Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 2 - Changed To a New Groom

Chapter 2: Changed To a New Groom

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When Xu Anran heard this, she turned around and saw that the Qin family’s relatives were all paying attention to her, as if they were afraid that the wealth in their hands would slip away. She curved the corners of her lips and raised her slender fingers to touch her veil. She smiled lightly and said, “This hotel is very difficult to arrange. I got up at 3 am to put on my makeup. How can I not get married just because the groom is late?”

Jiang Rongyan: “…”

His phoenix-like eyes flashed with a hint of boredom. This woman was beautiful, but unfortunately, she was a beautiful fool.

Ye Qiaohui walked over and smiled smugly. “Xiao Xu is very obedient. She has always been very considerate of our Xiao Kun. When he comes back and completes the wedding with Xiao Xu, our Qin family…”

Obedient? Hehe.

Xu Anran chuckled, “Who said I have to wait for Qin Xiaokun to come back? When it comes to matters like getting married, it is always a matter of whether it is early or late. If he dares to run away from the wedding, I even dare to change the groom. Auntie, don’t stay here with your Xiao Xu. Xiao Xu is very popular. Whoever gets it belongs to the other family.”

Jiang Rongyan raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her with some surprise. Ye Qiaohui’s words were stuck in her throat, and she was instantly stunned. The other guests who heard Xu Anran’s words were also shocked.

Who else could Xu Anran marry if she didn’t marry Qin Xiaokun today? Could she find another person to marry her on the spot? However, who would slap the face of the Qin family in such a situation and openly snatch her away?

“My son must have something to do. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t come! You want to replace him because of such a small matter? You’re too sick! Our family doesn’t want a daughter-in-law like you!” Ye Qiaohui reacted. She said those words sarcastically.

The other relatives of the Qin family all gathered around, dissatisfied with Xu Anran’s attitude. It was as if she should wait for Qin Xiaokun’s return affectionately, and that only by completing the wedding would everyone be happy.

Xu Anran saw the reactions of these people. She smiled sarcastically and walked to Jiang Rongyan. She narrowed her beautiful eyes and asked with a smile, “Mr. Jiang, are you willing to marry me?”

She could not let the Xu family become the laughingstock of the capital. She had to get married today! And Jiang Rongyan was the best choice. The more Xu Anran thought about it, the more she felt that her wishful thinking was good. The enemy of the enemy was a friend. Moreover, he was handsome and rich. It was still too early for him to die. As long as she spent five years of marriage with him… She would be the richest widow in the whole process!

Everyone at the scene heard it clearly, and their eyes widened in shock. Ye Jiaohui was so angry that her face was crooked. The wedding scene instantly became a mess. The Qin family members scolded Xu Anran for not knowing the big picture, and even scolded the Jiang family members for deliberately trying to disgust them.

The Jiang family members were not weak either. They fought back with ease while protecting Xu Anran. The Jiang family’s old master had long fancied Xu Anran as his granddaughter-in-law. Unfortunately, his grandson did not live up to his expectations. He did not expect that the situation would actually change. He was so happy that his eyes were smiling.

The entire place fell into chaos. Xu Anran only fixed her gaze on the man. Suddenly, she moved closer to Jiang Rongyan’s ear and said softly, “Mr. Jiang, it’s not a loss to marry me. You should consider it.” After saying that, she blinked her eyes playfully. She waited for the man’s response.

In just a few seconds, Jiang Rongyan’s thin and cold lips opened slightly, and the interest in his phoenix-like eyes became even stronger. “Oh? What can you give me?”

Xu Anran blinked and said, “I can give you anything you want.”

Jiang Rongyan curled the corners of his lips and said calmly, “Then tell me, what do I want?”

Xu Anran said, “You want that piece of sh*t who can’t be supported by a wall to fall flat on his face. What a coincidence. Me too.”

Only then did Jiang Rongyan’s gaze fall on Xu Anran. He had thought wrongly. This girl was not just a beautiful fool. He chuckled and tidied up the cuffs on his wrist. He stood up and said, “It’s not bad to get a beautiful wife for free.”

He was very tall, a head taller than Xu Anran. When he looked down at her, he seemed to be a little careless. Xu Anran’s heart beat faster for some reason. In the next moment, he held her hand and walked towards the wedding ceremony stage.

The Jiang family members clapped happily. The Qin family members were so angry that they almost crossed their eyes and started cursing. However, no matter how loud they were, they were not as loud as Xu Anran who was holding the microphone. She spoke with a smile under Mother Qin’s scolding. She was wearing a pure white wedding dress and her movements were elegant. It was a huge contrast to Mother Qin who was scolding like a shrew below.

“Everyone knows that today is my wedding with Qin Xiaokun, but he really likes to surprise me. He can even be late for the wedding. However, I also thank him for not marrying me. I didn’t expect his family members to be so rude. Even the sound of a donkey isn’t so loud.” She blinked her eyes. She sighed. “I’m sorry to have kept everyone waiting. Since he’s not coming, then my wedding with Mr. Jiang can officially begin.”

Xu Anran exchanged the rings with Jiang Rongyan, using the pigeon egg-sized diamond rings bought by Qin Xiaokun. The grand wedding was held as usual, only with a new groom!

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