Martial Peak

Chapter 1031 - Star Emperor Token

Chapter 1031, Star Emperor Token

Each Star Emperor Token was imbued with the power of the Star Field Great Emperor, which when unleashed was capable of killing an Origin King Realm powerhouse.

Yang Kai was so shocked he was unable to speak.

“Back in this old master’s era, someone used a Star Emperor Token to kill an Origin King Realm master.”

“Can this thing really kill an Origin King?”

“That’s what the rumours say at least. This old master obviously never witnessed such a feat so I can’t say for certain. It may just be an exaggeration, but even if it is, the power it contains can’t be underestimated. After so many years though, most of the ten Star Emperor Tokens have probably been used, so guard this one carefully. If you ever encounter some kind of disaster you cannot handle, it may just save your life, but remember, each Star Emperor Token can only be used once!” Gui Zu explained.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that this Star Emperor Token was an extremely heavy and hesitantly looked towards Gui Zu, “Senior, this token is so precious, why would you give it to me?”

Gui Zu grinned, “This old master has no children or disciples; on top of that, with my current strength, there is no one in this Star Field who can threaten me, so what use would I have for it? If you don’t want it, just throw it away. I’m sure those few over there will be more than happy enough to pick it up.

Saying so, he gestured towards Shen Tu and the others who were observing from a thousand meters away.

Yang Kai decisively stuffed the Star Emperor Token into the Demon Mystic Tome and hid it in the deepest corner he could find!

Gui Zu saw this and nodded with satisfaction, “Very good, en, do you want this old master to take you out of here?”

“No, I can find the direction to leave,” Yang Kai declined.

Gui Zu didn’t insist, grinning as he said, “Fine, live well. This old master will head out first.”

Saying so, Gui Zu transformed into a dark cloud and quickly flew off.

Staring in the direction he left, Yang Kai wore a frown for a moment before shaking his head and chuckling before turning back towards Shen Tu and the others.

The five others had been waiting quietly. Shen Tu and Yue Xi, who had been targeted by Gui Zu, still had some lingering fear on their faces as just thinking about the old monster’s mysterious means made a chill run up their backs.

“Brother Yang… Did he leave?” Shen Tu asked nervously.

“En, he left!” Yang Kai nodded.

“He really just left?” Shen Tu was amazed. A moment ago, when Gui Zu suddenly flew over to Yang Kai, all of them had thought there would be no escaping, but never had then anticipated that after a quick chat, Gui Zu would actually leisurely depart.

This was really too unexpected.

“He’s really gone,” Yang Kai repeated, “You don’t have to be so nervous. In fact, he’s not all that bad, just a bit short-tempered.”

Hearing Yang Kai’s reassurances, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

“Masters like him…” Yue Xi smiled bitterly, “They essentially don’t care whether people like us live or die.”

“Brother Yang, what did he say to you just now, it almost looked like you were having a pleasant chat,” Shen Tu asked curiously.

“Nothing much, he thanked me, then reprimanding me…” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, making up a story on the spot. He firmly believed that what he and Gui Zu had just talked about wasn’t known by these few.

The fact that the Star Emperor Token had fallen into his hands was something he obviously couldn’t tell them.

The value of this token was simply too great; once news of its existence leaked out, it would surely stir up a storm of trouble.

Scanning his surroundings for a moment, Yang Kai said, “Let’s go, we should leave this place too.”

After he said this though, everyone looked at him bitterly, with none of them moving.

“Leave here? How? We’re still inside the Chaotic Abyss and neither our Sword Union’s Chart Master or Purple Star’s Chart Master are here,” Yue Xi smiled bitterly.

Bi Ya quickly inspected her Star Shuttle and shook her head, “My Star Chart has also been damaged and can’t be used. Without a proper Star Chart, we won’t be able to find the way out.”

The joy of just escaping from the floating continent was once again replaced by despair as an ugly look appeared on everyone’s face.

“Oh, not a problem. Senior Gui Zu gave me some directions a moment ago, just follow me,” Yang Kai said lightly.

A bunch of surprised eyes instantly stared towards him.

Shen Tu asking doubtfully, “Brother Yang, you mean that Gui Zu not only didn’t kill you, keeping his word, but even kindly gave you directions?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded shamelessly.

“Huh? How did he suddenly become so cordial?” Shen Tu still couldn’t believe it, “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, it’s the truth. Let’s go!” Yang Kai summoned his Star Shuttle which Shen Tu jumped up onto unceremoniously with a smile on his face, “Brother Yang, I’ll have to rely on you, I have no artifacts on me.”

“Not a problem.”

The group of six people, riding four Star Shuttles, flew out as swift as the wind across the Chaotic Abyss.

Yang Kai, while leading the way, immersed his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea to spy on the vast Star Chart above it to confirm their position.

Doing so, he quickly realized the preciousness of this Star Chart.

Because by using this Star Chart, he could easily find his current location and accurately plot a course to leave the Chaotic Abyss without suffering even the slightest interference from the chaotic flow of energy of this place.

