Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Body search (Part 1)

Duan Hailiang was actually pretty shrewd. First, he exposed An Mingxuan and An Xiaoqin’s identities, and then insinuated An Mingxuan was abusing his authority to obtain personal gain and protect his little sister’s name, afterwards, he mentioned the objects in the hotel room.

He had just been in that room with another woman, it was obvious there would be those girly girls.

However, Lin Mumu suddenly reached out and felt An Xiaoqin’s breath under her nose, then she pointed at Duan Hailiang and clearly shouted:

“Quickly do a body search! He has knockout drugs on his body!”

Before Duan Hailiang could react, An Mingxuan had already pushed him to the ground once more, and publicly removed Duan Hailiang’s police uniform. Afterwards he started trembling all over in shock.

Sure enough, a little bottle fell out from his pocket.

This time, everyone at the scene was dumbfounded, nobody was foolish enough to ignore what that thing was. No wonder this An Xiaoqin was unconscious and incapable of standing on her own, even when one got drunk, they wouldn’t end up in such a half-dead state without the least bit of awareness.

“What a disgusting police officer!”

“This is forcing a muddled university female student!”

“Looking for a boyfriend yet ending up with a beast, you really can’t judge a man by his clothing, che.” (TN: instead of ‘che’, the Chinese sound for clicking one’s tongue in despite is ‘zeze’.)

The previous three police officers realized that things were getting out of hands and cleverly quickly changed their stances: “We really didn’t know that the captain Duan was such a person. We just happened to pass by when we were patrolling the area. Captain Duan said that these students attacked the police, and we only tried to defend law and order.”

“Shut up!” The old director was almost breaking down. These explanations could be said privately in the police station, but now, with so many onlooking students gathered around, every sentence they said could hold many mistakes.

“Alright, it’s already late. These students should go back to sleep first. If there is any need for your cooperation with the investigation, we will go inquire at your school tomorrow.” An Mingxuan felt sorry distressed for his little sister and promptly spoke up.

“Good.” Lin Mumu also didn’t like the feeling of being watched by a crowd. She supported An Xiaoqin and went back towards the school.

Chapter 32 – Body search (Part 2)

An Mingxuan was still worried about An Xiaoqin and drove them all to the school hospital.

“Oh, that’s right, just now, who called me on the phone?” An Mingxuan had clearly heard Lin Mumu’s voice but still asked nonetheless.

“It was Liu Yuanyuan.” Lin Mumu quickly spoke out, “Liu Yuanyuan is Xiaoqin’s best friend, she was also firmly holding onto Xiaoqin from start to end, and didn’t let the bad guy drag her away.”

Liu Yuanyuan was indeed badly hurt this time, and her clothes were even torn at a few places. She was already dizzy and tired by the time she got into the car, so she quickly feel asleep.

An Mingxuan looked at Lin Mumu again through the rearview mirror. The girl looked delicate and pretty and seemed like a very pure and simple female student, but her performance today was truly outstanding.

Were it not for An Mingxuan being a member of the SWAT, he likely wouldn’t find out about Lin Mumu’s little movements. (TN: SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics, but the raws could also mean riot police.)

Lin Mumu also sensed that An Mingxuan was staring at her and quickly bowed her head to play on her phone.

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The situation a few minutes ago had been really dangerous, so Lin Mumu didn’t have the time to pay attention to her phone. At this time, there were unexpectedly a few dozen missed calls, all from Yun Ting.

Lin Mumu was still looking if he had sent any text message when the phone abruptly started ringing again.

Lin Mumu subconsciously answered the call.


“En.” Since there were still outsiders around, she didn’t call Yun Ting’s name.

“Are you okay? Are you injured anywhere?”

He was really well informed.

“Injured.” Lin Mumu did not lie to him: “I was hit by the police truncheon. It was still a little painful a moment ago but I already don’t feel it anymore. The arm shouldn’t be broken.”

“Lin Mumu!” Yun Ting was really anxious, and he couldn’t help but raise his voice slightly.

“Today, I was beaten and almost taken by police officers to spend the night with them at the station. Yet, you’re still this fierce to me!”

Just listening to her voice, Yun Ting could already imagine Lin Mumu childishly pouting her mouth. He immediately tried making his voice as soft and gentle as possible: “Mumu, where are you?”

Aytise’s corner: ahh, I love those moments where Lin Mumu obediently tells the truth, the main cause of misunderstandings is when people don’t speak truthfully from the start, and end up thinking too much of things!! I just wish she also came out to him about her rebirth directly, and since he also remembers their previous life, they would definitely surpass obstacles and enjoy their mutual feelings X)

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