Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Defeated by a marriage certificate

Yun Ting firmly stepped on the brakes and stopped his car in the middle of the road, almost mistaking them for the accelerator in the process.

That damn old man just had to go and spout nonsense as he pleased!

Yun Ting’s phone call came when Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang had just exited the bamboo building and were walking along the Yan Shui lake towards the dining hall.

“Yun Ting.” Lin Mumu sweetly answered the phone with a soft and lovable tone behaving like a spoiled little girl, but the way she acted was very natural and not deliberate at all.

By merely calling his name, Yun Ting was already hating he couldn’t be at her side at that moment, and he wished he could immediately rush to her.

“Xiao Mutou, what are you doing right now?” Yun Ting’s voice sounded very calm and unperturbed, but the truth was he was already suppressing himself to act calmly and not scare his little wife.

“En, I’m strolling near the Yan Shui lakeside together with the handsome guy. Yan Shui Lake really is beautiful, ah!”


“Oh, by the way, he also said he’ll invite me to dinner.” Lin Mumu giggled.

“Lin Mumu! Stop this instant and wait for me in that exact place, I’m coming to get you now.” Yun Ting was really anxious, whatever social gathering or dinner parties he had to attend couldn’t be more important than Lin Mumu! His little wife still hadn’t warmed up to him and was already going to be snatched by other wolves!

“Alright, alright, just teasing you. It’s my master, ah, I just met him and he let a senior classmate take me to have dinner.”

“Lin Tianlang?”


“Good, if there’s anything call me. I’ve also left you money so don’t hesitate to buy clothes and snacks; you don’t have to save me money.”

“I Know, I know, you’re so long-winded.”

Yun Ting was quite confused and felt it somewhat ridiculous; didn’t other people usually say he talked too little? How come Lin Mumu disliked him for being too long-winded.

“Lin Mumu, you should stop thinking about divorce. Since you’re a great university student, you should learn more about legal knowledge. Military marriage is protected by the country, you can’t think of…

“Humph! I know, I know! Long winded major general.” Lin Mumu instantly answered and stuck out her tongue before hanging the phone.

Lin Tianlang, as the gentleman that he was, had been walking by Lin Mumu’s side from the beginning, while occasionally glancing at her.

With the young lady’s silky black hai blown around by the wind and her lovable and silver bell-like voice, Lin Mumu looked like a mountain fairy, bright and free.

Master was right, she did not belong to the world of mortals.

By the time Lin Mumu finished her call and recollected her thoughts, she noticed that the two of them were being pointed at by people.

Yan Shui Lake was a famous spot for sweethearts and was even considered the couple’s holy place. Moreover, Lin Tianlang and Lin Mumu were both extremely beautiful and their combination looked otherworldly, they were simply too attractive and everyone’s attention unconsciously drifted to them.

Some people even sneakily took their picture without permission and posted it on the Beijing University’s Forum.

In a private room at Huadu’s restaurant, Yun Ting was attending a social gathering with several of his sworn brothers.

“Second brother, you unexpectedly laughed today, is there a happy event?” Qiu Sishao couldn’t help but ask.

“En, there’s a happy event,” Yun Ting casually nodded and answered in a deadpan manner “I got married.”



“Which girl was blind enough to marry you? The Major General iceberg as husband??”

“Could there really exist a woman on this earth capable of accepting this block of ice??”

Listening to his brothers making fun of him, Yun Ting was too lazy to talk nonsense with them. He earnestly took out a little red booklet from his coat with big characters on its cover saying “Marriage Certificate”.

“Shoot! This kind of dogfood, not saying a single word but throwing out a marriage certificate, are you trying to crush these little single dogs to death?” Ning Laowu shouted a complaint but still went and opened the marriage certificate.

“It’s really second brother. This woman should be second sister-in-law? Zeze (click of tongue), second brother, you really did it, huh, what a waste of the motherland’s flowers.”

“Is second sister-in-law even an adult? Why does she look like she’s 15 years old?”

The several brothers didn’t hesitate to start joking around, but they nevertheless paid special attention to memorize their second sister-in-law’s name and appearance.

“While I’m away, you guys help me take care of Mumu, she’s studying at Beijing University.” Regarding his sworn brother, Yun Ting was more reassured than his own blood related family members, after all, they had already established their friendship through life and death.

“No problem. Hand it over to me, Gu Qi. Whoever dares to bully second sister-in-law, I’ll call a few brothers to chop him up and sever his limbs his four limbs, no, five limbs, heihei.” Gu Qi laughed mischievously.

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