Martial God Asura

Chapter 5778: 1 On 1, Three Matches

Chapter 5778: 1 On 1, Three Matches

A distant spirit formation gate shook, and another two figures emerged from within—Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao.

“They’re here too?” Long Chengyu was alarmed to see the two of them.

“It’s not surprising for them to reach here. This is the kind of trial world spiritists have an advantage in,” Qin Xuan said.

Jie Baobao noticed Chu Feng and subconsciously headed over, but that incurred Little Fishy’s hostile gaze. Little Fishy didn’t know about their partnership, so she thought that Jie Baobao was intending to harm Chu Feng.

Little Fishy was not interested in most things, even fighting over the chest. Her greatest priority here was Chu Feng’s safety.

However, the truth was that Jie Baobao only wanted to greet Chu Feng.

“Don’t go over. There are too many eyes around,” Ling Xiao sent a voice transmission to Jie Baobao, knocking some senses into her.

There weren’t many people here, but they were all top prodigies from the other powerhouses. Their words carried weight. If word spread that Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao were on good terms with Chu Feng, they could be punished by the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

“Ling Xiao, you aren’t planning to work with them, are you?” Feng Ling asked.

He was referring to Huangfu Shengyu and the others.

“I might be a world spiritist, but I’m a present-era world spiritist. I won’t work with someone from the Ancient Era’s Heavenly Clan,” Ling Xiao replied.

“That’s good to hear,” Feng Ling replied with a smile. She raised her hand toward Huangfu Shengyu and said, “Huangfu Shengyu, hurry up and hand over the key.”

It would appear they had been fighting over the key.

“The key’s here.” Huangfu Shengyu took out a key before dropping it into his mouth.

Feng Ling burst into laughter. “Do you think we dare not slice open your stomach?”

“Do you have the means to pull that off?” Huangfu Shengyu sneered.

“Let’s test that out, shall we?” Feng Ling asked with a smile. She didn’t lose her temper, but she displayed no fear of Huangfu Shengyu either. She was tempted to cross blows with the latter.

“Miss Feng Ling, there’s no need to cross blows with him,” Xianhai Shaoyu interjected. He turned to Huangfu Shengyu and said, “Huangfu Shengyu, we don’t mind sharing what’s inside with you. There’s no need for us to be hostile with each other.”

“You don’t mind, but we do,” Huangfu Shengyu said.

Those words induced a chuckle from Xianhai Shaoyu. “Surely you don’t think we dare not make a move on you?”

“I know you have the guts, Xianhai Shaoyu, but what’s the point of the majority bullying the minority? Let’s make it fair and have three 1-on-1 matches. Whoever wins two out of three will get the key,” Huangfu Shengyu said.

“Sure,” Feng Ling accepted without any hesitation.

“I have a condition.” Huangfu Shengyu pointed to Chu Feng and Little Fishy. “The two of them can’t participate.”

“What are you getting at? Why bother proposing a competition if you’re so afraid of facing us? You might as well just admit defeat,” Long Chengyu said.

“Indeed,” Qin Xuan agreed.

Huangfu Shengyu ignored Long Chengyu and Qin Xuan, keeping his eyes on Xianhai Shaoyu. “To be fair, we’ll allow you to choose your opponents. How about it? Interested? Of course, you can also turn down my offer and try to snatch my key instead, but I’ll first make it clear that you don’t stand a chance if it comes down to that.”

“Let’s do it then. Do you think we’re afraid of you? I’ll fight you,” Feng Ling pointed at Huangfu Shengyu and said.

“I-I want to fight him,” Yuwen Yanri suddenly spoke up, with his finger pointing at Huangfu Jiangyao.

“Who’s that?” Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, and Xian Miaomiao asked.

Yuwen Yanri had wrapped himself tightly, so the others couldn’t see his appearance. Naturally, they couldn’t guess his identity either.

“He’s Yuwen Yanri,” Chu Feng replied.

“He’s Yuwen Yanri? That explains why he’s standing with those from the Divine Body Heavenly Mansion.”

“Huangfu Jiangyao is strong though. Is he confident in dealing with him?”

Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, Ling Xiao, and the others began examining Yuwen Yanri. They had long heard that Yuwen Yanri was a prodigy, but everyone here was a prodigy too. They couldn’t be certain exactly how strong Yuwen Yanri was compared to them.

Long Chengyu and Qin Xuan were prodigies too, but they couldn’t even match Huangfu Fanni, and Huangfu Jiangyao was the second strongest one of the five Huangfus. Even Ling Xiao had lost to Huangfu Jiangyao. They didn’t know if Yuwen Yanri stood a chance at all.

“I’m not looking down on you, but it’ll be better for Ling Xiao to take the fight,” Feng Ling said. She turned to Ling Xiao and asked, “Are you able to deal with Huangfu Shangyang?”

As powerful as Ling Xiao was, he lost to Huangfu Jiangyao earlier on, so Feng Ling wanted to match him with Huangfu Shangyang instead.

“Yes, Ling Xiao should deal with Huangfu Shangyang. Xianhai Shaoyu can deal with Huangfu Jiangyao, and Feng Ling will fight Huangfu Shengyu,” Qin Xuan said.

They just needed to win two out of three matches.

In his view, Xianhai Shaoyu was the strongest one in the group, and he should be guaranteed a win against Huangfu Jiangyao. While Ling Xiao had previously lost to Huangfu Jiangyao, given his strength, he should have no trouble dealing with Huangfu Shangyang.

In contrast, Feng Ling was the weakest one. She would likely lose to Huangfu Shengyu, but that loss would be inconsequential as they already had two matches secured.

“What do you mean? Are you looking down on me?” Feng Ling roared.

“Ah…” Qin Xuan revealed an awkward smile, not knowing how he should reply as he did indeed think Feng Ling was the weakest one of the group.

“Let me do it. I won’t embarrass the present-era cultivators,” Yuwen Yanri insisted with a much firmer voice.

“I support Yuwen Yanri,” Chu Feng added.

“Chu Feng, do you know him well? This matter is of grave importance,” Long Chengyu said.

“Let him try,” Chu Feng said.

“All right. Since Chu Feng has already spoken, I’ll count you in. I’ll deal with Huangfu Shengyu. Xianhai Shaoyu can deal with Huangfu Jiangyao. Yuwen Yanri will fight Huangfu Shangyang.” Feng Ling agreed to let Yuwen Yanri fight after hearing Chu Feng’s endorsement, but she still assigned Yuwen Yanri to Huangfu Shangyang.

“No, I want to fight him.” Yuwen Yanri pointed at Huangfu Jiangyao.

“Why are you so obstinate?” Feng Ling walked up to Yuwen Yanri and asked.

“I’ll win,” Yuwen Yanri said.

“What if you lose?” Feng Ling cast her doubt on Yuwen Yanri.

“Let him take Huangfu Jiangyao. Feng Ling, you can take Huangfu Shangyang,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, why are you commanding us when you aren’t even involved in this fight at all?” Feng Ling placed her arms on her waists and pouted, but she wasn’t really angry. She was just joking around.


Just then, a person suddenly charged at Huangfu Jiangyao. It was Yuwen Yanri.

“You don’t know your place,” Huangfu Jiangyao sneered.

All of a sudden, his face distorted as he felt excruciating pain striking his body. He lowered his head and saw Yuwen Yanri’s fist plunged into his abdomen.

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