Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 118 - 118 Xu Anran Took the Initiative to Kiss Him

118 Xu Anran Took the Initiative to Kiss Him

Now that Xu Anran could lead this corporation, the thing she wanted to do the most was to reform it. She hoped that she could revive the old enterprise.

Jiang Rongyan was very familiar with the internal reform of an enterprise and had a lot of financial knowledge, so he naturally supported her.

“Grandma has been controlling this enterprise for a long time. Her thoughts are not that advanced, so she has been seeking stability. If you carry out the reform, I reckon that the Xu Corporation can go further,” he analyzed very seriously. When Xu Anran saw his professional look, she was moved.

After making up her mind, Xu Anran started to move very quickly. Because she had a legitimate reason to go to work, Jiang Rongyan could only endure the pain of watching her work overtime every day.

Although Qin Xiaokun knew that Xu Anning’s family didn’t seem to be very clean, he didn’t expect that they would cause such big trouble.

When he thought of the day when Xu Anran was kidnapped by Jiang Rongyan, he felt very indignant.

So, he thought of a new plan. Since Xu Anran had already started working, he would go to her and show her around. Maybe he could catch up with Xu Anran again.

He started to send flowers and food to Xu Anran every day. Many people in the company slowly got to know Qin Xiaokun.

The employees did not know about Qin Xiaokun and Xu Anran’s past. They only felt that this man was gentle and considerate. They had always hoped that he could woo President Xu as soon as possible.

Jiang Rongyan was busy with work every day. He did not know much about the Xu Corporation.

Xu Anran endured for a long time and kept rejecting Qin Xiaokun, but he refused to give up. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she decided to reject him face to face.

“Anran, why are you looking for me?” Qin Xiaokun thought that Xu Anran asked him out because she was finally moved, so he was very happy.

“Qin Xiaokun, I remember that I told you before, don’t appear in front of me again.” Xu Anran was a little helpless.

“I know that I’ve done a lot of wrong things in the past, but now that I’ve thought it through, I’ll change. Anran, can you give me another chance?” Qin Xiaokun realized that Xu Anran didn’t seem to be accepting him and he immediately panicked.

“There’s no chance between us before. I don’t love you anymore.” Xu Anran was very cold. “If you continue to do this, it’ll be harassment. I’ll sue you.”

Jiang Rongyan walked to the door and happened to hear what they said.

He was instantly enraged. It turned out that Qin Xiaokun was still harassing his woman!

Qin Xiaokun first noticed Jiang Rongyan standing in the hall and immediately frowned. Why was this man still by Xu Anran’s side?

Before he could say anything, the man quickly walked over and pulled him away from Xu Anran.

Xu Anran cried out in surprise. Jiang Rongyan had already started to hit Qin Xiaokun. She could not stop him.

“Jiang Rongyan, stop hitting him!” she shouted as she stepped forward. Qin Xiaokun was already beaten black and blue.

Jiang Rongyan was very strong. She knew that she could not stop him without using some tricks, so she stepped forward and hugged his waist. However, the man was still not calm.

Jiang Rongyan gently wanted to pull the woman in front of him to the side, but his lips were suddenly blocked by Xu Anran.

She actually kissed him!

Jiang Rongyan felt his heart explode. This was at the entrance of the company, in front of so many people.

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