Martial God Asura

Chapter 5779: We’re The Only Weak Ones

Chapter 5779: We’re The Only Weak Ones

Huangfu Jiangyao was sent flying with a single punch, but he regained his footing in mid-air and charged at Yuwen Yanri.

“You’re courting death!”

Lightning shrouded Huangfu Jiangyao’s body as he executed a martial skill to enhance his body. He intended to pit his body against Yuwen Yanri to get back at the latter after being outdone, but he quickly regretted his decision.

Yuwen Yanri chose to confront Huangfu Jiangyao face to face. He didn’t bother dodging or aiming at the weak points—he simply returned tit for tat. If Huangfu Jiangyao punched, he would throw out a fist too. If Huangfu Jiangyao kicked, he would hurl out a kick too.

The battle was intense.

Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, Ling Xiao, and the others were stunned.

“That fellow is not just talk,” Feng Ling remarked in astonishment.

She had only agreed to have Yuwen Yanri represent them out of respect for Chu Feng—the truth was that she didn’t expect anything from Yuwen Yanri at all. She didn’t expect Yuwen Yanri to be this powerful.

“Yuwen Yanri is formidable! He’s able to equal Huangfu Jiangyao!” Long Chengyu exclaimed in shock.

“They aren’t equals. Yuwen Yanri hasn’t gotten serious yet,” Chu Feng said.

“He hasn’t gotten serious yet?” Long Chengyu and Qin Xuan looked at Chu Feng.

“Huangfu Jiangyao has used his martial skill, but Yuwen Yanri’s aura remains unchanged,” Chu Feng pointed out.

“You’re right. He hasn’t gotten serious yet. He’s merely toying with Huangfu Jiangyao.”

Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, and the others took a closer look upon hearing Chu Feng’s words, and they realized that the situation was exactly as Chu Feng had said. This completely changed their impression of Yuwen Yanri.

“Huangfu Jiangyao, surely you aren’t going to lose here, right?” Huangfu Shengyu said with a look of hostility.

Without any hesitation, Huangfu Jiangyao activated his Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Lightning Wings, raising his cultivation to rank nine Half-God level.

Yuwen Yanri immediately did the same too, raising his cultivation from rank six Half-God level to rank nine Half-God level.

After a few exchanges, Huangfu Jiangyao found himself overpowered in a clash of fists and retreated into the sky. Feeling numbness in his arm, he glanced over and saw that it was bleeding. He gritted his teeth in anger and cursed, “Shit!”

Knowing that he had no choice, Huangfu Jiangyao drew his lightning-clad God Armament from the wooden box behind him.

In response, Yuwen Yanri took out the golden bangle he was wearing on his wrist, and it flew into the sky and transformed into a meter-long wheel covered in complicated runes. It seemed to be covered in flames, though those weren’t real flames.

(It’s a weapon similar to a chakram, but it’s a melee weapon not intended for throwing.)

The wheel was a God Armament.

Huangfu Jiangyao rushed forth, with both his body and God Armament crackling with lightning. This was a powerful martial skill, likely a God Taboo.


Intense flames surged from Yuwen Yanri’s God Armament and devoured Huangfu Jiangyao whole, but it didn’t stop there. It rushed straight toward the distant wall of the ancient hall.

Only when the flames dissipated did the crowd finally see Huangfu Jiangyao once more. The flame had knocked him to the distant wall of the ancient hall. He was surprisingly conscious, but he was no longer able to fight.

“He won…”

The crowd was taken aback by Yuwen Yanri’s victory. They didn’t think he could defeat Huangfu Jiangyao at all, let alone so easily.

“What a formidable God Taboo Martial Skill, but why have I never seen it before?” Long Chengyu wondered.

“It’s either a God Taboo Martial Skill that normal members of the Divine Body Heavenly Mansion are forbidden to learn, or that it can only be grasped by those possessing a certain Divine Body. Nevertheless, the important thing is that Yuwen Yanri is ridiculously powerful. He might even be on par with Xianhai Shaoyu,” Qin Xuan remarked.

Long Chengyu frowned.

“Not bad!” Feng Ling patted Yuwen Yanri’s shoulder.

“It’s the least I can do,” Yuwen Yanri said.

“You’re humble. I like it,” Feng Ling said.

“Y-you’re flattering me.” Yuwen Yanri’s embarrassment could be heard through his voice even though his face was concealed.

Feng Ling turned to Huangfu Shangyang and directed a sweet smile at him. The two of them were close to each other at this point, but she did a backflip and increased the distance between them.

“Huangfu Shangyang, right? It’s our turn to fight. I’m not the kind to pull my punches, so just bear with it if I go too far, all right?” Feng Ling spoke with a mischievous tone.

“Heh…” Huangfu Shangyang sneered. “I won’t be courteous with you even if you’re a wo…”

His face stiffened before he could finish his sentence.

The crowd froze in place.

Feng Ling had appeared behind Huangfu Shangyang, her aura already raised to rank nine Half-God level. Without any hesitation, she plunged a dagger she had whipped out of nowhere into his body.

But what was truly shocking was that there was another Feng Ling in the ancient hall—the one who distanced herself from Huangfu Shangyang before conversing with him.

“A clone?”

The crowd was much more shocked by Feng Ling’s means, perhaps terrified even.

Feng Ling had summoned a clone and had it retreat to distract Huangfu Shangyang, while she secretly approached him to make her attack. She had not only deceived Huangfu Shangyang but everyone present too.

No one could confidently say that they could have averted that attack had they been in Huangfu Shangyang’s place.

“Miss Feng Ling is full of surprises,” Chu Feng said with a deep smile.

He had activated his Heaven’s Eyes, but he was still unable to tell which of the two Feng Lings was the real one. Both of them had the aura of the real body as if both were her.


With the crisp ringing of a bell, Feng Ling, who had stabbed Huangfu Shangyang, vanished into thin air. The real Feng Ling, who didn’t reveal her true skills from the start to the end, turned to Xianhai Shaoyu and said, “You’re the last one up.”

Xianhai Shaoyu shrugged. “We have already won two out of three rounds. I don’t think there’s a need for me to make a move, right?”

“That’s true. Huangfu Shengyu, do you admit defeat?” Feng Ling asked.

Huangfu Shengyu’s expression was cold. He glared at the severely injured Huangfu Shangyang and Huangfu Jiangyao, but he didn’t say a word. He opened his mouth and took out the key he had swallowed earlier.

“I, Huangfu Shengyu, am a man of my word.”

The key flew into Xianhai Shaoyu’s hand.

It was a surprisingly easy victory. The crowd had thought it would be a difficult battle as both Chu Feng and Little Fishy were forbidden from participating.

Long Chengyu and Qin Xuan looked at the defeated Huangfu Jiangyao and Huangfu Shangyang, followed by the victorious Yuwen Yanri and Feng Ling, then they exchanged gazes. Both of them smiled at the same time.

“It turns out we’re the only weak ones here.”

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