Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 6 – Apology

09-06 Apology

After arriving in Hourai Island, Reinhardt was facing Jin in the research laboratory’s parlour.

First he presented the luggage he had brought with him to Jin.

“What’s this then?”

“Well, open it and you’ll see.”

Being told so, Jin lined up the contents on top of the table.

“These are…”

He took out two books which contained written records of the Great Magic War. And a doll. And a package that apparently contained Reinhardt’s personal effects.

“I took hold of these myself back then, but I think it’s better if you have these records, Jin. And I had to return the doll back to Elsa.”

The doll was Non. When Elsa had run away she had left it behind. After Jin had caught it after Elsa’s brother Fritz hit it with his hand to make it fall, Reinhardt had held on to it.

“I’ll return it to Elsa afterwards. She’ll surely be happy.”

“Yeah. Thanks for holding on to it. And if these records can be deciphered I’ll tell you about it.”

“Mh-hm, please do.”

Jin then called for the humanoid terminal Laozi, handed over the records to him and ordered them to be deciphered.

“Understood, My Lord.”

Laozi said and bowed. The deciphering would probably be complete by tomorrow.

“Now then, earlier I sent my subordinate Automata into many countries. According to them, Frantz Kingdom has declared war against Cline Kingdom.”

Reinhardt looked surprised.

“Hmm, this was a long time coming I feel. But also, why now of all times?”

“I want to hear your view on it, Reinhardt. I also had a hunch that leaving you in Celuroa Kingdom like that would leave you in danger.”

Jin honestly spoke out about his intentions.

“Hmm, thanks for that. Since both of my guards ended up getting killed, and Schwarz Ritter was also destroyed.”

Reinhardt looked a bit desolate.

“Schwarz Ritter…It’s a pity.”

Jin also knew that feeling.

“Yeah. What’s most vexing is that the broken Schwarz Ritter was confiscated by Celuroa Kingdom.”


According to Reinhardt’s explanation, the destroyed Schwarz Ritter was apparently carried out unnoticed by Celuroa Kingdom’s soldiers, leaving not a piece behind in Stearina’s villa’s wreckage. Then no matter how much he complained he didn’t get anything back.

“Are you kidding me…”

While listening, Jin too gradually got angrier. But then.

“Wait a minute? Schwarz Ritter?”

Jin tried to remember.

“I heard Reinhardt was abducted… Then I, let’s see, I asked Cosmos and Sage of the SP to search for something that has Reinhardt’s Magic Energy pattern…”

He seemed to remember now.

“Ah, my bad, Reinhardt.”


“Schwarz Ritter is at my place.”

Jin said and explained how to track down Reinhardt Schwarz Ritter was brought here using a Falcon.

“Then I had Schwarz Ritter carried to the research laboratory and he should still be there. Sorry!”

Jin bowed in apology to the extent of his head touching the table.

“Oh, no, please raise your head. I- I see. So Jin collected him. That was helpful.”

“As my apology, you can repair him here! You can use whatever materials you like!”

Jin kept speaking. Reinhardt was pleasantly surprised by Jin’s words.

“Are you serious!? Ohh, that’s great!”

Now that it had come to this, there was no place for words. First the two headed to the workshop. As similar fellows of the same trade neither of them had any complaints or anything.

Rather than talk about politics, rather than talk about countries, craftsmanship came first.

After showing Reinhardt to the workshop, Schwarz Ritter who was in pieces was put on top of a table there.

“Schwarz Ritter…”

Seeing the terrible spectacle that was Schwarz Ritter, Reinhardt’s face darkened once more. However,

“This time, I’ll make you into a golem that will lose to no one.”

He grumbled. He then looked over his shoulder at Jin and said,

“…Excluding Reiko-chan and company.”

*   *   *

“I suppose I’ll also try making a golem with a skeleton.”

Reinhardt who had seen Jin’s golems in action multiple times muttered. Jin then said to Reinhardt,

“Reinhardt, I’ve also got a favor to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“That underwater golem you showed me, ‘Lorelei’, was it? I’d like you to teach me about its structure. How about it?”

“Oh, just that. Sure. Since I’m also using your golems as reference.”

Reinhardt gladly agreed, and for now explained about Lorelei’s structure and its key technologies. As he also had things he wanted to ask Jin about afterwards, he generously spoke about every detail.

“…And that about sums it up.”

“I see, so there was a trick like that for the movement of the tail and fins.”

Even Jin was satisfied with being told some small secrets.

“So, are you also going to make an underwater golem, Jin?”

Reinhardt asked and Jin nodded.

“Yeah. Because Hourai Island is an island. I was thinking they’d be useful in fortifying the defenses on the sea, or in underwater development, or something.”

“Is that so. I see. So, this time there’s a few details I’d like you to teach me about.”

“Mh-hm, like what?”

“I somewhat understand the way to attach the muscles, but earlier you attached the muscles in some locations diagonally, right? Was there some purpose behind that?”

“Oh, that. That was in imitation of a human’s muscle structure, by attaching the muscles a little diagonally the arms and legs become able to rotate.”

“S–so that’s what it was! That’s the secret of how to make the movements so natural!”

Humans’ arms and legs could not only simply flex and straighten, they could also twist, and normal movements were a combination of those actions.

And for that reason the golems and Automata Jin made could move in a manner very similar to a humans.

“All right, in that case…”

Just when Reinhardt got fired up.

“Father, Reinhardt-san, it’s already late at night. Please continue tomorrow.”

Reiko brought that to their attention.

“Oh, it’s that late already? Reinhardt, let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

Jin obediently did as was told. Reinhardt also, albeit reluctantly, followed the advice.

The two went from the research laboratory to the mansion, and after quickly washing off their sweat in the hot springs went to bed.

*   *   *

“Right now, Celuroa Kingdom is the superior power.”

“Evidently so.”

“Cline Kingdom may be mounting a hard resistance, but Frantz Kingdom is gradually pressuring them.”

“Hmph, that’s the obvious outcome, isn’t it.”

“And so, what shall we do after this?”

“Hmm, let us continue as planned.”

“Yes sir. Is it alright to send in the golem force when the occasion rises?”

“Yeah. And that new weapon too.”

“T–that? To actual combat?”

“That’s right. Those foolish lesser countries will surely freeze in fear.”

“It is as you say.”

“Ha ha ha, soon the time when we reign over the continent will come.”

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