Martial Peak

Chapter 1019 - Serving Others Well

Chapter 1019, Serving Others Well

“Your skills are impressive,” Yang Kai commented.

“I’m glad Master likes it,” Bi Ya whispered hotly into Yang Kai’s ear, exhaling an orchid scent, “This slave does not have other skills, but she knows how to serve others well.”

“How to serve men?” Yang Kai snickered.

Bi Ya laughed playfully, not taking Yang Kai’s teasing to heart.

“Good, don’t try to use your Seduction Technique on me, it’s completely useless,” Yang Kai muttered flatly.

Bi Ya’s movements went stiff and she quickly withdrew her technique, “Your slave did not intend to use it, please do not take offence, Master!”

“If I want a woman, there are two in the next stone room over who still have their innocence intact, it’s pointless for you to try to seduce me.”

“Master dislikes that my body is no longer pure…” Bi Ya smiled bitterly, suddenly suggesting, “Would you like your slave to train those two little girls? I am confident I can make those two women lose all resistance to Master’s charms and take the initiative to offer themselves, body and soul, to you of their own free will.”

Yang Kai’s face went black, “I somewhat regret allowing you to stay!”

Bi Ya didn’t dare continued speaking and instead focused on serving Yang Kai, intentionally or unintentionally pressing her hot, tender body and astonishingly elastic peaks onto his back.

After a while, Yang Kai waved his hand, “You step back, find a place to live. If I have something I need from you, I’ll call. Without my instructions, you’re not allowed to enter here.”

“Yes!” Bi Ya got up and set out leisurely, her full, rounded bottom swaying rhythmically as she left.

Inside the next stone room over, He Miao was leaning up against the wall, pressing her ear against it, suddenly saying with indignation, “Elder Sister, Yang Kai actually hooked up with that cheap woman Bi Ya, shameless! I think in the future we should be on guard against him!”

He Zao just sat cross-legged on the floor, remaining silent.


Gui Zu didn’t show up for half a month, and no one knew what he was doing.

During this time, Yang Kai had been single-mindedly concentrating on cultivating.

Inside the mountain’s stone rooms, He Zao, He Miao, Shen Tu, and Bi Ya all lived quietly, especially Bi Ya who withdrew all her debauched behaviour after pledging to serve Yang Kai. She had become more obedient than anyone else, not engaging in the slightest bit of frivolity anymore.

Unless Yang Kai summoned her, she would remain in her stone room quietly.

She clearly knew that she couldn’t move a character like Gui Zu, so if she wanted to live, she could only work hard to please Yang Kai. As long as Yang Kai was happy with her, there was a chance she would survive.

To this end, she didn’t hesitate to betray Lu Gui Chen and even handed over the communication type artifact she used to contact the other Purple Star cultivators to Yang Kai to show her resolve.

The few times Yang Kai did call her though, he had never done anything improper to her, causing Bi Ya a great deal of confusion. She even began wondering if Yang Kai had certain problems in that field; otherwise, why would he be so indifferent to a beauty like her?

She had made it abundantly clear she would not resist, so was it really possible he wasn’t the least bit tempted?

Hot-blooded young men always had bottomless desire when it came to such matters, so what other reason than a physical disability could there be?

As Bi Ya became more and more suspicious, the look she directed towards Yang Kai slowly began to change, even feeling some sympathy for him.

On this day, as Yang Kai was cultivating, he suddenly noticed that something was not right and hurriedly opened his eyes to find Gui Zu standing quietly in front of him, his eyes staring at him fixedly.

Yang Kai’s body went stiff and amazement filled his heart.

His Divine Sense was already quite powerful, but he hadn’t even been able to detect when Gui Zu arrived here, this old man’s cultivation was simply too profound.

“Does Senior have something he needs from me?” Yang Kai asked.

“Little brat, have you forgotten about our agreement?” Gui Zu asked somewhat dissatisfied, “I didn’t allow you to remain here just so you could improve your strength.”

“Naturally I have not forgotten, but the space around this continent has still not yet fully stabilized. I am unable to investigate anything even if I tear space to explore The Void,” Yang Kai replied flatly, hesitating for a moment before saying, “But if Senior is anxious, I can begin examining other related matters.”

“What other matters?” Gui Zu showed a confused expression.

“The seven coloured sky… If I have not guessed wrong, this seven coloured sky is the actual cage keeping us trapped here, Senior is unable to leave directly because of it.”

“Indeed,” Gui Zu’s eyes lit up and acknowledged, “Your vision isn’t bad little brat, this continent’s sky is an amalgamation of all the Chaotic Abyss’ fluctuating energy fields, making it even more twisted and chaotic than the Chaotic Abyss itself, and making it impossible for anyone to keep their sense of direction upon entering it. It’s for this reason that one can’t simply fly away from this continent. You being able to see through this is a surprise to this old master. It indeed should be investigated.”

Saying so, he grabbed hold of Yang Kai and flew out of the mountain cave like a bolt of lightning, reaching the sky above the mainland a moment later.

When Yang Kai regained his composure, he discovered that he was already standing ten thousand kilometres above the continent.

“Take a careful look, what can you see?” Gui Zu stood next to Yang Kai and motioned.

Yang Kai nodded and released his Divine Sense in all directions.

