Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 70 - Jiang Rongyan Causing Trouble

Chapter 70: Jiang Rongyan Causing Trouble

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Jiang Rongyan sat down on the dining chair beside Xu Anran, while Zhao Jing sat beside Qi Yun. His expression was cold and carried an aura that prevented strangers from approaching. It was enough to scare the waiter who came to hand over the menu by half a step back.

The waiter carefully handed over the menu. “Sir, what would you like to eat?”

“I’m with them. There’s no need to order.” Although Jiang Rongyan’s tone was polite, it sent chills down people’s backs when they heard it. When the waiter saw this, he ran away.

Xu Anran looked at Jiang Rongyan blankly. Why was he here? How did he know that she was here? Why did he have such an expression? Before Xu Anran could figure it out, her eyes were attracted by Jiang Rongyan. With Jiang Rongyan by her side, Qi Yun paled in comparison. Before this, she had not realized that when the two of them stood together… She suddenly noticed that it was actually a mistake to think that the two of them looked alike.

However, after she reacted, Xu Anran’s first reaction was to run away. Before she could run away, Qi Yun had already reached out his hand. “Hello.”

Jiang Rongyan returned the handshake perfunctorily. After shaking hands, his eyes glanced at the roses beside her. He took one from the cluster of flowers and played with it for a while. His eyes followed the stamen of the flowers. He asked casually, “Do women like such tacky things?”

“You don’t understand women. Things you think are tacky might be very sweet to them. That’s what they like.”

Jiang Rongyan curled the corners of his mouth and snorted coldly. His eyes swept over Xu Anran lightly. “I just don’t understand. That’s why my wife cheated on me?”

Xu Anran saw the look in his eyes and knew what he meant. She stood on Qi Yun’s side and spoke up for him. “You’re too extreme. So what? A married woman can’t talk to other men?”

“Can a married woman accept another man’s roses? Or are you so naive that you don’t know the meaning of roses? If you say you didn’t cuckold me, ask him if he believes you.”

“I did accept roses, but why don’t you look at the situation now? Why shouldn’t I accept them? Why are you so unreasonable?” The two of them were at daggers drawn, and they were about to quarrel.

Zhao Jing was shivering at the side. He couldn’t get a word in edgewise when Director Jiang and his sister-in-law were quarreling.

Qi Yun saw the situation, he quickly came out to mediate. “Please calm down first. This is my problem, it has nothing to do with Anran.” His expression was apologetic. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know about your relationship, so I confessed to Anran today. After all, Anran is working with me. She can’t offend me, so she accepted the roses. Don’t blame her.”

These words made Jiang Rongyan more and more annoyed, and his face became gloomier and gloomier.

When Zhao Jing saw this, he quickly laughed and asked Qi Yun, “What a coincidence. By the way, what’s the relationship between the two of you? Why are you eating here?”

Qi Yun looked at them with an unhappy expression and said bluntly, “We’re just ordinary friends.”

“So you’re just ordinary friends.” Zhao Jing glanced at Jiang Rongyan who was beside him. ‘He already said that they were just normal friends, so why don’t you stop putting on a gloomy face?’ After he finished looking at Jiang Rongyan, he turned to look at Qi Yun and said, “Since you’re just normal friends, you won’t mind if we sit down and have a meal together, right?”

Qi Yun originally only wanted to have a meal alone with Xu Anran, but now that there were two more people, he wouldn’t be happy no matter what. He was very reluctant, but he still maintained his appearance and invited the waiter over. “Here.” “Hello, what do you need?”

“Bring the menu over and let the two gentlemen take a look.”

“Okay.” The waiter went over, brought the menu over, and handed it to Jiang Rongyan.

Jiang Rongyan randomly ordered a few dishes and said with a smile, “Why don’t you put the flowers at his side?”

Xu Anran tilted her head and asked him, “Why?”

Jiang Rongyan stared at her expression and said with a fake smile, “Pollen allergy. “.

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