Martial Peak

Chapter 1018 - Maid Or Slave?

Chapter 1018, Maid Or Slave?

Inside the mountainside where Gui Zu lived, he had opened up a number of massive stone rooms, each one filled with numerous things, cluttered and messy. It was really a wonder where Gui Zu found all of this junk.

The air was dry though, and the stone rooms were dotted with stones that radiated a soft light, making it bright even in the absence of sunlight.

This mountain peak seemed to be the center of the entire Floating Continent, and inside it there were passages extending in all directions that formed a kind of massive Spirit Array that concentrated the already rich World Energy aura towards it.

The arrangements Yang Kai had set up in his cave ten thousand kilometers away seemed like the work of a naive child compared to Gui Zu’s approach.

A small brook flowed through the stone chambers, filled with crystal clear liquid, but this liquid wasn’t just ordinary water, it was pure spirit elixir that contained massive amounts of World Energy, drinking it would result in massive benefits for one’s cultivation.

Yang Kai carried He Zao and He Miao with him as he walked further into the mountainside, releasing his Divine Sense to investigate his surroundings and was becoming stunned by what he discovered. The cultivation environment here was simply astonishing, it was no wonder Gui Zu had chosen this place as his residence.

He also noticed the extraordinariness of the brook and couldn’t help feeling amazed, following along it as he moved forward.

Since Yang Kai had hoisted them onto his shoulders, He Zao hadn’t shown any noticeable reaction while He Miao, on the other hand, was shivering in terror as she imagined what kind of shameful things Yang Kai would soon do to her.

In their ears, Yue Xi’s hysterical cries and curses still resounded, but no matter how she screamed, no one paid any attention to her.

After a short time, Yang Kai came to a stop, casually found a stone room, walking inside, and set He Zao and He Miao down.

He Miao immediately jumped behind her Elder Sister like a frightened rabbit, tightly clutching her clothes as she stared fearfully towards Yang Kai, her voice quavering as she asked, “What are you doing? What are you going to do to us?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai smiled evilly.

He Miao couldn’t stop trembling in fright, becoming more and more alarmed.

“Stop teasing her,” He Zao stared towards Yang Kai indifferently, her thin brow creasing into a line, “Is this fun for you? Even if you have grievances with Master, you shouldn’t torture her like this, doing so is… it’s too cruel.”

“Cruel?” Yang Kai raised his brow and sneered, “What kind of person your Master is, as her disciples, you should know best. Could it be you don’t know what shortcomings she has?”

He Zao frowned and sighed softly, “Master sometimes becomes impenetrably thick-headed and stubborn, refusing to admit her mistakes. Like last time, she knew she shouldn’t have been so wary of you and try to create trouble for you and instead be modest and thank you for saving us, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to do so.”

“That’s because my strength was too low and she didn’t put me in her eyes,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

“Master isn’t a bad person, she…”

“You need not say anything more, she directed killing intent towards me, so she must pay an appropriate price! How she acts from this point forward will determine whether she lives or dies.”

He Zao’s tender body shivered as she stared restlessly towards Yang Kai, “Do you want to kill Master?”

“That will depend on her attitude; I won’t allow anyone who bears such naked hostility towards me to live in this world!” Yang Kai said callously, “Even if she is your Master she won’t be an exception. If you were to seek revenge, I will show you no mercy either.”

“Is that why you are embarrassing us now?” He Zao smiled bitterly.

“That’s why I brought you here!” Yang Kai nodded as he sent a Divine Sense Message to Gui Zu.

A moment later, the evil energy that bound He Zao and He Miao disappeared and the two of them regained their freedom.

“Look for a place to cultivate yourself, don’t think about going out for a while, you can’t even if you want to!” Yang Kai commanded before turning around and leaving.

After Yang Kai left, He Miao poked her head out from behind her sister and let out a sigh of relief, patting her chest with her small hand, “That really scared me to death, I thought he really wanted to…”

He Zao smiled and asked, “What did you think he was going to do?”

He Miao’s face went red as she hid once more.

“He’s not such a person. Him bringing us in here was first to punish Master and second to deliver us both some benefits.”

“Deliver us some benefits?” He Miao was shocked.

“When that Gui Zu was about to throw him into that Void Corridor, didn’t we speak up for him?” He Zao smiled brightly, adding a touch of colour to the lonely stone room, “He is a man who clearly distinguishes between gratitude and grudges. Bringing us here was definitely to let us cultivate.”

“Really? I think he’s actually quite frightening,” He Miao said with lingering fear in her expression, recalling Yang Kai’s appearance from a moment ago was enough to cause her shivers and make her think of him as an extremely cruel person.

“What about Master?” He Miao asked. She could still hear Yue Xi’s screaming, her hoarse and sorrowful voice causing her to worry greatly.

He Zao smiled lightly before taking out her communication type artifact, allowing her little sister’s eyes to brighten in comprehension.

He Zao poured her Divine Sense into the artifact and sent a Divine Sense Message to their Master informing her of their sister’s current situation.

In another stone room, Yang Kai found dry place, sat down, and began thinking about the future.

