Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 707 - A Traitor Like You

Huo Jin came to the isolated region of the Residence– the Backyard, where the guests would hardly come by. He sat down on the open porch in the backyard. He had clasped his fingers together while was in some deep thoughts.

"Should I do that? Should I fight with him for Yin Na?" Huo Jin murmured. "But she has started to trust him. For my selfish reason, I cannot go near her," he told himself and took a deep breath. He laid down on the wooden floor, putting his hands behind his head.

He looked at the night sky. He recalled his youthful days when he used to stay like that for long hours, usually at night. No matter how upset he was, this beautiful night sky would always calm him.

He closed his eyes, however, got disturbed when he heard a familiar voice. He sat upon the wooden floor.

"Why have we come to the backyard? The guests are in the main courtyard," Yin Na asked Xu Wenhai, whose hand was holding hers.

"I want to spend a little time with you," Xu Wenhai said. "In the Courtyard, it is impossible to converse with you," he stated.

"We have enough days to spend time with each other," Yin Na asserted and pulled her hand away.

"But the nighttime is more beautiful and romantic," Xu Wenhai said. Yin Na blinked her eyes a few times and lowered them. Yin Na felt a little uncomfortable upon hearing his words. Xu Wenhai was not a bad person, but he was kind of flirtatious in Yin Na's eyes.

"Forgive me, if I made you uncomfortable," Xu Wenhai apologized. "Yin Na, do you want to go somewhere with me? In a few days, I have important work in the city adjacent to Luoyang. Every year, a special winter festival is organized. We both can go if you want," Xu Wenhai asked for her opinion.

"How can I go with you? Will it not be inappropriate?" She asked him with a bit of hesitation.

"We will return by the night. I thought that we should watch that festival together. I heard from General Wang that you want to go to new places, and explore them," Xu Wenhai tried to convince her.

Huo Jin, who had come close to overhear their conversation, got furious. He was hidden behind the wall and made sure that they would not see him.

'Do not go, Yin Na. It is not safe to trust him,' Huo Jin said in his mind. 'General Wang never told me about it, then why him? Did he stop trusting me?' he wondered.

"I am afraid but I do not think that I will be able to accompany you," Yin Na refused him politely. "I still have to consider getting married to you. I think before going around with each other, we should get to know each other if we have to spend our lives together," Yin Na did not keep him in the dark. She already had insecurities regarding the men and Xu Wenhai's advanced did not seem appropriate to her.

"I understand. Thank you for sharing this with me," Xu Wenhai stated. He realized that he made Yin Na uncomfortable with his offer to go with him.

"Xu Wenhai, I do not trust men other than my family ones. You already know my past and the way I have been perceived. However, understanding me and empathizing with me are two different things. Many understand my situation, but hardly a few empathize with me.

If there was another person in my shoes, the person would truly understand my state. It was difficult to survive and it was hard to run away. Being affectionate is what I most get scared of, however, only one person made me feel secure. I know that you fall for me at the first sight, and want me to love you back too, but it is not easy… not for me," Yin Na pronounced and excused herself as her eyes filled with tears.

"Forgive me, Yin Na. I did not mean to hurt you," Xu Wenhai felt guilty when Yin Na excused herself and walked away.

Huo Jin clutched the edge of his overcoat. As soon as Yin Na left, Huo Jin appeared before Xu Wenhai. It startled him and he understood that Huo Jin listened to their entire conversation.

"Why did you do that? Why did you make her remember her past? And who are you to make advances to her after just one day of meeting?" Huo Jin had no idea why he was speaking this way with him.

But he was surely angry. It was difficult for Yin Na to come out of the trauma. Even with him, she talked after a month. She usually used to avoid his gaze.

"You should not overhear the personal conversation of two people," Xu Wenhai reminded Huo Jin.

"Personal? Who are you to her? It is no more personal, Xu Wenhai," Huo Jin affirmed. His tone was firm and full of anger.

Xu Wenhai chuckled. "Why isn't this personal?" He pushed him away. Huo Jin glared into his eyes as he pushed back. "Do you think a traitor like you can be the perfect man for Yin Na? You are a leech, Huo Jin, who sucks on the blood of their host first and then eats them away. Do not intervene in between Yin Na and me," Xu Wenhai warned him.

"His Majesty is not the type to forgive anyone easily. It must be the Empress, who shows her kindness to you. That's why you are alive till this date else you don't even deserve to stand in front of me. You got this life in the alms not because you are great. A slave who betrayed his master can never become loyal to anyone," Xu Wenhai said some of the harsh words to Huo Jin.

Huo Jin gulped his anger inside him. No one ever had said these things to him. He realized that even today he was seen as a traitor. However, it was not important now.. He must go to Yin Na, who must be crying somewhere alone.

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