Yang Kai wasn’t sure where Purple Star’s Chart Master Wu Suo had obtained this magical treasure but now it was owned by him.

He was even somewhat grateful to Wu Suo, because if the latter hadn’t died so close to him, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain this Star Chart and gain knowledge of all the dangers and wonders throughout the Star Field.

With such a Star Chart, Yang Kai could freely go anywhere he wanted to.

Time passed by, and with the exception of Shen Tu, who kept chattering on endlessly, everyone else stayed relatively quiet. Bi Ya would occasionally say a few words to Shen Tu, but when she discovered that he would go on and on without end, she quickly began ignoring him.

After experiencing this series of hardships together, the other five in the group had unconsciously regarded Yang Kai as their hope and leader, choosing to believe in his decisions without any objections.

Following Yang Kai, they flew through the Chaotic Abyss for two months.

On this day, a different type of scenery finally appeared before them.

It was a dense Asteroid Sea, with countless large and small asteroids seemingly blotting out the Starry Sky, each of them rapidly flying about under the influence of some inexplicable force. This Asteroid Sea was so vast that it was impossible to see where it began or ended.

Upon seeing this giant Asteroid Sea, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help lighting up.

“We can leave!” Shen Tu shouted, “Haha, we can finally leave this forsaken place!”

“How do you know?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“The periphery of the Chaotic Abyss is surrounded by a giant Asteroid Sea, everyone knows this,” Shen Tu replied.

Yang Kai glanced around and saw everyone nodding in agreement.

“Seems I’m the only one who’s ignorant,” Yang Kai rubbed his nose.

Shen Tu laughed, patting Yang Kai’s shoulder in a friendly manner, “The place you came from is isolated after all… En, you can slowly learn such things from now on. Fuck, I’ll never come anywhere near the Chaotic Abyss again in my life, this place is really just filled with disaster.”

“How did a young master from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce get caught by Lu Gui Chen in the first place? Where were your guards?” Yue Xi suddenly asked.

“A young master from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce?” Bi Ya covered her red lips and exclaimed, her beautiful eyes flashing a strange light as she stared towards Shen Tu.

Shen Tu gawked towards Yue Xi for a moment before grinning, “When did you see through my identity?”

“I didn’t, but I had my suspicions. Back on that floating continent, your urged Yang Kai to deliver a message to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, and your appearance… It’s somewhat similar to a great man I once saw many years ago, en, that Senior was named Ai Ou!” Yue Xi said solemnly.

“Ai Ou? Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce President Ai Ou?” Bi Ya called out in alarm this time as she stared at Shen Tu’s incredulously.

Even He Zao and He Miao couldn’t help trembling in shock, neither of them having imagined that Shen Tu had such a profound background.

Listening to this conversation, Yang Kai suddenly understood what kind of great family Shen Tu came from.

From what he had learned from Shen Tu, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was one of the Star Field’s super forces, on the same level as Purple Star and Sword Union; however, unlike Purple Star and Sword Union, they were mainly focused on business, hence their title as a Chamber of Commerce. Their influence had proliferated throughout the entire Star Field and had ties to all its important forces.

Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce occupied the stars with the most abundant resources in the Star Field, and could thus provide a lot of rare supplies to these forces, for a price.

“You’re the son of President Ai Ou?” Bi Ya stared at Shen Tu with amazement, “How come I’ve never heard of you before?”

“I’m an illegitimate child. My name hasn’t been publicly announced,” Shen Tu grinned meaningfully, “You never having heard of me is natural.”

Yue Xi couldn’t help coughing, her expression becoming slightly unnatural, “There are rumours that President Ai Ou was once quite loose and created a number of emotional debts outside in his youth…”

Bi Ya smiled bitterly, “If you have such an identity, why didn’t you say anything to Senior Lu at the time? If he knew who you were, he would have rushed to receive you as a guest, how could he have thrown you into the Starship’s power room?”

At the mention of Lu Gui Chen, Shen Tu gnashed his teeth and grumbled, “I did tell him, but he didn’t believe me. If it wasn’t for Brother Yang’s timely help, I’m afraid I would already died back in your Purple Star Starship.”

Everyone’s expression became awkward, but after thinking about it for a moment, they understood why Lu Gui Chen wouldn’t believe Shen Tu’s words.

President Ai Ou was a famous man who had several sons, a number of whom were not known to the public, so if an unnamed youth suddenly claimed to be one of them, it was likely no one would believe him and would instead think he was just trying to borrow an identity to increase his status.

“Your luck is really terrible,” Yang Kai looked at him sympathetically.

“What else could I have done?” Shen Tu said indignantly, “If this was really where I had died, it would have been too much of a tragedy!”

Seeing him grumble like this, He Miao couldn’t help but giggle.

The group of six soon dove into the boundless Asteroid Sea, and after a few days, emerged on the other side.

The sights in front of them also changed, there were now many more stars, some of them giving off great amounts of heat, some of them cold like ice, still others brimming with vitality while a large number of them were completely desolate.

“We’re out!” Shen Tu shouted joyfully.

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