Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 7 – Farewell for Now

09-07 Farewell for Now

In the end, Reinhardt spent the night on Hourai Island.

The next morning the two started working immediately after breakfast.

“I want to use Lorelei’s movements in a golem with a skeleton.”

“Hmm, in that case if you did this then…”

Reinhardt gave Jin advice,

“If you mix chromium and nickel to iron you can make an alloy like this.”

“Hmm, so this is chrome and this is nickel. I’ve seen them every once in a while but everyone always throws them away.”

And Jin gave Reinhardt advice.

“Alright, do it this way.”

“And this like that.”

As a result of the fast work, the morning wasn’t over yet when Schwarz Ritter’s repairs were done and Jin had also finished building a dedicated underwater golem ‘Mermaid’.

“Hmm, the mermaid type means that she’s not going to be any help at all on land, huh.”

“My apologies, My Master.”

Mermaid-1 lowered her head, but Jin put her at ease,

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. I’d like to ask you guys to cooperate with the Navy from now on with sea development, exploration, and such.”

“Understood, I’ll do our best.”

Upper half of the body was that of an adult female type, and the lower half was fish. After this more Mermaid golems would be built until they numbered a hundred, and they would play an active role in the surrounding ocean areas of Hourai Island.

On the other hand, Schwarz Ritter’s state.

“How do you feel, ‘Noir’?”

Reinhardt had also finished the final adjustments.

“Yes, very good. It’s just that the output balancing has changed so some practice is necessary.”

18/12 stainless steel was of heavy use as a material, and because the [Hardening] magic had been applied to it on top of that, the strength had doubled compared to the steel from earlier.

The power output too also became, thanks to Hourai Island’s top quality Magical Muscle material of a Sea Dragon’s leather, comparable to the power output of Jin’s Army golems.

In addition, because the Jin-style shielded casing was used as a countermeasure against the [Subordination Rewriting Magic], you could say he was totally reborn.

Finally, as the Control Core had also gone through a complete remodeling he even became able to speak fluently, Reinhardt decided to name this reborn Schwarz Ritter ‘Noir’ meaning the color black.

*   *   *

They decided to have lunch together with Elsa and Mine on Kunlun Island.

As Jin had properly contacted them in advance, portions for four people had been prepared. Reinhardt had also heard Jin explain that the reason why Mine’s character had become so extreme was because she had been under the effects of the [Seduce] spell. That was for sure why at first their meeting was awkward but soon they opened up and again became able to talk like normal.

“Is that so, Elsa’s also calmed down, huh.”

“Mm. Now Mother teaches me all sorts of things every day. Like cooking, or sewing.”

“This soup was made by Elsa, right?”

Jin could roughly tell from the seasoning whether or not it was made by Elsa or Mine.

“Mm. Jin-nii, you can tell?”

“Well yes, what with you treating me every day and all.”

Jin said, and Elsa smiled happily. Seeing Elsa so happy, Reinhardt thought that it was good that he entrusted her to Jin.

After eating, Jin said to Reinhardt,

“Reinhardt, hand that over.”

Reinhardt guessed what Jin meant and took it out of the luggage Reiko had carried for him.

“Here, Elsa. You forgot this.”

“Ah, Non…”

The Japanese doll Non Jin had made. She had left it behind and Reinhardt had brought it with him. Elsa then,

“Thanks, Rai-nii. I’m very happy.”

She said and accepted it as some tears formed in her eyes.

“Thank you very much, Reinhardt-sama.”

Even Elsa’s mother Mine bowed.

*   *   *

Finally Jin and Reinhardt could take some time to properly talk about what to do from now on.

“Anyhow, you better be careful, Reinhardt. Even your guards got killed.”

“Mh-hm, I’ve thoroughly assessed what happened. Even Schwarz Ritter got defeated, overconfidence kills.”

For the time there was also his exclusive SP following him.

“There was a new report some time ago, and apparently Celuroa Kingdom and Frantz Kingdom both seem to be overpowering their opponent countries.”

Jin just got the report from Laojin.

“Hmm, I’ll have to ask the details of just how you get information like this later. Leaving that for now, I am Shouro Empire’s diplomat after all, so I can’t sneakily run away. It’ll affect the reputation of my country too.”


“At any rate, now that it has come to this, I suppose I have to ask the stationed troops or someone to guard me while I return to my country.”

