old dog, is barking all you can do?” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly called out as a Heaven Punishing Spear broke through the limits of space and appeared directly in front of Xu Zhi Shen.

Xu Zhi Shen, who had just been cackling arrogantly, was shocked and immediately leaked cold sweat. With no time to think about it, he desperately pushed his Saint Qi into the Hundred Mountains Picture and summoned another phantom mountain, but this time it was even larger than the last.

The Heaven Punishing Spear was blocked by this illusionary mountain and failed to hit its mark.

Xu Zhi Shen became enraged and waved his hand to send the second mountain smashing towards Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai finally understood why this artefact was called the Hundred Mountains Picture. There were clearly a hundred mountain peaks hidden inside of this scroll. Every time Xu Zhi Shen summoned one, there would be one less inside the picture, moreover, it looks like these mountains were summoned in order from smallest to largest. Yang Kai couldn’t help shivering slightly as he stared at this, realizing that if he were repeatedly smashed by such mountains it wouldn’t be long before even his bones were ground to dust.

Although Yang Kai knew that with Xu Zhi Shen’s strength, there was no way he could summon all one hundred mountains, even part of this artefact’s power was still immense.

The second mountain flew towards Yang Kai at high speed while the first smaller peak flew up from the ground to sandwich him.

The two phantom peaks both sent out an oppressive aura that made it difficult for Yang Kai to move or circulate his Saint Qi.

Xu Zhi Shen seemed to have really been driven to his limits and did not hesitate to summon the third and fourth illusory mountains.

With four peaks now closing in on him, Yang Kai simply had no way to avoid them.

A violent impact sounded and the surrounding space seemed to collapse. A strong burst of energy swept out and ravaged Dragon Cave Mountain, blasting away dirt, stones and trees, smashing everything in its wake to dust.

Looking at this apocalyptic scene, many of the cultivators from the Xu Family and the Hai Ke Family went pale.

They knew that if they had not withdrawn just now and had been caught up in this explosion because even now, the residual waves of energy were cutting into their skin like sharp blades. Those with lower strength were even worse of, many of them being blown far away, their life or death uncertain.

“In front of the Hundred Mountains Picture, even this old master would have no choice but to withdraw. That young man is dead for sure,” Ba Qing Yan exhaled softly, a weird expression on his face, wondering whether he should rejoice or regret.

In the chaotic battlefield, there was only one place that was safe and sound, the spot where Yang Yan, Wu Yi, and Yu Feng were standing. When the powerful explosion swept towards them, Wu Yi and Yu Feng both thought they would soon be dead.

But to their surprise, a light curtain suddenly appeared in front of them and completely blocked out the blast, leaving them completely unaffected.

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