Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 71 - Rubbed Against Her Leg Under the Table

Chapter 71: Rubbed Against Her Leg Under the Table

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Pollen allergy? Xu Anran frowned. Why didn’t she know about this? Could it be that she didn’t know enough about Jiang Rongyan, so she didn’t know? But whatever. Seeing Jiang Rongyan like this, she didn’t want to care.

“What does Mr. Qi do? Where do you work?” After ordering the meal, Jiang Rongyan and Qi Yun chatted casually.

Out of courtesy, Qi Yun always answered Jiang Rongyan’s questions. His expression was gentle, and he did not even frown.

Xu Anran listened by the side and did not interrupt, but her heart was getting more and more irritated.

What kind of questions were these!? Suddenly, she felt someone touch her leg. She looked up and saw that Jiang Rongyan was busy chatting with Qi Yun, but he did not forget to look at her meaningfully.

She knew that Jiang Rongyan was rubbing against her leg just now. Xu Anran was not convinced and kicked him back.

Jiang Rongyan felt the pain and grunted coldly. He turned his head and asked her, “Why did you kick me?”

Xu Anran looked up at him and did not show any weakness. “Jiang Rongyan, don’t frame me.

Who kicked you? The four of us are too crowded. I accidentally bumped into you.’

“It’s obvious that you weren’t careless with your strength. Do you think I interrupted your date?”

Xu Anran turned around and looked into his eyes. “No, [ didn’t!”

Jiang Rongyan gritted his teeth and nodded. He turned around with an unhappy expression and stopped looking at her. Didn’t he just interrupt her date? Was there a need to be so ruthless? Jiang Rongyan was unhappy in his heart. He even looked at Qi Yun with hostility.

Xu Anran was also displeased when she saw this. Although Qi Yun had confessed to her, he was still her client after all. The two of them got along well, but once Jiang Rongyan came, everything changed. The atmosphere was so tense, and he was openly hostile towards Qi Yun. It made her very angry.

She touched Jiang Rongyan’s leg with her leg. “Move aside, I need to go to the toilet.”

Looking at Xu Anran’s figure, Jiang Rongyan picked up his phone and said, “Sorry, I’m going out to make a phone call. Mr. Qi, take your time to eat.” With that, he got up and walked to the bathroom.

At the door of the bathroom, he lit a cigarette. When he saw Xu Anran’s figure, Qi Yun put out the cigarette in his hand and grabbed her arm, pulling her to another hidden place in the Western restaurant.

Xu Anran saw that it was him, so she suddenly shook his hand off and looked at him coldly. “Mr.

Jiang, what’s the matter?”

Seeing the anger in her eyes, Jiang Rongyan frowned, but he still didn’t say anything.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll go out.” Xu Anran’s frown deepened. In the past, she only thought that Jiang Rongyan was a good-for-nothing. At least he knew what was reasonable and what to say at the right moment.

But after today’s incident, she realized that this person did not care about other people’s feelings at all. He could provoke others as he pleased. He did not even care about the feelings of the people around him, much less her feelings. What was there to talk about with a person like him? Xu Anran became angrier and angrier. She did not even want to see Jiang Rongyan. She turned around and walked out.

Jiang Rongyan did not say anything. He reached out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back and blocked her in the corner.

Jiang Rongyan did not say anything. He reached out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back and blocked her in the corner.

Xu Anran was really angry. She raised her head abruptly. She shook Jiang Rongyan’s hand away. “Jiang Rongyan, didn’t you go a little overboard today? Are you humiliating me or Qi Yun? Aren’t you being too disrespectful? Do you know what kind of person Qi Yun is? He’s my client!”

Seeing this, Jiang Rongyan took her hand without any explanation and pushed her back. He pressed her against the wall and used his mouth to block what she wanted to say..

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