Martial Peak

Chapter 1030 - Do You Want To Follow This Old Master?

Chapter 1030: Do You Want To Follow This Old Master?

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Amidst the Chaotic Abyss, Shen Tu and Bi Ya looked anxiously towards the black portal leading to The Void, hoping to see Yang Kai.

However, they were unable to see the situation inside, and the Demonic Flames burning the edge of the portal, keeping it open, were already beginning to fade, yet there were still no signs of the ones still inside escaping.

If they didn’t escape soon, Yang Kai and the others would be forced to remain inside forever!

“They couldn’t have had an accident, right?” Shen Tu stuttered, “Brother Yang’s understanding of the Dao of Space has reached a very high level. Nothing should have happened to them, wouldn’t you say?”

Saying so, he turned to look at Bi Ya, hoping she would affirm his statement.

“I don’t know…” Bi Ya shook her head, her mood extremely complicated, “But I hope nothing bad happens to him!”

Yang Kai currently possessed her Soul Brand, allowing him to control whether she lived or died, so if he didn’t emerge and instead became lost in The Void, she would also die!

More than anyone, she didn’t wish to see anything happen to Yang Kai.

“They’re coming out!” Shen Tu suddenly shouted as he saw a figure leap out from the crack just as it was about to close.

Naturally, it was Gui Zu!

Seeing his face, Shen Tu anxiously called out, “How is it you, where’s Brother Yang?”

“Right behind!” Gui Zu turned back just in time to see the He Zao He Miao sisters escape, swiftly followed by Yang Kai and Yue Xi.

Just as Yang Kai stepped out from The Void, the Demonic Flames holding the portal open burned out and the crack in space disappeared without a trace.

“Haha, I knew Brother Yang’s luck wouldn’t run out here. How could he have had any accidents?” Shen Tu laughed and was sincerely happy for Yang Kai, but as he said so, his expression suddenly became weird as he stared towards him with great interest, an ambiguous grin quickly spreading across his face.

Everyone else’s eyes also gathered on Yang Kai, each of their expressions becoming weird.

Yang Kai’s arm was currently carrying Yue Xi by her waist, and Yue Xi actually showed no signs of resisting, her neck dyed bright red as a slightly unusual expression filled her pretty face.

He Miao couldn’t help covering her mouth in shock when she saw this incredible scene, not knowing what had happened after she and her Elder Sister left that caused her Master and Yang Kai to become so intimate with one another.

What was most incredible about this situation though was that her Master wasn’t struggling at all.

In the past, her Master had never left any man get anywhere close to her, much less allow them to embrace her. This was undoubtedly a first. If such a scene were to be shown to all her Master’s admirers back in Sword Union, He Miao didn’t know how many of them would come seeking a fight with Yang Kai.

He Zao coughed lightly, unsure what she should say to remind her Master of her current position.

Being stared at by all these eyes, Yue Xi’s expression became even more embarrassed and she couldn’t wait to jump back into The Void and never come out again.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t say a word and easily put Yue Xi down before swiftly falling back a thousand meters, staring coldly and vigilantly towards Gui Zu as he prepared to tear space once again.

The ambiguous atmosphere was instantly broken and gave way to an incredibly grave one, everyone else staring towards Gui Zu worriedly.

Now that everyone had left the floating continent and successfully arrived at the Chaotic Abyss, Gui Zu had accomplished the wish he had cherished for two thousand years. If at this time he suddenly decided to start a slaughter, of the people present, besides Yang Kai who might have a chance to escape, everyone here would have to surrender their lives.

With the Chaotic Abyss as a backdrop, everything went silent as everyone’s mood became anxious.

Gui Zu grinned lightly, his pair of gloomy eyes staring towards Yang Kai who stood a thousand meters away, no one able to guess what he was thinking.

Violent heartbeats echoed as loudly as drums from everyone’s chest.

“Little brat, what are you afraid of?” Gui Zu asked.

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he bluntly said, “I’m afraid Senior will not honour his words and go back on our agreement!”

“Is this old master so untrustworthy?” Gui Zu coldly snorted, “For even saying that, this old master could condemn you to a dozen deaths! Don’t think that you can escape from this old master’s palm by tearing space. You’re too weak, I can easily stop you before you even try!”

“I believe Senior has such strength, but if you must act, Junior won’t just sit still waiting for death!” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“Senior Gui Zu, in light of Brother Yang fulfilling his promise and bringing you out from that place, can’t you…” Shen Tu wanted to put in a good word but before he could finish, Gui Zu stared coldly at him, causing Shen Tu’s expression to fill with pain as he gripped his head and howled miserably.

Seeing this, Yang Kai slightly paled.

“Senior…” Yue Xi also opened her mouth to speak.

But Gui Zu only glanced at her before Yue Xi’s face became pale and she began screaming just like Shen Tu.

“This old master is Gui Zu, this old master was never a man of his word. You believing in me was your greatest mistake!” Gui Zu scorned.

His body suddenly blurred and Yang Kai’s heart screamed out in alert, but before he could tear space, a gloomy aura pressed down on him making him unable to move.

