Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Our New Nightmare

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Yun Ting’s so-called brothers weren’t easy to deal with.

His friends weren’t the kind to only rely on the fortune of their forefathers, several of his brothers were relying on their own ability to shake heaven and earth.

Although third young master Gu Qi’s family background was negligible as he came from the wilderness, he’s very intelligent and possesses high business skills comparable to a little genius.

Moreover, his personality and means alternate between black and white and nothing can stop him. He may be an orphan but he currently had billions in propriety and assets in Beijing.

In Gu Qi’s company, Yun Ting also had some shares. That alone was more than enough for him to spend, so he directly gave Lin Mumu his salary card since he never really used it.

Yun Ting first met the 13-year-old Lin Mumu five years ago, and he had long decided to save his following wages for her to spend in the future. Although they were still young at that time, once he decided he started saving it since then. And today, seeing Lin Mumu swiping his card which he saved in over the years, he feels extremely satisfied.

“Old Four, is your younger brother also in Beijing University?”

“Second brother, he’s in China University. I have already told you three times, but because of your biased feelings, you only remember things related to older sister-in-law.” Qiu Feng replied in a depressed tone. When he was admitted to China University last year, Qiu Jun came to show off for a long time in front of his brothers. He didn’t expect that Yun Ting would forget with the turn of a head.

“China University is also fine. Say hello to Qiu Jun that kid, let him help out if need be and pay attention to anything that might happen.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him to keep watch over sister-in-law.”

“What are you thinking about it?” Yun Ting immediately knocked Qiu Feng on the head: “I trust Lin Mumu’s character. I’m merely telling you to let him pay attention more, and don’t let Mumu be bullied. Other things don’t matter.

I’ll say it ahead, whoever gives Lin Mumu a hard time or annoys her, don’t blame for pulling him to the fighting field to play.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, alright Second brother?” Qiu Feng promptly shrunk his neck, thinking that tomorrow he’ll have to immediately warn his romantic younger brother, so as not to provoke Lin Mumu.

Is the fight field fun?

It’s fun, playing without Yun Ting around us really fun and you can even bet with freely.

But once young master Yun joins the fight it’s not fun anymore, because no one is his opponent in Beijing City! This guy is simply a living monster in human clothing.

If you’ve been targeted to “play” with young master Yun, you must be prepared to lay down half your life, no, most your life!

This is nevertheless the better treatment his brothers may enjoy.

If it is an enemy, there is no need to go to any fight field. The number one special soldier of young master Yun can be much more powerful than any foreign killers. He naturally has thousands of ways to make a person completely disappear without leaving a single trace behind.

Yun Ting spoke about Lin Mumu before even talking about proper business, which shows that his little wife really occupies a far more important position in his heart.

Therefore, fourth young master Qiu believes that the name Lin Mumu will quickly become the nightmare of the city of Beijing.

Second older sister-in-law was born looking fresh, pure and adorable. It can’t be decided for sure whether she wouldn’t change upon widening her horizons, and maybe even make unpredicted moves.

Afterwards, they started talking about proper business for a while before Yun Ting suddenly asked a baffling question: “When does a woman ignore a man because she found him too long-winded?”

“Of course, it’s when she found him annoying after a long time.”

“When she found a new flame and finds her current boyfriend annoying.”

“That’s not completely true, ah! My girlfriend usually tells me I’m long-winded.” Old five weakly opened his mouth to say.

“Of course, you are long-winded! I also dislike how long-winded you can get!”

Yun Ting was not very interested in their little antics, and his eyes stared deeply at the glass of wine in front of him. It seems like everyone was different, and the woman’s heart was really a needle at the bottom of the sea.

Shouldn’t she blame him and be cold and indifferent to him?

Nowadays she’s so obedient and cooperative, it’s difficult to determine whether it’s her true feeling or if she’s just being perfunctory? Could she be acting one way in the light and scheming another way in the dark?

Just as Yun Ting’s mind was wandering, his phone suddenly rang.

After checking the caller, Lin Ruoshan’s name appeared, Yun Ting was a little disappointed, but still answered the call.

“Second brother, quickly check Beijing University’s internet forum, older sister-in-law is at the top of the hot thread!”

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