Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Let me hear your voice (Part 1)

“I’m alright, don’t worry, we went to the school hospital, I’m really okay. I’ll behave obediently for the next two days, I still have to take an exam the day after tomorrow. I certainly can’t lose face for the master.”

“En.” Yun Ting’s voice sounded a little lower.

Lin Mumu knew Yun Ting’s temper. Every time he was keeping silent for a long while, he was brewing a big storm. She immediately acted like a spoiled child and softly said:

“Lu Renjia, I’m really okay. The matter concerns my roommate, she was drugged unconscious by a man and almost dragged into the hotel.”

Since An Mingxuan was an outsider, Lin Mumu didn’t call out Yun Ting’s name, but used their previous joking nickname instead.

As soon as he heard this, Yun Ting was even more nervous, and even somewhat afraid. Even if Lin Mumu wasn’t bullied, the danger was still close to her! Moreover, this matter had completely escaped Yun Ting’s scope of control.

Lin Mumu’s first year of university should have been relatively calm. How could she suddenly get an additional exam and also sustain injuries? What could possibly happen next? The feeling of not being in control made Yun Ting inexplicably nervous.

“Hello? Were you listening to me? My classmate’s older brother is a member of the police system, he looks very powerful. His younger sister was bullied and he will certainly handle it properly by himself. You’re not allowed to get involved. Hey, today’s matter, to speak frankly, was merely a dog blood drama and some gossip, do you want to listen?”

“En, I love listening to what you say.”

Lin Mumu really talked to him about everything that happened that day in full details.

She knows that even if she doesn’t say it, Yun Ting will investigate it. Instead of letting him hear from outsiders, it was better to tell him by herself, and take the opportunity to complaint a bit.

In their past life, because of their lack of communication, there was always someone talking in between her and Yun Ting.

After speaking for a while, Lin Mumu finished her story, but didn’t forget to ironically add at the end:

“This kind of man could also walk through the back door, it really opened my eyes. He unexpectedly succeeded in becoming a police officer, and even seems to be a captain.”

Chapter 33 – Let me hear your voice (Part 2)

Who is going through the back door?

An Mingxuan deeply looked at the radiant and delighted expression of Lin Mumu as she spoke to her boyfriend on the phone. This little girl was truly not simple, was she pointing at the mulberry tree and cursing the locust tree? (TN: to scold sb indirectly.)

Just by this quick glance, An Mingxuan was somewhat distracted. Just a moment ago, he felt that this little girl had quite the strong aura, but when talking on the phone, her voice was especially soft and refreshing, like a light breeze scratching at one’s heart.

Perhaps the person on the other end of the phone made her happy as her face turned even more beautiful and brighter, like the sunshine sprinkling over a courtyard, giving off a sense of beauty in a dreamland. There was even a tiny feeling of wishing he could replace the person she was talking to.

Lin Mumu wasn’t aware An Mingxuan was observing her, she was wholeheartedly focusing all of her little mind on Yun Ting.

She knew Yun Ting’s temper, he definitely wanted to know her situation. So she straightforwardly narrated all of what happened to her in minute details so as to avoid his imagination running wild. The only thing that wasn’t easy to say was that she was hurt, so she said it as softly and relaxed a possible.

“The next time you run into trouble, call me.”

What Yun Ting cared the most about was that Lin Mumu met with mishap but unexpectedly didn’t tell him!

The call for help was made, but she actually called another man.

“En, I know.” Lin Mumu didn’t want to argue with him over this little detail, she obediently and honestly praised:

“It was my wrong before, I was angered by how their group acted. I know your troops’ purpose is to defend the country and protect the people, and these were just a few black sheep. At least my Lu Renjia is a good person.”

Listening to Lin Mumu’s praise, Yun Ting’s mood was even more indescribable, his voice carried unlimited warmth: “Xiao Mutou, have you arrived at the hospital yet? Don’t hang up the phone, let me listen to your voice again.”

“Alright, alright. I discovered you’re even more long-winded than my master.” Lin Mumu knew that Yun Ting was trying to hear what the doctor would say, and deliberately told her she mustn’t hang up the phone.

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