Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 1 - My Groom Ran Away From His Wedding

Chapter 1: My Groom Ran Away From His Wedding

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“How pitiful. The groom has stood up the Xu family’s daughter’s wedding.”

“Xu Anran is one of the top beauties in the capital. This Qin Xiaokun is fortunate enough to have a goddess as his wife. Why did he run away from his wedding?”

At the extravagant wedding venue, Xu Anran was dressed in a snow-white wedding dress. Her pair of beautiful eyes that carried a bone-chilling chill penetrated through the veil and stared coldly at the empty spot in front of her where the groom should be standing.

Yes, her groom, Qin Xiaokun, had fled the wedding.

Gradually, the cold light in Xu Anran’s eyes disappeared, and her dark red lips curled up slightly. She had never thought that she would be reborn on the day of her wedding to Qin Xiaokun!

In her previous life, because the groom had not arrived yet, she had no choice but to cancel the wedding, causing the entire Xu family to lose face in the capital. On the second day of the wedding, Qin Xiaokun returned from his travel-worn journey. He hugged her and said apologetically that there had been a car accident on the road, so he had missed the wedding. In order to apologize, he even pretended to kneel in front of her grandfather and swore that he would treat her well. In fact, there was no car accident. It was just that his little lover was jealous and wanted him to coax her.

After the wedding, Xu Anran realized that the kindness and gentleness he treated her were all fake! In order to obtain the few perfume formulas passed down from the Xu family’s ancestors, Qin Xiaokun pretended to be in love with her for seven years. He even secretly schemed to kill her grandfather step by step… He even set fire to her alive. Fortunately, the heavens gave her a chance to do it all over again.

Xu Anran could not help but secretly swear that whether it was in her previous life or this life, he would never covet the things of the Xu family again!

At this moment, a familiar female voice came from the side. “Xiao Xu, don’t cry anymore. Xiao Kun might have something urgent. You just have to wait a little longer.”

The person who spoke was none other than Qin Xiaokun’s mother, Ye Qiaohui. She was wearing exquisite makeup and had a plump figure. There was a hint of sarcasm in the corner of her eyes. Xu Anran slowly stopped smiling and threw away the bouquet. She crossed her arms and glanced at the woman scornfully.

In her previous life, this ‘good mother-in-law’ had treated her well. Not only did she openly and secretly demand resources from the Xu family, but she also ridiculed and humiliated them. She even helped Qin Xiaokun hide the matter of his mistress. Ye Qiaohui frowned. Why did she feel that something was wrong with Xu Anran? Just as she was puzzled, she heard Xu Anran say indifferently, “This marriage has to be done.”

Ye Qiaohui immediately relaxed, and then she smiled complacently. This girl was tightly controlled by her son, and she didn’t dare to say a word. After the other guests heard this, they also sighed in their hearts. This Xu family was much bigger than the Qin family’s business. They didn’t expect that they would be bullied to such an extent. Xu Anran didn’t even lose her temper, and she still wanted to marry him. This Qin Xiaokun was really lucky.

Xu Anran didn’t care about these things. She walked down the stage step by step, restrained her vicious aura, and walked towards the guests’ seats. Her gaze landed on Jiang Rongyan, who was in the middle.

The man was wearing a tall and firm suit. His cold face didn’t reveal any emotion. His temperament attracted the attention of the entire audience. He was like the proudest work of art of god. Jiang Rongyan was Qin Xiaokun’s sworn enemy. He was tall and handsome, rich and ambitious, but unfortunately, he died young.

Xu Anran still remembered that five years after her marriage, Qin Xiaokun’s sworn enemy had also died unexpectedly. She didn’t know the exact situation. She only remembered the funeral of the century that shocked the whole city.

Jiang Rongyan was indeed Qin Xiaokun’s sworn enemy. He didn’t let go of any chance to make trouble for the Qin family. Seeing Xu Anran’s gaze on him, his thin lips curved slightly and he sneered.. He asked, “Miss Xu, Qin Xiaokun is even late for his wedding. Are you sure you still want to get married?”

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