Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 117 - 117 Jiang Rongyan’s Confession

117 Jiang Rongyan’s Confession

Since he knew what he had to do, he did not delay any further. He quickly instructed his secretary to check on the Xu family’s situation.

The secretary thought that the two of them would be able to reconcile, but he did not expect that Jiang Rongyan was still worried about Xu Anran’s matter.

He knew that he had a heavy responsibility, so he quickly began to investigate everywhere.

Although Xu Anran had kept things very secret, Jiang Rongyan’s secretary was not helpless. He had always held a lot of private detective resources in his hands. Usually, it was to help Jiang Rongyan find evidence to win the lawsuit. This time, it came in handy.

“President Jiang, today’s matter doesn’t seem to be as simple as we thought.” After seeing some evidence, he was very surprised.

Jiang Rongyan frowned and moved closer to him. On the computer was a plan that someone had deduced.

Jiang Rongyan was not the only one who was interested in the Xu family’s matter. Now that the Xu Corporation’s company was about to close down, many people were waiting to dig up some big information.

Xu Anning and Xu Zhenwei thought that their plan was foolproof. After all, who would have thought that the child would plot against their mother?

However, they didn’t expect Jiang Rongyan to interfere. All their evidence was in their hands.

Jiang Rongyan also didn’t expect that he would dig up such a big matter. He sneered, “Do they really think that Xu Anran has no one to protect her?”

Originally, he wanted to find something to appease Xu Anran, but at this moment, the sense of justice in his heart was bursting.

As a lawyer, he had a close relationship with the police and the court, so he quickly sorted out the evidence and called the police.

The Xu family did not even have a chance to complain. They were sent to prison just like that.

Although Xu Anran had been in bed the whole time, it was still trending on the internet.

At first, she was shocked and angry. How could they treat her grandmother like this for the sake of the company!?

Then, she calmed down and realized that the lawyer who accepted the case was Jiang Rongyan.

Jiang Rongyan did not come up after delivering the meal. Xu Anran thought that his patience had run out, but she did not expect him to do so much for her.

Xu Anran went to take a shower. She knew that she should not stay in the room all the time. Jiang Rongyan had been doing so much for her. There was no need to be cold to him just because of a misunderstanding.

After Jiang Rongyan finished dealing with these matters and returned home, he remembered that he should tell Xu Anran, but he saw that she had already gone downstairs.

“Thank you.” When Xu Anran said this, her eyes seemed to have tears in them.

‘Thank you for helping me get revenge. Thank you for finding out the cause of Grandma’s death. Thank you for snatching back the company that belonged to me.’

She couldn’t say these words, but she believed that Jiang Rongyan could feel it in his heart.

Jiang Rongyan ran over and hugged her. “It’s good that you’re not angry anymore. It was all my fault before. I didn’t investigate properly and thought that there was something going on between you and Qin Xiaokun.”

Xu Anran buried her face in his chest before she finally said, “I’m not angry anymore.”

The few members of the Xu family were now in prison, so her grandmother’s funeral had fallen on her shoulders.

Jiang Rongyan had been by her side the whole time. After dealing with her grandmother’s funeral, she accepted the company that originally belonged to her.

“I originally thought that I would only be able to work for others in the future and never have the chance to enter the Xu Corporation again. I didn’t expect that Grandma would leave me with such an important thing.” Xu Anran felt very emotional as she sat in the president’s office.

“Anran, you have to believe that there are many people in this world who love you.” Jiang Rongyan smiled. His eyes were filled with love.

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