Although he and Gui Zu had reached an agreement today, whether he was even able to leave this strange continent by tearing space remained uncertain.

As he was being chased by Gui Zu, Yang Kai had torn space several times, but he was only able to re-emerge from The Void at other locations inside this Floating Continent, never once seeing a clear path to the Starry Sky, causing him to feel quite helpless.

If this method really wasn’t feasible, Gui Zu would not let him off and his death would be far more miserable than anyone else’s.

Fortunately, he was able to buy himself some time, but Yang Kai still felt he needed to find a solution as soon as possible; at the very least, he needed to give Gui Zu some hope.

Hearing Shen Tu’s voice suddenly call out from outside, Yang Kai’s expression brightened as he looked up and said, “Senior, can my friend come in?”

“Let in whoever you want! There’s plenty of stone rooms in this place anyways,” Gui Zu’s voice echoed.

Yang Kai nodded before quickly sending Shen Tu a Divine Sense Message.

A moment later, Shen Tu stepped into the cave network with several large bags over his shoulder, marveling at the cultivation paradise around him.

Arriving at the stone room where Yang Kai was, Shen Tu gently put down the things on his shoulder and said, “This is everything those Purple Star people collected during this time. Lu Gui Chen didn’t dare try to conceal anything.”

“There’s also many Saint Crystals!” A shadow flashed behind Shen Tu and the beautiful woman Bi Ya stepped out, smiling towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared at her, then at Shen Tu.

Shen Tu shrugged her shoulders, “She followed me on her own, it helped because I couldn’t carry so much by myself.”

“Little brother… I came here because I wanted to apologize again to you,” Bi Ya wore a pitiful look, her beautiful eyes becoming misty like a little girl who had done something wrong, biting her thin red lips as she said softly, “I hope little brother can be forgiving and not worry about our past matters, okay?”

Her voice was soft and sweet as her eyes were filled with remorse.

In the depths of her gaze, there seemed to be a deep light of regret, giving the impression that she was truly acknowledging her past wrongs while tugging at the heartstrings of any who saw her, making them wish to forgive all her sins.

Shen Tu couldn’t help shivering with fright nearby, rubbing his arms as if he had suddenly caught a chill, cursing out loud, “Damn, you certainly know how to frighten people! Can’t you speak in a normal voice instead of that coaxing tone?”

Bi Ya shot him a wicked glance before turning a smiling face back to Yang Kai, “I know that I’m cheap, but as long little brother does not shut me out, I swear not to disappoint you, from now on, I will only listen to you, obeying your every whim, even if you want me to serve you as a maid or slave, I won’t utter a single complaint.”

Shen Tu gawked, “You actually know you’re cheap?”

Bi Ya’s mouth twitched, wishing she could punch Shen Tu in his dumb face this instant, but she didn’t dare get angry in front of Yang Kai, forcing herself to keep that pretty, yet ugly smile on her face.

“Maid or slave?” Yang Kai’s lips curled upwards as he wore an interested expression.

Bi Ya nodded firmly, “I am completely sincere.”

“What do you want?” Yang Kai stared at her and asked directly.

“To live,” Bi Ya replied decisively.

“Good, out of appreciation for your honesty, I’ll allow you to follow me later!” Yang Kai gently nodded.

Bi Ya’s beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she was immediately overjoyed, “Many thanks little brother, your slaves will do her best to serve you from now on and never disappoint you… En, how would you like your slave to call you later? … Is Master alright?”

On her face, a tinge of blush filled her cheeks as if she was a shy young maiden in love, creating a fascinating appeal…

Shen Tu stared dumbfounded at this display, shaking his head involuntarily, “Woman, you really know how to act, if I didn’t know all about you already, I would have swiftly been deceived by you.”

Anyone who saw her look like this would inevitably feel some compassion for her and relax their vigilance.

“You master and slave play here nicely, I won’t bother you any further,” Shen Tu said, “Yang Kai, can I chose any place here to stay?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Many thanks!” Shen Tu grinned and was about to leave, but before he could, Yang Kai tossed a jade bottle over to him, causing him to ask, “What is this?”

“A bottle of Saint Pills! Use them to cultivate.”

Shen Tu laughed, “Brother is truly thoughtful, feel free to go all out, I’ll shut off my Divine Sense so I can’t hear anything.”

Saying so with great meaning, he disappeared into the caves.

“Master… It looks like you’re quite tired, would you like your slave to help massage your shoulders?” Bi Ya said as she fixed her beautiful eyes onto Yang Kai, her slender white neck taking on a hint of red as her breath seemed to grow hot.

Saying so, without waiting for Yang Kai to agree or disagree, she lightly stepped forward and sat down gracefully behind him, pressing her tender body gently up against his back as she used her two jade hands to gently knead Yang Kai’s shoulders.

Her movements were as gentle as flowing water, like she was touching her most beloved person, and the strength she used was just right, an inexplicable force stimulating Yang Kai’s body through her fingertips, causing him to unconsciously relaxed, all the stress he had built up from dealing with Gui Zu melting away as his spirits were roused and became re-energized.

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