Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 706 - Wrong

Bai Yaling reached the bed-chamber with Yin Na and made her sit on the bed. "Sister Bai, Welcome to the Wang House. This is the main bed-chamber of Brother Wang. The wedding feast is going on, so it will take a little time for Brother Wang to be in the room," Yin Na informed Bai Yaling.

"Sister Bai, Brother Wang wants you to have a light dinner before he enters. Since you are pregnant, you need to eat your meals at the right time," Yin Na said while checking the food on the table.

"I will wait for General Wang," Bai Yaling finally spoke. Yin Na looked at her and then at the Court Lady Dai, who also was sent by the Empress in service of Bai Yaling. "I ate fruits an hour ago. I am not hungry," she told Yin Na, who nodded her head.

"I must follow the wedding rituals," Yin Na heard Bai Yaling.

"Miss Yin Na, you shall attend the wedding feast. We will be in the service of our Lady," Court Lady Dai said. Yin Na agreed with her and left the bed-chamber. As she turned left, she was startled to see Xu Wenhai.

"You scared me!" She brought her hand to her chest.

"You always get startled to see me," Xu Wenhai said.

"If you appear suddenly in front of a person, then he will surely be shocked," Yin Na argued. Xu Wenhai accepted his mistake and apologized to her. They both returned to the main courtyard.

Wang Hao was surrounded by many men, mostly from the army, and was being teased about today's night. Yin Na smiled upon hearing that which Xu Wenhai noticed.

"General Wang used to run away whenever we used to discuss marriages," Commander Yao stated and sipped the wine from the glass in his hand.

"General Wang was waiting for the right woman in his life," Lei Wanxi asserted. "General Wang, do not be shy today," he then said and grinned.

"Prince Wanxi shall not tease me this way," Wang Hao urged him.

"I love teasing people," Lei Wanxi replied when his gaze fell on Huo Jin, who was also smiling while listening to their conversation. However, Huo Jin's smile disappeared soon.

Lei Wanxi turned to look in the direction. He found Huo Jin had his gaze at Yin Na and Xu Wenhai.

"Brother Wang is getting blushed," Yin Na said in a low voice. "He hardly blushes," she asserted.

"Of Course, it is his wedding night, so he must be excited," Xu Wenhai replied.

Yin Na shook her head. "It is not because of that reason. Brother Wang is united with his love, that's why he's happy and is blushing," he explained to Xu Wenhai.

"You have a beautiful smile, Yin Na," Xu Wenhai's sudden statement puzzled her. She tilted her head to peer into his eyes. "You should smile more than often," he added and their eyes got locked with each other.

From the front, the servant was bringing a large bamboo basket in his hands. Since the front view was blocked to him, he did not see that Yin Na was on his path. Xu Wenhai noticed that. He grasped the wrist of Yin Na and drew her towards him.

Yin Na's weight fell on him. To prevent that from happening, she placed her hands on his shoulder. Xu Wenhai had bent on his right leg while his hand caught her arms. He made her stand straight and asked if she was alright.

Yin Na hummed and immediately put her hands down. "Thank you," she said.

Lei Wanxi's lips formed into an O-shape seeing that side. "Xu Wenhai seems to be in love with Sister Yin Na," he said. Huo Jin clenched his fists tightly. "You do not love her, right?" Lei Wanxi stopped beating around the bush.

Huo Jin narrowly gazed at him.

"I happened to find out that Sister Yin Na has feelings for you. However, you rejected her. Sister Yin Na trusted you the most among men," Lei Wanxi asserted and hung his arm around Huo Jin's shoulder.

Leaning closer to Huo Jin's ear, Lei Wanxi said, "It is good that Sister Yin Na found one more man in her life whom she could trust." Huo Jin clutched the edge of the upper coat that he had put on.

"Since you know Sister Yin Na more than anyone, I want to know from you if she has indeed opened up with Xu Wenhai, or my eyes are watching something wrong," Lei Wanxi tried to find what was going inside Huo Jin's heart.

"What are the two Elder Brothers talking about?" Weng Yu suddenly asked them.

Lei Wanxi pulled his arm back and placed his hand on Weng Yu's head. "Nothing, Little Yu. Brother Huo and I were talking about the food," Lei Wanxi quickly changed the topic.

"Brother Wanxi always thinks about food," Weng Yu remarked.

"Food is the most important thing in this world, Little Yu," Lei Wanxi answered. "Am I right, Huo Jin?" He tilted to know his answer, who was no more at that place. "Ahh, where did he leave?" He murmured as he looked far and wide.

"Brother Wanxi, is Princess Zhu Lin not more important to you?" Weng Yu's question shocked Lei Wanxi. He saw the smirk on Weng Yu's lips.

"She is! But Brother Yu must not talk this way," Lei Wanxi made him understand.

"Brother Wanxi, I am not a little kid anymore," Weng Yu asserted. "I have started to understand the world," he stared with a bright smile.

"Prince Wanxi, Prince Yu, please follow me. You both shall eat with this old man today," they both heard the deep, loud and clear voice of Wang Fuxing, who was with the Prime Minister; Xu Ninang, and a few other Ministers.

The Commanders bowed upon seeing him.

"Wang Hao, go to the bed-chamber. Do not make your wife wait," Wang Fuxing said before leaving Lei Wanxi and Weng Yu left with Wang Fuxing, who nodded his head.

"I think I should leave.. Make sure to attend the feast before leaving," Wang Hao told all of them and took his leave.

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