Gui Zu appeared in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, a sneer upon his face.

“Good, this old master really intended to kill you after you brought me out from that cage. As for the reason, it was because you never sincerely wished to work with me,” Gui Zu sneered, “You think this old master didn’t know what you were planning? It was only because this old master’s strength dominated over you that you cooperated. If it were any other Saint King or Origin Returning Realm cultivator, they would have been long ago abandoned by you!”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, because what Gui Zu said was the truth.

It was only because this old monster’s strength was so much higher that Yang Kai couldn’t plot against him.

“A few breaths ago, this old master still planned to settle things as such,” Gui Zu’s expression suddenly changed and a frown appeared on his face, “But now, this old master has changed his mind. You put your own life at risk to save mine, and although I know that was not your intention and you only did so to rescue those two little girls, if this old master were to kill you, that would be too ungrateful. If word spread out, it would only turn this old master into a joke.”

“This old master doesn’t like the feeling of owing someone a debt, regardless of the reasons; you saved this old master’s life, giving him the chance to seek his vengeance, so this old master will spare your life!”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he stared at Gui Zu dubiously.

“Surprised? Did you think this old master was someone lacking all sense of humanity?”

Yang Kai frowned and shook his head, “Junior never thought so. Since Senior did not forget his hatred for an entire two thousand years, he could not lack humanity. Perhaps two thousand years ago, Senior was a good man!”

“Ha ha ha!” Gui Zu laughed riotously, “A good man? Good, this old master was really a good man at the time, but two thousand years of hatred and solitude is enough to change one’s nature.”

“Little brat, do you want to follow this old master?” Gui Zu suddenly lowered his voice and stared at Yang Kai seriously, “This old master appreciates your talent. If you follow this old master, no one across this vast Star Field will dare to embarrass you. This old master can also guide your cultivation, allowing you to reach the Origin Returning Realm in the shortest time. With your aptitude, that will definitely be less than a hundred years!”

Yang Kai didn’t even think about it before shaking his head, “Senior’s offer is quite generous, but Junior doesn’t intend to live his life like this.”

“You would refuse this old master?” Gui Zu looked at Yang Kai with amazement, “You actually dare reject this old master’s offer? Are you looking down on this old master?”

His expression suddenly became violent, his eyes filled with dissatisfaction because of Yang Kai’s answer, even arousing his just settled killing intent.

Yang Kai however just smiled and said, “Senior must be joking, you are an Origin King Realm powerhouse on the same level as a Star Master, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t wish to take shelter under your wings. Junior as greatly admires your achievements, how could I possibly look down on you?”

“Then why do you refuse?”

Yang Kai frowned for a moment before saying, “Junior doesn’t wish to grow up as a greenhouse flower, too delicate to withstand the wind and rain. I believe Senior’s words, that with your help, within less than a hundred year I will reach the Origin Returning Realm, but… perhaps after maturing in such an environment, the Origin Returning Realm will be my limit. I wish to pursue higher realms, such as the realm of Senior… in order to do that, I must temper myself with danger and slaughter!”

Gui Zu’s originally unhappy look gave way to one of approval as he nodded to Yang Kai, “What you say has some truth. This old master won’t force you. If you ever change your mind, you can always come find me, this old master’s name will soon resound throughout the Star Field, so it shouldn’t be difficult to seek me out.”

“Junior wishes Senior success in his revenge and that your thousand-year-old grudge may be swiftly settled!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

These words seemed to go straight to Gui Zu’s heart and elicited a smile on his face. A moment later he nodded, “Little brat, seems you can speak well. This old master appreciates you more and more. En, here, you can hold on to this thing, it’s useless to this old master in any case. Consider it as a thank you for saving my life!”

Saying so, Gui Zu tossed a small black object over to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai instinctually caught it and upon examining it, he discovered that it was some kind of token engraved with a single word, ‘Emperor’!

Even though it was just a simple engraving, the sense of oppression that this ‘Emperor’ gave off made it difficult for Yang Kai to even breathe.

“The Star Sect Command?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

He remembered that this token had been found inside Yue Xi’s Space Ring by Gui Zu. When this token had appeared, Yue Xi, Lu Gui Chen, and everyone else had shown near fanatically looks.

Yang Kai had realized then that this Star Sect Command was some kind of supreme treasure that was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

“Senior, this thing…”

“Don’t you know what it is?” Gui Zu asked.

Yang Kai shook his head.

“En, you come from a lower world, so not knowing is understandable. A Star Sect Command, also known as a Star Emperor Token, is the token of the Starry Sky Great Emperor!”

“Starry Sky Great Emperor?” Yang Kai asked in confusion.

“He is a legendary character from the past, and was said to have single-handedly controlled an entire Star Field at one point. His cultivation was exceedingly high, superior to even this old master! When he took control of the Star Field, he produced ten Star Emperor Tokens, each one of them sealing one of his Divine Abilities, each of which was capable of destroying a star!”

Yang Kai paled as his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, only now realizing why Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi were willing to expend so many resources and people to compete for this Star Emperor Token. He also thoroughly understood just how precious this Star Emperor Token was.

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