After a while, he frowned, “This space is truly chaotic, my Divine Sense is unable to find the correct path forward, the overlapping energy fields are severely hampering my sense of direction. How wide does Senior estimate this chaotic field is?”

Gui Zu pondered for a moment before replying, “This continent isn’t too large, so the scope of this chaotic barrier shouldn’t be too wide. I’d estimate it to be as small as several thousand kilometres to as large as ten thousand kilometres.”

“When I tear space, the furthest I can travel is six or seven hundred kilometres… If this field is so wide, it means that I’ll have to tear space at least a dozen times to cross it, and I cannot make a single mistake in the process!” Yang Kai frowned and shook his head, “It will be difficult!”

“If you think it’s too difficult to handle, what reason do I have to keep you alive?” Gui Zu sneered, “I might as well kill you now, search your Soul, then look for my own way out!”

Yang Kai just laughed, “That’s a matter of last resort. Senior doesn’t want to do so unless it becomes absolutely necessary, right?”

Gui Zu coldly snorted.

“This matter cannot be rushed. Senior should be patient for another half a month. After half a month passes, the space around this continent should stabilize and I will try to find a solution to our problem.”

“Seems there’s no other choice,” Gui Zu nodded helplessly.

“Does Senior have any other instructions? If not, Junior will take his leave.”

“Don’t move!” Saying so, Gui Zu placed his hand on Yang Kai’s shoulder before quickly injecting a frigid force that swept through Yang Kai’s body, seemingly investigating every bit of his physique, inside and out.

Yang Kai paled, not knowing why Gui Zu was suddenly acting against him like this.

A moment later, Gui Zu look changed slightly as he lifted his other hand, causing something to appear atop it.

The Demon Mystic Tome!

Yang Kai’s face suddenly became ugly as he stared vigilantly towards Gui Zu.

“Do you think this old master would be unable to sense this storage artifact inside your body?” Gui Zu sneered, “This old master didn’t pay much mind to it, but seeing it now, it’s a bit strange. Where did you get it?”

“The star I was born on,” Yang Kai answered honestly.

“Was there some kind of inheritance inside?” Gui Zu continued to ask.

“Yes!” Yang Kai, while feeling quite shocked on the inside, maintained a look of calm on his face.

“No wonder there are two different forces inside your body… There are also some inexplicable external energies residing within you as well.”

Yang Kai understood that the external energies Gui Zu was referring to were the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress tattoos on his back.

“Little brat, have you ever thought about fusing these two forces together?” Gui Zu suddenly asked.

“Fusing them together?” Yang Kai stunned.

“En, you have two different types of power within you, but don’t you find them inconvenient to use? Their attributes are completely opposite one another, and in order to use one, don’t you have to suppress the other?”


“If you can fuse these two forces together, your strength will undergo earth-shaking changes!”

“Please grant me your guidance, Senior!” Yang Kai immediately asked. Gui Zu’s words had opened up a completely new world to him, causing him to become excited.

Gui Zu however just rolled his eyes, “How would I know anything about that? That’s your business, find a solution on your own. This old master did once see someone perfectly fuse together Ice and Flame Attribute Strength, but he was an unparalleled genius! Whether you are able to accomplish this or not is up to your own efforts, this old master doesn’t have any experience in such matters.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Why would Senior suddenly say this to me then?”

“Because this old master feels that the higher your strength is, the greater chance there is you’ll find a way to leave here! And even if your strength increases tenfold, you won’t be able to escape from this old master’s palm, so this old master isn’t worried about you becoming stronger and is instead looking forward to it,” Gui Zu said while cackling, completely not putting Yang Kai in his eyes.

“True enough!” Yang Kai nodded bitterly.

An Origin King Star Master level cultivator really didn’t need to care about a small cultivator like Yang Kai.

“Oh, you have a strange tree inside this storage artifact? How many thousands of years did it take to grow to such a level?” Gui Zu suddenly exclaimed as his Divine Sense wandered around Yang Kai’s Demon Mystic Tome, the Divine Tree’s existence catching him by surprise.

Not caring about Yang Kai’s ugly face, he continued browsing through the secrets inside the Demon Mystic Tome.

“This spirit liquid, spirit milk, and spirit cream are actually not bad,” Gui Zu continued to be surprised, “This cream should be Saint King Grade.”

“Senior, can you return my things to me?” Yang Kai asked helplessly, his face completely black.

Gui Zu snorted, “Are you afraid this old master will take a liking to your treasures? You don’t have to worry about that; although these things might be quite good for someone like you, they’re all useless to this old master, en, I have no reason to snatch them…”

Saying so, he continued sifting through Yang Kai’s possessions.

Suddenly though, his look changed and he exclaimed, “You actually have this kind of thing?”

“What?” Yang Kai was stunned, not understanding what Gui Zu had found inside the Demon Mystic Tome that had actually warranted such a big reaction.

“Where did you get these?” Gui Zu asked as he took out three stones and held them in his hand.

One of these stones was a deep shade of crimson and contained a vast amount of Blood Qi inside it, it was the Blood Essence Stone Yang Kai had obtained some time ago.

The other two were actually the strange pitch-black round stones. These two round stones had many veins running across their surfaces like human meridians, and if one were to listen carefully, they would be able to hear a rhythmic thumping coming from them.

Seeing the drastic change in Gui Zu’s expression, Yang Kai’s look also became serious as he realized that these two pitch-black round stones should have extraordinary origins.

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