Reinhardt said that he would request not just a unit of several people, but a platoon or maybe even a company to guard him. Although Jin was still a little bit worried he nodded.

“Apart from that, there’s also the matter with you, Jin. You’d do well to avoid doing anything that stands out right now, or there’s a high chance both countries will for example aim at you or not only aim at but distrust you.”

“Ah, so it really is like that after all…”

“For you it’s probably simple to come to my country, right? It seems like we’re not albe to travel together, but please come visit me at least once. I’ll be waiting.”

Reinhardt said disappointedly. Even Jin was interested in the nation of Shouro Empire which wasn’t part of a group of small countries, and he was also curious about the Artifacts passed down from pre-Great Magic War days Reinhardt had once spoken of.

“Yeah, I’ll go there before long. You’ve still got the ManaCom, right?”

“Yeah. Luckily or unluckily, it was left behind in the inn so the Unifilers didn’t steal it. Although the Ring of Protection was stolen.”

The imprisoned Unifilers didn’t have Reinhardt’s Ring of Protection. This was because it was at the bottom of the river together with the branch head.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. Here’s a new Ring of Protection. It’s the same as the old one.”

Jin said and handed it to Reinhardt. Reinhardt took it and said,

“Thanks for this, Jin. Well then, it’s about time for me to go.”

As there was a time difference he wasn’t yet in a great hurry, but Reinhardt who didn’t understand that well already started speaking about returning.

“As I spent the night here without telling him, Claude is probably going to worry.”

“I suppose. In that case I’ll see you off to Jiron.”

Jin said and stood up with Reinhardt, then walked towards the Warp Gates. Schwarz Ritter and Reiko followed them.

They warped in an instant. They appeared inside Falcon-1 which was on standby in the outskirts of Jiron.

As Falcon-1 couldn’t be seen from the outside because of its stealth field, the town of Jiron was visible in the distance.

“Come to think of it, it’s still just past noon over here. Please teach me the reason behind this next time we meet.”

Reinhardt said and bid farewell to Jin.

“Ah, right. Well then, see you again.”

“Mh-hm, I’ll be waiting in Shouro Empire.”

Reinhardt said and began to walk, but then he suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Jin, I’ll tell you something. The Artifact I told you about some time ago, it’s a gigantic golem.”


Jin was flabbergasted after being told about one of the things he was curious about.

“Haha, you’ll surely be able to make a similar one, no, an even better one, so. By now, there’s no reason to keep it a secret.”

Reinhardt said and this time really headed towards Jiron. Jin turned to Reiko who was next to him and gave her orders.


“Yes, Father.”

“Please watch over and make sure that Reinhardt gets to the town and meets with the butler Claude and the others.”

“Yes. …But Father, you be careful too.”

While being worried about Jin’s safety to the last, Reiko followed the order. She disappeared using [Stealth] and secretly followed after Reinhardt. As Sage and Cosmos were similarly following him Jin could have peace of mind.

Jin decided to wait inside the Falcon.

Jin thought about the gigantic golem Reinhardt mentioned until Reiko came back.

It’s not limited to just golems, but when something that moves is made gigantic its movements indeed become slower. That was because of strength and inertia.

Once it swung an arm, inertia would work against stopping it. If you forcibly went against inertia the arm would break, is how it was.

The object’s strength, for example flexural strength, was proportional to the area of the cross-section, while the weight or mass was proportional to the volume.

That is to say, strength was proportional to the square of the scale while inertia was proportional to the cube of the scale, and so if you made something bigger its strength would indeed become lacking compared to its mass.

In that sense, you could say a human’s size was operationally balanced.

“But then there’s dragons or Hecantokheires, huh.”

Their movement was fast compared to their size.

“There’s a possibility that their density is lower making them lighter. The strength would be lowered but taking into account strengthening with Magical Energy it makes sense.”

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it couldn’t be anything else.

“In other words that means the weight doesn’t change more than by a power of two.”

It was an extremely simplified idea, but it probably wasn’t far off the mark.

“If the height is 15 meters, and a human is, let’s see…”

Jin’s height was 160 centimeters. He weighed 52 kilograms.

The size would be 9.375 times his. The volume would be multiplied by the cube of that, so at 824-fold increase it would be 42.85 tons.

If it was multiplied by the square of the scale, the weight would be 4.57 tons.

“I wonder if achieving a weight of 5 tons or so would be enough…”

Jin too was after all one of the people who yearned for gigantic robots.

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